Refresher about the Isha Kriya:Here’s a way to bring the experience of well being into action…


ISHA-KRIYA-Instructions-English-1.1 2

Do click on the link here (above in red) to follow the directions for the Kriya. You may also go to to see Sadhguru (the Yogi who developed Isha and shares it freely with all) explain via Youtube.

Many people have read or heard about the benefits of meditation that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial. The instructions for meditation practices seem very simple but due to our priorities and how we are living it becomes the most difficult thing for many people. So after some time they leave it alone and maybe come back to it again and again without satisfaction. However, the Isha kriya, which is like a pranayama, chant, and more , prepares one to be able to be free to sit for some time in a meditative manner. This is only the very beginning, it clears, purifies and prepares one to be receptive to subtle vibrations. I invite all to just find a good time to do this practice. Pick perhaps a time when there are little distractions such as early morning before the family rises or before your ritual to prepare for your work or school. Be kind to yourself don’t try to commit to more than is easy, say practice every other day- three times a week. Until you become accustomed to doing the kriya and made a way for the time to be comfortable. I personally like early morning because the benefits are continually revealed throughout the day ahead and also nothing but me gets in the way. Do feel free to share your experiences, and concerns here. Once we embark on experiences like the kriya we understand the difference of how much more valuable self-awareness through experience is over mental & intellectual ideas, we learn best from reality.

I am posting this again so that those who are practicing can have a review…will return to the vlog about the Secret of the Yamas next week…Happy Janmashtami-Krishna’s Birthday….Namaste


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  1. I really wish there was some sort of testament I could show to share the isha kriya with others, because it really has changed my physical, mental, and emotional state in all situations. Since I started, I’ve experimented to see when it is most effective for me to do the isha kriya. I’ve found that mornings are definitely best. Even though the day hasn’t started and nothing has stressed me out just yet, I find my thoughts scattered all over the place when I think of what I need to do that day. When I take the time to relax and meditate in the morning, I already have a better approach for the day even if I know for sure that it’ll be a long and rough day. My mind is at ease, and because of that, my body is relaxed and I am emotionally released from the intense box I usually feel I’m in. Doing the isha kriya is great to do during the day as well, but only if I feel that I have enough time to really meditate deeply. I’ve done it a couple of times where I sort of rush through it, and that unfortunately gave me the opposite effect of what I wanted. Naturally, an evening meditation is healthy because you have already accepted what happened during the day, and you learn to release all things you want out of your mind & body. I know I’ve progressed because I went from doing one short session a day, to 2-3 full sessions daily.

  2. The Isha Kriya has benefited me tremendously. I like to start my day with meditation so that I can ready myself for whatever endeavors that I must face. I like to collect myself and allow positivity to be harvested for the day’s trials. Learning how to breathe deeply has created clarity and peace of mind. I allow myself to go deeper into my meditation now that I have become comfortable with it. It has made me a more patient person. I am patient with myself and those around me. I surrender myself. I am not the body. I am not even the mind.

  3. I remember trying to meditate before this class and it really never worked out. My mind would always stray off into what I had to do right after meditating, what I would eat, who I would see, what I needed to get done. It was very hard to get into it without having done yoga. Once I began this class, I have had a tighter leash on my mind when meditating. The first time I tried out the Isha Kriya I was surprised to feel myself relaxing, and not putting my laptop or phone as priority over meditating. It was a very calming experience and it made me excited for what the future would bring through it.

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