Listen about how to Prepare for Doing the Kriya



Do click the text above to listen to some tips on preparing to do your kriya for positive outcome.  Remember that as we progress in our yoga sadhana/practice our bodies become strong and capable for sitting, to be still and then we can begin to develop an awareness of ourselves.  Why is this so valuable? Well there are many reasons and some basic ones are: success with self-control, and acquiring self-knowledge (knowing what is real from experiences).  When we allow ourselves these experiences we begin to distinguish the different parts of the many components of ourselves.  We have thoughts, feelings, impulses as well as a consciousness.  As we experiment with these different aspects and move between them we get a sense that we can be much more than the limits of our mind and body.  We can be within the confines of the body, as well as shift to…

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  1. This helped me a lot, there are certain things that you don’t always think of that might disrupt your practices but looking back on it i realize that they do. Things such as being hungry, I’m not desperately hungry but often if i don’t practice right when i wake up i will have something to eat, i did not know that you are supposed to do it on an empty stomach but i normal don’t get hungry till an hour after i wake up so now i know to plan to do the Isha Kriya as soon as i wake up. Also, i find that in the morning i am more awake and alert it is easier to stay focused because at the end of the day i begin to get tired.

    Isha Kriya
    I practiced 6 times last week. Technically 7 but i do not know if it counts doing it twice in one day, is that beneficial? I felt very relaxed towards my practices in the end of the week and my focus was a lot better. I had a lot of tests so when i felt stressed i did it twice on that one day. It helped me relax and get my self on task again. I did it in the morning and evening on this day, it has become something i look forward to as a release for myself and an escape from my hectic life with school and work.
    Erica Noreika

  2. I have completed the Kriya twice a day, every day, for the last twenty-two days. Even when recovering from my wisdom-tooth surgery, I still managed to do it. Oddly enough, it wasn’t really any more difficult than usually, once I got started. Sitting down to do it was a little difficult at first, but once it began, it was like any other session. It wasn’t that the pain in my teeth disappeared, but it did not inhibit the fulfillment of the Kriya.

  3. This week I have done the isha kriya 5 times but I have found difficulty with it. I have had too much on my mind to stay focused on my meditation and I keep fading away into thought tangents. I think that picking a fixed time would help me because a routine would help my mind and body align to do the isha kriya properly. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the time it takes to do the isha kriya so a smaller amount of time that I may gradually build up to longer periods of time seems like a reasonable and advantageous goal for me. I think it is very important that I continue to recognize what I need to do to better my meditation weekly.

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