Listen to Sadhguru talk about importance of Self Realization


The link above takes you to the audio podcast by Sadhguru and below is my commentary on the value of teachers of Indian classical hatha yoga.  Whenever we begin to practice yoga it is always a good time.  Many follow the “newly re-invented” versions that have popped up in the west.  These western forms are more about aerobic activity and exercise.  True Indian classical hatha yoga is a gateway to human consciousness.  When one finds hatha yoga in a gym or spa and has a positive experience this is a good  beginning.  Many who are teaching yoga are not certified.  Some who are leading classes have taken so many classes and can expertly perform the asanas/yoga poses  therefore they feel they can teach yoga.  Some take a certification class that may be a weekend long, month-long and feel this is enough to start teaching.  Yoga is an ancient science for the highest of all human searches – for evolution in one’s lifetime.  People are very careful about the backgrounds of their doctors and lawyers but not their yoga teachers.  This says much about how precious their consciousness is to them.  Ashtanga is the basis for the curriculum and many in the west think it is the name of yoga that stars like Madonna practice.  Ashtanga is the stepping stone route to higher consciousness.  So many who do yoga are just satisfied with feeling good in their physical body, with looking good, etc.  This is only the first part to make the physical body steady and able.  This stability is necessary to be able to withstand the processes necessary for the deep purifications that will take place via kriyas and higher forms of yoga.   In the west we find many who are physically strong and beautiful and this seems to be the goal of yoga in the west.  This is the bargain store variety of yoga.  It is perhaps a beginning that so many know about and are doing what they consider yoga in the west, hopefully this will be a platform for people to search for authentic classical hatha yoga.  It will only be known if we share with others about the source.  Teachers of classical Indian yoga will always give reference to their teachers and lineage and will always try to share with students how to tap into the vast treasure trove.  I am grateful to all of my teachers including: Dr. K. M. Tripathi, the Late Sri Radha Kant Jha, the Late Sri Aurobindo and now Sadhguru.  We always begin our sadhana with this invocation that we should respect each other in the process, there should be no envy as the  practice comes from teachers of the past and continues as we practice here and now.  Asato Maa Sadagamaya, Tamso Maa Jyotir gamaya, Mrityor Maa Amitam Gamaya, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti-OM. 


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  1. I think that’s definitely the hardest part about being human, is the self-realization and the questions that come from it (like, “why am I here? what’s the purpose of life? what is my purpose in life?”) and I know for me when I ask myself those questions I don’t really do anything about it, they’re too heavy to think of so I just shrug them off. So I like that he’s saying that’s the gift of being human, at least that’s my interpretation of what he’s saying, and to appreciate that gift and delve into it further. Because animals exist and have their purposes of survival but for humans the purpose of survival can delve a lot deeper, and involves being happy and having companionship and understanding yourself and your personality, and I like that he’s telling us to think more about that and consider who we are on the Earth.

  2. Self-realization:
    Self-preservation and procreation is not all that being alive amounts to. If you only live in the parameters of the physical you are putting to waste a life that is so much more fulfilling. Sadhguru makes an excellent point in this podcast, we are human beings capable of so much yet we get caught up in the physical world. Sometimes we need to step back and truly enjoy our lives in a more spiritual way. Western lifestyle is all about immediate gratification and purely aesthetic beauty but the world is so much more than that. It takes time to nurture your body and soul and really open yourself to the world that surrounds you. It takes the knowledge to know the difference between the physical world and true inner self-realization.

  3. I agree that if we fail to go beyond our physical desires and pleasure, we are really missing out on the benefits of being human. To be human is to have more mental capability than any other know living organism so to fail to take advantage of that is to miss the point of living in a human body. Our minds offer us the potential to explore so much more than the realm of the physical.

  4. Sadhguru is essentially saying what Socrates said millennia ago, “the unexamined life is not worth living”. If we are living just for sense gratification we are wasting our mental capacity to think abstract thoughts, reason, solve complex problems, contemplate the meaning of life, etc…

    Sadhguru argues that we would have been born as animals if our purpose on the planet was only to strive for physical pleasure.

    The Isha Kriya helped me immensely, and while I can’t credit the Kriya alone, I have noticed a profoundly positive change in my life since I started practicing the Kriya.

  5. I feel as if so many of us have difficulty with getting past our physical, biological form. To move further into another realm of mental existence is an amazing opportunity that we have as humans, but many of us get so caught up in our physical forms and our everyday lives that we do not take this opportunity. The question “why am I here” is one that I’m sure everyone wonders, but how can we be sure?

    I have been feeling very stressed and struggling with my mental state lately and I didn’t know why, until I had realized that I hadn’t been practicing my isha kriya as often as I had been before. I had become so busy and wrapped up in work and my constant duties that I had forgotten to take time to do this, and it has definitely affected me. I woke up this morning and went back to it, and I already feel more prepared for my day.

  6. I’m sure I’ve asked myself “Why am I here?” and “Whats the point of being alive?” a thousand times throughout my life. I’ve never settled on an answer and I don’t think I ever will because they seem like enormous questions and I might fear the answer. Sadhguru, however, offers an interesting and of course humorous take on these questions. He says that in the animal world a monkey exists for a reason, it has a tail for the purpose of living in a tree. In the human world we exist for a reason but it’s what we do with our existence that helps us answer those questions. We have to move beyond our physical state of being, to be more than what nature has made us to be. If we can embrace who we are beyond our physical selves, we can discover why we are here and the point of being alive.
    This post brought a smile to my face and I really liked what he had to say in such a short time.

    My Isha Kriya April 6 – April 12
    I was sick during most of this week but I practiced 5 nights, each time before bed. It was difficult at times because I was coughing so much but overall I feel like it helped with the congestion in my face and the headaches. My posture is still getting better, I feel my back is getting stronger and it’s not as stiff when I get up in the morning. Even with the coughing, I’m finding it easier to focus during my Isha Kriya as well which I was struggling with before so I’m happy about that.

    -Emily Gregorek

  7. I love the idea that we have become human because we wanted these capabilities. At gift times where I wish that my mind would shut off and my emotions would leave me alone I hope to remember that. Thinking is truly a gift, even if sometimes it is overwhelming. All things have a good and a bad, and hopefully we can all learn to receive the good and learn from the bad.

  8. This is a really interesting audio post because as a philosophy major, I deal with existential questions such as these all the time. That is what separates us from animals- we are rational creatures with the capacities to think deeply and realize our existence, besides just merely surviving. Sadhguru is telling us that there is a sort of gift or maybe even a part of our existence that we can take for granted, if we do not appreciate that we can think on deeper levels or ask questions as to why we are here.

  9. When I question my existence and my physical body I’m honestly awestruck. Its very surreal to stare at my hand or touch my face and realize that I’m really here, so now what? Then I immediately think of the end, what I’ll be then but its depressing. But Sadhguru is essentially saying to me, is that as humans, we have to make use of more then just our basic nature. We have the capacity to do so much more, to go beyond our physical beings. This kind of thinking helps me suppress the thinking about the end and the future and cant entirely control, and focus on the time in between, the now and to push further to be better.

  10. this was a really insightful posting and I really liked it. these are definitely questions most people ask themselves. who im I? why am I here? what is my purpose? I find that I constantly are trying to seek these things out in my life. Sadhguru explains that to not try to do more but breathe and procreate becomes a waste of the human form. you might as well be an animal that doesn’t need to do anything more than that. we are in this image for a reason and are capable of so much more and it is our duty to use our form and minds to our advantage and create more in this world.

  11. I enjoyed listening to his thoughts on human beings. I find that a lot of people don’t truly embrace who they are and what they are doing that it is quite frustrating to be around. With his statements suggesting that nature will just let you be, it is an interesting perspective. I think after delving deeper into his theory, that it could mean that life is something that everyone on earth gets to experience, yet actually living and experiencing life is something very few people get to do. This is something that I would like to further examine as what life is differs between each person yet making the most of your experiences should be a universal theme within humans.

  12. Ah some clarity here for me. I guess what I was expecting from Yoga was the “western” version which would help me with my body, my breathing and my physical well being. I was hoping to be able to practice Yoga to better myself physically. Now I realize that the “true” Yoga is supposed to help you become more self actualized, more in tune with yourself and in turn more in tune with your natural surroundings. Again, I just don’t feel at this point I want to begin that journey. That’s not to say that everything I’ve read, heard, and seen won’t lead me to this conclusion in the future but right now I’m just not ready to follow that path. I will continue to use Isha Kviya to help me find a rest from the anxiety that arises in me and for that I’m grateful I discovered Yoga.

  13. I love what Sadhguru had to say about the human form and how it can be so easily wasted if you only focus your life on the physical, and do not take the time to explore your being to its fullest capacity. I was initially focused on the physical aspects of yoga and the strengthening of muscles and the rhythm of your breathing, but as Saghguru says, you have to focus on the power within your mind and your being to truly have peace within yourself and to feel as one with nature and the world that surrounds you. With this mentality I have found that it is much easier to interact with people, especially people I don’t know well. In the end, we’re all just people. We’re all wondering what people think of us and how we come off to one another. But if we simply focus on being one with ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, the pressures and judgements of society will eventually start to melt away, leaving time and energy to focus on the things that are truly important to us.

    I have been continuing to practice the Isha Kriya every night before bed and at times I feel a great deal of stress coming on, and especially during this hectic time, the practice has really helped to keep me focused and on the right track. It’s much easier to keep my anxiety in control when all I need to do is take a few deep breaths and focus on the relaxation yoga has taught me.


  14. I believe that self-realization is the key to transcendence. By becoming aware of the self, one can move past their own individual being and become aware of the bigger picture. I often think extensively about life’s “great questions” but know many others who are afraid to open their minds to the possibilities. I understand that so much uncertainty can seem scary to some, but I feel like letting yourself go through yoga practices is a more secure way to seek life’s answers.
    I agree that yoga is something that most people don’t fully understand. Many who don’t practice yoga (and many who do) fail to grasp the mental and spiritual aspects and instead focus on just the physical, which makes them unable to receive the full benefits. Truly, yoga is “the gateway to human consciousness,” and I wish that more people understood this and took it as seriously as they take their physical exercise.

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