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  1. This is exactly what I needed! “Our lives should not be the pursuit of happiness but an expression of Joy.” This makes perfect sense because as long as we are pursuing happiness, we are never granted it since we are constantly trying to obtain it. If we express the happiness we have, we will be in constant possession of happiness and we can be fulfilled while becoming more open at the same time. I have seen clearly how expectations and pursuit of joy through our relationships has tarnished them and created tensions between people. I think it is of most importance to realize how finding our happiness “self-starter” is key in making our relationships better because people will notice and follow suit. We cannot depend on other people for happiness because that is not their burden but our own.

  2. This video was so moving and insightful there was nothing I could besides pass it on to my friends and family. Sadhguru goes about explaining relationships beautifully. It is so important to know who you are first and foremost in a relationship, to know your true self independent of anyone else. Once you have that mutual understanding with yourself and your lover, love will come and wash over you in magnificent waves. So often in life we hear and see people in relationships simply because they feel it will fill a void in their life that they find necessary to be filled with anything, this is the worst and most destructive way to go about any form of a relationship and love. Relationships are meant to bring out the best in each and every person, and until you know what that is about yourself you need to work most importantly on the relationship you have with yourself.

    • Alana, I am glad that you found the video and Sadhguru’s teaching valuable and will share it with others…however, did you review this one just for enrichment or get it confused with the assignment dated for 8/1 “Listen to…” let me know, thanks

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