Listen about how to Prepare for Doing the Kriya


Do click the text above to listen to some tips on preparing to do your kriya for positive outcome.  Remember that as we progress in our yoga sadhana/practice our bodies become strong and capable for sitting, to be still and then we can begin to develop an awareness of ourselves.  Why is this so valuable? Well there are many reasons and some basic ones are: success with self-control, and acquiring self-knowledge (knowing what is real from experiences).  When we allow ourselves these experiences we begin to distinguish the different parts of the many components of ourselves.  We have thoughts, feelings, impulses as well as a consciousness.  As we experiment with these different aspects and move between them we get a sense that we can be much more than the limits of our mind and body.  We can be within the confines of the body, as well as shift to be beyond, even simultaneously within these two realms and more.  We develop a sense of being limitless and with this comes confidence and a power of self that is most dynamic.  We are on the path to experience All is One.  Before ending this post I just want to refer you to the books listed in the earlier post.  Especially “Autobiography of  A Yogi” because it gives the reader a glimpse about some of the possible dynamic experiences one may have while practicing and really living yoga off the mat when practiced regularly.  This is because one is cultivating, tending to the vibration and raising the pitch higher and higher to clear all blockages and spirit rises high.  This sometimes may be quite dramatic, but most often it is constant and subtle and is the stuff that frames one’s confidence and happiness/well-being regardless of what is happening on a material level.  Do be aware that everyone has different ways and so our yogic expressions are so very different, don’t think that you may have the same as another, just see what is possible.  Also, recommended are the texts by Sadhguru, as he explains how we can use our yoga tools to live well.  Sadhguru is a living Yogi with fresh, progressive, beyond contemporary expressions, he is providing us the stuff we need to jump up to the next level.  Sadhguru is a wonderful teacher who is delightful so do check out the hundreds of videos on the Isha Foundation site on YouTube.  Many try to do their yoga alone in solitude but we need support, this is a very life altering route and one needs guidance and reinforcement if you are to levitate.  Do seek satsang with teachers who resonate with your energy and who make you comfortable.  There is a time for solitude such as in our daily home sadhana which may be asana, pranayama, kriya, or what one may title meditation, but Sadhguru clearly explains we can only create a meditative quality with our practices.  Again I bring us back to why the Isha Kriya is so valuable for it gives this meditative quality readily, ongoingly.  But it is important to seek the Grace of a loving teacher to guide us in our quest for Peace, why not just peace? Because health may fail, love is of many varieties and changes often, success is material and changes qualities often, but to endure all of these with a peacefulness will be our blessing.  I am so grateful to all my teachers: my own mother, brother Ronnie, husband Randy, children Kenyatta and Justin, teacher Krishna Tripathi, yogi Radhakant Jha and now Sadhguru.  I wish you the best in your quest for awareness and I wish you to seek and find supportive people, teachers and environments.  Do share here by making comments about your experiences and supports/teachers that uphold your Grace. Namaste.


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  1. One thing I have noticed about doing the Isha Kriya is the ability to replicate the bliss the oneness that arises after meditation without meditation. Although it isn’t exactly the same, I feel as though my mind and body are beginning to recognize the peaceful concentrated state that I find myself in after the Kriya and I am able to reach this place much faster because of the memory I hold of it. In being able to replicate the memory it is easier to find myself in a confident blissful state as I embark on my endeavors throughout the day. It makes me more conscious of my interactions but in a good way where I am not over analyzing my actions but I am aware of my actions and I can see how my energy affects others and how their energies affect me.
    I can feel a change coming and I can tell when others can feel it as well. The more we become aware of what we are, the more it spreads. We are well on our way to oneness and the best way to start is to BREATHE!

  2. I usually do the Isha Krya in the morning. However, I’ve been sick all week and I’ve been having coughing fits in the morning. Although I prefer to start out my day with the Isha Krya, I’ve been doing it right before bed since I’m not coughing so much at that time. I practiced it a total of four times this week, and I found myself actually looking forward to it! I’m also trying to warm my roommate up to the idea of trying it.

  3. I did the Isha Krya 3 times this week. I found some spare time this week to do it, which cleared my mind better after I did it. I didn’t do it on a fixed time. It was some spare time I had. Once, while I was in the car, and I felt tired. After the Kyra, I felt refreshed. The other two times I did my Kyra was before class cause I was early. My mind felt a bit clearer cause I always have things going on my mind.

  4. I’ve been doing the Isha Kriya before I go to bed. My roommate does it with me too. I wanted to try doing it in the morning, but I have to get up early for practice and I try to get as much sleep as I can before I go. We take 15 minutes before sleeping to relax and just calm down from the whole day. We did it 4 times this week, and so far it has been a really great experience. I feel having someone else do Isha Kriya with you will be better motivation to continue the routine.

  5. During this past week, I was able to practice the Kriya in the morning after I wake up, before my roommates wake up so that I’m able to focus in the quiet. I did it 4 times, and by the third time I was actually looking forward to it. It’s become apart of my routine that makes me feel more energized to start the day. I even told my mom to practice it since she has been having a hard time relaxing while I’m at school.

  6. The Isha Kriya feels like I’m escaping the world into a much more peaceful one. Although I have practiced it only twice this week, I found that, for me, it works better when I do it outside sitting on the lawn. I want to thank you for teaching us this, it’s awesome.

  7. This week on friday after all my classes were done i went to the great lawn and played guitar and took a break to do the Kriya! Afterwards, i felt so relaxed and rejuvenated; it was such a beautiful day. I slipped into a peaceful sleep afterwards and when i woke up I was ready to enjoy the night. The Kriya rocks!

  8. This week I really tried to devote my time to practicing the Kriya in several different situations to see which best suits my lifestyle. I found when I had a good 15 min time frame in my day I thought I should practice it. I tried it while waiting at the very busy Apple store, I tried it on the train while listening to quite music, I tried it in the middle of a busy day between classes, and I tried it right before I went to bed. My favorite time to do it was right before I went to bed. I thought it was a very great time to let all of my feelings and troubles of the day disappear for a moment. Its a quite time to escape from reality. Typically before I go to bed I look at my phone when I am unable to sleep. When I tried the Kriya I found myself falling asleep right after and waking up feeling refreshed.

  9. I find that I really enjoy practicing the Isha Kriya right before the busiest point in my day. In the mornings I am usually in a rush to get out the door and go to classes, but once I get a break between my classes and my crew call (where we work backstage in the theatre from 3-6 or 3-10 every night) I really love taking the time to breathe and meditate on my own. Lately I have been doing a lot of physical work, building scenery, and have be undergoing some serious stress with my theatre program, but on the three days this week where I made time to practice right before my work call, I really found that the evening work was much more bearable then it usually is. I look forward to making the time to practice on my own now because it’s my time to step away from the busy world I live in and really focus on myself. I have also found that with this practice I have also been looking into a healthier lifestyle and am trying a vegetarian diet! I am really excited to see how my body will develop and change overtime when taking care of my body properly. Thanks for all the help! Your class is really inspiring!

    • EMILY so proud that you have the courage to love yourself enough to put in place practices to lift your energies! Don’t forget to comment for this weeks post 8Limbs

  10. This week I practiced the Kriya four times during the week either after a class or after doing homework for other classes. I find that the Kriya relaxes me and my mind from all the information that goes into my head at once. Sometimes my mind feels like it has too much going on and the Kriya is a way to get most of the information out and basically saved in a file for later in my brain.

  11. This weekend I ended up going home for a surprise visit. Although it was nice to see my family, my return to campus was anything but pleasant. Trying to get to my trains on time left me very stressed and gave me a migraine. Instead of taking pain medication, I decided to do the Isha Kriya as soon as i got back to my dorm. It really helped me unload my long day and completely erased my headache. I love the Isha Kriya because it’s a great way for me to improve my mood and has no negative effects to my health!

    • Rebecca, great honest comments…do keep finding ways to keep the Kriya in your daily practice and don’t forget about this past weeks post to comment on”8 Limbs”

  12. I have really started to enjoy the benefits of this practice and am averaging about 5 times a week. I am finding that doing this practice before bed is very helpful for a relazed rest as well as before a workout. When I do the practice before a workout I feel I am able to have a much more focused and effective workout. Overall I am feeling much more relaxed and peaceful in my everyday life and I believe it has everything to do with the Kriya.

  13. I did the Isha Kriya three times this week. It was thoroughly beneficial. In my French class, we had a group video project that was not expediently coming together. This caused so much stress I felt as if I would be sick. I was in a state of despair. This “illness” seemed to penetrate my very being, and I felt as if I was living life in blur. I began – out of hopelessness – to practice the Kyria before bed and it worked. I began to imagine beauty or anything that would simply let me be happy. I needed somehow to purify this toxin that had inundated my mind and fogged my perspective. Thanks to this wonderful practice, peace overcame worry and I could breathe again. I was able to complete my project and feel accomplished. Namaste!

    • Fallon, you are such a talented young lady, do have confidence and try not to let stress overwhelm you, stay poised for success that is coming your way as you seem to be always putting your best effort forward just a little patience maybe needs to be added for the returns.

  14. While reading a book of poetry included in the music of my favorite composer Francis Poulenc, my friends wanted to read the work out loud and said it was neat and calming. Thinking of other calming things I told them about the Kriya I practice during Yoga class twice a week. Both of them stressed from their hectic school schedules immediately said they wanted to try it with me. So I slowly described the process to them and we sat together in their common room for almost 40 minutes just watching our breathing and meditating. They said it really helped them relax and want to continue doing it every Sunday night when I come over! Having already done the Kriya earlier that day, it really collaborated my inner calm and concentration to start the week off well and balanced. I have time tomorrow between two afternoon classes to breathe and continue this meditation process further.

  15. So far I have practiced the kriya twice a day, even though some times I did not had enough time to do is as for long as I wanted to, I did do the Kriya every morning this week because I set up my alarm about 20 minutes before my usual time I also try to do it after all my classes and before tennis practice, it has helped get through practice with a much positive attitude. This was a very tough week for me because I was given the news that a friend of mine passed away, in the mornings the Kriya gave me strength and a positive attitude to get through the days without crashing, I will definitely try to practice it more often these couple of weeks.

  16. This week i found it easier to practice my Isha Kriya during my more scheduled days. The days in which i had class i attempted to do my meditation in the evening, not right before bed but as i was getting ready to calm down, and the meditation helped my body calm down. But when it came to the weekend it was a bit harder to keep the same routine, so i didnt get to it 😦 This made me realize that i might want to rethink the timing of my meditation? making it a time that works with weekdays as well as weekends!

  17. I practiced Isha Kriya four times this week. I usually find myself tired after classes and running around from the day so I started doing Isha Kriya when I get home. I feel refreshed afterwards and ready to continue to do my work for the rest of the day. There was one night this week that I was having a difficult time sleeping so I practiced Isha Kriya. Shortly after, I was able to fall asleep. I plan to try to do Isha Kriya before I go to bed every night to create a more fixed time.

  18. This week I did the Isha Kriya about 4 times. I like to do it before sleep even though you recommend the best time to do it is in the early morning. I will try to wake up earlier before my classes to do the kriya for atleast 15 minuets. I find that when I’m doing the kriya i feel completely empty and relaxed, i feel an energy rushing up and down my spine in a spiral matter and my body even begins to circle with that energy almost uncontrollably. It feels wonderful and afterwards i feel like i have just been recharged.

  19. I have been dealing with a sickness throughout this week.I have been sleeping and just off feeling.I decided on my way to trying to help heal myself was to perform the Kriya more then i did the week before.I would do it when i got back from class and it did help relive the stress that i was going through.$ days out of the week the Kriya helped me refocus and actually not be as tired ,almost as it gave me a new fresh energy.

  20. This past week I tried practicing Isha Kriya more often than I did the previous. I practiced it five times this week before bed. It helped me with falling asleep. However, this morning, I woke up half an hour early because I couldn’t sleep. I did the Kriya and I felt so rejuvinated. I had more energy and I was relaxed throughout the day. I would like to wake up early one or twice a week so that I can practice it before my day begins.

  21. I practiced the Isha Kriya a couple of times this week, admittedly for not as long as I’d have hoped I would. I practiced it several times in the morning, but although this always left me relaxed, I’d always ended up being tired and wanting to go back to sleep. When I practiced in the nightime, however, it relaxed me considerably and I was able to fall asleep faster, which is always something that I could use!

  22. Practicing the Kriya at least once a day has proved to be an extremely beneficial experience. I was able to successfully incorporate this practice into my week 7 times. Isha Kriya really boosts my energy level, as well as my feeling of calm and balance within my being.
    Megan Ong

  23. this was some very great advice julie! drinking herbal tea before one’s practice was definitely a good idea. the hot liquid truly warms the core of the body and centered me before doing the kriya. I have now been doing the kriya around my schedule and it seems to work much better for me as well!

  24. I started waking up earlier so I can do the Kriya in the mornings. There are some days when I’ll miss doing it and its very noticable when those days are. When I do do the Kriya I feel energized and ready for the day. On days when I don’t, I feel sluggish and am in desperate need of a cup of coffee to get me going.

  25. I have found that the most important part about doing my kriya is that I do it about the same time of day.

    I’ve noticed that my body has been getting used to my routine of juicing and doing yoga and meditating, and when I do not do one or more of these things my body feels a little off balance and just slightly sluggish.

    The week we had the hurricane I could feel the stress really affecting my mentally and physically and the only relief I could find was using the Kriya, before bed.

  26. Establishing a routine for my life is an important goal of mine. Tonight, I will write out a schedule of my week. Disorder is often one of my stressors. Learning to let go while maintaining order is something I will work on. I will try and designate certain times to do the Isha Kriya, as well as making time every day for exercise. I want to achieve a healthy body and mind that I can be proud of. I can recognize that change is needed in my life. 15-20 minutes is the recommended time for the Isha Kriya. I have not yet been able to achieve this time, as I do not have much alone time in my dorm. My room is the only place that feels safe for me at the moment, and my roommate makes me feel very uncomfortable. I have a feeling she is depressed, because she never leaves the room or the bed. I try to stay active and avoid napping during the day, because I’ve fallen into that cycle and I know it is hard to break. Not napping during the day helps me sleep better at night. I will try to take my ACV each morning. I have it sitting on my fridge to remind me.
    Stepping away from myself for a moment, I need to think about the needs of others and stop worrying about myself so much. I feel that I can build up my love for others while simultaneously increasing my self confidence. Being away from home has changed my perspective on many of my relationships, and it has made me grateful for the love I receive from my family.

    • Please do seek and find a safe space even if its a bathroom on campus or one of our spaces in the gym. Your overall practice is not going to progress if you do not complete IK 4 times daily. Actually since you haven’t begun to realize the needed benefits you should now allow 7 days twice, once in the AM and PM to catch up. The Wellness Center may be a good place to practice as well, talk with the staff there and ask them, there is a Bio-Mat to reserve for 30 minutes segments maybe you can use this as a way to secure space. Perhaps you should speak to a RA or Advisor about the difficulties with your roommate doesn’t sound healthy. Feel free to ask me before or after class as well, but do get help asap. Namaste

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