Watch my Favorite Teacher & Yogi – Sadhguru – “No Fear in the Now” – on YouTube


No Fear in the Now – YouTube.

This is a quick glimpse of my favorite Yogi Sadhguru on YouTube it is less than two minutes, please do have a watch and be inspired!!! Just click the link above….



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  1. The fact that we think of the nonexistent future and past creates the basis of the fear. They are imaginary fears because we are not experiencing hem in the “Now” but in our minds. The only way to conquer that fear is to accept the present moment and quiet down the excessive thought patterns.

  2. I found this to be a very powerful and influential way to encourage living in the now. I liked the idea of fear disappearing if one learns how to live in the present. Leaving dwelling behind proves to be a very good way to eliminate fear. This is a problem I have quite often. I very much live in my head, and it causes levels of fear and stress that I cannot always easily diminish. This has encouraged me to take a more conscious effort to live in the moment.

    • Know that these struggles are not unique to you, but all of us humans struggle with this to a greater or lesser degree. It becomes a choice once we learn it is a part of our unconscious reality and when you choose to employ the yogic tools to change the behavior success is always guaranteed with regular honest practice…hope you choose to stay on the path…OM

  3. For someone who is almost completely rooted in their mind, it is very hard to join reality and feel connected to other people. Yoga has helped me tremendously and made me a more cautious, less nervous person. I can’t keep perpetuating this fear of the future and past that cycles itself throughout my mind. With annual practice of the Kriya, it becomes easier to bore out the anxiety and imaginary world I sometimes inhabit. It is without constant thought that I can see myself clearer and in a more accepting light. As always, thank you so much and Namaste.

  4. “If your fear is non existential we call that insanity.” Everyday I see and hear people worrying about tomorrow, and next week, and next year. I hear them complain that they may not have enough time to get there project done, or perhaps they think there boyfriend will get tired of them and dump them. And every time I hear a comment like that all I can think is ‘just stop.’ Stop worrying about the struggles of tomorrow when you still have so much of today. The world is always going to be messy and we will never know what the future holds, so why do we all worry about it daily? “You’re not rooted in reality, you’re always rooted in your mind.” And then I realize that, that I do the same. Just like Sadhguru said, I become lost in my thoughts, I forget to exist today in the hopes of changing the unpredictable tomorrow. But sometimes there are moments. Moments where I am just there. Just watching the world and breathing in the worlds air. And then it doesn’t seem scary. It’s no longer the unknown monster under the bed, but rather a bright, sun in the clear sky and the grass on the ground, and reality. It’s the world all around me. I thoroughly enjoyed this talk, because I think it reminds people that it isn’t about tomorrow, or next year or next decade. It’s about right now.

  5. That made me say wow at the end, what he said was so simple, but so powerful. I love how he referred to our fears as socially accepted insanity. All different levels of insanity exist and I guess I may fall under one of them. I do often fear about the future, and worry about the outcomes of situations that have not yet happened. I am happier when I am not worrying, thats for sure, and often times to not worry I dose myself with some imagination. He said how we are often thinking about things that are not the present, and I find that very true for myself. Why fear something that does not exist? I mean yeah, maybe it will exist in the future, but predicting the outcomes of a situation that hasn’t happened or may never happen prevents us from true happiness and the beauty of spontaneity. I took a very powerful message away from this short video, and I hope to use it to bring myself more happiness and less worry.

    Alexa D

  6. The more video’s I watch on Sadhguru the more I respect and like him. Even though the video was very short I found it to be quite significant especially in how it related to myself. Because I’m constantly afraid of the unknown and I honestly feel like I live in fear for a lot of things, which makes me very dependent on my parents and at the age of 21, I feel like it may be a little unhealthy as to how attached I am to my family and my mother more specifically. Sadhguru also said that “if you are rooted in reality there would be no fear,” being that I’m constantly thinking things over, over thinking things, over analyzing things and generally just always thinking; my astrology sign is gemini which is a mind sign, coincidently. And there have been many instances where I felt like I might be completely insane. And Sudhguru said in the video that the way people live in fear has turned into a social norm and a socially acceptable level of insanity.
    However doing the Isha Kriya I’ve really felt a significant difference in myself mentally and physically. I’ve been doing it every single day for the last two weeks and it’s affects are starting to become more noticeable.

    • So glad you can find personal application for these ideas Sadhguru shares…you may want to look up the Isha Foundation YouTube channel and listen to what he says about horoscopes….keep on the Path with your Isha Kriya…OM

  7. I fully understand what Sadhguru is speaking about and it is something i have learned to keep in mind when external stressors are clouding my thoughts. We indeed exist in the present moment and no other area of time itself. Our mind puts us in the position of being able to vividly picture the past, ponder about the future and to imagine things from scratch. It is true that the majority of our fears are non-existant at the moment but we end up over analyzing things and create fear for ourselves out of nothing. What Sadhguru is explaining is a very important thought that when grasped can help everyone with their daily lives. The message is to live in the present and not to fear the future or dwell on the past. The past has already happened and the future is yet to come keeping our thoughts in the present moment can make a person more mindful of his thoughts and actions and ultimately will lead a person towards a happier life relieving oneself from fear and stress that can hinder a person from fully engaging in the experience of life.

  8. I like this. We tend to be a high stress society, particularly college students. But I would put money on over half of that stress coming from what we think is going to happen, or not knowing. Insane.

  9. “One part of our fear is based on memory, and the other is based on imagination”. Basically stating individuals are so caught up in their fears and they have lost touch with reality. We formulate nonexistent situations in our mind, causing us to create stress, fear, anxiety, and in the words of Sadhguru, insanity. Always questioning “What’s the next step?”, “What’s going to happen now?”, rather then live for the moment, enjoying the time we have. I associate this situation so much with the death of loved ones. In situations such as diseases, age, and so forth, we as individuals tend to focus on “what’s the next step after their gone?” instead of focusing on how we could live with them while they’re still with us. I know I’m continuing to make that mistake selfishly narrowing my thoughts to me! me! me! Instead of just sharing what might be a loved ones final days, engaging in the present. There’s no denying we all struggle with “fear”, but is it that easy to eliminate our thoughts?

    • Lauren, thanks for your honest comments…and change sometimes is a challenge it all depends how we choose to look at why we are embarking on a change the value we place upon it and the amount of time/effort we put foward to installing the change effectively…OM

  10. I agree with the idea that we fear what we imagine because it is the unknown. Anything that is unknown to us, we will fear because we don’t know what it is. It seems reasonable that is why it is always better to live in the present, yes we should have some goals for our future but not dwell in them to much to the point that it affects our present. We should make the best out of our everyday lives. This also applies to living in the past, what happened, happened and we should move on and focus on our present. The preset is what matters and the past is gone and the future is yet to come.

  11. I enjoyed this a lot. We are always afraid of whats going to happen, but we don’t know whats going to happen. We suffer from our fears of things that haven’t happened yet so things that don’t even exist cause us pain. We have to be based in reality and the present. I learned this because I have anxiety and I worry a lot about things that may or may not happen and it took over my life. I have to enjoy and deal with where I am in the moment and not worry about what could happen.

  12. I practiced the Isha Kriya once this week, but I wish I did it more. It really helps me when I’m feeling anxious, and helps my thoughts to stop racing and just let myself be still and live in the now. Which leads to my next thought, about how fear is only existent because we do not live in the here and now. The video explained that fear is all imagined and based on the future, rooted in your mind (worried about what may happen, memory, imagination) versus being rooted in reality. This makes total sense to me, as all of my anxiety comes from anticipating future events, so basically imaginary events. It is very important to live in the now, and I take strides every day to try to keep myself grounded in the present and not let my mind race to all the possibilities and concerns of the future.

  13. This was a very powerful message. The way he says things makes everything seem so clear and easy. It definitely helps to put things in perspective, but I think it’s a lot harder to just live in the present like he is telling us to.

    • Yes at first it is hard because we have invested so much time doing the opposite and change takes effort but once on the path it all begins to lift us up out of the fog and we begin to live life on new terms…OM

  14. So short and sweet. Sometimes the best advice is the most clear, straight forward thinking that is being projected. I completely agree with Sadhguru; I feel that we do base our future expectations on the past, both which cannot be controlled. If one can remind themselves that the future is not set in stone and is still very much tangible, then we can all relieve our stresses, which ultimately will encourage to us to have that bright future.

  15. Kollie

    This video was very profound, as always with Sadhguru. I completely understand what he is saying. One quote I’ve heard is that “fear only derives from the knowledge of the unknown.” I believe that is what he is trying to express here, that the only reason become have fear is because they have no knowledge of the unknown and their minds, especially their imagination is telling them something to think about a specific situation instead of living in that moment and figuring out what’s happening. It’s basically the fault of the assumption. As Sadhguru has said before, you should live and see everything as scared or not and I believe that is when you venture into things to learn and see the beauty in them without imagining the unknown or assuming the unknown. The more videos I watch of his teachings, the more they make sense and this is another one that makes absolutely sense.

  16. Fear comes from life due to the absence of living or the non-existent therefore you are suffering and those thoughts can be projected into interactions therefore one is extending their fears onto other situations where such does not need to apply. This plays with the idea of working on the present and the future oppose to the past, memory and imagination are forced to exist in a deep rooted reality that does not need to be reality. It is as if one is training oneself to be prepared for disappointment and for their fears to present themselves when fitted.

  17. But to have no fear can also be insane, no? I mean, imagination is not a bad thing. Again, where is the right balance? I hurt myself recently because I did not fear something I should have. On the other hand, if fear consumes us too much, it is unhealthy. Meditation helps to be more calm and take bad things that happen to us without a strong reaction that would only enhance the negative experience.

    • Balance is the optimal word…fear of known occurrences is valuable…but worry about things that have not come to pass is a waste of one’s time. Imagination and plans for the future are all things that make our lives enriched…yes you guessed it correct…we must find a balance….Namaste

  18. I find myself continually amazed by the wisdom of Yogi Sadhguru. The way he presents and positions his arguments is masterful. He begins with the abstract, “The fear is simply because you are not living with life, you are living in the mind,” and goes on to dissect and define this proclamation. It is so scary to see how powerful our minds are at keeping us from reality. I am always thinking of the unforeseeable possibilities that lay ahead of me as a consequence I am often in a state of anxiety. I thought this was unavoidable but now I see that this state is merely a device of my own creation. I’m not sure how I will not indulge my desire to think of all the “what ifs” and “maybes” that the future might hold. I think practices like Isha Kriya help to distance ourselves from the trappings of the mind.

  19. Sadhguru is brilliant! His words on fear were so simple, it is such a simple concept to understand, but something I have never thought of before. A lot of my fear turns into anxiety and states of feeling overwhelmed beyond my control-but Sadhguru is absolutely correct- the fear is only in my imagination. Very glad I heard that video. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I wish that this discussion on fear was longer and provided more depth in regard to this idea about fear. Basically, Sadhguru is stating that fear exists when we live in our mind and anticipate what is going to happen next. That seems logical enough, but when he began using the word insanity, this did not sit right with me. Does fearing something that has not happened yet really make one insane? For example, if you have not prepared for a test and fear that you may fail – does this make you insane? Or are you relying on memory of past experiences to make a logical prediction about the future? And as a result of making this prediction, a rational fear exists? An individual may know that when they do not prepare for their exams, they are more likely to have less academic success. So even though this failure has not yet occurred, it seems rational.

    Overall, I suppose I disagree with Sadghuru simply in that he seems to think that fear overall is quite insane and irrational. While fear is not helpful, and being present in reality can alleviate fear, I think that he might be too critical of this natural emotion. Additionally, what about the physiological fight-or-flight response when individuals face danger? This is something that we cannot control, and I would be curious to hear what Sadghuru would have to say about this evolutionary response to threat. As previously stated, I wish he had provided a more in-depth explanation of his ideas about fear so that I might better understand what he is trying to say.

    • Fight or flight is a natural responsive reaction usually to some threatening action upon us and is a safety mechanism that we all have and employ when in harms way. If one has an exam and has not studied for it and then spends time worrying that you may fail, why not spend the time however much is left studying, worrying is only going to divert whatever mental/intellectual powers one may have left to be eaten up with stress and worry. If one anticipates failing due to having wasted time and been unprepared for exams and failed in the past…and uses this anticipation to push oneself to study more…this may be a useful tool to get the studying done. Perhaps one day you may see that sometimes when we hear things that we think is harsh after some experiences later on we may see that if we had paid heed to the advice it may have prevented us from ongoing disappointment, failures, etc. Some learn by examples set by others, some can apply knowledge and try it on for oneself and determine it is valid to keep and others learn by making their own errors over and over until they get tired and figure it out. We all have choices how we will carve our lives…wishing you the best with your choices…Namaste

  21. I think this is one of the best videos we’ve had to watch I think you should show this to everyone around midterms and finals. This is something I believe everyone should hear. When Sadhguru said your not living with life your living in the mind. Hearing this is like something you knew but you needed to hear again to remind yourself. I worry about a lot of things and I guess this is another form of fear. A fear of things I can’t control and I need to learn that I can worry or fear about the things I can’t control. Like Sadhguru said I’m making myself insane which is very true. Also, there is this constant fear of what about tomorrow or next week, and you forget to live for today. And that isn’t living
    Thank you for sharing this message.

  22. Sadhguru keeps catching me off guard- the whole set up to explaining fear was amazing; I never thought about fear as being imaginary and non existent as opposed to instinctive (or rooted from memory). Since there is no fear, then its safe to say it is something we manipulatively create and let manifest to the surrounding situation at the moment. I can see how little stupid things on a daily basis can amount to living in a lot of fear, for no reason because it is imaginary! We are all a little insane then…


  23. This is a very powerful statement, though I have heard it many times in many different ways it is always an exciting reminder. Sometimes I feel trapped and haunted by what I perceive to be my mistakes but I know that I am suffering from imaginary things. Our society supports this level of insanity because it keeps us doing its will. Thankfully there are many wonderful teachers in the world who inspire people to awaken from this craziness. I very much hope to one day be among them but for now I’m my biggest project!

  24. I have a habit of needing a plan for the future, living by to-do lists, and counting days on calendars, I’m increasingly becoming more aware of how it separates me from the present. But it is hard to think about the present in an institution that revolves around preparing for the future and meeting deadlines. I think it is still worth the challenge to take time out to recognize the past and our imagination without them consuming us and turning into fears. If I cared more about the present moment, I would be stressed less often and appreciate more.

  25. This ties in well with the other excerpt of the week. Sadhguru makes a wholly valid argument concerning the value of present moments and I thought his concept of “socially accepted insanity” was very clever. It is important to utilize the present to the best of one’s ability, for the sake of creating a better life for oneself. There is a quote on the internet that says something like, “90% of human productivity lives in a magical place called ‘tomorrow'”, and with that quote I agree as well. It is important to realize that progress can be made every day with the right outlook and attitude.

  26. I think that presence, as well as acceptance of what is present, is always the goal. It is hard to live in life if you cannot accept what makes up the present. Maybe what is happening seems dull and our mind starts to drift to make the moment more stimulating, or the present may feel to painful so we make distractions for ourselves. It is extremely difficult to come to acceptance that the present is ok as it is. Demands for attachment are usually what generate my fear. When I think this moment is so great I wish it never to end, but it always will. The fear comes when I believe that my will can create a permanence in an impermanent world. It also comes when the present is painful. The same system happens. I find that I cannot avoid pain and fear comes that it will then return later in life. The answer for me is to live in presence, and accept what is present whether it is uncomfortable or pleasing, or dull or exciting.

  27. Not living with life you’re youre living in your mind. Your fear is about that which does not exist. if youre suffering from fear that is a level of insanity. if youre suffering from anything that doesnt exist youre not rooted in reality. If youre rooted in reality there will be no fear. So if we start living without worrying about the future as much and just focusing on the present we wont have fear.

  28. I agree with what he is saying, that if we live in the moment, grounded in reality, then our fears should vanish. But I also found this YouTube comment to be valid, as well: “arkantos143: but a rational mind can foresee things and plan accordingly…turning a blind eye to the future possibilities and saying I wouldn’t worry is not exactly sanity!!” While I believe it’s necessary to find time to be in the moment, I also believe thinking about the future, or worrying, to be instinctual. Yet, despite the fact that it is “instinctual”, this doesn’t mean it can’t be turned off for a bit. This (“turning it off”) is something we should try to do as often as possible.

  29. Wow. This just blew everything wide open, I resonated so powerfully with this. Thank you for this video, I can already see what great mantras his wisdom could make in my day to day life.

  30. I agree there is beneficial types of fears and also when one develops the ability to face and overcome their own fears it gives a boost to self-confidence. As humans we will never be rid of fears completely and its really a matter of how we choose to face them and/or live and let them rule us…OM

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