Listen Up – about how important is cultivating Joy in our lives!!!!


“Joy will not happen if you change the Content of your life, it will only happen if you change the Context of your life.” Sadhguru

Namaste, Please do click the link above to listen to what Sadhguru has to share with us about Joy (I am reading from Sadhguru’s writings in this audio clip).  For so much our lives we spend time waiting to acquire what we think will give us Joy: a degree, a job, a spouse, a car, a home, etc.  However, we are using so much energy that will be futile as what we need is within us.  All we have to do is to cultivate a garden filled with Joyfulness that streams from our insides outwards.  The seeds of this Joy Garden are strewn each time we practice yoga, kriya meditation and all mindful activities.  If we do create such a life filled with Joyfulness we can roll easy over the bumps in the road that are always going to show up from time to time.  Instead of only being happy when things are positive, we can be the positive constant spark.  As we mature we get a sense of this life that is full of dualities:old and young, male and female, negative and positive, and we learn that this is just the nature of our existence.  We can choose to not associate our outlook on the roll of the dice but to be constantly filled with positive energy and Joy!! This will be our refuge – for ourselves and others will seek this oasis of Joy we cultivate.  Feel free to share about the ways in which you choose to cultivate Joy in your daily life here.  Keep the seeds of Joy aplenty!!!!   OM Shanti OM


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