About the importance of keeping our systems alkaline


Namaste, in one of the last posts mention was made about morning regimens such as taking Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV. I just wanted to share more about how this inexpensive product works wonders. I recommend the Bragg products as they are organic and high quality. When our systems become acidic from too much sugar, salt, caffeine, stress, medicines the levels of oxygen are lowered in our cells and the immune fighting powers are depressed. When we find ourselves acidic it is easy for illnesses like: sore throat, colds, flu, and allergies, Many other conditions may be reduced or eliminated when a regular daily regimen begins. The recommendation is to take 2-3 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and mix with about eight ounces of water. I use warm water, but some may choose any temperature and some add honey or stevia until they become accustomed to the taste. In about 6 weeks of daily intake morning and night one may find conditions such as: acne, artery plaque, high toxic levels, hunger cravings for salty and sugary foods, dull complexion, rashes and itchy scalp and athlete’s foot, reversing! For those over 50 the creaky bones become less as it helps removes crystals and toxins from joints, and tissues. Some may find the taste a bit strong in the beginning. Hopefully by learning about caring for the body at the cellular level one begins to appreciate what substances help to keep the energy at its highest. When the cells are fully oxygenated cancers and virus cannot survive and are eliminated naturally. The Bragg company hosts a website with a wealth of information as well as products may be ordered safely there. Health food stores also carry some of the products and usually ACV is available. It is a challenge to make changes and it is good to try putting a new regimen in place just temporarily. Once the benefits are realized and felt it is very easy to understand it better as it is then a positive experience. We learn and understand best from real experiences. The ACV is very inexpensive trial and perhaps just take two weeks to see if any noticeable changes occur. The only side effect for some is just getting used to the taste, and perhaps the taste buds will adjust to relish things that do our bodies good over other seductive flavors with little or no benefits. Here’s to your good health OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Namaste


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  1. I remember I read somewhere about the benefits of using acv to wasn’t the hair but I was unaware of the other benefits listed on the post. I think natural substances are very underrated in today’s society due to the large amount of products that are markedted to improve ones health. The focus is always on the new products instead of following natural remedies that have been used for a longer period of time and actually work.

  2. I have heard many recommendations from people about using Apple Cider Vinegar (some have even called it a miracle cure!) though I have never used it myself. My mother always has it on hand for cooking and I believe she drinks it with water as recommended in this post. I would like to give it a try and likely will soon. I have also heard many good things about the Bragg’s brand and can attest to the quality. This summer, I worked in an Ayurvedic restaurant and the cooks would use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos in some of the dishes. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to learn about different nutritional alternatives than what I’m used to and I am hoping to incorporate some of the beliefs into my diet. Perhaps I can also incorporate apple cider vinegar in there too!

  3. It was very interesting that apple cider vinegar could be so useful! I am always very interested in different natural remedies! It is true that apple cider vinegar has many different benefits and I enjoyed reading about some of them here. Great read!

  4. I’ve very often seen Apple cider vinegar advertising – more as a weight loss technique than as a health benefit – it’s good to know there are more positive effects than just trying to “wipe away fat FAST”. I’ve had ACV in a health drink before and have really enjoyed it, this method seems fascinating too, and I’m curious about the taste.

  5. Hopefully I am commenting within the right place…But if so, I’m glad to have found a reading on apple cider vinegar. ACV is something that I use constantly in my diet, mainly because of how wondrous the long term affects are. So I’m glad to read up and become more knowledgable on how ACV is beneficial in preventing numerous illnesses naturally. In addition, I’m also intrigued on the mixing of warm water, ACV, and honey for consumption. I’m usually the type of guy to just throw it on his salad, so maybe I’l give that one a shot as well.

  6. I have heard of the benefits of drinking ACV before bed but I had not realized there were so many ways it could help my body. I am very curious about including it into my own diet, maybe not straight from the bottle at first, but in a tea or other drink to tone down the vinegar taste, I think I may start to try this everyday. I hope to see as many results as most people have

  7. I personally have never taken ACV but many of my friends have told me about the benefits. I was never knowledgable about this product so I am glad to read up on it and become more aware of this beneficial substance. I was always just afraid of the “burning” sensation, but mixing it with warm water and honey may help!

    Additionally, I have been adding the Isha Kriya practice to my daily schedule by following the voice in the video. I am focusing and finding my inner rhythm of breath and voice quicker each time. Depending on the day, and what state I am in, I have different effects from the practice. Ex. more sleepy, more relaxed, more focused.

  8. I appreciate the advice! My diet has been alternating from opposite ends of the spectrum. With greater awareness of the inner body I will be less likely to give into junk food impulses. Although I have been able to eat healthy on a regular basis here and there, I’ve never stuck to a regimen. Aside from this beverage, and aside from a healthy diet, focus on the inner body through yoga can help me with impulse control when it comes to food.

  9. I have heard man times that ACV is healthy for your diet. I am intrigued about the taste and benefits, and have seen it in many stores. I have also heard that it is beneficial to consume for people with hight blood pressure (me). This might be something I try and see if the benefits are measurable.

    I’ve done the kriya twice sinc class on Monday and plan on completing it twice more this weekend. I’ve noticed I’m more comfortable going along with the video, and going along with what he is saying in my head. Because I am alone when I practice this, I feel disconnected from the words if I say them aloud. I feel too much of a connection to my own body hearing myself speak, so the sensation is contradictory to the phrase: “I am not this body.” I find that if I think it silently, it is easier to rationalize. That being said, the practice of sitting alone with no distractions and my eyes closed has an extremely calming effect. It allows me to shed all worries external from my body, letting me exist alone in the moment. Afterwards, I am deeply relaxed and ready to engage once again with my surroundings. It has a way of clearing my head of all unnecessary crowding information.

  10. I have used ACV in the past as you have written about it in your post. There was a time where I was beginning my day with coconut oil pulling and then drinking ACV in water. Reading your post has inspired me to buy some more, so I can begin again.
    In practicing the Isha Kriya one of my biggest challenges is setting aside the time in the day to practice, not because I am too busy, but because sitting still for 18 minutes doesn’t feel productive to me, until I actually sit down and do it. I have been able to increase my focus during the Isha Kriya practice and relinquish my thoughts better than I was able to in the beginning.
    Amelia Schaaf

  11. My only experience with Apple Cider Vinegar is from my roommate, who would use it to treat acne. He used to drink it straight instead of diluting it into eight ounces of water like what was reccomended in the reading. I tried some of it and gagged to the point of almost throwing up. I also remember my dorm room stinking of apple cider vinegar all night, every time he used it. Although I am somewhat opposed to it from past experiences, I will give it a try and go out and get some. Maybe it will taste much better in water with a little honey to sweeten it. I remember that my roommates acne never got any better once he was drinking the APV, but maybe it could work with me. I will go out to the grocery this store this week to get some. Can’t wait to see the results! It seems to have tons of miraculous benefits.

  12. Thank you for bringing this back to the front of my mind. I have heard about the Apple Cider Vinegar “treatment” and I have always wanted to try it. I will probably end up trying this regimen to see any changes. I hope for some positive results.
    In regards to the Isha Kriya, I have usually preformed my practice in the morning. I have tried to preform the Isha Kriya every morning but to be truthful I have missed a couple days. I have noticed with more practice, a growing patience to complete the Isha Kriya. I do not believe I have been able to embrace the totality of emptying my mind and body.However, with each practice I believe I am progressing and moving towards that space. I still feel that sensation of rebirth when I open my eyes, this has not changed.

  13. Name: Tyler Lamphere
    I have never tried acv and this is really the first time I am hearing about it being used for health purposes. I look forward to trying out the acv trial and incorporating more yoga into my daily routine. I have practiced Isha Kriya only twice at my home over the weekend and it helped me relax and just get away from any stress i was feeling. I followed the chart and repeated the IK twice each time i practiced it. After i was done with IK i felt more focused and clear headed with little stress the rest of the day.

  14. I have read about the benefits of ACV and I used to take tablespoons of it in the morning (with the “mother”). I know it is essential to use organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother” to reap the most benefits. I used to suffer from severe acid reflux and ACV greatly helped. I am hoping to start taking it regularly again, once I can go out and buy some. I fully support the idea of keeping the body healthy, along with the mind. I will try to live a healthy and clean lifestyle so that I can acquire all of yoga’s benefits.
    For the Isha Kriya, I have tried to do it frequently but have had a hard time finding a space to be alone. After our discussion in class I am interested in using an isolated space in nature to do my meditations. Doing the Isha Kriya inside sometimes makes me feel anxious, due to the small space of my room and my conscious breathing. I will seek solutions to this issue so that my energy is noticeably improved.

    -Olivia Spencer

    • Great that you already are using ACV! I hope the weather holds out for you to enjoy IK outdoors for a while. During this time I hope you gain mastery so that when the season mandates you find an interior space you may be one with the practice. Let me know if you need more suggestions and please do keep up the practice, OM

  15. I’ve been committed to my alkaline lifestyle for almost a year now and I’ve been vegan for almost 4 months. Since I’ve switched my daily regimen, my spirit and body feel much more energized and lifted. As I learned more about health & wellness, specifically womb wellness I knew I had to make a change. Since the quality of our food is so low, our bodies respond with dis-ease and discomfort. In order for us to avoid illness, fatigue and disease we must nurture ourselves from the inside out. Combining yoga with an alkaline lifestyle has definitely allowed me to dig deeper into self and push myself to reach new levels mentally, physically, and spiritually.

  16. Since I was younger I got into the habit of taking ACV in the mornings and at night as it does help regulate your system and is extremely effective. I found that along with lemon water also helped. I am aware of most of the benefits as taught so by my mother growing up and it is really important to help your body flesh out any toxins that may be building up and just regulate your body functions.

    I completed the Isha Kriya twice over the weekend. I found it was difficult but I know that with practice I will become more open to receive it better. I think I will be able to fit it into my schedule more and I think with time I will really be able to see the benefits. Even after class today I felt my mind was much more open and I felt extremely just at ease. I think the practice is more beneficially to me in the mornings because I like to check in with myself before I start my day and to make sure everything is in sync and in check and that no part of my consciousness is ignored and that I am ready to protect and claim my own energy.

    Yasmin Josiah

  17. This article was very informative. I have actually used ACV by Braggs to help with dieting and have also used it as shampoo. When dieting I also used honey. I used the YS Eco Bee Farm Raw Honey, which is very tasty and has active enzymes. When it comes to my hair, I use ACV and dilute it with water to give my scalp a very clean rinsing every two weeks. This helps clear any build up that was in my hair from the previous week. My mother also uses ACV by Braggs for her acne. It helped clear her acne in a week. I am very happy that I was able to read this article and see more benefits I can get from ACV.

    To add, I have been doing the ISHA KRIYA for about two times, a week. I did it while I was in class (Pro-seminar Class and Research Methods class), mainly to help with calming myself down since I suffer from high anxiety. It worked and I felt calm after repeating, “I am not the body. I am not even the mind.” I know there is more to it, and I will allow myself to begin focusing on doing the full meditation experience to get the most benefits out of it. I have the chart hanged up on my wall so I am able to see it every time I come into my room. But, I mainly remember the ISHA KRIYA from the video with Sadhguru.

  18. I cannot properly speak to the affects of the Isha Kriya, as I have failed to complete it 4 times this previous week. I will say however, that when I have done it in class and for the last assignment I find it extremely grounding and powerful. It allows me a quietness and peace that I find is so hard to have in daily life, especially living on a campus. After hearing you speak about it today in class, I found that many of my spiritual beliefs align with yours and much of what you said resonated with me. I have always felt that there is a great spiritual power that I am failing to tap into either because I sometimes feel incapable or just too busy. I will make an alarm to remind me at two times during the day. Ideally I hope to at least try to complete it twice a day for a week, and allow the results to motivate me further. I look forward to checking in with you again and sharing my experience. Namaste.

  19. I have been using Bragg’s apple cider vinegar on my face, but was always hesitant to try to drink it even though I knew about the benefits. This read made me want to incorporate it into my diet; after all it’s just sitting around.
    In the past week I have practiced the Isha Kriya twice. I have meditated before and found them very similar, except the Isha Kriya feels more intense and focused. Usually even during meditation there is a lot on my mind and I have to work harder to expel these thoughts and stay focused; that has been the most difficult part for me, since clearing my mind feels impossible. I usually practice at night right before bed, as the breathing helps me unwind. I don’t follow the video because then I will be too focused on following. I usually go at my own pace of breathing. I hope to be able to practice in the mornings since it is quiet in my room, which is an advantage. I hope to improve my focus and adjust my sleeping schedule to accommodate for some extra time to practice in the near future.

  20. After reading this post I am going to start ingesting ACV once a day, every day. Too many people have told me too many positive things about it that I figure I might as well give it a try. I am a firm believer in super foods, I already eat honeybee pollen every day, so Ill just add this as well! As for the Isha Kriya, I’ve found that performing it at night was more successful for me. I’ve started a routine where I end my day with the Isha Kriya, which leaves me with a good feeling about the day as I go to sleep.

  21. I have seen many videos about how beneficial apple cider vinegar is, especially for the scalp, but to read that it can reverse cravings for salty and sugary foods?! Sign me up! I am always trying to find more ways to better my nutrition, and on my next grocery trip I will be looking for some apple cider vinegar! Thanks for the tip! As for my Isha Kriya, unfortunately I have only done it once last week and it was immensely difficult. I broke my focus several times, my back was hurting me so I had to bend at times as well. When I first tried it, it was at night in my bed with my back against the wall. I followed the video and listened to Sadhguru’s voice. The first phrase was difficult to focus on since the only words being repeated for that long period of time were droning on over and over in my head. Leaving my body’s needy self to bring awareness to my surroundings was very tough to do, but I will make this practice a morning ritual since I felt more awake after doing it. I will continue to use the video as a guide as well.

  22. I drink apple cider vinegar every morning as well! I feel that it is good to cleanse the body and hydrate at the beginning of the day which is how I also feel about doing my Isha Kriya- A rejuvenating powerful start!

  23. A few years ago, my dermatologist had told me about the benefits of apple cider vinegar for your skin but I never knew about all of the addition health benefits. I do want to learn more about natural ways to balance our systems/diets especially since we consume so many processed foods.

    Since last class, I have practiced the Isha Kriya two times and after I realized that I felt more centered in my thoughts and refreshed to continue my day. I hope to be able to set more time aside to remember to practice the Isha Kryia and to become more comfortable with the chanting aspect.

  24. Hmm… this reading is really interesting for me. As I’ve stated previously, I have a mixture of GERD and gastroparesis, so my diet is extremely regimented- and part of that diet is having extremely low acidity across all of my foods, otherwise I get immediately sick. Hearing that acidic systems’ immune fighting powers are depressed, I feel like it now makes sense why I’m much less prone to get a sore throat/colds/allergies, as well as acne! That’s pretty cool. Though my body is constantly in battle mode, my immune system has always worked really well since I changed my diet, and now I think I understand why. I wish I could try the ACV trick (for I cannot have vinegar either); my mom does this very often and it works great for her. She swears by ACV or baking soda in any home remedy-necessary situation.
    I do IK 4 times a week now, making it a part of my routine, which is exciting! It makes me feel so much more calm in times of high stress.

  25. I am very interested in learning more about the alkalinity of the body. I did try to take some ACV with water and found the taste to be quite strong, so I will give it another shot. I am especially interested in clearing my body of toxins so I will definitely try to work this into my weekly routine at the very least. Another added benefit of ACV was revealed to me when a few weeks back when my roommate’s cat had fleas. You recommended using an ACV mixture in a spray bottle and it worked wonders. We had been trying more harsh chemicals at first and surprisingly they did not work. The ACV did, however, and the flea situation did subside, so thank you for that recommendation. I will be attempting to ingest ACV as part of my routine in the coming days and will keep you posted about any changes I notice in my body. Thank you.

    Catherine Halstead

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