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This entry is the last of the five Yamas- Satya, truth.  (the next two posts from John McAfee’s book ” The Secret of the Yamas” will delve a bit deeper into the guidelines of self-discipline).  Here is a quote from this chapter: “…Love eradicates all personal hatreds and jealousies, and where jealousy or possessiveness exits, love cannot.  Yet, we still insist  to ourselves and to others that we love.  But if we look deeply enough, we will find that the root of our supposed love is our individual need for security, contentment or pleasure,  or that it keeps fear or discomfort at bay.  We use the object of our love as a distraction against the unpleasant, or as a stimulus to pleasure.  Cruel words perhaps, but please don’t simply reject them out of hand.  Look into yourself, without judgement or condemnation, but with simple observation.  It is our condemnation that has originally created this inability to see the truth in ourselves…”

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  1. In this week’s reading of “The Secret of The Yamas” by John McAfee, we delve into the concept of of Satya, or better known as truthfulness. Satya, which would be considered the last of the five yamas is an ideology that I strongly believe in. As expressed throughout the listening, McAfee further elaborates on the influence of truthfulness as a process of coming to terms within ourselves as individuals filtering out potential lies and deceit. As McAfee stated, “ Our experiences shape our perception of the world surrounding us, in which shapes what is purely true…If our perception is flawed, everything we absorb may potentially be a lie.” In regards to this quote, I feel McAfee is trying to elaborate on the idea of not allowing for false influences to take lead in our lives. For the pursuing and perseverance of non-truth can allow for discourse within ourselves and amongst others.

    Personally speaking, I am a strong advocate for being honest at almost all times. For being honest essentially eliminates all forms of unclarity amongst individuals. Especially unclarity within ourselves – for despite the methodology as explained throughout the listening, and altering the truth depending on the scenario may be most beneficial to the situation,is altering that truth really beneficial to the potential growth of yourself and that person? If we find ourselves telling lies, we will have to learn to live with them, and living a lie is never the way unfold our path to purity.

  2. Tyler Schrader

    In the reading by john McAfee’s book ” The Secret of the Yamas” we now discuss the last of the five Yamas, Satya, or Truth. This seems to be one of the most important aspects of our society and religions. Yet it seems to be one of the biggest struggles that we as humans take on. Truth represents all beauty and love in this world. Without it we would be lost at sea. Truthfulness is important in all aspects of life, both from simplicity to complex. Truth can be life or death in most places and should be taken very seriously. Truth can be a beautiful thing, but it also seems to big a fear. Truth is a weird thing as it can sometimes hurt more than help. Although the hurt will never be as bad if truth is taken right off the bat.

    Truth to me, is of most importance in my life. It keeps me full and content when the truth is told. Im always mindful of my thought speech and action through the use of Satya. Even when the time is wrong i prefer to be honest and truthful. When dishonesty comes that when you dig yourself a hole. eventually you will become buried, head to toe in unhealthy falsehood. Truth should be an essential practice for all, and its unfortunate that so many hide behind walls.

  3. I believe that truthfulness is extremely important. I do believe, though, that not everyone is able to tell the truth about everything all the time. Even for myself, someone who has a strong belief that telling the truth in everything is so important, I find it hard to tell the truth 100% of the time. However, I don’t agree with what MacAfee says about love. I think that when you are in any type of relationship, and you love that person you would become jealous if someone were to do something to cause harm to the one you love. Likewise any relationship is going to have bumps, which sometimes might result in an argument. These things however aren’t going to impact the love you hold for a person. I think that if you really love someone, and you are as truthful and honest as you can be with them about anything and everything, anger and jealousy aren’t going to take the love away.

  4. Truth is always bent through our own perception. Knowing and understanding our own filters, the jealousy or insecurity we fill, will always get in the way of true truth. Finding these filters are the first steps to knowing the truth for are selves and is an important step before being able to speak the truth to others.

    Before telling others about an experience, a place or a person you should always ask you self what preconceived notions did I have a bout this and how has it effected my judgment. I think another important thing to realize about the truth is it can change. Something that is 100% true to you at the time might become untrue when you learn new information. Learning to adjust when a new truth is presented to you is very important. The earth is the center of the solar system was true until we learned it wasn’t. Truth can always change when we have more information which means flexibility and openness is important.

  5. I think that living truthfully and within our means is something that is easier said than done, but also however is a proper way to live. As a young adult, my peers and I are in this transitioning phase of life right now where we are all breaking away from our teenhood and entering the world of adulthood at our own individual pace. In the last few years, I have learned a lot about what truth actually is and means in the grand scheme of life. It’s not usually pretty to be honest, but in the long run it is what is meant to come to pass or happen.

    Since I have come to college I have been thrown into situations academically, socially, etc. where I had to make the choice to either be brutally honest with someone or about something or keep quiet and hope things will work itself out. And I have found often times, things won’t work themselves out. We always must do right by what is just and fair. This removes us from obstacles within ourselves and moving forward into the future.

  6. I had always felt that telling the truth was an essential key to a happy life. Even when I was younger I had never felt the need to lie. I enjoyed that it was more of what truths we tell ourselves rather than what we tell others. Though that is a part of it, what we tell ourselves is more important and prominent of our personalities. The more honest you are with yourself, the more honest and healthy your relationships can be.

    Using love is a good example of what honesty truly is. By understanding what the true aspects of your relationships can expose the truths about those relationships. Those who have unhealthy elements in their relationships are hiding the truth from oneself. It does not mean the relationship is entirely unhealthy but indeed being truthful with yourself is what helps you.

  7. I found the concept of Satya to be thought-provoking. The idea that you must find the truth in yourself to be able to be able to do the same. ‘The truth will set you free’ as it were. I found this similar to a time when someone asked me “how can you love others if you do not love yourself foremost?” If you are not able to see yourself for who you are, how can you see others in for who they are? This ties into the example McAfee gave about one feeling self-conscious about seeing others across the room laughing at them when they were really not. It is a challenge indeed for people who are self-deprecating (myself included) to see the truth in yourself and others but with time and dedication, one can learn and be all the happier in their life for it.

    Tying in with this is the concept is honesty. I truly believe that honesty is the best policy no matter what. I can think of practically no situation where lying would have made it better. The truth always comes out anyway and you are only left with guilt and possibly others’ resentment. This goes for not only one’s interactions with others but also with yourself. You must be honest with yourself first and foremost.

  8. Finally the last Yama and personally my highest moral goal “truthfulness”. Satya or the embodiment of honesty sounds like clear goal that almost everyone could get behind. But as point out by McAfee is truthfulness even possible for humans as our sensory system is limited in its capacity to processes the world around it. This is why we even have the term perception. This reminds me of a post modern experiment that took place involving blindfolded subjects and a large elephants butt. Each person was to be blindfolded while they touched the elephant and tried to figure out what they were touching. No one could figure out is was an elephant, but none of the guesses matched up either. It was a a situation that showed how limited our senses are at processing “base reality”. It is only when someone acknowledges there own body self deceptions that they could attempt truthfulness as best they can.

  9. Satya the final yama is about truthfulness and an attempt to find one’s true self removed from their flawed perceptions. John McAfee feels this yama is a way to achieve true honesty and true self and allow for a better humanity. This however is a very difficult concept. It is hard to identify one’s true flaws in perception. However I agree it is important. One of my closest friends at the moment is a young woman constantly dressed in bows and childish clothes. She has a high pitched voice and loves stuffed animals. My first impression was that I didn’t like her because my experience in the past with people like her was that they were annoying. However I had no reason to project past experiences on to her she is her own whole separate person. I was eventually convinced to give her a chance by my other friends. They insisted I had so much in common with her. Once I finally gave her a chance and was honest that my perception was flawed I discovered that, while outer presentations were extremely different, internally we had a lot of similar opinions and interests. So I think this yama has a lot of value and is something I still struggle with but attempt to do everyday.

  10. We are basically talking about being truthful with ourselves. This is something that is really important to talk about, especially with the kind of world we live in. we are living in a world where people tend to lie to each other. This can be good or bad depending on how you do it.

    I always try to tell the truth, but sometimes I might have to lie because it might make people feel better because it’s what they want to hear.

  11. I think the piece of this I really took with me was realizing that Love is not present where jealousy and anger exist. Love neither seeks these things nor entertains them. And I don’t think it has to only pertain to romantic love, mutual love of a friend applies, too. To say you love somebody and still possess these other negatively charged emotions is untruthful. I latch to this particular concept because I believe love, whatever kind it is, is a bridge between people. It strengthens bonds. If we can be truthful in this I think we can continue to implement Satya more and more throughout our lives.

    I think we manipulate truth for some sort of temporary comfort because we don’t want to face the emotions/ consequences that we think the truth might bring. But, living that way isn’t really living. Where is the experience to come from, or the lessons of life that we need to learn? I think to be honest is hard sometimes but to really be that way is brave.

  12. This Yama dealt with truth and perception. As people, we often manipulate what is true simply because of the ways we think.
    The section about love was very thoughtful. The Yama states that love cannot coexist with jealousy and possessiveness, yet these are some of the prime factors in many relationships. Personally, I used to be a jealous person within relationships, yet just like the Yama said, I perceived it as being justified. When my partner wouldn’t respond to my messages or someone else would make a move on them I would find myself being extremely jealous, yet telling myself I had a reason to be when I didn’t- I was just being possessive. It is something I have been working on and I’ve found myself being a little less jealous; this Yama confirmed to me that it’s all about perception and the way I have manipulated the situation in my head.
    We are all made up of opinions, and this background will carry itself into every relationship and every encounter with other people we have. The part about people in a room laughing and how quick we are to immediately assuming they are laughing at us is something I think everyone’s experienced; it is hard for us to separate the truth from what we think is going on, especially when it is never confirmed. This Yama has motivated me to look deeper within myself and try and figure out why I draw the conclusions I do in certain situations, and in the future I’m going to make sure to keep thinking about every possible outcome before settling on the one that fits my internal narrative the best.

  13. Satya, the truthfulness yama, addresses that we must be real, genuine and honest and not to twist truth for our own purposes. We must be ready and willing to put negative emotions and feeling aside to be truthful to ourselves and others. Satya states that jealousy and anger cannot coexist together, that we must understand and see what is underneath what we feel to get to the root. According to Satya, the root of our love is our individual need for security and pleasure, it keeps fear at bay and is used as a distraction to keep discomfort aside. I partially agree with this statement because i believe there a different types of love, the love I have for my mother differs from the love I have for my sister. Is the love discussed only romantic love and if so is this always the case? How would we begin to get rid of this discomfort? The yama also discussed envy and jealousy being masked as success, I feel this is very apparent living within a capitalist and consumer society, that having the newest phone or top position at a job will make someone better and more successful as well as aspiring to do so, when in reality it is most likely envy and jealousy. The end of the audio suggests we must remove this veil of self deception and questions how’d it come about and i’m wondering how we can collectively get rid of it.

    • Big things happen oftentimes slowly, but with vision, faith and consistency. Change is a continuum that have many diligent focused people struggling with their eyes on the prize. OM

  14. I think this Yama is maybe one of the most honest and thought-provoking. I understand this Yama, Satya, the yama of truthfulness to be more about understandig one one’s self and our own being. How we choose to live, act, behave. Who we let into our own lives and who we surround ourselves lift. It is true that we often seek validation and comfort from others, because I think deep down everyone wants to be cared for or even thought of or about. I think the think that many struggle with is that comfort or support does not only present itself through romantic, loving or sexual relationships. In fact the most powerful support I think comes from your self. self-love I think is one of the most powerful things you can give to yourself. I think it is easy to look at our life and immediate examine what you don’t have or what you need, crave or envy. However I think everything happens when it needs to and that not everything is as it seems on the outside. I think it’s important to remember that there are people who really love or support you and they don’t have to be your significant other but a close friend, a relative and maybe even someone you just met. I am currently raising money for my junior thesis film and I’ve already reached almost halfway to my goal on gofundme in one day! What I noticed is that people who I haven’t spoken to in a long time or even people who I knew in passing all reached out to donate and share my campaign. I felt and continue to feel so overwhelmed and having people believe in you and your work and what your do and your passion is a kind of love and support that you should really not take for granted. And I believe these kinds of acts happen big or small more often than we thing in life so we broaden our perspectives and stop looking at what we don’t have or what we are envious of and start looking and what we do have and who is there and present.

  15. This seems to just be harping on the principle of being honest. Not only with yourself but, everyone else. This is something that is extremely important. Just because of the fact that we live in a time that fake news is a thing.
    I think it’s important that you should always be honest as much as you can. You won’t always be able to honest but you should always try as hard as possible.

  16. Telling the truth has never been an issue with myself and others. I feel like telling the truth is often trouble for others. It is easier to lie and live in bliss, what people don’t know is that blissful state will fade away. In this reading, truth is discussed as an actions, if we behave or react to something we are showing the truth of who we are and how we really feel about a certain person and situations. It speaks on the blindness about what we do and we tell our selves that this is the way we can get what we need, when in fact it is jealousy and greed. We lie to ourselves to justify our violence and darkness. this really mad me think, maybe I should re-evaluate myself, maybe I’m not as “good” as I think. I want to further ponder and see if I too lie to myself in order to get what I think will make me happy.

  17. I 100% agree with everything stated in this audio clip. I always tell my friends “All truth eventually comes to light” which is why I never understood how anyone can be comfortable with telling a lie when the risk of getting caught will always exists. Lying is only a form of hiding and escaping from things you are too fearful to confront. When you learn to always be truthful it helps you grow as an individual and further connects you with other people and you find yourself surrounded by a much more peaceful environment, you feel less burdened and more like yourself. What goes around comes around and that includes energy as well.

    – Samantha Diaz

  18. I teared up while listening to this because I think the views presented on love is extremely important. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years but have known him since the 6th grade. It’s been such a beautiful and hard experience especially considering we are in our youth still growing as individuals but there is never any jealousy or manipulative nature in our relationship and it makes it truly beautiful. We also have made a commitment to be entirely truthful to each other even when the truth hurts.

  19. When applying the practice of this Yama in our lives we must first understand that the most important truths are the truths we tell ourselves. Being completely honest with one’s self leads to a much stronger sense of self within that individual. That strong sense of self breeds confidence and self reliance, which in turn eliminates feelings of possessiveness or jealousy when it comes to relationships. If you understand yourself completely, and are completely honest with yourself about your relationships, then you should never have to feel any emotion but love. The reason we feel possessive or jealous of others is because we lie to ourselves about who we really are and what we want out of our journey in life. We convince ourselves that someone is the right person, or that we’re right for someone else so that we may have a false sense of security that gets us through the day to day, but ultimately is a recipe for deceit and failure. If we eliminate lying to ourselves, we will eliminate lying to others because our intimate knowledge of who we are will allow us to grow exponentially. This opens us up to attract someone who shares in this wholesome existence, so that we may experience pure love and eliminate all feelings of negativity that burden us so.

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