Watch my Favorite Teacher & Yogi – Sadhguru – “No Fear in the Now” – on YouTube


No Fear in the Now – YouTube.

This is a quick glimpse of my favorite Yogi Sadhguru on YouTube it is less than two minutes, please do have a watch and be inspired!!! Just click the link above….



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  1. I found this video short but powerful. Sadhguru says so much in such few words. Our fear is irrational. We live in anxiety and fear, yet it does not even exist. That which we fear is often the future. We fear what will happen next, and thus we fear the nonexistent. We live too much in our minds. I can see this everyday. We are afraid that we may be rejected by peers, creating insane scenario’s in our heads. We are afraid of failure, even though we just need to work to succeed. We fear so much that we cannot enjoy life. We fear that people are not who we want them to be, so we recede within ourselves. We fear humiliation on social media. Our generation is so much more afraid because of social media and the standards of beauty. We are afraid that our lives will not turn out right. We are afraid that people will think we are failures. We have to stop living in a nonexistent world. We cannot control what will happen, we can only control the moment. If we stop worrying about the future, we can work in the moment so that our futures will fall into place. Thus, we practice yoga to focus on present self improvement and to forget the world. We focus on the body, energy, and breathing. We connect with energy and calm ourselves. We learn how to live outside the mind, and we are free.

  2. Even though this is a short video there is a lot to unpack and a lot you could miss. The things he said I can conceptualize and it is something I have kept in mind partly but it is something incredibly difficult to put into practice. It takes so much self control in order to bring you mind back to its current state and into reality , it is a long and taxing and process of consciousness than many people , even though they may be aware , don’t bother. However being aware of your fear, and being able to bring yourself back into the present from that fear is the only way to live genuinely . if you are not in control of your fear you will not only injure yourself but all those you come in contact with in your day to day life. If one is not careful it can lead to cycles of toxicity towards ones soul and inflict permanent damage to your light ( and those around you). As easy as it is to say just stay grounded in reality it is actually something that takes effort on your part every day of your life , if you are not aware of it for sometime that means you are letting it manifest. And so in order to be grounded in reality one must work on active day to day consciousness of your , body, thoughts, and existence.

  3. We fear because we are not living in the now, we are living in our heads. The fear of what is going to happen next, but why if that hasn’t happened yet? Living in the now will make you not that the fear of the future because you are not living in your mind, in that imaginative world that people create in their heads, that world of the “WHAT IF”. I thought this video was really short but really powerful because it is true, what should we be scared of something that hasn’t happened yet, in our imagination, it is crazy, insane and he said it. His words in the video made me realize how weird we are as humans.

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