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To find out which type of constitution you are by way of Ayurveda sciences take this free online quiz at http://www.doshaguru.com  It’s free and confidential!!! Namaste


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  1. I knew previously that I am Pitta/Kapha but took the quiz to reaffirm that. I mentioned in a previous journal post that I spent this last summer working at an Ayurvedic restaurant. I had the opportunity to learn about the dietary recommendations for each dosha and had to remember how they applied to the different dishes, drinks and desserts so that I could make the best recommendation for customers based off of their doshas and individual dietary needs.

    I found that one of my favorites to recommend to people was the kitchari which a dish that is great for all the doshas and people could add different toppings to meet even more specific needs. I personally liked to add limes to mine as it was not only cooling for the summer season but also good for reducing pitta. I also learned during my time at the restaurant that sweet foods are good for eliminating the aggression and digestive upset that comes with an unbalanced pitta. I thought this was not only great for health reasons but also because I am very much a sweet tooth! I have to say, the healing powers food can have are pretty amazing. It takes the saying “you are what you eat” to a whole new level!

  2. The quiz picked me as the Pitta-Kapha Dosha which is fire and water. I found this to be interesting because I am a double Scorpio which is a water sign. I found that it was a very accurate reflection of myself even if I did not like it. Though it suggested I should become a lawyer based on my personality. I will not do that but my career with involve the law.

    It found that I am also an emotional person which can be a good thing in certain circumstances. When it comes to strong fluctuations of emotions, this is it. This is something that I find to be a major problem in a reflection of my being. It is something that I have come to find the truth about myself.

  3. My results were:
    39% Vata
    44% Pitta
    17% Kapha

    I am a Vata-Pitta Dosha. Which is someone who is a leader and perfectionist as well as someone who pushes the people around them to meet their own standards. Which I think is very much my personality. A lot of the examples the results gave I have done them in real life. I also looked at the different products for both people with Vata and Pitta doshas and I noticed there are products that are meant to detoxify the body as well as things like ghee and herbal teas.

    I think it is interesting that ayurveda, which seems to be different food, drink and vitamin supplements that are personalized and goes hand in hand with dosha, which is based off personailty and health. It is also interesting that there are ayurveda doctors that specialize in testing people and matching them up with their own products based on their dosha and from that they can tell their state of health. I can see this being a growing popular alternative to modern medicine. Because it is all natural and personalized to the individual.

  4. My result was Pitta-Kapha Dosha. The descriptions was: emotional, passionate, argumentative, aggressive, inspiring and hot-headed, and that’s within the first 5 minutes of meeting you. Generally, you don’t hold back on your opinions, convictions and beliefs. You also have an incredible ability to recall information and facts, which helps you win many arguments (if you are a lawyer, you may have found your calling).

    I think that this does describe me to some extent but I definitely relate to some aspects of the description more than others. I see myself as an emotional and passionate person who, at times, can be argumentative and hot headed. But I don’t believe that I am an aggressive person. Another thing that I agree with in the results was that I usually don’t hold back on my opinions or beliefs because I feel they are very important to me and my opinions and beliefs make up who I am.

  5. 44% Kapha
    41% Vata
    15% Pitta

    I’m a sucker for personal quizzes, and this one was no exception. I found myself selecting multiple options quite frequently, so I had no idea what the end result would entail. The results proved accurate in some respects. Kapha-vata’s tend to overthink things, which I am more than guilt of doing. One of the reasons I took this yoga course was to learn how to relieve stress, take things slow and have time to reflect one my own mental needs. Taking this quiz and reading about my personal traits/faults made me more aware of my emotional shortcomings.

    I feel that I’m very aware of when I become bossy and/or pushy. Generally, I’m more of an outgoing person, but hardly ever to the point of bossiness; I feel that I’m a considerate person. But reading that my main trait (according to this quiz) is my pushiness was surprisingly. Granted, I don’t let online quizzes dictate my life, but it definitely was interesting to read what this Dosha quiz had to say about my personality.

  6. After taking the online dosha guru quiz it was determined that i am mostly pitta-kapha dosha. I am 50% pitta dosha with the elements fire and water. I am 31% kapha dosha with the elements water and earth. Lastly i am 19% vata dosha with the air and space elements. They describe me as being emotional, passionate, aggressive and hot headed. Which are some traits i somewhat agree with, to an extent of course. Since the pitta and kapha both share the water element it real sums up how quickly my emotions and opinions change. My mood changes and i get frustrated quickly. It was suggested that my mantra be one of forbearance, meaning i have more patience and think situations through. But this is somewhat difficult because i am naturally argumentative and highly opinionated, though i’m currently trying to change.

    I would summate that the Ayurvedic practice is mostly centered around living well in natural ways. As opposed to the traditional allopathic practice of medicine which treats what is already wrong, such as disease and illness. The Ayurvedic is more of a preventative practice, promoting healthy habits. When you follow the Ayurvedic and get to know yourself, you are instantly on track for a better experience as self exploration is key to a healthy life.

  7. The quiz said i am a Kapha Dosha. It truthfully pointed out my stubbornness and implied the kapha dosha typically looked to for make difficult decisions. I would also like to point out the noticeably fact that Kapha Dosha is represented by water, while as my astrological sign also is represented by water. Meanwhile though i can hardly swim. It also said my attachment comes from my love and caring while as my mantra should be lightheartedness and forgiveness. Most of this part also does ring true except my own problems with handling forgiveness. Forgiveness is a topic that has been in my head for quite a while now and how to handle its limits and shapes is still a tricky thing a struggle with everyday.

    Besides that thought I am interested in the how this test concludes things based on the (dry,moist,oily) questions involving (Eyes, Hair, Completion, BM’s).

  8. After taking this quiz I figured out I am Vata-Pitta, which after reading the description I think is spot on. I am someone who is willing to fight for a cause but is also a perfectionist and very hard on myself at times which then leads to a lot of anxiety. Being aware that I do have anxiety I try to meditate, do deep breathing as well as the finger holds now that I’ve learned them so it’s interesting to see in the description it said my mantra should be cool, calm, and collected because I am someone who can get rattled easily.

    I think the underlying benefits I’ve been receiving from these teachings is the self-reflection in a new way. While self-reflection is important it should not be done with the comparisons of others in mind but something so much more beyond that as a celestial being. Being in tune with the universe and its wavelengths. I also thought the description given was almost identical to my zodiac sign which is an air sign and Vata-Pitta is air and space so it convinced me of its accuracy and much we are in tune with the stars and universe around us.

  9. I found this quiz terrifyingly accurate. Whilst I didn’t agree with all the results I found it did answer a lot of the questions that I have been struggling with myself this semester. I got the Vata Dosha result. “You are pure bubbling bliss when balanced, and a babbling mess when not. ” This could not be more precise. As of late I feel like I am thrown off very easily by anything that interrupts my frequencies or my energy. I am very vulnerable to that. And I think it is because I feel like there are very few moments that I have where I do feel balanced and so I value them a lot and try to harness them for as long as I can. When I hit road bumps, emotionally, financially etc I find that I don’t think I am strong enough to get through them or address them. “It’s important to remember to revisit ‘real life’ as there are certain responsibilities you need to address every now and then” . This however is so true. All what I experience is a process and I think I just need to be easier on myself more and just take my time and know that things will get better and that I have the capability to push through it. “Rapid thoughts and fast-talking are just a small part of your repertoire. ” This is definitely a part of my personality when I am confident I feel like I banter a lot with people and am always on a different planet. ” but there are others outside of your circle of friends who may find you unapproachable and out of touch.” This is something that I have been extremely conscious of this semester. I have been told that I am seemingly very sociable and can navigate sociable environments very well and seem to know a lot of people. I have also been told that I can come across very nonchalant and that all of these things can be very intimidating. Which is something that I am trying to not be and also confusing because I find a lot of people extremely intimidating all the time, and I thus close myself off from a lot of people . I really hope that this is something I can improve, because I would like to connect and meet new people and better my environment. “Staying rested and focused will allow you to continue to be an inspiration to others and yourself, and to accomplish your goals.” This is something I definitely need to do more. I need to put time into communicating and checking in with myself and others, instead of repressing a lot which is what I think I do a lot and I am trying to be better about it. I have lots of big goals that I want to accomplish and I do not take this privilege of being able to follow them for granted so I will and am trying my best to be mindful of that, and improve to be the best version of myself, whilst also accepting that I can make mistakes and that there will be hurdles that I need to get through, it is all a learning experience.

  10. The accuracy of this quiz has made me realize a number of things: I need to be more stable and responsible with the things I do. This quiz has determined that I am 44% vata dosha, 28% pitta dosha, and 28% kapha dosha. It’s understandable that the elements of air and space are what strongly dwell in me. It has described me as a “bubbling bliss when well balanced” and “ babbling mess” when I’m unbalanced. I find it very true that finding balance for me can be difficult and when I have found it, maintaining it feels ,most of the time, impossible. My emotions often feel like a rollercoaster and they often switch very quickly, making it frantic to keep up with the consistent changes. I also agree with the quiz when it stated the rapidness of my thought process. It’s often difficult for me to organize my thoughts when I’m having an endless stream of them. It has also suggested that I can be airy/forgetful at times. This is something I’m sure many of my peers would agree with. Reading this quiz has also made me realize that a lot of my balance is thrown off when my physical and emotional health is thrown off (lack of sleep and such). This quiz has definitely made me aware of the problems within myself that I need to work on improving.
    – Samantha Diaz

  11. After talking the Dosha quiz, it told me that I am 42% Kapa Dosha which is made up of water and earth. Being a Kapa Dosha it said that I am stubborn but “people rely on to make difficult decisions.” Applying this to my life, I feel that it is accurate because I feel I can be quite stubborn at times, maybe because I think I know a lot, maybe I have narcisistic tendencies, maybe I have trust issues or maybe I think I know myself very well. I want to tap more into this stubbornness to see where it stems from and why it may be so prominent, maybe it is used as a defense mechanism because people rely on me. It was really interesting taking this quiz and seeing how parts of your everyday life can effect your Dosha, it really goes to show how changing different parts of your life can change you on the inside and your energy.

  12. The Dosha quiz said I was a Kapha-vata Doshas. I feel it is a somewhat fair assessment though I am not as indecisive as it suggests. The emphasis on how balance being in balance or out of balance rang particularly true. The recipe given looks very yummy I will try it some time .

  13. After taking the Dosha Quiz, my results where Pitta Dosha (Fire & Water) which is pretty accurate. I’m a Scorpio which is also a water sign and I am super passionate and love being in control. BUT the test results did mention to take it easy because too much heat can burn me out. Which is applicable to everything I’m doing in my last semester because I’m a feeling a bit burnt out, but my Isha Kriya definitely helps balance that.

    It’s also interesting that it said “practice good apologizes they are golden in your pocket”. Since I’m a scorpio and we are sometimes ruled by guilt, I’m taking this Dosha response very seriously. Myself and others around me always point out I say sorry too much for the smallest things, its almost like word vomit. Instead I need to implement my Satya Yama in being true to myself, to respond more wisely to situations without throwing myself under the bus.

  14. I am a Vata-Pitta Dosa! So Air and Space are apparently my realm- which makes sense as a Libra, an air sign, if we’re talking about other types of personality tests. I AM pretty intense, and I agree with the rest as well – being able to rally people and keep momentum going especially – and I am (sometimes unfortunately) a perfectionist- so that’s why I’m going into film producing! That generally encompasses all of these traits to make something cool. As it also states though, I definitely need to learn to keep it calm, cool and collected. I jump to conclusions too quickly and run around at top-speed too often, leading me to tire myself and everyone around me out pretty quickly. This is why yoga must become more a part of my everyday routine! The IK often helps this.

  15. I was slated as a Pitta Dosha. As a Pitta dosha, I prefer to hang out with intellectuals who have a dry wit and a sharp tongue, like myself. These are the sort of people who ‘get’ me. I am a passionate leader and lover, and are most at home when you are in control. I tend to thrive in extreme situations when the pressure is on, because it brings out your leadership qualities, but too much heat can cause me to burn out. I do best when I have the “heat turned on,” when there is some sort of pressure put on me. If I have nothing to do, nothing will get done. The expression “if you want something done, ask a busy person” definitely applies to me. I do have to learn to not put too much pressure on myself, however, because there have been times this semester for instance when I have felt extremely burnt out. Self care is of the utmost importance, getting enough rest, eating well, not indulging in alcohol more than once every couple of weeks. I am continually learning strategies to care for myself.

    Catherine Halstead

  16. I am Pitta-Kapha Dosha .It said I was emotional, passionate, argumentative, aggressive, inspiring and hot-headed. I can agree with some of what the quiz said, but not all of it. I am a very calm person when dealing with problems, and I try to stay away from being aggressive with my emotions. I am more of a pacifist when dealing with my problems. I do like to argue at points, but people tend to get angry in arguments so I stay away from them. However, I do agree to being passionate, I am very passionate about things I believe in such as helping the environment, and cooperation among all people. I really do disagree with being hot-headed though, I have really worked on controlling my emotions through meditation and yoga. I do understand it was a quiz and it can never really understand who you are. It was a fun activity.

  17. According to the quiz, I am a Vata-Pitta Dosha. The description it provided me with is really accurate! I’m impressed they included two categories I fit into. Generally I’m not really fond of online quizzes like this one, but the results are interesting. I do have a lot of difficulty with my work ethic in that work will take up all my time if I don’t force myself to relax. The mantra the results gave me was to be “cool, calm, and collected” which is the type of relaxation-oriented mantra I will generally gravitate towards to calm myself. I need to try to distance myself from tasks before taking them on so I don’t become consumed, and this quiz is a good reminder of that part of myself.

  18. After taking the quiz, the response that popped up was that I am noted to be 58% Kapha Dosha, water and earth. My astrological sign is Cancer, which is also a water element. Apparently Kapha Doshas are stubborn and I have to admit, yes, I can be quite stubborn at times. It goes on to state that my mantra should be “lightheartedness” and “forgiveness”. I do find that forgiveness is a hard one for me to accept. I hold on to grudges and find it difficult to let go. Eventually I do, and I believe I forgive, but I do not ever forget.

    As I was writing this, I saw an email come through with a much more detailed analysis than the simple paragraph given on the website immediately after completing the quiz. I must say though, the detailed analysis is quite on target also! My physical structure is 61% Kapha Dosha which means that I am steady and unruffled in difficult situations. Many people have mentioned my calmness and ability to not get upset easily by things, so I would say this portion is accurate. It goes on to state that I have an excellent resistance to disease but also a harder time than most when trying to lose weight. Again, very true as I seem unable to lose these pounds I have slowly put on since turning 40!.

    In Lifestyle and Digestion, the Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha were the same at 40%. As it recommends, I do believe I am better off eating four smaller meals per day and having my largest meal for lunch. I also find I eat lunch at my desk a lot at work, thinking I need to finish projects. My goal will be to step away, even if only for 30 minutes, to eat calmly and not while doing some other project. I have never been one to eat dinner in front of the television, so that doesn’t need to change, however I do find that I will not cook dinner if it is only for myself. I will just grab something quick and easy instead. I will try having more healty options on hand for evenings like that and will try the recipe provided, Spiced Lentil Casserole, it sounds delicious!

    In Mind and Emotions, I was split between 59% Kapha Dosha and 41% Vata Dosha. It talks a lot about balancing the two, and I kind of wish that it gave some more suggestions for how to achieve the balance. I know that being with friends and family helps, I certainly feel better when I am around them, but I do enjoy and need some time to myself also. I may have to do some research to find other ways to help balance the Kapha and Vata Doshas!

    I thought the quiz was very informative and was quite curious to see how the responses to some of these “odd” questions would be interpreted. I also was wondering why they do not consider age when analyzing the answers. At first I thought it would make a difference with my answers to some questions, but after thinking about it, maybe my answers wouldn’t have been much different if I had taken the quiz 20 or 30 years ago.

  19. The questions were interesting. For instance, with the facial questions, i thought this was going to be more physical. While I was at the personality part, I was checking off contradictory terms, and noticed my own idiosyncracies(I knew that I had contradictions before, as I am both ambitious and procrastinate). It ended up with me being a Vata-Pitta Dosha. The fact that it said that I am a leader I thought was flattering but untrue, as I do have confidence issues sometimes(although I may not know my own strenghts). I am intense though.

  20. The results of my quiz are 23% Pitta, 21% Kasha, and 56% Vata, making me mostly Vata. On the website linked for the assignment, it focuses on how my personality affects my personability with others. For example, a stranger might see my airy, free spirit when I’m in my euphoric state and find me unapproachable and out of touch.

    I found this general overview to be interesting but only applicable to me half the time. Extreme highs and lows can be characteristic of the Vata. I tend to experience periods of mania and followed by depression or general low energy. While this did touch on that dynamic and the anxiety that can come along with the changes, it mostly focused on how others may react to that “bubbling bliss.” I asked my roommate if she knew anything about doshas and she shared with me that it can be valuable knowledge to seek out information on better ways to eat, sleep, manage stress/emotions, interact with others, etc.

    I decided to do a little bit more research in terms of knowing what type of dosha I am can helping benefit me as a person. I always enjoy delving into different ideas of ways to understand the deeper self so I was pleased to learn the different aspects of Vata and all the incredibly accurate ways it makes its way into my personality and daily life. Learning that I can balance the negative effects of my vata with warmer foods, warmer temperatures, and daily routines is helpful and exciting to open a new door of achieving equilibrium. (http://www.mapi.com/ayurvedic-knowledge/doshas/vata.html)

  21. My results were: 36% Kapha Dosha (Water & Earth, 37% Vata Dosa (Air & Space), 27% Pitta Dosha (Fire & Water). They went on saying that as a Vata Dosha, I am a bubling bliss when I am balanced. Furthermore, I am quick on my feet and generally do not get weighed down with the worries of every-day life. The quiz also stated I should eat more small frequent meals and stay rested and focused.

    At first I was skeptical about the quiz, not a lot of online quizzes are accurate. Especially ones that are include personalities questions because the simulator makes a generic outcome. I was surprised how accurate the quiz was. It said that people may find me unapproachable which is true, I had many incidences where people were afraid to talk to me because they found me unapproachable. I am very quick on my feet, I think a lot and adapt to the situations. Its is hard for me to organize my thoughts and when I do I rethink about the organization of it and it gets jumbled up again. Moreover, the quiz also showed me what I need to work on like: organization, proper eating habits, more rest, and concentration.

    -Saida Blair

  22. My results were: Pitta Dosha 38%, Vata Dosha 39% & Kapha Dosha 23%. This is characterized as a passionate being who has the ability to collectively influence others around them. Additionally, I have the ability to remain calm and collected with troubling situations or intense. The Vata-Pitta Dosha is one of hard work and passion which I align myself with.

    This is an accurate reflection of how I handle many situations. Often the anxiety of a problem leaves me unprepared and scared to handle it. This dosha is stating that although these difficult sources are within my body, I have the ability to change the outcome. I must try and spread air through my body to calm myself down in order to fairly handle a painful situation. I am going to carry this into my yoga techniques as well. While in a meditative state I can address some of these uneasy thoughts through the cooling and relaxation of my body. This is an illuminating and helpful result for a more peaceful experience inside and outside of class.


  23. The quiz decided that my dosha type was the Kapha-Vata dosha. The quiz itself was a bit odd. The questions didn’t make complete sense to me, like why my face shape was important? But, I’m sure in the actual practice and study of Ayurveda it would make more sense. I read a bit more into the diets recomended for my dosha type, and it seems as if my type is very contradictory. The three tastes recommended for Kapha are sweet, sour and salty; however these irritate Vata doshas. The three recommended for Vata irritate Kapha doshas.

    These ideas of food’s being able to pacify and heal certain aspects is very similar to the Western idea of the four humors. This idea was employed in the middle ages, and people believed that certain foods had drier, wetter, colder and hotter aspects and one needed to balance this based on what humor you were more aligned with. These foods would keep your body healthy, and your humor in check. I think its interesting that these ideas can cross cultural and time boundaries.

    The percentages broke down to be 47% Vata, 33% Kapha and 20% Pitta. The Vata dosha has elements of space and air associated with it. My zodiac sign is Libra, which is also an air sign. Overall, the description of the Kapha-Vata dosha sign is fairly compatible with my personality. The description states that I have a problem with overthinking, I tend to think about every possible outcome of a situation instead for just the most likely ones. This is true in my life, and tends to cause me to not take action in situations because I fear that it will end in the worst outcome. My zodiac sign tends to want to please everyone, and very rarely is there a choice everyone will be happy with, which is why I worry about all outcomes.

  24. My results were 42% Pitta Dosha, 31% Vata Dosha, and 27% Kapha Dosha. This is the first time I have taken an online quiz in years. I’m usually not wont to give away any data of monetary value because I often find myself feeling indignant about not receiving a share of the profits (petty, I know), so it was quite pleasant to let go of that bitterness and cynicism while filling out this questionnaire.

    I found the Pitta body-type description to be very true for me, and the personality description to be true sometimes. I find it intimidating to condense my experience into a single answer for a lot of questions. Daily changes in my physical, psychological, and ideological being make me unsure of how well I truly know myself. One resource I used to do some further reading on the three Doshas was http://www.ayurvedacollege.com/articles/drhalpern/Tridosha_Science_Ayurveda, which suggested I eat raw vegetables, cooked rice, and wheat, beans, and cool spices (i.e. fennel).

    The concept of the three Doshas reminds me a lot of the four humors in ancient Greek medicine. The underlying theme in both of these systems is the need for balance, sophrosyne. I recently learned that Holism, on a philosophical level, is the belief that parts of a system are so inextricably connected that they cannot be faithfully described independently. It also includes the concept of emergent qualities of complex systems (i.e. a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts). I believe this type of outlook is essential to understanding the world we live in, and am disappointed that I totally misinterpreted the word holistic for so long! Holistic medicine has always been something I didn’t believe in, and even felt was epistemically dangerous, but through Ayurveda I’ve opened up to the idea that holistic medicine can offer more than just emotional comfort. That said, I do not believe anybody should forgo treatments that have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective in favor of alternative medicine.

    Here is one scientific study I found looking into the genetic components of Dosha grouping: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4625161/
    They were able to identify a few SNPs unique to certain Dosha groups. It should be noted that this study was composed solely of people of Indian ethnicity. Studies like this are how I would like to see holistic medicine approached more often. It is neither outright dismissive, nor blatantly biased.

  25. kiaralee… you little Kapha-vata Dosha you!
    Obsess much? Your dosha combination can cause you to over-think the situation. As both a Vata and a Kapha Dosha, you are a certainly a deep thinker, and usually cover every angle of a situation as it presents itself. This is a fantastic trait to have when you are working with a rather risky endeavor, and people are looking for hidden pitfalls on a project. However, it’s a little bit annoying when trying to decide on what brand of milk to buy.
    These were the results of my Dosha Quiz, which didn’t surprise me at all. I am very quick to react in any situation, which with a lot of practice I’ve learned to only react when necessary. I overthink a lot though and i am very indecisive when it comes to making a decision. Often times when I make the decision, I know it’s the best one, but I take a long time to come to a choice. I like to analyze everything before making a decision.
    It also said: The reality is that people do take you seriously, as you do yourself. Perhaps your mantra should be LET GO! You have a lot to give your friends, family and colleagues. They appreciate your ability to really think through a conundrum, but are worried about you when you embody the issue. Pick the top three scenario’s, rather than every scenario, then walk away knowing that you’ve done your job. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe!
    Letting go is something I’ve struggled with for so long. I sometimes hold grudges against people or towards a situation because I can’t come to peace with it. Being in this Yoga class though has brought me some peace and hopefully by the end of the course I can put the tools to use when necessary.

  26. My Dosha quiz said I’m a little Tri-Doshic Dosha, 35% Vata dosha, 36% kappa dosha and 29% pitta dosha. Before reading the description of what this meant I had no idea what it was. Apparently, this means that I am a balanced, centered and inspiring person but once I go out of balance, it is hard to go back. It does get frustrating to go back to the balance.
    It also says that I have a very strong immune system, which is very true, and I also rely on it a lot, but I do lose track of my body sometimes, which is something that I also to be aware of. I like to relax and listen (something I don’t do much sometimes) and I should not overwhelm myself, listen to my body and intuition. I don’t always have to say yes.

  27. I am 51% Vata Dosha, 31% Pitta Dosha and 18% Kapha Dosha The description says, To be blunt; you’re an intense individual, which is pretty awesome when you are in balance. As a Vata – Pitta Dosha, you can touch, move and inspire people to rally to your cause. You can create an idea AND keep the momentum moving exceptionally well – only you have the ability to accomplish this without a flaw. You are a perfectionist; nobody does it as good as you can, even when it is their job, not yours.

    I feel like this is definitely me because I am someone who likes to take action. I love creating and bringing things and people together. I found this quiz really insightful because, in some moments, I found myself at a loss. I do love quizzes that can give me a better understanding of my personality. I notice that I can be a really faced-paced sort of person and I forget to take time to slow down and breathe and understand what is going on for me before I move forward. I am working very hard on this. Taking moments of stress and when I feel a lot of emotion and remind myself to breathe and I try to look within

  28. PITTA DOSHA: 33%
    KAPHA DOSHA: 41%
    VATA DOSHA: 26%

    I’m not exactly sure what the meaning of my Dosha type is, and to be honest it seems as though I am almost equal parts of each; however I would have to agree with the assertion that I am typically stubborn. The part about attachment and overanalyzing outcomes is also true. I would like to better understand the meaning of this typology.

  29. When analyzing each and every question with patience and thoughtfulness, my results explained it all. The results/outcomes I was given shaped me around (Pitta Dosha 56%, Vata Dosha 26% and Kapha Dosha 20%), making me mostly that of Pitta Dosha. As described within my results, I’ve been informed that because I’m a Pitta Dosha, I prefer to hang out with intellectuals who a dry tounge and a sharp wit. Further with the results stating that I’m passionate leader and lover, and a individual that’s almost always in control (especially when I’m home). As well as the information given that I tend to thrive in extreme situations when the pressure is on because it brings out your leadership qualities.

    From my personal experience, I learned many new and invigorating things, along with things that I understand but don’t fully agree. I believe as an individual that I do lead and push people within the right direction, though I felt that when describing me as someone that doesn’t follow through on apologies and/or someone that rarely takes responsibilty or apologizes for one’s wrongdoings, I tend to disagree with that. Through the entirety of my life, I’ve been surrounded by such loving, beautiful, compassionate people who have always taken the time to listen. I can’t remember a day where I didn’t say sorry. I mean I practically say it even when I did nothing wrong, it’s really just a habit. Though more than anything, I felt that this Dosha quiz was most definitely inspiring and insightful to my inner being/consciousness.

  30. Taking the short quiz, my dosha result was Tri-Doshic Dosha. According to the website, this means that I am balanced, centered and inspiring. I have taken quizzes similar to this one which test for personality types or temperaments. However, this one was vey unique and interesting. The questions were more personal and random than other quizzes. The answers were also untraditional, but I wish I was able to elaborate more on my choices. Nonetheless, I feel like I have learned more about myself, which I enjoy. Learning more about oneself is a critical step in yoga. The mental state is the most important part and the focus of a full yoga experience. Understanding of oneself can help one to alter her actions and changer her life. It makes the yoga experience much more peaceful and much easier when one is in tune with herself.

    The quiz made me aware of things which I notice but never actually think about in depth. I have always felt that I am a balanced person who is consistent. For the most part, I do not lean towards extremes and look at both sides. I am definitely centered, with certain beliefs and morals which help guide me. I like to be positive and feel that this positivity is inspiring. This quiz reminded me that I have a very good immune system. I rarely get sick, and when I do it is a mild fever which lasts for less than a week. I also enjoy giving advice, and my friends often confide in me. The quiz reminded me that I must take care of myself and not burn myself out. I may have a good immune system and be light, but all people get tired at some point and burn out. I do notice that I can feel worn out after facing a tricky situation or working a lot. I should listen to my body more and my intuition. Of course, it is always right to help people and work, but I should also keep myself happy and healthy. I should find a balance between work and relaxation. I am allowed to say no, and it is good to say no at times. Sometimes, things drain too much energy and take up unnecessary amounts of time.

    Acknowledging my strengths and the weaknesses which follow, I hope to be more aware of my actions and change my life for the better. The focus of yoga is to relax the mind and find the reasons why we do things and what our purpose is. Learning about my dosha helps me to see the reasons behind my actions and the flaws which I overlook. The next time I practice my yoga, I will contemplate my actions. I will listen to my body more so I do not burn out. This way, I can be a constant light for people and be content.

  31. My results were mainly Vata Dosha (57%), Pitta Dosha (26%) and Kapha Dosha (17%). After reading some of the other comments before taking the quiz, I was expecting to get something with Water since my sun is in Cancer. The elements of of Vata Dosha, however, are Air and Space. I found this interesting since there in not much Air in my natal chart, except for my moon in Aquarius. My rising is Scorpio which is also unrelated.

    I found my test results to be mostly true. My result states “It’s sort of cute when you’ve had too many cups of coffee how your mouth tries to catch up with your thoughts and action at 30,000 words a minute. Rapid thoughts and fast-talking are just a small part of your repertoire.” This is very true, even though I am shy in large groups. My mind often feels like it is racing with all the things I have to get done in the day, not really in a negative way. I just have always enjoyed doing lots of things I am passionate about even if it leaves me feeling overwhelmed. This also correlates with my suggested mantra being “rest”..something I definitely need from time to time. I also will admit “there are others outside of your circle of friends who may find you unapproachable and out of touch” is true..while my friends understand my spacey personality, I may seem out of touch to others.

    The one part of my result I found to be mostly untrue was “You’re quick on your feet and generally don’t get weighed down with the worries of every-day life, which keeps you light and inspired…” It also says those who know me understand euphoria is a part of my state of being. This is sometimes true, I would say I am a very happy person overall and truly love life. But many big picture things, and tragic world events such as The Parkland Shooting, easily get me down and affect my daily mood. I’d like to change this about myself but it’s just the way I’ve always been.

    I enjoyed taking this quiz, and am looking forward to researching recipes and ways to nourish myself based on my Vata Dosha result.

    -Anneliese Treitmeier-McCarthy

  32. I found that when I finished the quiz, I ended up being a Khapa Dosha. I actually found the description to be pretty accurate. The first thing it said was that I tend to be stubborn, in a good way. When I feel strongly enough about something I would say that it’s pretty hard for me to be moved from that.

    It also said that I have the tendency to over analyze, which I find myself doing a million times a day especially with people that I encounter. It said rather than thinking about every possible outcome, to just focus on three. It also mentioned attachment. I think that this is an emotional aspect of myself that I often try to control by forcing emotions away, but the quiz mentioned to become dispassionate about certain things to better myself in this way.

  33. My results of the Dosha quiz were 23% Pitta, 28% Vata, and 49% Kapha. The website offered a bit of an explanation of my results, in which they went on to say that I have a stubbornness that is linked to me being reliable in difficult situations. The website also said that I should focus my energy into being lighthearted and forgiving instead of being focused on constantly analyzing various outcomes. I was confused at one part of the website’s explanation though which talked about the root of my attachment and I was not sure what kind of attachment they were referring to.

    I found this quiz to be a bit vague in the questions but accurate with the results. Despite this, I know that I will only know my true Dosha if I go to an Ayurvedic Doctor for evaluation. I decided to research more into what a Kapha Dosha was since the quiz website’s results were also a bit vague. I found that I related a lot to the more detailed characteristics of what a Kapha Dosha is, which I learned about on this website; https://chopra.com/article/understanding-kapha-how-stay-healthy-and-energized. The website listed physical characteristics which I related to myself such as being strongly built and having deep, sound sleep patterns. The website listed emotional characteristics that I related to also such as being calm, loving, loyal, patient, stubborn, and supportive.

    Knowing more about the Doshas and their impact on each individual person will help further my understanding of how these ideologies and practices can go into balancing the energy within each person. On the website I mentioned above, https://chopra.com/article/understanding-kapha-how-stay-healthy-and-energized, it contains a part where it describes tips for nutrition and balancing Kapha. I hope to use this knowledge in the future to help better myself.

  34. This quiz surprised me because of how accurate it was with its results. It was fun answering the questions but I thought my result would not be so accurate. I turned out to be 9% pitta dosha, 50% Kapha dosha, and 41% data dosha. I am not sure if I interpreted the meaning of the water and earth correctly. But for me, I felt I was more connected to the Earth because I am very down to earth and for me, that means that I always see the positivity in people even if they hurt me. And strongly believe in second chances. As for my connection with the water as purity in my soul. Because on going back on positive thinking I can never straight off the bat see the bad in people. The quiz also said that I was an overthinker in a situation which is true because when I’m in a problem I do not tend to think rationally rather than have too many assumptive thoughts of worst-case scenarios. I also agree on the mantra it suggests I should have, which is, “let go”. I don’t know if I took the right perception of it but for me, I think there are things in my personal life mentally that are not healthy and I’m finally brave enough to let go and live without worrying.
    One thing I did not agree with my results was when it said, “…[I] usually cover every angle of a situation as it presents itself. This is a fantastic trait to have when you are working with a rather risky endeavor, and people are looking for hidden pitfalls on a project. ” Knowing myself quite a bit I do not easily cover every angle in a situation because my anxiety immediately clouds my judgment and that is when I start overthinking and misread the bad situation. Unless it is a good situation I think I can easily see all the good results and enjoy my time more.

  35. My following result were: Kapha Dosha:28% (water and earth), Pitta Dosha: 49%(fire and water), and my Vata Dosha: 23% (air and space). Basically, what this quiz at the end gathered up was at I am a strong passionate leader, especially when I am pushed to do my best. But, there is a limit I can’t go pass due to maybe, mental and or emotional reasons. However in other news, I feel at home when I am in control; while also thriving to do leadership qualities for my peers.

    I find it extremely interesting about how much this test know so much about you. I find this test fairly accurate because I do believe I am a strong leader and I am very passionate when it comes down to my loved ones. Simply because if my loved ones were taken away from me, I don’t know what I would do with myself; I’ll probably lose it, mentally and physically. But anyway, this quiz showed me I need to work on my temper; I need to work on cooling down while not getting angry so fast. I need to believe in faith while working with others; there’s no room for mess up.

    • A much better essay, keep investing time and follow the guidelines to do a review of the subject, add contrasting ideas and site your resources along with your own honest experiences OM

  36. My results for this quiz were 32% Khapa Dosha, 57% Vata Dosha, and 11% Pitta Dosha. According to the results of this quiz, I obsess over everything and tend to overthink every situation in a seemingly uptight way. Khapa- Vata Dosha’s also tend to think of many different outcomes to each situation (still overthinking). It also states that Khapa- Vata Dosha’s need to let go of their mantra sometimes and relax.
    If I am being completely honest, I have mixed feelings and am a bit skeptical of my results. I happen to agree that I tend to obsess over small details of things an may overthink a situation from time to time, but I do not feel as though I am as uptight or anxious as they made it seem. For instance, I do not tend to have multiple solutions to any particular conundrum or overthink the brand of milk I go to buy. I may be detail oriented and worry that I am not good enough or that my friends will realize that I am not all that great, but I do not fret over every single thing and tend to be more relaxed than an uptight bundle of anxiety.
    Therefore, I do not believe that this online quiz is particularly accurate. It instead shows you only a small and inaccurate piece of who you are as a person. I personally think that something as significant as finding out the truth to your personality and persons must be executed through a sort of inward reflection that could never be entirely realized through a quiz.

  37. My initial question before taking this quiz was, what is a dosha?
    30% Kapha Dosha (Water & Earth),
    47% Pitta Dosha (Fire & Water),
    23% Vata Dosha (Air & space.
    The quiz said I was a Pitta-Kapha, I’m emotional, passionate, argumentative, aggressive, inspiring, and hot-headed. I don’t hold back on my opinions, convictions, and beliefs. And I have an incredible ability to recall information and facts.
    I was interested in learning more and didn’t realize that more info is given in the results sent as a PDF through email. So I am currently going over those, but before I had I looked up a little bit through google on what a Pitta Dosha was. I didn’t read too deeply into it because I was tired but I did find that it was suggesting specific lifestyle habits to adapt to help my system preform at it’s best. One of the things that really caught my eye is the time it told me I should be waking up in the morning, it said between 3am to 6am. I know that for a lot of ppl this is hard to believe, let alone do. I could see myself though doing something like this. I love the morning and always am wishing I could’ve been up earlier, even if I wake up at 7:30/8. I think doing this will take some practice for it to become a habit but I am willing to try.
    So back to the results, the results I already spoke of seem very accurate. especially the pitta dosha being a mix of fire/water, and that being my highest percentage. I am extremely sensitive and emotional, though I have such aggression and fire that sits behind this. I believe I use the fire part of me less and therefore when it does come out I end up burning someone or something, but it mostly ends up being myself. The imbalance is unpleasant to me and is something I’ve been dreaming of coming to terms with and allowing it to be as it is. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know myself and I think it’s because I don’t allow myself the true freedom I desire. The balance between the two is difficult but I know that nothing good comes without a challenge for me. Part 1 of my results begin explaining what a Pitta/Kapha means in my physical constitution, that I am basically a sweaty mess if I can’t find the means to balance myself and this is so true. I am always exerting heat and overheating sometimes. Other times I am so sensitive to the cold and need to be so bundled to keep myself safe. If I don’t the results are so distracting to my mind. It would just be better for me if I adjusted myself to my surrounding so I was cool and comfortable. I really enjoy the part saying, “it’s important to work out any imbalances as soon as you are aware of them in order to prevent deeper imbalances.”
    Part 2 shares the Digestion & Lifestyle, my percentages become, Vata Dosha @ 34% (Air & Space), Kapha Dosha @ 43% (Water & Earth), Pitta Dosha @ 23% (Fire & Water).What’s recommended as the most important thing for myself if to keep a regular routine, to eat regularly and share these mealtimes with others to help keep my energy warm, engaged, and will help with my digestion. I believe I can really benefit from having a regular schedule and can feel myself desiring one heavily especially at the end days that I’ve really spent all my energy. On days I do not, I become extremely restless and stress a lot about the work I did not complete. I am beginning to come to terms with the work I do not finish for the day and allow myself to come back the next day.
    Part 3, Mind & emotions; percentage for these are Vata Dosha @ 41% (Air & Space), Pitta Dosha @ 59% (Fire & Water), Kapha Dosha @ 0% (Water & Earth). It talks about the constant motion that Vata is, and the intensity of focus that Pitta is, that if the wind blows and I do not move the fire grows larger in one area causing destruction. This is true and have found myself in situations that I end up ruining because my focus was held too long on one thing. This results in a lot of pain to myself because it’s usually something I was really passionate about and wanted to become something more. I hope to find the balance between these two and I can feel that I am but it is happening slowly and definitely requires a lot of self awareness. I have felt both of the imbalances, of being scattered as well as burning out too quick, so I think I know now what to move away from when they begin to go out of balance.


  38. My results were:

    36% Pitta Dosha
    51% Vata Dosha
    13% Kapha Dosha

    I think the quiz was more honest about things of my personality I put aside. I do not perceive myself as a leader , especially not in large groups. However a lot of my friends describe me a person to lead conversations often. I do feel somethings about my result do not fit , as I struggle often with keeping momentum with my creative process. on the other hand I do see myself as a perfectionist in both my work and health , I try being as organized as I possibly can in my affairs.

  39. My results came back 27% Pitta Dosha, 57% Vita Dosha, and 17% Kapha Dosha, making me a Vita Dasha. The basic description of what it meant given at the top of the results seemed offbase. As I began to read the break down of the three parts I actually saw some things that related to me, and that can be helpful. Part 1 Structure I was 86% Vita was pretty general with clear points based on my answers. The second and Third parts were more useful especially in finding the balance which I feel I have lost in recent years. I only wish it gave more ways to reach this balance, but as stated in the email this was just a short online quiz and I would not expect to find anything more in-depth.

  40. The results given to me from this quiz are as follows: 38% Pitta (Fire and Water), 32% Vata (Air and Space), and 30% Kapha (Water and Earth). I found it quite interesting that my results’ percentages were so close to each other. However, my highest score was Pitta and the description provided for this was surprisingly spot on for my personality. The website pegged Pitta as an intellectual with dry wit and sharp tongue, who enjoys surrounding myself with similar types of people. I have always found myself gravitating towards people with the same sense of humor as myself, and tend to have a hard time getting comfortable with people I cannot joke around with. Along with this is also accurately labeled Pitta, and myself, as someone who thrives in pressure situations especially when in control of situations. I like to put myself forward to do many things from eighteen credits in a semester to doing four shows during one month of that same semester. It also mentions that Pittas have to remember not to put too much on themselves. I have found that I have had to determine the balance of many things I can handle. There have been many times where I have wanted to do so many different things that I have spread myself too thin to be able to give myself fully to all of the commitments. Though I am usually skeptical towards online quizzes, the descriptions and results given to me by this quiz are very accurate.

    Due to the fact that my percentages were as close together as they were, I decided to look into what the other two descriptions were and what parts of these types of Dosha I noticed within myself. I found another article on this same site, titled “About The 3 Doshas,” and found myself in the other two types descriptions. I believe the reason I matched 32% with Vata was due to my high creativity and amount of interests. I believe that the reason I matched 30% with Kapha was due to my loving and devoted nature – especially when it comes to people I know and care about.

    The biggest thing I have taken away from this quiz is another reminder to take care of what is important first and not to spread myself too thin. This reminder could not come at a better time, as I have begun to add significant amounts of events to my schedule. The gentle reminder has made me step back and be realistic enough to as myself the question – is there enough time to do everything that is already here and add something else?

    Works Cited

  41. The result for my quiz was that I am 40% Vata Dosha. It went on to say that I am “bubbling bliss” when balanced and a “babbling mess” when not balanced. I can have rapid thoughts, rapid words, and rapid actions at times. My result also states that I “don’t get weighed down with the worries of everyday life” but I should also keep in touch with “real life” and responsibilities, and eating several small meals frequently. My “personality” was described as being about rest and focus, but to others I can come off as unapproachable and out of touch.

    As with every online quiz, I took the results with a gain of salt. As with most online quizzes, there were parts of the result that would apply to me and that I noticed about myself, while there were others parts that I was skeptical about or felt that it was broad or general enough to apply to anybody. That is why I hesitant to call my results “accurate”. The part about going between rapid talking and peaceful calm is an example of something that applies to people in general. But the part about not worrying about everyday life and staying grounded to real life is something that I find accurate to me to an extent. There are things in my daily life – no matter how small – that I agonize over for long periods of time. But there are other things that I don’t bother thinking about, therefore I am not bothered by it. I will admit that I tend to get absorbed into certain activities that I forget to do other things and ignore my responsibilities. I do need to work on finding that balance between resting and doing work instead of doing one extreme or the other.

  42. The results of my quiz were kapha-vata dosha. It goes on about how this particular combination can cause me to overthink. As a vata and kapha dosha I am considered a deep thinker and will look at a situation at all angles, this could be considered a good trait but could also backfire with certain situations. It also explains how people take e seriously but can also be concerned when I embody an issue.
    I found the results to be true, I am an over thinker which leads me to be indecisive. I do tend to stress and worry too much due to certain situations and problems that I overthink. I want to be able to go into a situation, come up with a solution and not worry or stress about it. I am currently working on that problem, I am trying to slow down and take things easier and in a more calm manner.
    The quiz was very interesting, I was curious how the question being asked applied were what derived the results. I the quiz very relatable and interesting, it touched upon things I Have become more aware of.

  43. I got Vata Dosha, meaning I’m balanced and I remember my certain responsibilities. The test says, my mind is quick and racing which I disagree, but I do agree that I’m very restful when relaxed and I try to stay focus on my goals. I’m not often skeptical of quizzes because when I disagree with the results, I still try to remember the outcome and work toward the things I want to accomplish! This was an interesting quiz because it made me think about the simple things and habits, I don’t often think about.

    -Melenie Warner

  44. 31% Vata Dosha
    50% Kapha Dosha
    19% Pitta Dosha

    My results were Kapha-Vata which results in a dosha combination that causes me to overthink situations which are quite true. As an individual any situation that I am faced with I turn it into something bigger than it actually is; for example, I cause choosing a nail polish color in the salon to a big debate which causes me to worry about am I still going to enjoy the color I chose in 2 days. I feel like my results definitely connect to the type of person I am and it is very surprising how accurate the results were because for every aspect of my result I was able to think of a scenario I have been in recently. I do often forget to breathe in certain situations which causes fear and anxiety which I am trying to work on and I often let my deep thoughts overrule everything else possible.

  45. The quiz said that I am 47 percent kapha, 23 percent pitta, and 30 percent vata. It said that I tend to overthink things, which I think is true, because I sometimes fret over small things and also I don’t like making big decisions because I always feel like I’m going to mess things up. And even if it’s something really small and insignificant I often panic when I have to make a decision quickly because I’m afraid I’ll regret it. Relating to that, it also said I should learn to let go, which I think is true, because I usually hold onto things for a long time, like if I don’t do well on a test or something like that, I usually am upset about that for a really long time, which is something I’m working on. All in all, I think the quiz was pretty accurate, although I wasn’t sure about some of the questions so I might have been a little off on some of them.

    • Your IK and Finger Holds practices will help you address these issues successfully, but you must do them daily if you want to transform into a more confident successful version of yourself. OM

  46. After taking this quiz I have learned that I am 35% Kapha, 48% Vata and 17% Pitta Dosha. After reading the explanation as to what this means, I completely agree. I find that I tend to overthink many situations, some of which do not need to be so deeply thought about. This comes up for many different reasons, however, the main feeling I have attached to this habit is an anxiety surrounding my being fearful of failure. I have allowed it to take such a hold on my life, that there are so many moments where I would refuse to even try to do something without knowing, without certainty that I would be successful in the end result. I am currently working to overcome this, but part of my issue was doubting the fact that I shouldn’t overthink every situation. So this quiz has served as further affirmation.

  47. This quiz was a little strange as every answer seemed to apply. I even had to have my boyfriend help me answer the questions. In the end, the results were appropriate for someone who had difficulty answering and ultimately selected almost all of the options as the results told me not to walk through every scenario when considering a problem. I take that to mean that I was overthinking the questions and that this applies to life in general. In fact, the first comment related to overthinking and commented upon the fact that I consider every angle which may be good for some situations but bad for others.

    I am told I am a Kapha-vata Dosha:
    -people take me seriously as do I
    -I have a lot to give
    -my mantra should be “Let go”

    The last two bits are spot on! I keep a journal in which I write letters to myself and I am forever telling myself to let go and to breathe. At least I am aware of some of these aspects of my personality.

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