Measure your doses of sunshine….


Namaste Sunseeker!!

We are able to get our due amount of Vitamin D during these summer months easily. Vitamin D and sunshine are vital for optimal health,(essential for bone health), for all. Some of the benefits from ultraviolet sun rays are: it’s a natural sterilizer able to kill fungus and bacteria on our skin. Sunshine can boost our immune system so that it may effectively destroy disease in our cells. Besides tanning our skin too much exposure may develop damage and cancer, as well as dehydration and heat stroke. Think about timing your sun exposure times to thirty minutes within two hours of sunrise or sunset. There are differing opinions on the use of sunscreen for all complexions so do your homework and find the right formula for your summer sunshine and overall health. Ciao!



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  1. Moneace Smith

    I stayed up over the break waiting for the sun to set even on the most ugliest days but I enjoyed, and always have, the natural sun on my skin and face. I find it interesting that the sun could be a sterilizer able to kill bacteria and fungi because that is something that i never knew about. I know that the sun provides us with the daily vitamin D that we need and wish to feel every day to have a wonderful start to out day.

    I feel that on this campus this past semester we have not seen that much sun due to the past storms, hurricanes, and snow. I know that I have been on the Purchase College campus when the sun has been at its finest and I believe that a lot of people fine joy in those moments.

    I have don’t the Isha Kyra several times this week and enjoy doing them in every situation when I feel as tho I have not been connecting my self to my body or mind. These practices have shed great light on some of the things I wish to improve within my self and to improve for the relationship of others in my life.

    • Moneace, glad you read this post…remember it for June 21st, first day of summer, which seems like an eternity away since spring is missing, but the post was 6/25 “What’s the deal with Coconut waters” when time permits do review and comment. Stay lovely, OM

  2. I’ve watched the sun as I walked around the campus. I mainly watched it while sitting in the lawn. I allowed the sun to give me the Vitamin D I need each day. However, I was barely able to experience the sun due to constant storms or cloudy weather. I hope to make up for it at any chance I get. It’s vital to have Vitamin D.

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