What’s the deal with Coconut Water?



I mentioned in last week’s post about staying cool during hot weather to take coconut water. We see it in all the health food stores and even supermarket chains nowadays. Why are folks buying this stuff up? Well it has quite a few benefits: it has a mega dose of potassium which is great for our hearts and blood pressure. It is low in calories and no fat or cholesterol. We see it packaged in our stores nowadays and it is a good way to keep the interior organs able to adjust to heat, so usually perspiration is lowered which is an aid in summertime. Do know the packaged products are lower in benefits than the actual tender coconuts. Most Asian produce markets and some good health food stores will carry the actual green tender/young coconut or open them to their white inner shell. If you are living in a part of the world where these tender coconuts are shipped in do try to have some as the benefits are higher. Tender coconut water is a diuretic. The palm tree root’s absorb nutrients from the soil; metabolizes and stores the nutrients in the coconut. The coconut water contains: sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, sulphur, silica, magnesium and B complex vitamins. The live tender coconut water when ingested regularly will have a noticeable clearing effect on the complexion. Do know that the vitality diminishes with transport and the longer it sits it becomes less vital. When able to find tender coconuts locally harvested do know its benefits are such that a sickly person may be fully replenished with the peak amount of electrolytes aiding their recovery to renewed health. In the USA, PepsiCo owns O.N.E. and Coca-Cola owns Zico from what I could find today online Vita Coco remains independent. That’s the Coconut Water Deal….whether you choose this, other natural products or water do stay hydrated and well, OM.



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  1. To start off with, i had no idea that Coca Cola owns ZINC, meaning although it says pure coconut water it, it actually most likely contains artificial flavors. This is quite disappointing, seeing as if i do so choose to enjoy a fruit drink on the rare occasion i am craving one, i am actually consuming maybe 10% natural juice with added sugar. Not only is this rip off when it comes to how much i ma spending, but also to the nutritions that I could be receiving in my body. It is also a funny coincidence that I recently learned that the all natural Chipotlie Mexican restaurant that i once loved was owned by McDonalds. This was yet another blow to my idea notion that i was receiving nutrition and healthy fresh products.

    In addition to this, I am a little disappointed that I may only find an actual coconut with nutrition in whole food markets or Asian markets. It is a little annoying that I have to pay more for nutritional value when it comes to things that are better for the body. I often wonder why such products aren’t sold for less in places that are located in more areas. Lastly i always knew it to be true that the rind of most fruits held the most nutrients, as in the rind of the coconut. I will continue to stray for such products of zinc, and stay true to the actual fruit advertised on the label of fruit juice packages.

    As for my practice in my Isha Kriyah, I felt it has come in handy especially for these past couple days. My breathing exercises have helped to keep me focused and centered throughout my day-to-day activities. I also find that my meditation has allowed me to seek a clarity within myself that I do not often find on a regular day. In addition to this, I have demonstrated the Isha Kriyah to my roommates and they too are beginning enjoy the practice and reap its benefits. to I hope to continue this practice routinely throughout the rest of the week and cannot wait to continue practicing my other yoga poses again.

    • Aurora, do know markets stock what the customers ask for, so if more folks asked for fresh tender coconuts the stores would stock them, so get your friends on board for the healthy items you want to consume and make your voices be heard and that will change what products are available in the future. Do know that Asian markets offer amazingly good prices for produce including coconuts and are great places to visit and shop, actually my preference. I didn’t know McDonalds owned Chipotle! Thanks for that information! I sent you the audio clip to your purchase email, do review, comment, print and bring in for full credit, thanks, OM

  2. You always hear from fashion/gossip magazines nowadays that coconut water is the newest craze but I hadn’t done any further research into it, so I had no idea it had so many benefits! Its especially appealing to me that it’s a good source of potassium – as someone who hates bananas, I’m constantly looking for other potassium rich foods, and I guess in this case, drinks. What ratio of coconut water compared to normal water would you recommend?

    • Kara, I would just think of coconut water as one of the eight ounces to ingest daily, hope this answers your question, if not let me know. Do complete the assignment by listening to 8/5 and posting about your weekly Isha Kriya for full credit, print out and bring to me for full credit, thanks, OM

  3. I have seen people drinking coconut water before but never tried it because I was always told that the milk from coconuts was very fattening and assumed that that was just mixed with water and would not be healthy. I was very surprised to learn how healthy it is in fact and plan on definitely trying some to see what the benefits are. I found it most interesting that coconut water is good for your complexion. I’d be interested in learning more about why tender coconuts are used as opposed to the aged, harder ones.

    This week i practiced the Isha Kryia 5 times, each night before bed. I felt much more well rested in the morning and found I fell asleep easier and fell into a deeper sleep. I plan on continuing to practice before bed as I’ve had great results so far.

    • Gina, are you still in our class, if not thanks for staying current with the assignments…tender coconuts have the milk, after it hardens it becomes just the meat…which has benefits as well, if you do get a real tender coconut do drink the milk and have the vendor cut the meat for you to eat or put into your cooking or raw like in a smoothie, OM

  4. Another remedy i love these, I really appreciate learning about new things to try for my health. I never really drank coconut water, I have drank from a freshly opened coconut though but that was only once. I would love to try out some coconut water during the summer and see the difference it makes. Im always very hot, my temputure rises so quickly, so this should be nice. Also I never new it was a diuretic that’s really great, im so picky on what i eat and drink because i am trying to loose weight and its good to know coconut water is something i can have. I have seen this type of coconut water in alot of stores, im going to try one out the next time i find it.

    -Ashley Otero

  5. I don’t think I have ever tried coconut water before, but now that I know the massive amounts of benefits it has i will have to try it. It is also great that it is so accessible in bottled form now if not in the actual coconut. I was curious to see how much sugar is in coconut water since fruit juices juices tend to contain quite a bit of sugar. Upon my research I found that coconut water contains six grams of sugar, far less than juice which can have over 20 grams. This would make it another great alternative for me as a drink other than water in the coming summer months. Despite drinking a lot of water while outdoors in the summer as well, I sometimes find myself still feeling under hydrated. With all the nutrients in coconut water I am hoping that drinking it in addition to water could help combat this.

    • Thanks Emma about the information about sugar content, I am sure others will be looking for this tip!
      n.b. awaiting your comments for audio 8/1 & 8/5 for full credit thanks

  6. I have heard of the benefits of drinking coconut water before. I used to drink it from the coconut itself when I was younger, and still do sometimes. I knew of some benefits but is good to hear how it keeps you cool and it help your organs and your body keep in pace and work better. I used to have low potassium and its good to hear that coconut water is high and potassium, so thats another way I could get it and make sure i have enough in my body. I have seen these brands of coconut water before but i have never tried them because im not sure how healthy they really are and if they are just full of sugar or low amount sif juice, but im glad you mentioned them so i will try them.

  7. I am a huge fan of coconut water as it contains electrolytes, potassium, and iron. Because it supports rapid hydration, I always try to have a serving after an intense work out. I always know that I am dehydrated when I wake up with a bit of a headache, when this happens I always have a bottle of coconut water and it almost immediately alleviates my pain. I didn’t know that Coca Cola owns Zico, but to be honest, this information won’t keep me from continuing to purchase their product. Their dark chocolate flavor is the most delicious one I’ve had, it literally tastes like chocolate milk, and with it being completely dairy-free, you can’t go wrong. However, I have had the real deal before (pure coconut water from the shell) and you can’t beat the refreshing factor.


  8. I am a huge fan of coconut water! Whenever I have the chance to drink it, I do. The only down side is that its expensive. I started drinking coconut water a few summers ago while I was employed with a sailing company. My job was to host the guests on the boat — make them drinks, chat, cook, and serve food. Most of the time I’d be down in the galley, which is cramped with few windows and when I would go outside the hot sun was sometimes overwhelming, especially when there was no wind. All of this combined made me dehydrated really easily. To counter the inevitable dehydration I would drink a pint of coconut water in a big glass filled with ice throughout the day. It was always so relieving and it always seemed to give me more energy. Now I’ll bring some coconut water with me every time I know I’ll be in the sun for a long amount of time. I’ve heard people say that gatorade does the same thing — because of the amount of electrolytes in it, but I think coconut water is such a better solution because its natural and doesn’t have artificial dyes or sweeteners in it. I was excited to hear that some natural food markets carry whole fresh coconuts. I’ve never seen them available but I will be sure to keep an eye for them now!

    • Great Lena, stay hydrated and cool on the inside with your coconut water and most Asian markets like Kam Sen in white plains keep the tender coconuts for sale year round…the trick then is to learn how to open it…thank goodness for youtube! Will be looking for your other two parts for this assignment to give full credit, thanks,

  9. I also read the comment above on limited sun exposure. My mom always used to wake me up at 6 am to get to the beach by 7 and leave by 10 when the sun becomes direct and harmful.
    Coconut water is delicious and I would drink it all day if I had the option. There are so many out there so I always look at the sugar content and which contains more potassium and sodium. It is pricey so I am planning to go to Chinatown and explore more options!
    I tend to get heat strokes during the summer and this past summer I had a minor skin allergy to the sun. Therefore as much as I love the sun and humidity I am afraid my body might not be able to withstand it. I will drink plenty of coconut water this summer since I will have to spend plenty of time outdoors with elementary school children being active.
    Thank you for the update

    • Liz, glad this info has been of use for maintaining your health during warmer temps. Please do print out your assignments as I do not find all three parts completed, for full credit, thanks

  10. I had no idea that coconut water was so healthy for you. I love all coconut products and have never heard how it keeps you hydrated. This is very good to know because I play travel softball during the summer and it gets to be extremely hot, sometimes 100 degrees or more and i find myself sweating more than I can drink. Now I know that coconut water will keep me hydrated throughout the entire game. I have always heard that it wad very fattening and that is why I have never really looked much into it. But now that i know that it is not I will definitely be looking into where I can buy some.

  11. I first had the tender green coconuts while traveling in the Far-East. It really refreshed me in the hot weather. I like the mild not too sweet flavor. It was a nice change from the usual options of plain water, sports drinks or traditional juices. Not only are they delicious and healthy, they are fun too. I wish I could keep coconut water in the house, but my sister is allergic to all things coconut. The good side of not having it all the time is that it still feels like a treat when I do have it. I’ll be traveling abroad again this summer, so I will be sure to get my fill. Another great thing about the tender green coconuts is that you don’t have to read a label to know what’s in them. That really helps when the label is not in your native language (and even sometimes when it is)!

    • Farrah, a good point you make about the coconut and not having to read label to see if any harmful additives are there! Real whole food! OM
      n.b. will look for your other parts for full credit

  12. It is interesting to me to see how here in the United States some powerful company such as Coca Cola releases a “healthy” product and it becomes a big BOOM for everyone. Another example of these kinds of products is Naked Juice. It is brand owned by PepsiCo and they are supposed to be “100% Natural Juice” smoothies. All my life I lived in Colombia, the third world’s most diverse place in the world. I grew up with fresh fruit and fresh vegetables that I would go and buy around the block from the person who harvest them. Nowadays, with neo-liberalist ideas entering the country things have changed quiet a bit. Now you go to a big supermarket and buy fruits and vegetables that may not completely be organic but they are certainly better quality than the ones I buy here. I grew up drinking homemade fresh juice, big portions of salad in my plate and soups made from scratch (not Campbell’s soup). Now that I live in the United States I miss my eating style back in Colombia. For this reason, it is very shocking to me to see all these “100% fresh” products when they really aren’t. They contain many preservatives and harmful additives that people aren’t aware of. It seems that these big companies are taking advantage of people’s ignorance and using it as a strategy to sell more and more. I didn’t know all the benefits of coconut water, but most certainly when I go back to Colombia and will buy some coconut and drink some fresh coconut water. I found this article very interesting since it taught me all the benefits a glass of coconut water may have in our body.

    I have tried doing the Isha Kriya at least five times a week for the last month. I find this practice to have many benefits in my body such as focusing more when I do my homework, feeling less tense and being able to sleep better. It is impressive to see how conscious breathing can do to my body.

    • Juanita, thanks for validating the importance and benefits of real whole foods that are not produced by mega-corporations, I envy your being able to return to your home where you can trust what you are ingesting!

  13. I have tried coconut water when I was very young, but would get an upset stomach. It just didn’t agree with me. I tried chocolate coconut water at my husband’s job and didn’t have that bad of an experience. I feared getting stomach aches, but it went down ok. I spent many summers on my Grandmother’s farm and we used to throw rocks at the coconut trees and knock them down. Then my Grandpa would get a machete and cut off layers and make a hole on the top and we would drink it all up. The taste of coconut differ from here in the states and in the Caribbean. It has a much natural, sweeter taste. As for these corporations milking these products and charging so much for it is ridiculous. It is not the latest fad for Latin people, but here in the states, when something becomes a fad, it’s very expensive. And if you read the label on some of these “healthy” products, these are added chemicals and flavors. Is that all real natural? When you climb up a mango tree, and eat it right of the tree, that’s natural. Once it get processed, and anything aside from water touches it, its a product. I

    I did the Kriya again today with my daughter, she enjoys it and she is only 8! But she likes more sound effects, she needs to have a fan on and the feel of the wind against her skin relaxes her and there is new age music that she must put on. I ended up falling asleep again, she was comatose! But she felt very refreshed to practice playing her cello and I headed to the kitchen to start on dinner. I felt more at ease and didn’t feel rushed to get everything done at the same time. Too bad she is on school while I take this class, she would love it and would benefit from it as well. We call this “mommy, Bella and Kriya time”.

    • Yes Raaisha, the best coconut water is from the live tender coconuts fresh off the trees in climates where they grow and its my favorite thing to find and take everyday when in India. Second best there are places here to find the tender coconuts but they have been packed,stacked and airlifted and the time makes them less vital, but better than nothing…especially when someone is critically ill it does make a noticeable jump towards healing even here. So Bella is your yoga student, wonderful…that is the best thing to share with another the yoga tools, your are a Blessing as I have commented over and over to you, Namaste
      (only missing number 8 now)

  14. I had no idea that coconuts had so many nutritional benefits. I was always put under the impression that they were full of fat. After reading this I felt more educated and I also went out and tried coconut water. It was honestly the most refreshing thing I ever drank besides water. They even make it with hints of other fruit flavors. I think more people should definitely consider making coconuts and coconut water part of their regular diets.

    This week I only got to practice the Isha Kriya once Monday-Friday and twice on Saturday and Sunday. I noticed that the simple notion of not being able to do my meditation caused disruption throughout my day and made it more difficult to remain calm. I hope that the next week will allow me to get back to normal.

  15. While I thoroughly enjoy anything that looks, smells, and taste like coconut I refuse to drink coconut water that has been canned/bottled. It is not the same thing as drinking coconut water straight from the coconut. In the Dominican Republic these are called “Coco Frios.” A vendor cuts down coconuts from the trees or wait until they have fallen from being ripped. They they cut off the tops and put some ice and a little sugar when they are selling the coconuts. That is the coconut water that I know and love. I am sure that coconuts straight from the tree have more of a yummy taste than the packaged coconut water.

    • Yes the live fresh coconuts are best, I prefer not to have sugar added to not ingest unnecessary calories and the harm white sugar does to our cells. As mentioned there are some Asian markets in the NY area that import the tender coconuts.

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