Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube


Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube.

The artwork is a print by one of my favorite artists Alkananda Mukerji.  The link above this text is for a YouTube video that is quite informative about the science behind Sanskrit mantras.  A lot of information is there about the Sacred  Gayatri  Mantra.  I share this to hopefully influence those new to yoga and mantra to understand what an amazing benefit it is to partake and utter the mantras.  Some westerners feel that it is an afront to their religious beliefs but it is definitely not that but a support for life to move on in a supported manner irrespective of religious background.  There are so many languages and dialects in India that depending on who is doing the translation it may vary widely.  As I have studied in a few  schools in various states in India I have synthesized the Gayatri into the following: We invoke the energies of the heavens, stars, planets, suns, moons, stars, earth and atmosphere to be fully infused within and around us during our sadhana (yoga practice as when I most share this with other participants.)  Gayatri may be invoked at any time or place, the more the better!  Don’t be shy, utter the mantras, lift up and shine, Namaste

n.b. Share here your different translations of Gayatri Mantra in the comment section below,  and would love to read your different versions about Gayatri the goddess married to the Sun-God, thanks!


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  1. What I like most about Gayathri Mantra as described by this video, is that this mantra is for everyone and not tied down to a specific religion or type of person. The idea of this being a universal mantra is the most beautiful to me.

    Similar to the post we read “The Power of Chanting”, this video calls to mind the importance of words not only for communication but as to the affects they have on our spirits and bodies. Like the video says, there are so many visible and invisible glands in our is like an invisible world. The sound waves created by the Mantra can lead us to a higher spiritual understanding and overall more health and happiness.

    I have also always wanted to learn about the different chakras, and this video has inspired me to do some research!

  2. The Gayathri Mantra does not belong to a singular group, religion, or even language. Rather it belongs to all, making it the universal mantra. When chanting the prayer, humanity is being represented and the final line of the mantra is a request for the universal creator to enlighten our intellect. Within the human body are certain glands than hold specific energies – among them are the six energy centers of the body. But all the energy glands in the body can be stimulated, and reciting mantras can help with that stimulation more than just regular utterances of words. The twenty-four letters in the Gayathri Mantra are connected to twenty-four glands within the human body. The sound vibrations produced through the chants connect to the cycle that exists one’s being and the universe. Through stimulating of those energy glands, wisdom and one’s place within the universe can be activated with a better flow of energy through the body.

  3. We are all individuals with our own form of identity, so the fact that the Gayathri Mantra is not tied to a specific lifestyle is comforting. it also seems to point to humans as a collective, and not just as individuals. We are all here on this plan together, and to see an idea that is universally shared and possible practiced my help use relate to one another. Even by stating the words that activate the different glands and hidden one as well. It only adds the possibilities given that you can activate such specific parts of the body just by speaking different syllabus of the mantra.

  4. The Gayathri Mantra is not connected to one individual experience. It is a universal mantra beneficial to all people – not mattering who the persons are. The mantra’s utterance affects different glands within the body and therefore creates different types of energies within its speaker and the world around them. This is because of the utterance of the different vibrations created by the mantra’s utterance aloud.

    I find this mantra particularly interesting because of the fact that it’s not directed towards a particular person or group. I enjoy spiritual things that are not aimed towards specific people, but rather benefit the world and the energies around others. I think that using this mantra to grow yourself is wonderful, and the fact that you can add to the universal world around you is also quite nice. By representing humanity it bridges us all together as one universal people.

    I am interested in looking more into this mantra and others like it, thank you for the introduction!

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