Guru Pournami


Guru Pournami is July 3 rd this year!  This is the time to pay respects; gratitude and homage to your yoga teacher and especially your Guru.
There are many ways to pay homage. Respect may be shared by doing your sadhana/practice. Homage can be made with any puja from simple to elaborate. One way is by placing a candle in front of the Guru’s picture along with fresh flowers and expressing a chant that is significant to your teacher usually done for those who have passed on to the spirit world.  If you are new to yoga and would like to see how proper ways to acknowledge do go to the Isha foundation website. Look for the live. Webcast and be mindfuf there is a time difference for India.  Gratitude shows respect in a conscious way meaning the recepient is aware of your homage and the process reflects your deep inner respect.  We are what we think if we practice gratitude that energy spreads from the kernel thought to our cells before the idea showers upon the one we are thankful for. Namaste!


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