Listen to Sadhguru’s talk on: Difference between Thoughts & Emotions


To listen to Sadhguru’s message about the difference between our thoughts and emotions, click the link above.  Some good information to consider while we liberate ourselves during our sadhana, on and off the mat.  Namaste


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  1. In the audio, Sadhguru discussed how the way you feel is the way you think. The two are interchangeable, because they are both ruled by one another. If you feel affectionate towards someone, then you think affectionately toward them. This is the reason for pain and suffering. When you feel disappointed by someone, for example, your thoughts go one way but your emotions are in the same place, but feel like they should be going the same way as your thoughts. Externalities do not change the quality of your life, but your emotions and bad thoughts change your interior. You have to recognize this.
    I did the Isha Kriya four times these week and it seems to be getting easier each time. The hardest part honestly is how hard it is for my back, so I have been doing it against a wall, which helps the focus.
    Katie McCurdy, Junior

  2. Sadhguru’s insight on life continues to entice me. This podcast guided me to think about myself and my own life and experiences. I questioned if the quality of my life was at its peak. I wondered if I could do something to change the negativity that I would feel. I thought about my current situation in dealing with loss and love and I realized that Sadhguru was correct; my experience is what I think and feel. I do know that I can and do have control over my own thoughts. Even if I don’t particularly think I have complete control over my emotions, I can do a great deal in directing my energy into my self healing.
    I understand now, because of this podcast, why I feel emotional pain. I have struggled with my thoughts and my feelings being torn in different directions and I can now consciously work towards balance and stability for myself. My mind and my heart always seem to go opposite which brings me great grief and sorrow. I think Sadhguru opened my eyes and allowed me to think broader about my inner conflicts.
    Being a human being can be very complicated and confusing because of the many things we go through physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s not always easy to understand what we do and why we do it. Emotion and thought can be easily mixed up but receiving clarity on the two can release much suffering.

  3. I think this speaking was very enlightening and interesting. I agree with Sadhguru when he spoke about how our emotions towards things effects our way of life extrememly. I can relate to this just as most can because I believe everything people seek to do has emotions behind it. People want to go to college to get a good job to achieve a stable life to be forever happy and content. I persoanlly belive the quality of your life isn’t always based on your achievements and belongings but on perspective on what surrounds you at that time in your life. Positive emotions are crucial towards a healthy way of life for me.

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