Not quite ready for ACV?……Try this….


Okay if you are a bit shy about trying the apple cider vinegar but do want to keep your alkalinity up, try this:

First thing in the morning before brushing your teeth – take about 4-8 ounces of warm water add liberal squeezes of lemon or lime and liberal dashes of cayenne pepper.

Try to get organic cayenne pepper and use fresh lemons or limes. However, if getting fresh produce is problematic the refrigerated lemon juice can be substituted. Doing

this on a daily basis will help to keep your digestive tract free and reduce colds and viruses, by lowering acidic levels. Remember the thing about regimens is to stick with it

and make it a daily practice to ensure that the regular introduction of the lemon and cayenne can do its work in these interior regions. This is also a great way to prevent the

throat from getting sore, especially a good thing for teachers, singers, and performers. Here’s to your good health, Namaste




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