About the importance of keeping our systems alkaline


Namaste, in one of the last posts mention was made about morning regimens such as taking Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV. I just wanted to share more about how this inexpensive product works wonders. I recommend the Bragg products as they are organic and high quality. When our systems become acidic from too much sugar, salt, caffeine, stress, medicines the levels of oxygen are lowered in our cells and the immune fighting powers are depressed. When we find ourselves acidic it is easy for illnesses like: sore throat, colds, flu, and allergies, Many other conditions may be reduced or eliminated when a regular daily regimen begins. The recommendation is to take 2-3 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and mix with about eight ounces of water. I use warm water, but some may choose any temperature and some add honey or stevia until they become accustomed to the taste. In about 6 weeks of daily intake morning and night one may find conditions such as: acne, artery plaque, high toxic levels, hunger cravings for salty and sugary foods, dull complexion, rashes and itchy scalp and athlete’s foot, reversing! For those over 50 the creaky bones become less as it helps removes crystals and toxins from joints, and tissues. Some may find the taste a bit strong in the beginning. Hopefully by learning about caring for the body at the cellular level one begins to appreciate what substances help to keep the energy at its highest. When the cells are fully oxygenated cancers and virus cannot survive and are eliminated naturally. The Bragg company hosts a website with a wealth of information as well as products may be ordered safely there. Health food stores also carry some of the products and usually ACV is available. It is a challenge to make changes and it is good to try putting a new regimen in place just temporarily. Once the benefits are realized and felt it is very easy to understand it better as it is then a positive experience. We learn and understand best from real experiences. The ACV is very inexpensive trial and perhaps just take two weeks to see if any noticeable changes occur. The only side effect for some is just getting used to the taste, and perhaps the taste buds will adjust to relish things that do our bodies good over other seductive flavors with little or no benefits. Here’s to your good health OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Namaste



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  1. Wow! I had no idea that apple cider vinegar could have so many benefits! It is important for one to balance your system through a healthy diet and exercise. Extra tips like this are very helpful and informative if one feels like they can kick it up a notch. I will consider adding this to my regiment and seeing if it is effective. I have already performed my Isha Kriya three times this week and was able to feel the vibrations around my third eye and have slept better this week. OM!

  2. I have never heard of this apple cider vinegar concoction before! I am slightly hesitant on trying this product becasue I tend to like drinks that are lightly sweet, but this seems to be a little on the tart side, hence my reasoning for not enjoying apples. But all that aside, I am open to trying this product and have high hopes for it reliving my sore throat. With the constant change in the weather I always find myself getting a sore throat, and I tend to go for lemons with honey, as well as grapefruit and oranges especially. I am definitely considering trying this drink, although you mentioned it is an acquired taste I will do anything to get rid of my horribly scratchy throat.

    In addition to this, I am happy to see that this product may be able to be found at the whole foods store? also love that although it is organic it is cheap in comparison to other organic naturally healthy products that tend to be on the pricy side. I love that this product promotes production in oxygen through the lungs because I know many asthmatics that tend to have an issue breathing properly. I also have had some trouble breathing properly at night due to my sore throat and congestion, and am happy to see that this product may help flush my system of such.

    • Aurora, this will be a great aid in your overall health and when used daily it will change your health to become more alkaline and more resistant to germs and bugs and you’ll find your voice actually will become more lovelier! Here’s to the end of sore throats! Om

  3. I did not know all the benefits ACV had before reading this post. However, I truly believe in these kind of natural substances that can help us have a better and healthier life. I find that many people think western medications is the only solution to fight against diseases. I have met many people that as soon as they get a sore throat or a runny nose, they start taking pills immediately to fight these symptoms. I am against taking in chemicals instead of building a strong body and using natural substances to have a healthy life. I understand that in many extreme cases where things get out of control we should rely on western medicine but I don’t think we should rely on it for everything that happens to us. I think that many people sometimes don’t realize how strong and powerful our bodies are and how capable we are of controlling them. From my own experience, I am a very healthy person and I have been capable of dealing with colds and stomachaches by drinking tea, eating lemons and oranges and going to be gym to sweat all the germs out. Moreover, I believe that having a positive mind can help heal many diseases. I will definitely try drinking some ACV every morning to obtain all the benefits and to have a healthy life.

    For the past three weeks I have done the Isha Kriya at least five times a week. I have been able to see all the benefits such as sleeping better and concentrating more when I do my homework. After I started doing the Isha Kriya on a regular basis I have also become more aware of how I am breathing throughout the day. I have noticed that sometimes I find myself not breathing properly when I am anxious, nervous or stressed. When this happens I have tried to take breaks and deep breath in and out closing my eyes for a couple of minutes. This has definitely helped me to not feel overwhelmed when I have a lot of things in my head.

    • You are now a Yogini…whenever someone knows the benefits of the yoga practice on the Mat and misses these during the day…and chooses to restore optimal health…that’s conscious living…you are a Yogini! So proud of You! Namaste

      • Julie thank you so much for all those helpful comments! I really appreciate your feedback and I am grateful for everything that you have taught me in Yoga. Most certainly I will take all these teachings back to Colombia and apply them in my daily life there. I will miss you too but we will keep in touch! and someday I might come back and visit!

      • Great Juanita, glad we can stay in touch….I posted today a FREE digital download of a great book that you should download and read when you are back home, I know you will understand and enjoy it now, Namaste

  4. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of power! I had no idea. But I can state that it’s cousin, distilled vinegar has done wonders for me. My hands used to swell or break out in rashes and I would find it difficult to breathe when I would clean my bathrooms, or the oven when using harsh chemicals. I started using vinegar diluted with water to clean, everything in my house. I take some in a spray bottle, and spray down my counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. I use it with either baking soda or Borax and make a paste out of it and clean the grout in the shower and the tub. My house is all wood flooring, so the smell took me back a bit at first, but it polishes and disinfects! And this is virtually cheaper than buying your household cleaning products, but safer too! It is better to clean with a cloth material made out of cotton rather than paper towels because it will disintegrate and will be a waste to use. With a cloth, you can throw it in the wash when your done and use it again. So, now when I go to buy vinegar, I will look over and get some apple cider vinegar. I would like to try this to help elevate my dry skin and eczema I have due to my thyroid disease.

    • Good points about the use of vinegar as a natural and inexpensive cleaner, it is healthier for us so that we don’t ingest the chemical fumes, thanks for mentioning this and best wishes for you when you begin ACV, OM

  5. It is really amazing to me how one small change can do so much good for your body. I would have never expected vinegar to be so incredibly powerful within the body. Another thing I never realized was exactly what stress does to the body. I knew that it could lower the immune system but did not realize it could make the body become more acidic. It just goes to show how our mood and positive or negative energy can drastically affect health. Although I’m sure drinking acv is the most effective way to reap the benefits, is cooking with it another option to incorporating it into one’s diet?

  6. This is so helpful to know as I am currently sick and have been for the last week and a half. And it all makes sense why, I have definitely slacked on caring for myself and body with the increase in academic pressure. I feel my body very tired, and sick and maybe even slouchy. I will go into the supermarket and purchase this. I think I really need it. Thank you for your insight!

  7. I was turned onto ACV a year ago through a friend and have been using it ever since. I cannot say how much I love this stuff! ACV is a great thing to add to a daily routine because it not only helps your body’s defenses but also promotes energy and healthy digestion. In the beginning of the semester I started to add a tbsp of turmeric to my ACV tonics because of one of your blog posts and I’ve got to say that this mixture works wonders. I feel that the turmeric accentuates the effects of the ACV. I wish I had known about it in my teenage years because I’ve noticed that its helped a great deal with my complexion. ACV is always a great thing to add to salad dressings. I’m looking forward to investing in more of Bragg’s products because I’ve researched a bit into their website and all seem too be extremely beneficial is a variety of ways.

  8. I did not realize all of the advantages that apple cider vinegar has on our bodies. I am the type of person who does not believe in taking pills for every ache and sickness. I was brought up to not rely on medications but to drink tea and eat different fruits to feel better when I was getting sick. I know many people who run to the pharmacy to get medications as soon as they feel ill. I think these people should read this post and be informed that there are other ways to become healthy and stay healthy without putting foreign chemicals into their bodies. I believe the more people drink tea and take natural herbs to feel better the healthier they will stay and the stronger their immune system will become whereas pills only fight the disease without strengthening their immune system. I will definitely try the apple cider vinegar to achieve the benefits and to live a healthier life.

    I have been practicing the Isha Kriya daily and I have really been feeling the benefits of it. I have noticed that i am concentrating more and sleeping better. When I wake up in the morning i feel refreshed and ready to start my day. There was one day that i did not have time to practice it and when I woke up the next day I did not feel as recharged and refreshed.

  9. I love Apple Cider Vinegar – not the taste, but the benefits. I’ve drank it on and off for a couple of years like whenever I feel sluggish or like I’m breaking out. I used to drink it with honey but after you recommended that I try stevia as an alternative, I was hooked. I attribute the strengthening of my immune system not only to the Hatha Yoga practice and the art of the Isha Kriya, but also to the changes I have made, even those that are miniscule, to my diet and my lifestyle that I have found on your blog. This experience as a whole has changed how I feel about my self from the inside out, and I now think of my mind and body as to separate entities working together to create a powerful spiritual being.

  10. Moneace Smith

    I have been feeling under the weather for about two weeks now with a really bad soar throat, cough and stuffy nose. This is possibly due to my allergies and the change in weather seeing as the spring brought the pollen and dust. I feel also it could be possibly due to the diet I have changed by only drinking water for three weeks and then switching back to juices with I messed up.

    I want to buy some of these organic products seeing how they can help boost my immune system and bring me back to full health. I am just wondering what can I do for next year during allergy season to help not get sick, like natural ways of staying healthy with allergy season on the verge.

    I have done the Isha Krya about two times this week due to my achy body I just really want to sleep

  11. Wow! this was great to learn! i’ve been looking for an old remedy to help me with sore throats from the allergie season. I will definably be trying this! I’m curious about how it will taste! Thank you!

  12. I have never heard of a remedy like this. Neither did I think that Apple Cider Vinegar could have so many benefits. I get sick very often but I prefer not to take any type of medication. Only when it is completely necessary. I also do not really believe in home remedies. As a child my mother always chased me down to test out the remedies sent from our mother land. Usually the remedies tasted, smelt, and looked terrible. As for utilizing ACV for health benefits I think I will pass on it for now. I appreciate the knowledge shared however.

    • My wish for you is that one day your taste buds my elevate to ingest things that are benefical to maintain optimal health as a priority. That you begin to care enough about yourself to Guard your health so that your cells no longer have a pattern of being okay with sickness and as a result your then optimal health will allow you to show up 100 percent and be successful in your career and lifestyle. Namate

  13. Being raised in a Seventh Day Adventist family I always have been aware of homeopathic remedies and have found them truly amazing. My grandmothers secret for yeast infections or fungal detoxes have always been apple cider vinegar. Last week when I asked about my swollen foot and what I should do I loved that you said apple cider vinegar. My family is always doing detoxes together. My grandmother had breast cancer a decade ago and went on a strict vegan, raw cleanse to revitalize the oxygen in her body and the cancer subsided. However, the cancer is back, particularly because of stress not just diet and so now my family and I have to be ever more supportive and create that healthy environment she needs. It’s interesting, because whenever i see my health falling off track. In terms of not eating properly, consuming more artificial foods, sweets, and meat I do see a drastic change in my mentality and overall being. I do get more depressed and display more mood swings so when that does happen I tend to snap back into it and try and go on a juice clean, lemon-cayenne cleanse, or something to regenerate my body.

    • I wish your Grandmother peace of mind and body and that your family once again may rally and rekindle the nurturing healthy environment that will aid in her recovery…. YOu may want to share the IK with your family and the Finger Holds….Namaste

  14. Thank you for the great advice. I will for sure go out and buy some. Ive been suffering from acne and I am not sure why. It really bothers me that I can’t have clear skin. Im not sure if it’s the food I’ve been eating or just stress and all that but Im looking forward to trying the apple cider vinegar. I also had no idea that something like apple cider vinegar can do so good for you! I hope to find only good benefits as you were describing in class.

    • You may also want to make a facial wash with ACV, and it can be hormones, and your youth, be patient, try all these steps and I am sure things will change for you, you are lovely just as you are…embrace NOW!

  15. I remember reading about ACV in another post of yours about avoiding getting sick during seasonal changes, and immediately becoming excited to try it out. Although I have not been doing a daily regimen, however I may start this week, I did take it throughout the three days I had a sore throat. By the end of day 2 my throat had been feeling much better, almost back to normal. I take it straight because I’m one of those people that need to feel some sort of agitation in order to feel like something is working, at least when it comes to fighting minor illnesses like colds, or disinfecting a wound. Therefore, the thought of it being this beneficial, as it has proven to be just by taking it in such a short period of time, allowed my mind to coax my taste buds into appreciating its rather stingy and pungent journey through my body. Definitely interested in the long term effects of a steady regimen.

  16. As I was reading I remembered the idea of how we can shift from encouraging our body to crave sugars, to training it to crave substances that are good for it. I thought it was most clearly stated when you said, “The only side effect for some is just getting used to the taste, and perhaps the taste buds will adjust to relish things that do our bodies good over other seductive flavors with little or no benefit”. I have started to feel this in my own life as I continue to seek stimuli that are positive and healing, as opposed to negative and detrimental. In many instances I choose to pass on certain foods that have become difficult to eat, such as meat and candy. These once-loved treats no longer satisfy me, and actually provoke sickness in many instances.

    I know what my body really wants/needs, and I have taken the responsibility of supplying it with just that. Yes, I often make the mistake of reverting to old patterns of behavior. However, as long as I continue to check my intentions I am confident that new patterns will immerge. I have already noticed certain areas of my behavior changing as I start treating myself better. For example my cravings and desires have diminished by a noticeable amount.

    It has been a few weeks since I have drank Bragg’s ACV, but I am glad to hear the reasons I started drinking it from someone else. Although the information regarding alkalinity versus acidity is still new in my mind, I opened myself to this product many years ago because of trust in my mother’s recommendation. She has always supported healthy living, and is the person who ushered me into pursuing yoga.

    – Conrad –

  17. Wow! It is amazing how one product can bring such great wonders! I have heard of Apple Cider Vinegar being a great treatment for many illnesses. However, I have never really looked too much into it. Reading this has convinced me to try it next time I have a cold or am just not feeling too well. To be honest, I am always hesitant in trying new things like this because I know that my taste buds are not very tolerant. I tried to drink green tea to help with my weight loss, but I just could not get accustomed to its taste. I would shiver with every sip. To help, I would put spoonfuls of honey in it. But then again, that may have defeated the purpose of the green tea for weight loss. Perhaps, I will begin trying the Apple Cider Vinegar with a spoonful of sugar. Thank you for the great information and I plan to try ACV soon!!

  18. When I was working at a local natural market chain, Bragg’s ACV was one of the most frequently purchased and recommended products. It is hard to argue against a Bragg’s ACV regimen when you take into account all of the health benefits, and the fact that a mere 3 tablespoons a day can make a huge difference in your health. ACV has been recommended to me before but I was not aware of the specific ailments it cures, I didn’t know it cleared acne, artery plaque, hunger cravings etc. I have tried ACV before but haven’t stuck with a regimen because I cannot stand the taste. However, I recently got over a bad cold so I am ready to give an ACV regimen of at least 2 weeks a try. Since it is the beginning of the winter (and flu) season, if I begin the regimen soon, it will hopefully infiltrate my system in time to provide my immune system help in fighting off sore throats, colds, and the flu, before I am afflicted with another illness.

    • Great you are willing to give ACV another try….but please only start if you can allow for 5 weeks trial, it takes a good while to purge and clear out and then to establish the alkaline flora, takes time…aren’t you worth this time investment? Namaste

  19. The wide range of benefits is really astounding, especially from such a simple product – fermented apples! I know my mother cooks with it on occasion and I cannot wait to start using it in recipes once I have a kitchen. For now, I need to make a trip and buy some for my room. I have yet to make a shopping trip but will get to it soon. As you stated in your writing, there is no harm in trying something that has essentially no side effects and may improve my body’s balances and my long term health.

  20. I remember reading the previous post that talked about ACV and its benefits and thinking, “wow, I should get some ACV and try it!” Sadly, I have not been to any supermarkets since then and have not been able to buy any. I didn’t think to look online, but after reading this post I looked at the bragg’s farm website and saw I could get a bottle for less than 5$. I was also looking at the other products bragg’s has, and they have ACV drinks! Although I don’t think I will spend 4$ on one serving of an ACV drink , the website did give me some ideas about what to mix my ACV with (I saw a “ginger spice” concoction and I think I will try to make my own!)
    I spent some time on the bragg’s farm website; they have lots of articles on healthy living and the use of ACV. The owner of the company, Patricia Bragg is also quite the personality, I came across this quote of hers on the blog… “I’ve never had a coke, never had a beer or vodka, and these,” says American health crusader, Dr. Patricia Bragg, thrusting her fingers towards me, “are virgin nails, all 10 of them. I have never worn nail polish. I don’t need a girdle and I don’t need a bra.”
    I suggest anyone who wants more information on ACV ( and entertainment from this Patricia character) to check out the Bragg’s Farm website!

    -Katie Gilmartin

  21. I always love to learn about natural remedies and the idea of food as medicine. Apple Cider Vinegar is a remedy that I’ve used myself for a couple of years, particularly for my struggles with acne. I’ve often used it topically, diluted with water, to tone my complexion. I’ve also used it in place of vinegar in salad dressings. While I haven’t been using ACV recently in my cooking or cleansing routines, I’m definitely eager to try the new remedy listed in the post. While I find it difficult to palate these types of concoctions sometimes, the benefits seem worth the effort and I can use all the help I can get to boost my immunity during the changing seasons.

  22. I believe that people often find themselves buying the big brand names because of the fact that they are popular. We think, “Hey. If it’s so popular, it should do the job well!” I’m sure there is some truth to that mindset, but these organic, non major brand products that are equally as effective or even moreso, but they rely solely on word of mouth to reach out. They won’t be the first, second, or most likely, third choice for the average shopper in a store because the shopper will have no idea what they’re getting. The unknown is unacceptable to most.
    Although I usually don’t go out of my way to find these products, I love reading up on them. Not just inexpensive products either but effective DIY’s made up of these inexpensive yet quality concoctions. For example, I recently made a blackhead removing charcoal peel mask with Elmer’s glue and charcoal pills. I watched a bunch of videos online of people trying it out, aka an example of word of mouth/viewing experience, and decided to go for it. My skin was so silky smooth afterward, I was so pleased with the results and I, personally, have a tendency to take practically everything I read online with a spoonful of salt.
    Prior to reading this, I had no idea ACV was a thing, but I’m glad I do now. As someone who is constantly having acne breakouts, a product like this sounds ideal and is definitely worth a try. Trying out new brands or products, of course, can be a bit unsettling, but once you indulge in the experience and are pleased with the results, you’re bringing more positivity into your life because you aren’t always saying, “No!” Maybe next time I see my mother I’ll bring it up to her and we can try it together. Because if you don’t want to brave it alone then why not experience something new with the company of another or more specifically, someone you love. I enjoyed reading about Apple Cider Vinegar and I’m excited to search for it in stores (then later online) and try it out on my skin.

    • I hope you and your Mother have the courage to ingest ACV and that you only purchase Bragg ACV for your internal health, which your outer skin will reflect in due course of regular usage. OM

  23. I have heard a lot about the benefits of apple cider vinegar in the past. I learned about the different uses for it when I watch beauty gurus on Youtube. However they would describe the external uses of apple cider vinegar for skin troubles such as acne and other blemishes. I personally struggle with acne so I took this into consideration but never actually pursued it. The videos I watched were by people like Michelle Phan and she showed herself applying apple cider vinegar directly onto her face with a cotton round and then quickly diluting the same area with another cotton pad with water on it so the ACV won’t be too strong similar to adding water to the apple cider vinegar to drink it.
    This article introduced me to the benefits of the option of actually ingesting apple cider vinegar instead of just topical uses. It’ always interesting to find new ways of using different thing for your own personal health improvements. I’ve been meaning to invest in some apple cider vinegar to utilize it for my health and now I’m highly considering it because of its reoccurring appearance in my recommendations.

  24. Madeline Bodendorf
    After reading this entry and doing some research, I am shocked at the importance of having an alkaline diet. I did not know that our blood pH has to stay in a very narrow range or death or disease can ravage us. It’s surprising then that I am not disease ridden since my diet consists of sugar, salt, and caffeine while my life can be pretty stressful. I have heard of apple cider vinegar helping with metabolism and helping raise it to a healthy and weight loss level, but I did not know it can help us live a more comfortable and healthy life.

    I read that when our tissues become acidic, that in turn can result in impaired function of some major systems, including organ, digestion, skin integrity, and repair from injury. This is interesting because we live in a country based on high-sugar, high- caffeine diets, so I highly doubt the majority of inhabitants are alkaline. Of course, we have all heard of the importance of homeostasis in all living things so having the body be alkaline makes sense.

    Personally, I would love to try the apple cider vinegar regimen. It cannot hurt to try and maybe it will help boost my metabolism and help fight against my sugar cravings during stressful times. I am glad this entry was shared with me, and I’m excited to see results!

  25. This article was really a blast from the past for me. I had used apple cider vinegar for my hair to strengthen and lengthen the strands, and the hardest thing for me was getting over the unpleasant odor. I figured it was, as the article states, an inexpensive trial-and-error process, and if it didn’t work, I didn’t just throw my money away. I noticed both positives and negatives, with my hair growing longer but remaining with a very strong, unpleasant odor. I, then, proceeded to drift away from the practice of adding it to my hair in the shower every day, to once every week, to never. I wasn’t convinced that the benefits outweighed the negatives, and so I gave up. However, I was not aware that apple cider vinegar was beneficial for more than just stimulating hair growth. I get sick very often, mostly because my family has a history of weak immune systems, and I am tired of constantly taking medicine, because I know the negative effect it has on my body. Now that I know about apple cider vinegar and how it can help the immune system, I am very open to trying it out instead of taking medication.
    I have read many books about different home remedies to assist the body in creating a perfect balance, but I am very much aware that my balance is very weak. I rely on coffee as my sole provider in the morning, and I often find myself consuming high numbers of sugar and salt, especially at school. I typically don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, or put action into making sure I am taking care of myself because it is always so time consuming. However, mixing apple cider vinegar and water requires no microwave or stove, and so it is easier to come across. It is a good alternative to caffeine or soda because it does not contain a very high amount of sugar, and I am hoping that, with the process of consuming the vinegar, my cravings will subside.
    A lot of people in shows or novels I have read, such as “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” by Edward Albee, people rely strongly on unhealthy drinks or foods to increase their happiness. They are afraid of changing to something healthy because they desire the chance to not care about anything, and I can admit to having done the same thing. I broke up with an emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend last year, and I experienced a severe drop in my weight, and the stuff I did eat was not enough to sustain me for a couple of hours. Eating healthy or finding healthier alternatives required too much energy, and even to this day, I find it difficult to find time to myself. However, I am really interested in trying out apple cider vinegar, and following the effects it has on my body and my mind. As I am currently dealing with a cold right now, I am going to try and begin the apple cider vinegar remedy today and record the effects it has on the length of my cold. Maybe this will shorten and decrease the amount of colds I experience for the part of my lifetime that I remain with the apple cider vinegar.

  26. To begin, I found this post to be very interesting for a number of reason. Learning about natural remedies to everyday aches and pains is also a topic of interest for me. Particularly when those remedies include household staples like ACV. What is more interesting, is that ACV can be used as a preventative agent for disease and sickness. I have always thought (and been told) that ACV was a multi-purpose cleaner around the house, but was also called for for some light salad dressings we would during the summer months. However, I must admit, I had never before heard about this practice of drinking the vinegar specifically for its individual benefits.

    From other sources I have read– from health magazines to medical websites and message boards– ACV is a contested as a cure-all agent for health issues and the like. To be honest, I always thought of the act of drinking ACV as just another fad health craze, like adding kale to every meal or cayenne pepper as a way of burning fat. However, from perhaps more reputable sites, I have found that ACV is a very effective as a an agent for curbing hunger, constipation, and curing acne from the inside out.

    Based on what this particular post has to say about ACV, I will definitely consider taking the prescribed amount as a natural remedy for stomach and hunger issues. Though I do not think I have trouble curbing my hunger, i do often think I could lose weight. SO in that effort, this seems like healthy addition to a routine of eating betting and daily exercise. In addition, I am thinking of sharing this information with my father. He is always trying to lose weight, though he is very active and eats well. Also, he is coming on 60, and has a few health issues such as high blood pressure, as well as trouble with his joints and back. I think it is worth for him to try AVC as a healthy way of fighting of aches and pin by oxygenating his blood more.

    • Remember when purchasing ACV only buy the Bragg product it is 100 percent organic, the apples are grown and cultivated for human consumption and different from the white or non-organic vinegars. OM

  27. I was unaware of the benefits of ACV before this reading but I have always had a feeling that products such a these could bring us to a happier and healthier life. In todays society most people tend to immediatley run to pills and medications as soon as they feel like they are coming down with something. Personally I try to stay away from most of these things unless totally necessary because I believe its a lot more productive to rest, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and let the body take its course and fight off the virus on its own. Of course there are scenarios where western medications are a must and there are no other options, but I try to avoid them to a certain point. I find that some people under estimate how strong and capable our bodies are of fighting off diseases naturally on their own and I think this ends up making our immune systems stronger. Personally I consider myself very healthy. I try to exercise at least 4 times a week and eat healthy durring the week and only treat myself on the weekends. If I find myself getting sick I try to drink hot tea, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also think a positive mind set and clear head contributes majorly to our bodies health. I definietly want to try to drink ACV in the mornings to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

  28. I had no idea that this product could be so helpful. It looks as if it has a multitude of uses and I will be sure to pick some up. I have used other products to remedy myself when I am sick but none seem to work. Maybe this will.

  29. This remedy is one not foreign to me, as my mother swears by apple cider vinegar! She tells me it stops her from becoming hungry when she is bored and that it has improved her skin. She also suffers from seasonal allergies and she tells me that the apple cider vinegar helps with relieving her allergy effects. However she does tell me the taste is unpleasant. I have tried this remedy once, and while I did not notice any specific improvements in my health, I was put off by the taste. I have begun to try and take better care of my body by taking daily multivitamins as well as drinking ginger tea to help with my seasonal migraines. I often have headaches after practicing yoga for some reason, and by drinking the tea I have noticed my headaches subside. I have been looking more into organic remedies and home-made medicines instead of taking over the counter medicines that most likely have unnecessary additives that my body does not need.

  30. This was a wonderful post to read and i’m excited to apply this new technique for wellness into my life! Currently, I am getting over a cold. The recovery process has been tedious and has included fevers and sore joints at the beginning. It is always enlightening to find supplements or solutions with minimal and natural ingredients. I have found that in addition to medicines, the Isha Kriya and practicing various asanas has assisted in clearing the sickness and what it has brought to my chest and throat.

    After reading this, I was inclined to do more research. As a student, natural remedies are appealing not only in the sense that I have confidence in knowing what I am consuming, but they are also often cheaper. It is interesting to consider the products we are told that we “need” and “can’t live without”, when really so much is available that is natural. Find additional natural remedies in the links attached:




    I plan to get apple cider vinegar this weekend and begin using it frequently. I look forward to sharing this remedy with my peers, as many of them are frequently in need! I am prone to being exposed to germs not only because I am a college student who lives in a dorm residencies, but I additionally work at the Children’s Center at Purchase College. This article is a reminder that avoiding germs and nurturing my body will help me maintain my health for an enhanced physical and mental experience.

  31. I’ve heard of this usage of Apple Cider Vinegar before, and I’ve tried it with my morning tea, but I’m not certain I’ll ever really get used to the taste, as I already have very sensitive taste buds. However, the last time I tried it was about a year ago, so I suppose it’s worth trying again. My mom and I have been trying various more holistic and natural approaches to health in recent years, and we’ve adopted some things and forgotten others. I’ve found that personally, topical treatments seem to be more successful and easy to integrate. Looking through the comments, I see that people are using it topically as well, and that might be more practical for me than ingestion.

    • In your too brief essay, you mention topical usage, but I think it will have good application for skin disorders, however will have no affect on your inner acidity which leads to colds, flus and virus.

  32. The importance of apple cider vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. It is also a remedy that helps health problems; this includes weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes. I did not know much about apple cider vinegar but this post helped me understand the importance of benefits it can do to people. There are many studies that shows apple cider vinegar to those who were ill. It’s wonderful to experiment and find something that can help others with their health.

    My mother would use vinegar to clean the floors, and sometimes she would add lemon to have that acidic smell. Apparently, vinegar kills bacteria-vinegar has been used to preserve food and prevents food from spoiling. Personally, it reminds me of having two tablespoons of honey each day. Honey actually contains antioxidants, fight cancer, and heals cuts and burns. Honey also helps with weight lose similar to apple cider vinegar.

    Another thing I used to do daily in the morning is drink hot water with lemon. It’s just so refreshing and healthy. It eases my mind and sinuses in the morning. I used to do but it’s been expensive to buy lemons and mint each week. I feel great and it makes me happy. Whenever I have friends over, I would offer this. A lot of them enjoys it and notices the results of serenity.

    Honey, lemon hot water, and apple cider vinegar are very similar in ways that can help people with their health and self-image. Most importantly, it’s about self-awareness and thinking positive to motivate individuals to continue this routine. It’s about doing something you want, and not pleasing people because they know best for you. I believe you only know what’s best. All these things are effective opportunities to change our way of thinking and our bodies.

  33. This article describes the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. You are suppose to mix a couple tablespoons into warm water and are allowed to have it with honey to help with the bitter flavor. I’m curious is to if the honey will upset the benefits of ACV? Does the honey just create more acid in your body or does it enhance the benefits? Also is this a good substitute for tea? I have been trying to have green tea with jasmine after every yoga practice to help with my health and I may be replacing it with ACV.

    Wow, I am so happy I came across this article. I have been dealing with a cough for over a month and I really really hate going to doctors for medication. I really try to find herbal solutions in addition to eating better and taking vitamins but I’ve been having not a lot of luck. I’m super excited to try this solution and hopefully will have more insight in the benefits of ACV as well. I also get sick very often and hope that this will help prevent and solve the issues I’ve been having all semester long in addition to proper yoga and eating and sleeping properly.

    I’m curious to know, why is it that ACV has so many benefits in comparison to teas and vegetables? I understand it helps keep the acidity in your body down, but what is so dangerous about having the acidity in your body? Why is it so bad for you? I’m also nervous to try it because of the bitter flavor of it. I hope that my body will adjust accordingly.

    • Just try a small amount and slowly add in time, hope you understood about the balance we need to create between alkalinity and acidic conditions in the body, the fermentation of ACV achieves this that veggies cannot. Best wishes, OM

  34. Health benefits take on all shapes and sizes. We are used to hearing about the traditional methods of better eating and exercise. While those are wildly beneficial to our bodies, we hear less about non-traditional uses of non-traditional items. One of the most recent trends has been finding alternate uses for Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV.
    On May 16, 2014, BuzzFeed penned an article called “15 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Is The Solution To Your Biggest Problems” in which it listed benefits of ACV to hair, skin, and even the household. Simply doing a Google search can pull up many articles listing the same benefits. Upon reading the article featured on OmLink, I did a search for scholarly articles. I came across one by Robin Mather Jenkins that dated back to before the BuzzFeed article.
    Published in 2006, it goes into the history of vinegar, and why we love it so much. She quotes Lawrence J. Diggs, curator of the International Vinegar Museum in Roslyn, S.D. Diggs commented, “It’s hard to say why we love vinegary tastes. The brain uses sourness to make sense of many of the scents we smell. It’s as if the brain needs that contrast as a palette to paint the rest of our tastes on.” I like that this ties back into the BuzzFeed article, and even the OmLink one, because it focuses on the biological benefits. Vinegar, or sourness is beneficial to our biological function, and if we can learn to accept it more into our daily life, we can certainly reap the benefits.
    When it comes to the benefits to hair, skin, and household, BuzzFeed’s list spells it out best. Shown in a problem/solution dichotomy, we are shown the myriad of things ACV can do to and for us. My favorite ones are: Solutions #1, #7, #14. Solution #1 suggests using ACV to kill bacteria, as a “natural way to go about disinfecting.” Solution #7 suggests having a few teaspoons of ACV in order to boost your energy levels, to help with exercise! Lastly, Solution #14 suggests something similar, along the lines of using ACV to just boost energy levels in general.

  35. The content of this blog is about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Benefits like how it helps fight illnesses like: the flu, colds, sore throats, etc. The recommended dosage is 2-3 tablespoons with 8 oz. of water, some people mix honey and other natural flavors into the mixture. It also helps with itchy scalps, rashes, and athlete’s foot.
    Compared to other remedies people have tried and this I think that there are some remedies that have as many benefits but not more. I would have loved to learn about this remedy in the past so I wouldn’t have to had used remedies that felt like they weren’t working at all.
    In my past I have never known about what acv could do for a person. This blog makes me want to try out this remedy to see not only if it’ll work but if it has any other benefits that weren’t mentioned or noticed prior to the blog update..

  36. Isaiah~

    I can attest that Apple Cider Vinegar is a miracle concoction. I know of the extent of its benefits because my dad used to bottle up and sell the stuff for years. He would always tell me about the myriad of benefits that ACV can provide and I would never believe him simply to due to how many things ACV can help with and how many different ways it can be applied; it seemed to good to be true. But when puberty hit and I started breaking out with acne as many adolescents do, my dad recommended I dab on some ACV and I thought why not give it a shot. It worked wonders and after a while I even fell in love with the smell. Its always great when a mixture so simple can have such complex and beneficial results, its as if apple cider and vinegar are a match made in heaven. If you can keep it simple then why complicate things?

  37. Until reading this, I had very little knowledge of this wonderful natural home remedy. I had heard of it being used to help with a few other things, but seeing how beneficial it can be is a big surprise. I am very sensitive to taste, which as I get older I am trying to force myself to try many different things and expand my palate so to speak. I have found a lot of benefits from lemons and limes in my water every day, as well as cutting a lot of harsh foods out of my diet. I have trouble maintaining my cleanses and healthier habits though, as soon as stress factors into my life at a rate that distracts me from my health (oh the irony.)

    The older I get and the more I try to resort to natural, healthier ways of feeding and curing myself (cold remedies, etc.) the better I feel than when I try to fix my issues with copious amounts of store drugs and crash diets. How I heard about ACV was for treating hair issues, and its really interesting to see how much else it can be beneficial for.

    I’m not sure that I could honestly see myself consistently taking ACV or even liking it but I am interested in seeing how I would feel after using it for a trial period.

  38. Every time we do a journal update, I find myself accumulating more and more knowledge on how to bring protection, well-being, balance and now proper health to my body. Well I guess that’s the point right? (Laughs)
    Home remedies are a big thing in my culture. From using crushed red bricks, banana leaves and vinegar to cure sprain ankle, to drinking “bush tea” to cure flu and sinuses, all issues which I have experienced growing up. Six month’s ago, I was introduce to the ACV as product to help maintain natural hair. I have been using ACV for that purpose only, along with coconut oil. Never have I thought it could be use to help revitalizes the body both internally and externally.
    I personally suffer from bad acne, dry skin (especially in the face area). I also have high cravings for salty food, hence the reason why I always have a salt shaker with me for every meal. Now learning that the ACV helps with issues such as that, I am very open to trying it. I may not enjoy the taste or smell in particular but, I believe that it’s worth it. Through the practice of this and the Isha Krya, I hope to further develop my physical and mental health, and continue to bring protection well being and Balance to my body.
    Thank you and I apprecitae the continuous advise, tips and peace that you share with me and others. It’s really good to learn ways how to develop oneself as I transition into becoming and independent adult.


  39. Aliena Ali

    I really appreciated this blog post because I am always looking for little ways to take care of my body. Since becoming a vegan a year ago, I’ve been eating more junk food than ever since cooking can be a hassle at times. Because I’m eating so many sweets, I tend to crave them when I don’t. In addition, I consume coffee and lattes every single day – I assume this isn’t the healthiest thing for the body either. Eating as unhealthy as I do causes me to feel sluggish and not the best about myself either. I am definitely going to try this apple cider vinegar regiment mainly because I want to stop craving these unhealthy foods. My only concern is the way my body may react to the cider. The taste may not bother me terribly but I am not sure how my stomach will take it since it is usually quite sensitive.

    Doing this Isha Kriya this week went a bit differently than it normally does. I’ve been traveling back and forth between school and home and have also been particularly stressed out this week with assignments and tests. I performed the Isha Kriya four times. I meditated three times at home: twice in the evening and once in the morning and once in the park, early in the morning. Whenever I have a change to be home nowadays, I like to wake up early and take a walk in the park before running my errands. I found a large rock, a good distance away from the main pathway and performed my meditations there. This was by far the best experience I’ve had with the meditation. I loved the feeling of feeling so small amidst all of the greenery. I felt a lot lighter and felt as if my spirits were lifted afterwards. That was definitely an experience I’d like to have again.

  40. Amber Ferguson
    This Article provides major insight on alternative medicines or remedies. I knew that apple cider vinegar had healing effects, but I did not realize the vast amount of affects that it has on the body. We take advantage of our bodies by unconsciously and constantly abusing it. We allow our systems to become acidic from the intake of too much sugar, salt, caffeine, and stress. As a result, our immune systems get weaker and many find themselves with various ailments. There are many conditions that can be resolved with the daily use of apple cider vinegar such as; acne, artery plaque, high toxic levels, hunger cravings for salty and sugary foods, dull complexion, rashes and itchy scalp, and even athletes foot. There are so many benefits to consuming apple cider vinegar, and as the article describes, it is a challenge to make changes, but I think that this regime is completely worth it.
    I was once hospitalized for a stomach condition and I was prescribed with a lot of pain killers/ antibiotics afterwards. These pain killers/antibiotics gave me a lot of nose bleeds. So my grandparents are actually the ones that introduced me to apple cider vinegar as a remedy for the remnants of my stomach condition. My dad was really skeptical about it, he felt that it would do more harm than good. But it did just the opposite. I was suppose to be on the pain killers/antibiotics for about two weeks, but my symptoms subsided within a few days after consuming apple cider vinegar. The amount that I used less than the amount that the article suggests, but it still worked well.

  41. Matt Tuckerman

    I did not know all the benefits ACV had before reading this post. I’ve personally never been a fan of Apple Cider or ACV, but I will definitely give it a try very soon. I’ve unfortunately caught a severe cold which has made me a lot weaker. I’ve been taking dayquil/nyquil for a bit now, but maybe some natural remedies could do the trick. I also did not know that ACV has a lot of other benefits like: weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes. I did not know much about apple cider vinegar but this post helped me understand the importance of benefits it can do to people. There are many studies that shows apple cider vinegar to those who were ill. It’s wonderful to experiment and find something that can help others with their health.

    I’m 100% going to buy a few bottles of ACV and see if this will improve my cold / health over the next few months. I’m always curious in natural remedies over buying expensive medicine that will eventually stop working due to bacteria, but maybe ACV will do the trick. I’ll definitely keep on the lookout for more natural and home remedies for colds.

  42. I had no idea that this product had so much benefits and how easy accessible it is. The importance of apple cider vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes and remedies that help with health problems and acne. I did not know much about apple cider vinegar but this post helped me understand the importance of benefits it can do and it is backed by many studies that shows apple cider vinegar to those who were ill. It also is an ingredient to a lot of products. It’s wonderful to experiment and find something that can help others with their health that help. I personally use apple cider as an ingredient to a mud mask I use for acne. It has definitely helped and benefitted me for what I do use it for. Maybe Ill branch out try other things.

  43. I did not know about the benefits of apple cider vinegar before reading this post. I was very intrigued by the idea so when I was out with my Aunt we talked about the subject and I ended up buying a bottle that night. My father is strong believer in natural substances, lots of blueberries for anti-oxidants and sour cherry juice (good for sleep, digestion, pain and a good source of vitamins). These were routines I had when I was living at home so this wasn’t that difficult to adapt into my routine, except that ACV is only helpful in the morning because it sets up digestion for the rest of the day. I had a hard time fitting it into my morning routine because I enjoy coffee in the morning but I feel like the benefits are worth it for the amount of things that make my body acidic. Lactic acid is produced in the body as a result of not getting enough oxygen to the muscles. A number of things can have this effect on one’s body like processed food, unbalanced diet, stress, smoking, drinking, anaerobic activity . . . it’s our job to take notice of that and want to do something about it. Balancing alkaline levels in your body is a way to do so. The acetic acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar helps your body in so many ways and it doesn’t event taste that bad with honey, lemon and cinnamon!

  44. I really appreciate you sharing your and other experience with this habit. I am interested to learn more about this product and would like to do some additional research about ACV. I have a minor case of psoriasis which is similar to eczema, I have tried a variety of skin treatments both doctor/dermatologist recommended and otherwise. I would love to see if anybody has a found that ACV has helped with dry or rashy skin and maybe I could explore this as as option. The paragraph did mention that it could help with itches which i sometimes do get so I will be looking into this.

    I do understand the value of oxygenating the blood like the paragraph says but i think its slightly oversimplified to imply that this could fight cancer. As someone who has been closely affected by cancer I think it should be said that this type of product should not be used as medicine or a remedy for it. However, I really do always enjoy hearing about peoples medical discoveries, I will look into this for my skin condition, thank you so much for sharing!

    • Perhaps the statement was oversimplified if it read that oxygen could cure cancer. However, medical science has proven that as a preventive health care program daily conscious breathing does help the body to have the capacity to have and hold greater amounts of oxygen. It is known that cancer cannot survive in an oxygenated environment.

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