Want to learn what type Dosha you are?


To find out which type of constitution you are by way of Ayurveda sciences take this free online quiz at http://www.doshaguru.com  It’s free and confidential!!! Namaste


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  1. After taking the online dosha guru quiz it was determined that i am mostly pitta-kapha dosha. I am 50% pitta dosha with the elements fire and water. I am 31% kapha dosha with the elements water and earth. Lastly i am 19% vata dosha with the air and space elements. They describe me as being emotional, passionate, aggressive and hot headed. Which are some traits i somewhat agree with, to an extent of course. Since the pitta and kapha both share the water element it real sums up how quickly my emotions and opinions change. My mood changes and i get frustrated quickly. It was suggested that my mantra be one of forbearance, meaning i have more patience and think situations through. But this is somewhat difficult because i am naturally argumentative and highly opinionated, though i’m currently trying to change.

    I would summate that the Ayurvedic practice is mostly centered around living well in natural ways. As opposed to the traditional allopathic practice of medicine which treats what is already wrong, such as disease and illness. The Ayurvedic is more of a preventative practice, promoting healthy habits. When you follow the Ayurvedic and get to know yourself, you are instantly on track for a better experience as self exploration is key to a healthy life.

  2. The quiz said i am a Kapha Dosha. It truthfully pointed out my stubbornness and implied the kapha dosha typically looked to for make difficult decisions. I would also like to point out the noticeably fact that Kapha Dosha is represented by water, while as my astrological sign also is represented by water. Meanwhile though i can hardly swim. It also said my attachment comes from my love and caring while as my mantra should be lightheartedness and forgiveness. Most of this part also does ring true except my own problems with handling forgiveness. Forgiveness is a topic that has been in my head for quite a while now and how to handle its limits and shapes is still a tricky thing a struggle with everyday.

    Besides that thought I am interested in the how this test concludes things based on the (dry,moist,oily) questions involving (Eyes, Hair, Completion, BM’s).

  3. After taking this quiz I figured out I am Vata-Pitta, which after reading the description I think is spot on. I am someone who is willing to fight for a cause but is also a perfectionist and very hard on myself at times which then leads to a lot of anxiety. Being aware that I do have anxiety I try to meditate, do deep breathing as well as the finger holds now that I’ve learned them so it’s interesting to see in the description it said my mantra should be cool, calm, and collected because I am someone who can get rattled easily.

    I think the underlying benefits I’ve been receiving from these teachings is the self-reflection in a new way. While self-reflection is important it should not be done with the comparisons of others in mind but something so much more beyond that as a celestial being. Being in tune with the universe and its wavelengths. I also thought the description given was almost identical to my zodiac sign which is an air sign and Vata-Pitta is air and space so it convinced me of its accuracy and much we are in tune with the stars and universe around us.

  4. I found this quiz terrifyingly accurate. Whilst I didn’t agree with all the results I found it did answer a lot of the questions that I have been struggling with myself this semester. I got the Vata Dosha result. “You are pure bubbling bliss when balanced, and a babbling mess when not. ” This could not be more precise. As of late I feel like I am thrown off very easily by anything that interrupts my frequencies or my energy. I am very vulnerable to that. And I think it is because I feel like there are very few moments that I have where I do feel balanced and so I value them a lot and try to harness them for as long as I can. When I hit road bumps, emotionally, financially etc I find that I don’t think I am strong enough to get through them or address them. “It’s important to remember to revisit ‘real life’ as there are certain responsibilities you need to address every now and then” . This however is so true. All what I experience is a process and I think I just need to be easier on myself more and just take my time and know that things will get better and that I have the capability to push through it. “Rapid thoughts and fast-talking are just a small part of your repertoire. ” This is definitely a part of my personality when I am confident I feel like I banter a lot with people and am always on a different planet. ” but there are others outside of your circle of friends who may find you unapproachable and out of touch.” This is something that I have been extremely conscious of this semester. I have been told that I am seemingly very sociable and can navigate sociable environments very well and seem to know a lot of people. I have also been told that I can come across very nonchalant and that all of these things can be very intimidating. Which is something that I am trying to not be and also confusing because I find a lot of people extremely intimidating all the time, and I thus close myself off from a lot of people . I really hope that this is something I can improve, because I would like to connect and meet new people and better my environment. “Staying rested and focused will allow you to continue to be an inspiration to others and yourself, and to accomplish your goals.” This is something I definitely need to do more. I need to put time into communicating and checking in with myself and others, instead of repressing a lot which is what I think I do a lot and I am trying to be better about it. I have lots of big goals that I want to accomplish and I do not take this privilege of being able to follow them for granted so I will and am trying my best to be mindful of that, and improve to be the best version of myself, whilst also accepting that I can make mistakes and that there will be hurdles that I need to get through, it is all a learning experience.

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