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To find out which type of constitution you are by way of Ayurveda sciences take this free online quiz at http://www.doshaguru.com  It’s free and confidential!!! Namaste


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  1. My Dosha quiz results told me that I am a Vata Dosha. Before taking the quiz I researched on what exactly a “Dosha” is and I find the link between your physical and mental constitution and their influence on your well being very interesting and the idea that you can tailor things like your diet and even your yoga practice according to your Dosha very helpful. The description seems to fit me about 95% accurately. I researched more in depth to find out more information to understand Vata. In terms of physical characteristics, the description I read is spot on. I have a very lean body type, and often find my circulation leaving my hands and feet cold and purple. I also am a very light sleeper and find it hard to fall asleep. I have also discovered ways to balance Vata. Because it is closely associated with the nervous system, the Vatas “state” can be reflected in our mental health. Ever since starting school this semester, my appetite has been less and I haven’t been sleeping enough, and have been feeling scattered and anxious. The fall and winter is the time Vatas are most likely to slip out of balance. Having a healthier lifestyle during Vata’s high season can help, such as: getting 8 hours of sleep per night, eating warm, moist foods and sitting down to eat. Grains, root vegetables, and soups are good for Vatas, as well as sweet, salty, and sour tastes that can calm Vata down. In asana, positions such as the seated forward fold and the Warrior Pose II, which we practice in class, can help build strength. I will use this helpful information to make better healthy choices and improve my Vata balance.

  2. My Ayurveda Dosha Balance is:
    However, the description they gave on the website does not sound like me at all. I am not fast-talking or quick on my feet or “pure bubbling bliss when balanced”. It’s interesting because the overall description doesn’t sound anything like me, but the descriptions for the quiz breakdown accurately describe my personality.

    Part 1: Physical Structure Breakdown
    86% VATA DOSHA
    I agree with this assessment, I am prone to being cold and having dry skin, and I have a thin learn frame. “Stay grounded! Stay warm! Stay moisturized!”

    Part 2: Digestion & Lifestyle
    56% VATA DOSHA
    I agree with this assessment, I am very irregular with my lifestyle. I skip meals and prefer to graze and I have a very irregular sleeping pattern.

    Part 3: Mind & Emotions
    68% VATA DOSHA
    I agree with this assessment, I am a creative and easygoing person. But I can also be anxious and scattered. I often have a hard time completing a project and have trouble making decisions. According to the website that means I am out of balance.
    – Julia Baker

    • Dont be disheartened this is just a simple quiz to give students an idea about our properties/energies (Doshas) For a proper assessment one should seek an Ayurvedic doctor for a consultation that could involve a few sessions lasting a couple of hours, to see in comparision how quick this quiz was….but I hope you may have eyes open to know yourself better along these lines….Namaste

  3. I was fascinated by Ayurveda in the past, but never had the opportunity to incorporate it into my life. In this test, however, I learned that I am a Vata dosha. The test also concluded that I am 31% Kapha dosha, and 28% Pitta dosha, though the Vata dosha stood out at 41%. I did take another dosha test that concluded I was predominantly a Pitta dosha, which makes me wonder if results can change or vary test to test. I also notice that different questions were asked in each test, so I’m not sure which one was a closer match to the category I fall under, or if I am possibly a combination. I’m not sure that I entirely agree with this evaluation, but the types of questions that are asked — like the ones regarding your preferences to temperature and weather, and asking about physical attributes like facial shape and hair, are really interesting to me.

    – Alexandra S.

    • Glad you took the test and know it is just a simplified version that would best be administered by an Ayurvedic doctor, but to have a glimpse into the properties we possess is helpful when making choices, we do change daily, seasonlly, yearly, etc…

  4. My dosha guru quiz results have told me that I am a Vata Dosha. But after doing further research, I’m not sure if I entirely believe this. Answering the questions were a little frustrating for me. For one, I don’t really know how to characterise my facial features. My body temperature tends to be too hot at night and too cold in the day. I almost felt like I was taking a bad horoscope quiz when answering a few questions. I don’t like surveys–depressions quizzes, personality quizzes, because how can a quiz sum up a complex human with a few questions and answers. Yes, there is some truth to this and yes, I love how fun these things are! but!! When furthering my study and understanding the Dosha’s I don’t find this to be at all true. On Chopra.com there is an article to understand the Dosha’s. Here they have outlined what it means to be a Pitta Dosha http://www.chopra.com/ccl/understanding-pitta-how-to-feed-your-inner-fire. “When in balance, Pittas have a lustrous complexion, perfect digestion, abundant energy, and a strong appetite. When out of balance, Pittas may suffer from skin rashes, burning sensations, peptic ulcers, excessive body heat, heartburn, and indigestion.”
    My exact results read::

    I definitely agree I am no Kapha, according to Chopra . com’s further explanation of it. But this quiz reminded me of a birth chart. Vague iterations of what it is to be human, qualities that most people attain and can fit you easily if you think hard enough. Some days my digestion is incredible, other day’s I feel like I suffer from IBS or I am going crazy. I believe I am a combination of all of them (yes mostly vata and pitta). But I also don’t want to be categorized like a personality quiz. I am who I am! What I did appreciate from this was the knowledge that I attained from this though. I would have never known what my Dosha was, or what a Dosha is. And if you do look into them further on the internet they give you incredible tips and insight on how to take care of your body. That I like! Even if I don’t believe I am more Vata-Pitta-Kapha over the other I do love the insight on how to shed off negative energy, stay sane, and create healthy habits for my body.

    • Yes you are correct that this was an abbreviated version, in fact an actual Dosha assestment can only be done by an accredited Ayurvedic doctor and takes minimal two hours first session, after which a series of purges are done to clear the body in a variety of ways and only then can one come close to understanding one’s dosha. I do not hold any candle to Mr. Chopra as he has little respect in series medical and spritual circles in India and elsewhere as he has benefitted on capitalizing on Indian systems without crediting the same or contributing to in any measure that is fair. We all change constantly, and are a variety of properties, but the more we understand this the better we can make choices that reasonate with us.

  5. I am a Vata – Pitta Dosha, mostly (52%) Vata Dosha which is air and space, and partly (34%) Pitta Dosha, which is fire and water.
    I did a little reading on Ayurvedic healing, a traditional holistic medicinal practice that focuses on the balance of mind, body and spirit. I am very much acquainted with Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and Ayurvedic ideas seem to link slightly with them. Acupuncture is meant to keep the body balanced and bring energies into the areas that need healing and adjustment.
    My Dosha result was inaccurate in some areas and very accurate in others. I would not say I have a very intense work ethic as was described. The need to bring “cool, calm and collected” into meditation is absolutely true, but I also feel that anyone who answers “anxious” as one of their character traits needs a little bit of calmness in their life.

  6. A dosha is one of three bodily bioelements that make up a person. They are unstable and changes by day and with food. After taking the quiz, I was told I’m a Vata Dosha. My breakdown was 29% Kapha Dosha, 30% Pitta Dosha, and 41% Vata Dosha. According to the quiz, I have rapid thoughts and talk fast. In addition, I’m ‘quick on my freer and general don’t get weighed down’ with everyday worries. I can agree with the second notion that I am very calm in most situations and don’t let things bother me any longer than they should. I often think upon situations and learn from them rather than have them keep me distracted and unfocused. The first notion of having rapid thoughts and talking fast I don’t agree with as much. At rare intervals I find my mind wandering faster than I can catch up, but generally when I’m talking to a person, I’m focused and listening. And when it’s my turn to speak, my trouble doesn’t lay in what do I say (due to any kind of rapid thoughts) but rather, how do I say it. Judging by my breakdown too, it seems that my 3 doshas appear to be fairly balanced. I think this is a testament to how I find myself acting calmer than others in frustrating situations.
    In the end, this quiz seemed quite fast and abbreviated as opposed to a true assessment of one’s energy. I’m skeptical when I take these sorts of quizzes and I’m told what kind of thing I am. Perhaps if I’m ever to attempt a true assessment of my dosha, it would prove more accurate.

    -Max Pollio

    • Yes this was just a basic introduction to Ayurveda and dosha of course if one is serious they could seek a Ayurvedic Doctor for a full consultation. Thanks for sharing your results, Namaste OM

  7. I got Kapha-vata Dosha
    This was a very accurate read, which was odd, because I didn’t think the answer would be so accurate with such vague questions. I am analytical, I tend to look at things from every angle in order to deal with them in the most effective way, but this can cause me to over think and give importance to things or situations that might have no significance at all. I have the tendency of embodying my issues and letting them consume me and my energies, which is no way to go through life. I do sometimes have a hard time letting things go, taking my time, and being open, I’ve gotten better at it through my other practices dealing with energies, but some days are worse than others.

    Though, since I’ve gotten better at reading energies and dealing with my own, I’ve gotten better about letting things go and dealing with situations that used to really bog me down and make it hard to process. I’ve definitely improved in the negative aspects of this Dosha reading.

  8. This was a fun post-the quiz was light-hearted, but very informative! Of course, an online quiz probably can’t completely pin down your mind-body type in just a few minutes, but my results seemed plausible. The summary at the end of the quiz was absolutely me to a T! I learned that I am 41% Vata, 38% Pitta and only 21% Kapha.(Chopra’s website said I was 70% Pitta and 30% Vata, but the summary was not close to me at all.) I do see myself as a leader and my husband would gladly tell you that I’m a perfectionist (though that’s not always the word he uses!) I am always looking for ways to improve my health-not just my physical health, but also my mental and spiritual health (that’s one of the reasons I signed up for yoga!) and I am very interested in Ayureveda, though I know very little about it except that it is sort of the medical branch of yoga. I will definitely do more research into this system of health and well-being as I prefer to take a homeopathic or diet-based cure whenever possible. Western doctors (and even my Indian-born doctor!) look at me like I’m crazy when I ask if there is an exercise or food that I can take to help relieve the symptoms of whatever ailment I am suffering with. I do believe that our mental state has to do with our physical state. As I write this, I am feeling lots of stress about the coming end of the semester and I am also fighting a cold-I am sure the two are connected!

    • Thanks for an honest journal entry…have you tried the ACV regimen? You can find an easy link on my yoga biz FB page @ (Omlink:The Studio for Yoga Synthesis) or on this blog look up Apple Cider Vinegar regimen…OM

  9. My Dosha Quiz resulted in my being a Tri-Doshic Dosha. Though I am interested in the results, I’m quite actually taken aback in some regards and unsurprised in others. The notion of balance among Kapha, Vata, and Pitta in such parallel ways seems actually quite interesting to me, something I wouldn’t have initially understood. Beyond this though, the breakdown of the notions of balance becomes something of an understanding for myself. “The capacity for a good immune system and strong constitution” seems to be spot on, very rarely through my dieting practices and ability to understand the energy inside myself do I fall victim to more common ailments. Beyond this, the idea of balance makes sense; the universe at large lives in constant balance and, as such, imbalance, and that is something I’ve applied to my own understanding of myself and how I exist within this space accordingly. I suppose the most interesting idea falls into the idea that each area of my Dosha sits in such a tight balance – and when one becomes unbalanced, the others immediately follow. Though somewhat of a scary idea to rest upon, it does have some ground in actuality and is something to better meditate on; especially the idea of truly listening.

  10. My results listed me as a Kapha-vata Dosha. I find that interesting, because I think the description is a lot about a person that I no longer am. It speaks a lot about a person who is an obsessive over-thinker and thinks everything through several times before making any moves, and I don’t agree with that. I think I am more of a person that depending on the situation, will think and only see a bad move and not follow through it, or most commonly, not think at all and then reflect on everything that could have been done differently. Painting the picture of a person that is fearful to make any moves, I think is unfair. I do, however, like that its listed as 49% Air and Space. My zodiac sign is an Earth sign, which I think is fitting, but there is something so mysterious about Air and Space that I’ve always been fascinated with, so although I’m not entirely sure the context in which Air and Space exist in this quiz, it is alluring to me, after disagreeing so heavily with the description it gave me.

    • Remember this was just a tiny introduction to Dosha to be properly evaluated one would have an evaluation done by a board certified Ayurvedic Doctor that usually takes minimum of two hours for a first session. Hope you are doing your finger holds 2-3 times every day! Namaste

  11. After taking the quiz I got the result of the Tri-Doshic Dosha. I said I am well balanced, centered, and inspiring until I’m not. I thought this was very interesting because I find this very relatable and over all true. I find myself at very high highs and very low lows and when I do get at a low point in my life it can be very difficult to bring myself back up again.
    The website reminded me to stay conscious of these different levels and to pay attention to my body and the signs it gives me. It also said to rest and repair after situations which I think is very good advice for someone like me. I do try to remember to give myself time to rest and to give myself the very much needed break I deserve sometimes. I think it’s important to give yourself love and rest regularly.
    I will try to take this advice and apply it to myself this week in hopes to improve the quality of my days and keeping myself in balance by practicing the Isha Kriya as well.

  12. Today I learned something new. First I learned what a Dosha is : one of three bodily bioelements that make up a person. And I also learned what type of Dosha I am. After taking the quiz my result turned out to me being a Pitta Dosha. I learned that as a Pitta Dosha, I prefer to hang with intellectuals who have a dry wit and a sharp tongue just like me.
    People of that type seems to understand me. I am passionate leader and lover and I’m most at home when i’m in control. I tend to strive in extreme situations when the pressure is on because it brings out my leadership qualities. However I must be careful because too much heat can cause me to burn out. This has been the most truthful thing I read about myself and i’m glad I read it at the time I did. I did experience a situation regarding this, before I transfer to SUNY Purchase. I was a bit of a leader at my prior college and everything was going right. I was striving. However I took on more than I could have managed at the time, which eventually led to me burning out and having to withdraw from that institution for a semester to practice self care.
    The Pitta Dosha continued to be described as “naturally run hot, bot in body and temperament. My mantra should be COOL IT! Have a little faith in people you are working with. The world won’t implode if you (and others!) make a mistake. Simply take responsibility for any mistake and apologize. Practice good apologies, they are gold in your pocket.”
    Once again I was just happy to read this. Lately I’ve been practicing to have TRUST and FAITH in people who I work with more, rather than do the work alone because I know I will get it done right. Also I’ve been telling myself since May 2016 to “Breathe Easy” which is similar to “COOL IT”. Breathing easy meaning to relax and let things fall in its natural state. I can’t always change everything into my own satisfactory. Lastly, I’ve been practicing to be more HONEST in everything I do. Honesty is a good trait to have and it will get you very far. just like taking responsibilities for any mistakes and apologies– good apologies.


  13. Madeline Bodendorf

    First I had to look up what a Dosha was, because I do not think we talked about it in class and it’s a new word to me. The “google” definition for Dosha was “each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.” The results I got were that I’m Kapha Dosha, which is surprising because I didn’t think I was that stubborn. I am always open to learning new things but I know my shyness gets in the way all the time, so maybe this makes more sense than I thought.

    The quiz also said that the root of my attachment comes from a place of love and caring, and I find this to be true. I become attached to people I meet and even the pets of the people I meet quite easily. I don’t like to let people go and only do so when I know it is necessary. I still try to talk to the ex-boyfriends I have in a civil way because I don’t believe in forgetting someone completely after a breakup. I love my cat that I adopted when I turned 16 like he is my child, and I feel that he actually is. I go out of my way for other people constantly, whether it’s taking out a heavy trash bag at work or going out and buying something new for a friend that I know they lost or missed.

    It seems that this tendency also stems from me overanalyzing every single outcome, and this makes sense too. Living with anxiety has had me pick out every single worst case scenario of every situation and it’s relaxing to know that this is only contributing to the love and care that other people see in me. It is comforting!

  14. I personally enjoy taking “find out what you are” quizzes online, especially when it pertains to fictional characters or which Hogwarts house I belong in. I try to answer as honestly as I can (that’s usually the point), but after receiving my result, I like to take the quiz again and see if I get the same result the second time around with the same amount of honesty. Before taking the quiz, I googled what exactly Dosha Yoga and Ayurveda were because I wasn’t certain. In this research, I learned that Ayurveda is a form of medicine that originated in India and is one of the oldest systems in the world. The products used during this medical system pertain to lifestyle and detoxification. Doshas branch out from Ayurveda that represents the mental and physical constitution of a person.
    While taking the Dosha quiz, there were one or two questions that I had to think on for a bit. I refused to put “not sure” for an answer because I felt as if it would falter my result. My hesitation wasn’t because of a lack of relation to the choices, it was because there were either one or more options of what I felt connected more with my standing. The Dosha I received at the end of the quiz was “Vata-Pitta Dosha”. This Dosha in particular described me as “an intense individual” which is even better when I’m balanced. Vata and Pitta are two different Doshas, but I’m a mixture of the two according to this quiz. Being a combination of the two Doshas, I am capable of influencing people and when forming an idea, I keep a steady flow about it. I am a hard worker.
    I felt as if the summary of the Vata-Pitta Dosha was rather accurate to how I am as a person. The “more about” section reassured me that I would most likely be a Vata-Pitta Dosha if I were to be tested by a professional. Vata-Pitta Doshas are strategic, but with their strategy they simply grow with passion in several places. It stated that my mantra “should be COOL, CALM, and COLLECTED”, but Vata-Pittas are apparently known for their consistent zealousness so it could be difficult. As a result of this, the quiz recommended I try meditating when a problem or situation is on my mind, because increasing your anxiety about it serves no purpose. Nurturing yourself alongside your relationships is key to retaining your inner balance and being “COOL, CALM, and COLLECTED”.

  15. After taking this relatively simple quiz I was branded as having a “Kapha-vata” dosha. It states that I tend to overthink situations and consider things deeply before I commit to certain actions. I certainly do agree with this to a degree because I spend much of my time over working my brain on trivial things before reminding myself that everything is temporary and nothing is of much importance. I do find it to be one of my strengths although it can often be an annoyance. I would rather think deeply and critically on my words and actions in order to limit consequences; especially if those consequences involve the pain or discomfort of others. Being reminded of this is quite helpful though so I may keep it in check.

    What I really enjoyed about my results were that it offered solutions on fixing the less positive attributes of having a “Kapha-vata” dosha. It suggests that I incorporate the phrase “Let go” into my mantra in order to lesson my needs to overthink certain aspects of my life. That I must stop embodying the issue in order to distance my emotions from an incident and think logically. The line I found most helpful was “Pick the top three scenario’s, rather than every scenario, then walk away knowing that you’ve done your job” because it offers a rational solution to the issue of overthinking and analyzing constantly.

    In order to further learn about my particular type of Dosha I researched it further. A particular article called “Managing a Kapha-Vata Constitution” stated that being a vata-kapha type means that two doshas are predominant in my constitution. The article implied that I must balance both my Kapha and Vata aspects of myself meaning that I have two doshas that are practically opposites. Kapha being wet, heavy and cold and Vata being dry and hot. These two polar opposites can work well together when balanced, but can battle each other inwardly if not even-handed. I will use this new found information in my meditation and every day life.

    Sources: https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/learning-ayurveda/managing-your-constitution/managing-a-vata-kapha-constituition/

  16. Aliena Ali

    My Dosha quiz results have told me that I am mainly a Kapha Dosha at 52%, 28% Vatta Dosha, and 20% Pitta Dosha. I am usually pretty skeptical about these types of online quizzes. I tend to believe that their results are precalculated and generalized so everyone can resonate with them. While I have no doubt this assessment is calculated along these lines, I have to admit that many aspects of the results were spot on. The Kapha Physical Constitution for instance was strangely accurate. It described my eating habits anybody type exactly. I found that the personality description however, was almost completely incorrect (except the part about being stubborn). I felt that certain parts of the reading pieced together key phrases initially introduced in the questions. This made the reading seem a bit inauthentic to me. But hat was interesting about the description was that it described many character traits I wish I had as well as those I try to display. While I may not be quite like the person the Kapha Dosha describes, I am certain that I can one day become that.

  17. After taking my Dosha Quiz I found out that I am Pitta- Kapha Dosha. The paragraph about my characteristics held an enormous amount of truth, “Emotional, passionate, argumentative, aggressive, inspiring and hot-headed, and that’s within the first 5 minutes of meeting you.” People have a hard time figuring me out because of my outspoken nature and sometimes my lack of self awareness. This lack of self awareness is not the actual case, in fact I believe we become so in our own head space it creates too much anxiety that comes out in unhealthy ways. My gender has a tendency to hold back thoughts or opinions because of societal norms of gender classification & I refuse to apply this to my life. Speaking is my ultimate tool to understand thoughts, information and ideas so when people talk over me or others I become frustrated. The second paragraph also discusses the recommended montra “Forberance” because of my inability to listen to others based on my own assumption about the people’s intentions. For the rest of the week I will meditate on forberance with Buddhist monk chants each morning. This quiz was extremely enlightening and inspirational to move forward in my spiritual journey.

  18. I found that my Dosha did not fit me very well. While I tried to answer the questions as honestly and accurately as I could, I felt that there were some parts of me that are more significant than what was asked, and require more research and attention than they receive. However, I do understand that this survey relied on things more on the surface, and so questions concerning my mental stability or anxiety levels weren’t really necessary. With that being said, I feel that it is slightly ignorant to state that your physical stature or the levels at which you eliminate internal waste has any sort of say on your mental stability. I felt that more of my answers tilted toward the side of depression or anxiety, as with my insomniatic sleep schedule and negative emotional temperament, and my receiving of Vata Dosha does not really seem to fit. It blatantly went against my own beliefs and medical diagnosis in regards to my lack of focus paid to my life’s doubts. In all reality, I do not find myself with a calm moment throughout the day because I am constantly wondering what is going on outside of where I am in that moment. I find it very difficult to stick with my mantra of “REST.” On the other hand, I cannot say it is completely incorrect, as rapid thoughts are only a small part of my repertoire, and my emotions rely heavily on the balance I am experiencing.
    I never really thought about how present I am throughout the day, and the Vata Dosha did bring my attention to the pensivity I should have toward the present. As I mentioned before, I am constantly wondering about things that happened in the past, as well as what is going to happen in the future if I continue along the path I am currently partaking in. It is mentally and physically exhausting to never have a free moment to myself, and the Vata Dosha does speak to me in the sense that I do need to pay a little more attention to “real life.” However, instead of looking at this from their point of view where it is possible I forget to pay a credit card bill or turn off the television, I am looking at it as I am forgetting to take time for myself. I forget that my health needs to come first in regards to school work, or performances, and I find myself falling apart, which may show people that I am unapproachable and grumpy. There are two sides to every story, and I feel it is true with this quiz response, as well, because it both speaks to me and pushes me away at the same time.
    Along the lines of those parts that spoke to me, small, frequent meals was one of them, and probably the last one that caught my attention. Ever since I came to Purchase, my meal schedule has really been messed up. I will occasionally eat breakfast, and occurrence that I cannot say I am familiar with as I never ate breakfast in high school. Lunch never really happens, and then dinner is more of a group affair than me really sitting down and eating. I will then find myself picking at soup or rice very late into the night and not being able to eat early in the morning. I have also noticed, along with that, that my weight is significantly increasing and it is bringing me down emotionally, mentally, and physically. I find it very difficult to feel positive about myself, and so I typically appear closed off to those who don’t know me very well. I guess the life of a Vata Dosha is a never ending circle, and I really hope I can break it soon, because I am tired of not liking myself. I just need to remind myself like the Vata Dosha says to stay rested and focused.

    • You may look at the video posted on August 21, 2012…”Watch my favorite Yogi….” it may seem a little startling given your perspective but if you like bookmark it and come back to it once a month and see what you think, thanks again for a well stated essay. Remember the quiz was just a way to share electronically the beginnings of Ayurveda…a real consultation done by an Ayurvedic Doctor, in person, over 2-3 hours with a fee gives one a truer reading and even then different readings can be given by different doctors depending on many variables. We also change many times in our lives, we are organic and relate to our environment outside and inside. Please be kind to yourself you are in a limited setting for your college degree, this time will pass and you can re-write your lifestyle as you desire and everything you want to be balanced you can manifest it just so, Namaste

  19. I have heard of Ayurveda before in a book. All I knew before taking the quiz was that there were three types and by knowing what type you are you can’t take care of yourself according to your type. After taking the quiz I learned that I was a vata-kapha dosha hybrid with the vata dosha being the strongest at 47%. The explanation they gave me on my personality was amazingly on point. I am a deep thinker no matter how little the problem is and because of that people trust me for advice. Still that was al the quiz gave me so afterwards I went online for more information on my dosha.
    Vata was my strongest dosha so I did research on it. It is common for me to have cold hands. Also I do consider myself to be creative with a very spacey mind sometimes. The article which I will leave a link below say the best way to increase your health is to increase your dosha since “like increases like”. Therefore since vata is cool then cool weather, foods and emotion will increase my vata. I thought this to be very interesting. To decrease vata would be to eat sweet,sour or salty foods, Balance is really the key to keeping your doshas in check.

  20. This quiz taught me a lot my body and my health that I was not informed of. As I was mostly defined as a Vata dosha and I learned the meaning of all the doshas it all began to make more sense to me and helped me realize what kind of person I am and what I can do to improve my mental and physical health as well as achieve my goals. My quiz results revealed that I tend to be “pure bubbling bliss when balanced, and a babbling mess when not.” This made perfect sense to me because often daily I have a lot responsibilities such as studying, homework, and a job. If I accomplish all my tasks that needed to be completed properly by the end of the day I can relax my mind and body without feeling anxious and feel content. If something comes up where I did not manage my time enough or couldn’t complete what I needed to that day I find myself getting a ton of anxiety and feeling stressed and depressed with worry of not fullfilling my duties to achieve my goals. My quiz results really hit that one on the head. It also desribed how my caffeine habits tend to make my mind race with thoughts which couldn’t be more true! Although at the end of the description it said how this is not entirely a bad thing because it keeps me quick on my feet which is true! There are many good things and bad things about how I treat my mental and physical health, but the qualities of a vata dosha also offered me advice that could work better for me personally to improve it! Some of the things that were suggested that I found helpful such as having a few more small meals during the day rather than my typical 1-2 meals to keep me more balanced. Also giving my body more rest at night can help me focus more during the day to achieve my ultimate goals. This was really enlightening for me and helpful.

  21. My test result was Kapha-Vata Dosha. This result told me that I tend to over analyze situations and over complicate what does not need to be complicated. The quiz gave me the advice to calm down, that people do in fact take me seriously and that rather than embody the issue at hand, I should think over it a bit and then make a decision from there. This was extremely relevant advice, as I have chronic anxiety attacks and have been practicing techniques on how to relieve my stress. I have been doing several types of breathing exercises (which was also recommended to me by the article) and trying on my own to work on my tree pose as this pose seems to always relax me in class. I believe it is the focus on my own balance that bring me this feeling of stress relief and once I am fully confident in my ability to balance without fail I can bring my non-balancing leg higher in the pose, thus making me feel more confident in my own physical abilities and helping me to relax. While taking the quiz I felt it was a bit random, some of the questions being sort of odd and personal, but in the end I suppose there was a method to the questions that I did not see as the advice was well given and relevant to my personal situation.

  22. I admit that prior to this quiz, I was unaware of what a dosha is! I was excited to learn that Dosha is made of the three energies which maneuver around our being. In the document that was sent to me following the quiz, I found that may physical being is Kapha/Vata- reading of these attributes and vast differences but fascinating similarities proved to me incredibly insightful and gave me a new way to look at my body. New perspectives on my body can be refreshing. Yoga is a unique space for me as I feel connected to and appreciate my body and physical being.

    After taking this quiz, I was told that I am 33% Kapha Dosha, 40% Vata Dosha, and 27% Pitta Dosha. In the first line of description, the website states: “As a Vata Dosha, You are pure bubbling bliss when balanced, and a babbling mess when not.” This is extremely accurate as I work very hard to keep things organized in order to avoid panic, but as mishaps are inevitable, I often find myself as a “babbling mess” when everything fails to be in perfect order. In The Isha Kriya has assisted me in staying calmer in these situations, and gaining a more insightful perspective which leads to an optimal outcome.

    Tools such as this quiz help me gain a better understanding of my self and experience. Knowing these things that have influence on me are key to furthering my practice. I hope to treat my practice with respect and humility, and do approach it with resources such as this, which assist me in understanding the parts of me which I have not yet considered in my experience.

  23. So going into the quiz, I had no idea what Doshas were. I just started answering the questions until it told me what I was. When I got my result (Pitta Dosha), I actually became interested by how accurate I felt they were. I am an extremely passionate person who can get a little too intense sometimes. Anytime I’ve tried meditating, my main focus is to stay cool, calm, and collected. That isn’t easy for me because I suffer from intense anxiety. I struggle in class constantly due to not being able to focus.
    I would agree with the suggestion that I might have trouble balancing my “fire” and “water”. It’s something I have had to actively work on for my whole life. I have low patience so I often make choices and speak to people before really thinking about what I’m doing or saying. I’m going to think about my Dosha in next class and try to conquer my problems.

  24. Prior to today, I had never heard of Ayurveda or of the principles of the three dosha energies. Before taking the attached quiz, I had to do some research in order to understand what exactly I was going to be quizzed on. After reading an introductory explanation of Ayurveda as a holistic science of health on the website for Mind Body Green, I felt more comfortable and ready to take the quiz to see which Dosha I am dominant with.

    As it turns out, I am dominant in the pitta energy dosha by over 50%. After reading the description explaining what the results of the quiz meant, I feel that it is pretty accurate. Specifically, I do find myself feeling more at home when I am talking with people that I consider to be intelligent and witty. As I have never really flt comfortable around most people, I can definitely say that when I am surrounded with people who share my general vibe or energy, I get along with them more quickly. Yet I am also a people pleaser, so I strive to be close with everyone.

    Since starting this particular yoga class at school, I have found that I have an increased interest in the field of meditation. Though I have only tried a few different practices, I have been trying to find words that will inspire me as kind of a mantra to center myself while I meditate. I find the words “COol it,” as used in the results of my quiz, to be a good jumping off point. I temporally and emotionally run hot very easily. I become passionate and impatient or angry more quickly than I would like, so these words should serve as a literal and metaphorical starting point to attain a cooler psyche.

  25. My result said I’m tridoshic. After reading more on that (http://www.ayusante.com/articles/25) It doesn’t seem spot on, but none of the three alone seem any more representative, so i suppose i have balanced traits in each.
    The things that stood out to me as not necessarily being accurate are the ideal physique/perfect weight and the sound sleep. While i’m fairly healthy and have very few health concerns, I certainly don’t think my body type is ideal to most people. To me it just matters that i’m healthy and happy with myself, but i cant see many others praying to be a size 16. The sound sleep thing was way off though. The only chronic/somewhat unmanageable condition I have is a delayed REM cycle, which i’ve had sleep studies and various doctors visits for, and the general consensus is that its a neurological thing I can’t really change. It takes about 12 consecutive hours for me to get a good rest, which is very impractical these days.
    The traits which i’d regard as spot-on are the lack of medical concerns, good learning power and strong memory, the habit of thinking things through, fear of the unknown, and difficulty managing stress.
    I thought this test was very interesting. I really enjoy personality tests/quizzes because i love analyzing the results to see if i think they’re accurate, and then showing others my results for another opinion. This time I explained the Doshas to my mom and then what being tridoshic entails. My mother and grandmother have always seen a major similarity between myself and them in that our lives look and feel like a balancing act in such a way that we all need therapists for life. My mother agreed with my self-analysis of the results and alternatives, so i feel fairly confident that this test was at least somewhat correct, although a personal analysis from a professional is still the only way to know for sure.

  26. After taking the Dosha quiz, my results came back as primarily a Vata Dosha. Honestly, the description that came with the quiz result was spot on. I thought it was interesting to read these results because I am feeling really frazzled right now. When I am more balanced with my schedule and mental/physical health I feel as if I can conquer the day better and go about my day in a more positive way instead of just waiting for it to be over. Asking about my nutritional values and habits the quiz was able to conclude a lot of my personality. This Dosha Shawna seems very similar to horoscopes, in the way that horoscopes only require your birthdate and they can teach you about your personality. The Dosha quiz knows a lot based off of simple day-to-day habits.

    A part of the result description that I do not quite relate to was how it stated that everyday life does not weigh me down. I normally let the little things weigh me down, however I would say that I am more resilient rather than it does not weigh me down at all. I identify myself more as someone who is more passionate and experiences life to the fullest, so when I am upset about things I wear my emotions on my sleeve and let it upset me more than it should. However, I am usually very quick about coming back from these negative emotions and are quick to go back to my more positive feelings.

  27. At the tail end of my high school years, my mother began to take Ayurveda classes. I remember her using terms like “dosha” around me, as well as filling our cupboards with the likes of ashwagandha and guggulu Banyan brand vitamins. I would sometimes accompany her to her Saturday classes and sit in. She became very fond of her instructor and her classmates, and I listened in their conversations about what drew them into the world of Ayurveda. While she didn’t necessarily bring all facets of Ayurveda into her personal life, she held a deep respect for it, and went on to finish the course and become licensed.
    Toward the middle of her time in the course, my mother taught me about doshas. She identified them to me. I learned about “Vata,” “Pitta,” and “Kapha” and quickly decided I wanted to learn mine. My mother told me I was “tridosha,” or that I had a happy mixture of all the doshas. She also told me that my dosha’s changed, and that the foods I ate along with other elements would determine my dosha.
    Upon taking the test, I chuckled to myself when I saw my results! I was no longer tridosha, but I had become “Pitta-Kapha,” according to the survey. It claimed I was, “Emotional, passionate, argumentative, aggressive, inspiring and hot headed.” While I don’t believe that is incredibly accurate, I do know that these elements do lay dormant in me. I tend to keep my “argumentative” side tucked away, but when it comes to defending the underdog or against something I believe is wrong, I will argue my point. Same thing for aggression; I don’t allow that to determine my positions of my lifestyle, but I will always make a stand. I can have a temper, but I’d like to think that I’ve outgrown that, and I can keep my anger controlled. Overall, this was a good, introspective process. Being able to look within oneself with a different lens is incredibly helpful, and it took me back to a very valuable time with my mother, my main role model.

  28. My results were 33% air and space, 54 % fire and water, 13% water and earth. “kristen… you little Vata-Pitta Dosha you! To be blunt; you’re an intense individual, which is pretty awesome when you are in balance. As a Vata – Pitta Dosha, you can touch, move and inspire people to rally to your cause. You can create an idea AND keep the momentum moving exceptionally well – only you have the ability to accomplish this without a flaw. You are a perfectionist; nobody does it as good as you can, even when it is their job, not yours.”

    I feel like my results were a mostly accurate representation of myself. I am definitely not a perfectionist, and I put more pressure on myself than I ever do others. I have always felt a deep connection with water, and my horoscope is Pisces which is a water sign, so it makes sense. I also feel very motivated and I am a good team leader, who loves to work with others. It said my mantra should be COOL, CALM and COLLECTED. That definitely seems like a good mantra for me, because i often feel overwhelmed and on edge.

    It was really eye opening to read something that felt like such a detailed bio of me. I want to be more mindful and use this personal mantra in my day to day life to help me better manage my emotions, my actions and my energy.

    In the Vata Dosha quiz, it mentioned that I am “pure bubbling bliss when balanced, and a babbling mess when not. Rapid thoughts and fast-talking are just a small part of your repertoire. You’re quick on your feet and generally don’t get weighed down with the worries of every-day life, which keeps you light and inspired.“ Some of the test results are accurate and some are subjective. For example, it states I am happy-go-luck when I am balanced which is true. When I am happy, I would try to make others happy. I try to surround myself with positivity rather than negativity. It’s quite surprising how it says “It’s important to remember to revisit ‘real life’ as there are certain responsibilities you need to address every now and then” I have not been paying attention to those things because I am in college. When I have a job, hopefully I can pay my students loans and focus on my education. Staying rested and focused will allow you to continue to be an inspiration to others and yourself, and to accomplish your goals. Being fully rest helps me take things slow and truly understand what I am experiencing.

    During the quiz, I noticed it mostly asked about your appearance and personality. I personally believes it is a bit of challenge to gain knowledge through very little information from a person who you don’t know. It take times and investigation to fully gasp a person which is why therapy was invented.
    I go to therapy twice a month. It’s not because I am insane or I am being medicated. It’s for understanding myself and what these problems can benefit me; looking at things through a different lens. And to have someone to talk to is helpful for anyone. It’s hard to do that to a friend because they would complain about their problems and ask for advice which is fine but sometimes you just want someone to listen.

    I find the Vata Dosha Quiz a bit cliché because it reminds me other quizzes out there online. It’s like horoscope. It tells you information about yourself and how to address it. I feel Vata Dosha is more spiritual and deep understanding about the mind. As for a horoscope it’s all about love, mood, and personality.

    • Yes, as I mentioned the quiz was just an electronic introduction to ayurveda, a true consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor would be a minimal of two hours, in person and fees…this was just a free glimpse of other ways of knowing our system…OM

  30. My dosha results say that I am both a Vata (35%) and a Kapha Dosha (42%). I wasn’t sure what these things meant so I looked them up and found that they are qualities within us resembling air, fire, water, and earth—like the building blocks of life. They work similarly in that they map out in our bodies an infinite variety of shapes, behaviors, emotions, and appearances.
    I’d agree that they are pretty accurate in assuming that I am not an aggressive person and that I need to let go. I over-think situations, I am overly-sensitive when people are cold towards me and I cause myself unnecessary stress. If I didn’t care about how these people talk to me and treat me than I would be less stressed, but I would be less myself. This also tells me I’m indecisive. The reason I’m at Purchase right now is a direct result of my indecisiveness. Life-changing decisions are impossible for me but deciding on what brand of milk to buy is easily related to how much it costs.
    I wish I were better at making important decisions for example, what classes to take. I stress myself out thinking about every angle of the situation and then end up making the wrong decision. I am hard on myself and I like to challenge myself. I guess that this is saying that I need to find a compromise between my determination, stubbornness and ability to know when to give up.

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