Here’s a way to bring the experience of well being into action…by doing The Isha Kriya


ISHA-KRIYA-Instructions-English-1.1 2

Do click on the link here (above in red) to follow the directions for the Kriya. You may also go to to see Sadhguru (the Yogi who developed Isha and shares it freely with all) explain via Youtube.

Many people have read or heard about the benefits of meditation that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. The instructions for meditation practices seem very simple but due to our priorities and how we are living it becomes the most difficult thing for many people. So after some time they leave it alone and maybe come back to it again and again without satisfaction. However, the Isha kriya, which is like a pranayama, chant, and more , prepares one to be able to be free to sit for some time in a meditative manner. This is only the very beginning, it clears, purifies and prepares one to be receptive to subtle vibrations. I invite all to just find a good time to do this practice. Pick perhaps a time when there are little distractions such as early morning before the family rises or before your ritual to prepare for your work or school. Be kind to yourself don’t try to commit to more than is easy, say practice every other day- three times a week. Until you become accustomed to doing the kriya and made a way for the time to be comfortable. I personally like early morning because the benefits are continually revealed throughout the day ahead and also nothing but me gets in the way. Do feel free to share your experiences, and concerns here. Once we embark on experiences like the kriya we understand the difference of how much more valuable self-awareness through experience is over mental & intellectual ideas, we learn best from reality.


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  1. Through the uncovering of awareness and internal levitation I have learned to apply the method of “baby steps” to Isha Kriya, and otherwise natural breathing. Isha Kriya is quite difficult to grasp at first and the more I pursue the lifestyle of conscientiousness and tender vibrations, the more I realize how daunting the journey is along the way. I have been applying Isha Kriya a few ways this week, devoting my schedule mostly to studying and hard mental labor, but also dedicating my hours to quality relaxation—increments of time for my body to lie motionless. In these moments I practice Isha Kriya most often, spaciously dispersing the sessions before and after classes mostly. I meditated and practiced Isha Kriya on the bus while commuting to Purchase College. During these time period settling into my internal, transcendental existence was difficult but I slowly felt myself slipping away from the ruckus and even averted my attention to the present silence and not the time. In the process I nearly missed my designated stop. Another practice came after a stressful day of classes where I lay exhausted on my bed staring at the ceiling. I placed my right hand on my chest and felt the consistency of my cyclic, slow-paced breathing and drifted off into a deep sleep only to awake feeling healthy and jacked up of nine n’half hours of sleep! The final notable effectiveness of Isha Kriya came when I reunited with my girlfriend’s family, where in the past, I was always anxious and passive in their company. As I walked from the car to the oncoming house I focused on my breath, my limbs, and the soles of my feet making contact with the Earth. As we all reconvened and chattered I kept the same steady heart beat that I had withheld twenty minutes prior to the encounter and found myself provoking scintillating topics, bringing comic relief while all the while expressing myself in an honest fashion to her entire family. Isha Kriya and the discipline of steady breathing and awareness assisted me in being present and genuine to my own moods and complexities. Thus, I transmitted and channeled my calm energies into intellectual, pleasant conversation! Life is so rich once one identifies inner peace!
    Cedric Bluman

    • Great that you are using conscious. Breathing morsel in your activities as you allow yourself the Kriya you will find more benefits. Also do comment on this weeks post. 8 Limbs

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