Krishna the AdiYogi



Listening to Sadhguru’s Message for Guru Pournami he shares with us that the true classical yoga as prescribed by Sri Patanjali was to use the body only as a tool to achieve Grace. Using the physical body as a CONDUIT to allow Divine Grace to flow within and around one’s being. This Yoga is a great service to mankind and overall Peace as one who follows this path radiates Grace that creates a quality that spreads all around. This kind of yoga is practiced as opposed to physical exercise that focuses on making the physical body beautiful, this service yoga aligns the inner energies to the natural laws of the universe. Doing aerobic exercise is important to maintain good health as hatha yoga is anaerobic. Remember when doing your yoga it is not how much you can twist into a pretzel but how much you allow Peace to exude with your every thought, breath, and action as service to All. In Sanskrit we call doing yoga sadhana which translate as to practice. And practice with time brings us more in line with cultivating good vibrations. It’s not about perfection but the willingness to bring ourselves into the realm of Grace. Namaste

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