Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube


Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube.

The artwork is a print by one of my favorite artists Alkananda Mukerji.  The link above this text is for a YouTube video that is quite informative about the science behind Sanskrit mantras.  A lot of information is there about the Sacred  Gayatri  Mantra.  I share this to hopefully influence those new to yoga and mantra to understand what an amazing benefit it is to partake and utter the mantras.  Some westerners feel that it is an afront to their religious beliefs but it is definitely not that but a support for life to move on in a supported manner irrespective of religious background.  There are so many languages and dialects in India that depending on who is doing the translation it may vary widely.  As I have studied in a few  schools in various states in India I have synthesized the Gayatri into the following: We invoke the energies of the heavens, stars, planets, suns, moons, stars, earth and atmosphere to be fully infused within and around us during our sadhana (yoga practice as when I most share this with other participants.)  Gayatri may be invoked at any time or place, the more the better!  Don’t be shy, utter the mantras, lift up and shine, Namaste

n.b. Share here your different translations of Gayatri Mantra in the comment section below,  and would love to read your different versions about Gayatri the goddess married to the Sun-God, thanks!


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  1. This article/video reminds me of the quote, “you get back what you put out into the universe.” If you are projecting negativity, then you will live a miserable life. If you are projecting love and happiness, all positive things will come your way. I have known that we humans are connected to the universe and all the happenings of life, I am beginning to understand and learn of the divine power each one of us hold. This video is very helpful in understanding that.

    Thank you Professor.

    Simone Evans

    • Simone, so glad you have logged on and started your assignment…do also view September 11 Post…”Staying healthy” to get credit for one absence. If you want to recover another do let me know and I will let you know the next two to review, Happy Holidays. OM

  2. This video is very influential because i do believe that us humans are connected to the universe in many ways. As Simone said in her comment earlier, “You get what you put out to the universe”, I am a firm believer in this. if we mistreat the earth, that bad treatment will come around back to us. We should be able to thank mother nature for the beautiful things around us, instead of trying to destroy it. We gain so much from nature and the universe that we should be able to reciprocate it back. By doing some research on Sanskrit mantras, it has shown by “Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words.” Thank you for sharing this video with me because it has confirmed the power and effect we do hold in the universe.

    Latisha Long

  3. I do like how the video clearly explains the purpose of the mantras, with interesting imagery. I am now more understanding of the purpose of chanting/uttering the mantras, as their uses are purely beneficial. It is indeed worthwhile to stimulate the energies within ourselves, to become more rooted in our spiritual energies.

    Ezekiel D.

  4. The thing I find interesting about all this is that all these health benefits are natural. Before medicine, what would people do to take care of their bodies? The practice of yoga seems like a healthier, easier (not to mention cheaper) way of caring for oneself without the aid of external substances. I have found that I feel healthier just by taking the class. If you follow the guidelines and really allow yourself to get into it, it seems the best way to take care of yourself.

  5. This video was very informative and helped me really understand the sometimes odd noises we make in class truly do have a purpose and how other mantras could truly help me connect deeper during yoga and meditation to my inner being and the universe. We perpetuate our energy out into the universe and this video actually helps to reflect and be mindful of that it actually reminded me a lot of the book “The Four Agreements” which hits on the same topics and our place in the universe.

    Ashley Sabino

    • Thanks for taking the time to watch this video and being open to new ideas…and thanks for the smoothie website I will share it….there is a PC club
      Yoga Health Academy at Purchase College (On FaceBook) and there are some similar websites that we post from…but we can never have too much info! OM

  6. The video is very interesting in the way that she explains how the mantras, specifically Gayathri Mantras work on the body physically. Its incredible how, through vibrations of certain syllables, the body can be opened up to receive energy-if one is actively engaged in it.

    • Mikael, Gayathri is a powerful invocation we use in Yoga, glad you did see this…but know the assignment is for “Stay healthy…9/11/2012…do review and leave your comments for full credit, thanks.

  7. Gayathri mantra transcends religions, cultures, and artificially created divisions within humanity. Rather, it is all-encompassing, embracing all of humanity and the entire universe. This mantra is extremely empowering. In reciting this mantra, one is faced with the recognition of the boundless extent of the universe. This in itself is deeply purifying, because in recognizing the limitlessness of the universe, one can recognize the simplicity of their individual life in relation to the bigger picture.

    I have incorporated Isha Kriya in my every day practice. I find it to be deeply rewarding. It allows me to entirely bring myself to the present moment. Throughout the duration of the time I spend doing Isha Kriya, I find myself gaining a tremendous amount of inner peace. I find that through the practice of this deep breathing, I am able to achieve a state of relaxation that I have never experienced before. Not only does it facilitate mental quietude and inner peace, but it forces me out of my thoughts and brings me completely into the present moment. I have found an improvement in my levels of anxiety and stress. On top of this, I have also seen an improvement in focus and concentration. This is a great tool to have. It allows you to discard useless thoughts and only focus on what is important.

  8. The energies that lie in glands, the shakras, are known to yogis but not always to others. It is interesting how accents of different words make different glands stimulated. I was not aware at how scientific mantras can be. It is amazing how there is so much technical information about Gayathri mantras, and I wouldn’t have known this information if I had not watched the video. It is one thing to learn it, but to practice it makes it all the more easier to understand. It is interesting to know the science about mantras, specifically with the explanation of sound vibrations. When we do mantras, the sound vibrations target nerves in our mouth which then stimulates specific glands. I never knew how to explain how I felt when I meditated and used mantras, but I felt a strong physical sensation whenever I partook in mantras, especially with other people.

    – Lilah

  9. This video about the science of the mantra was incredibly interesting. Gayathri Mantra, directly translates means “universal mantra”. It does not derive from a specific point of origin therefor cannot be attributed to a specific country or religion. Instead, it is a mantra of the universe, of everyone and its science begins inside of the individual. Twenty-Four different spouts of energy are located in specific glands in a perpendicular line from the top of the head to the bottom of the sitting body. Mantras are therefor the adherence to and the feeding of these energy glands through vocal utterances. The narrator of the video draws on the scientific and spiritual, which often coincide, relationships between sound and the physical body and ultimately the symbiotic relationship between the body, its energy and the universe.
    Throughout this video, pictures of the universe are displayed reminding us that the mantras are of the universe and that our internal energies are energies of the universe. Based on astronomical research, it is so that literally everything we see, touch, know, is all made of the stuff thats left over after a star reaches the end of its time and explodes—stardust. Stardust is the source of life, energy and material existence. We are all made of stardust therefor so is are source of energy and its perpetualness. The science of the Gayathri Mantra is in fact, a conceptualization, understanding, and channeling of this intimate relationship that we have with the universe. Through the Mantra we sustain this relationship with the universe and remind ourselves of the diasporic and complex totality that is our universe.

  10. The Gayathri Mantra or “Universal Mantra”, activates nerves and glands in our mouth and throughout the body. The mantra is not specific to any religion, but acknowledges a higher power within the universe. The wording mantra itself, although it is said in Sanskrit, is beautifully translated in English (I looked it up again after listening to this video). Although the entire mantra must be said and is organized a certain way to activate our nerves, I enjoy the way it ends, “May He open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect”. The mantra has scientific benefits that can been felt if the the use of vibrations which the mantra invokes are followed in their proper sequence along with the OMs. Using this mantra can achieve a level of spirituality and benefits, where ones body and mind acknowledge that it exists as one with the universe.

  11. Leah Ashton-Facin
    I have practiced Isha Kriya twice this week, once midday and once in the evening. I have noticed the benefits that this video discusses. The video mention the specific glands that are targeted and stimulated when chanting. Specific energies are able to be targeted when chanting. This brings into play the fludity between body and mind which is something that I have noticed every time I practice Isha Kriya. The chants help to connect these two by enabling a direct influence over to mind from the body. The line between quickly blurs and I am one as a being, central, and present. Everything begins to escape me yet I am still connected only to something larger. The concept of the Gayatri Mantra being owned by the universe but not by country or religion also contributes to this fluidity that Isha Kriya helps me to experience. It is a practice which helps to distort my regular perception and intake of information in order to calm me into mediation. Doing these practices has helped me to understand this level of coexistence.

  12. I truly believe that we are connected to the universe in many ways. I find that when I put positive energy out into the world, usually that energy is returned and that if a very wonderful feeling to me. Sometimes if I’m in a bad mood everything else looks and feels bleaker, and I find these two things to be facinating. To constantly to remind yourself that you are one with the universe is to constantly reaffirm that your every day actions matter, not only to you but to those around you. You never know how your actions and energies can help someone else, sometimes in small, but meaningful ways. To me, this thought process ties into compassion and empathy for other people around you, because if you are one with the universe it means we are one with each other as well. It is important to always be mindful of the energy you put out.

  13. Interesting to learn about the outcomes and benefits of gayatri mantra and how it is known as belonging to the whole universe. This video brought to my attention how yoga truly is the natural cure for the body and how it helps to find a deeper connection within the universe which something I’ve never put much thought into. I have a different perspective now after viewing this video. It’s striking to know how vibrations made with our mouth are released as certain energies throughout the body. It made me then to think how vulnerable and personal the human lips are. We all as individuals bring a powerful message to the universe and it is up to each of us to think about what we portray into the world. In other words this also means that what we put in to the space is what you receive back. Therefore, bringing positive energy into your life is what the universe will give back to you.

  14. This video about the science of the mantra was fascinating to me. Gayathri Mantra, when translated, means “universal mantra”. This is a beautiful sentiment, as there is no specific region of origin of the phrase, truly making it a mantra of the universe for all creatures of earth. The Gayathri Mantra begins within the individual, in which twenty-four separate spouts of energy can be found. When seated, these glands lie perpendicularly from each other, from the top of the head, to the bottom of said seated body. The Mantras are a method of feeding and cohering to the needs of these energy glands through specific vocal cues (such as the OHM).
    Throughout this video, the narrator speaks of the almost symbiotic relationship between the body and the universe through their energies. The video also shows various pictures of the universe throughout, showing reminding us that this is a mantra of the universe, and our energy is that of the universe as well. The mantra is a reminder that we are created from the universe, formed from stardust hundreds of millions of years ago. It is through this Mantra that we reconnect with the universe that gave us this gift of life, and live harmoniously within it, sharing our energies.

  15. I admit I was uncomfortable with chanting at first, especially with others. It was not that I thought it an affront to my religion but I found myself feeling as though everyone would look and hear me. I was surprised that I enjoyed participating in the chant, in hearing my voice resonate and fold into the others, and not knowing where it began or ended. One bit of the video I took with me is the notion that when we say the mantra we are representing all of humanity. After hearing that It made a lot of sense in thnking about the collective OM and how powerful,that moment can be.

    I don’t necessarily believe that the mantra us affects, or draws or repels atoms of a like nature. I think that can’t be proven but it is nice to think. At minimum it gives us a feeling of control over our surroundings, it enlivens us and brings us to a place of mindful awareness of our body and our world. I think the mantra certainly has a centering, calming and connecting effect but as far as the atomic science – I’m not sold.

  16. I had never considered the idea that certain words, are associated with certain body functions and feelings. I wonder if there’s an English equivalent. If you speak positively you feel better I suppose. But if you say certain letters/sounds/word perhaps that are considered negative (the letter n comes to mind), perhaps your body functions worse. Maybe you’re more likely to be sick. I bet singing and chanting only multiplies these potential effects.

  17. I was most interested in the connection between the physical production of a sound and vibration can open the body up to receive energy. It made me think that we have the ability to access different levels of consciousness despite the rational belief that we cannot. I’ve personally felt the vibrations and exhales with sound have helped me with my practice in releasing the energy inside of me, making room for new energy. Additionally I like not being attentive to my own sound as the whole class makes their own, in unison your voice becomes part of a larger hum that can be relaxing but also freeing.

  18. We have come full circle regarding our health. Eastern philosophies had some of the most complex and complete ideas about taking care of one’s body. Yoga kept the body in balance, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Once Western science came about, we decided that anything that was not discovered by westerners was not valid. We frowned upon Eastern philosophy and medicine, and we relied on the drugs that were being created in labs. When yoga came back into fashion, many were skeptical of it, but now Western Science has done studies that confirm the benefits of yoga. At least we have more people who may feel open to trying something new. Of course, it leads me to wonder about what other eastern practices that may enter mainstream self-care within the next few years.

  19. It is my first time knowing the word “mantra”. Even in my Chinese culture that we have not been knowledge much about mantra. I feel interesting that how it could connect our inner energy with the universe. It really seems like a spell that bring us health benefit. I would definitely do more research on mantra.

    I did Isha Kriya three days this week, twice during afternoon and once before bed. I figure out that it is helpful to do Isha Kriya during afternoon when I couldn’t pay more attention on my work. It is fairly like an energy drink that boost up my poor energy. Moreover, I started to connect Isha Kriya with my living. My breathing have the most improvement. I would try to inhale and exhale deeply for every breath that I am taking! It makes me feel more relax.

  20. The Universal Mantra is a beautiful mantra that glorifies the creator of the universe. I truly loved that it is not exclusive and in fact is welcoming to all people in the world. During the universal mantra you pray to have your mind illuminated by the creator. The 7 chakras are used to create energy and vibrations that help you reach a higher spiritual place. This mantra is beautiful and I like that it is not self serving at all. The goal is to glorify the creator instead of getting yourself to a higher state of being.

    I did the Isha Kriya four times this week. This past week has been stressful with the opera in full swing, one day during intermission in a full dress rehearsal I did the IK. I felt so anxious before and after I felt this sense of peace. The IK has actually been helping me to calm my nerves for auditions and I have noticed that I no longer sleep late because I feel so well rested since I do the IK at night time.

  21. This video was very interesting, and I always love learning about scientific evidence that supports practicing yoga, because it gives people who may be skeptical about yoga’s benefits proof that it really is very effective. I had no idea that certain sounds can activate our glands in specific places. I thought that the chants and mantras helped us focus on our breath and block out other thoughts and worries, but seeing the connection between the sounds we make and our inner state makes them seem more vital to practicing than I had previously thought. I no longer play the video while practicing my Isha Kriya, but always chant the phrases and the oms. This is probably largely attributable to the clarity and lowered anxiety I feel after I practice. The oms in particular are very soothing when I say and hear them. I want to start practicing before bed, in addition to my practice when I wake up. I keep forgetting, or deciding that I am too tired or busy to start, but I know that I will not feel this way if I actually practice before bed. I have started dedicating short periods of time to focusing on my abdominal breathing, typically when I feel especially stressed. It helps me relax, and commit to what I can do in that moment. I think practicing twice daily, while focusing on my breathing intermittently throughout my day, will really help me be more effective and calm by leaving things that are not currently relevant for when they are. I usually have a lot going on between work and school, but if I can prioritize my obligations and fully immerse myself in whatever is presently most important, I will be much more effective in fulfilling all of my obligations.

  22. Learning about the different energy centres and mantras in the body help to stimulate awareness and activity in ones lifestyle. By sending energy and pressure on these glands, one is able to awaken the body and open up blockages. This invisible world that we are able to unlock is exhilarating. Vibrations, such as OM, regulates and sending specific energies throughout the body. Gayathri Mantras guide you to purifications of the body and mind,

    “Ultimately god is leading us on the right path.” I am a firm believer in god leading the way and creating our path. I try and always stay open minded and open hearted to new opportunities and experiences the universe gives me

    The Isha Kreha practice has allowed me to create time and space in my mind and body. By focusing on my breath, and narrowing down my thoughts, I am able to reach a new awareness of being. I like to but pressure on different parts of my body such as, hand pressure points, center of my forehead, heart. This allows me to follow the energy and cleanse it.

    I am looking forward to continue to reach and continue to awakening my mantras and shockras!

  23. In this video I found it interesting when she talked about the importance of chanting mantras. She said that the utterances of different words have different impacts which charge different glands. She said that activating these glands that we start to activate certain abilities in out body, like healing ourselves. The vibrations in our body can connect us with different parts of our body and the universe, making us closer to our earth, and further from our ego. When we chant with sincerity we truly activate our glands and we can do better for our bodies in this way.

    When she says “you get back what you put in the world” I found that very true to my own life. I believe very strongly in karma and “what goes around comes around”. I think that everyone should follow this way of life because if we all realize that what we put out, we get back, then bad people would only get bad things coming back at them. But if everyone did good in the world, then everyone would get good things

  24. A mantra is a sound or word repeated to aid concentration in meditation. A gayatri mantra is a mantra dedicated to the Sun deity. What a beautiful thought and exploration, not only through the spiritual but also through the scientific. I found this to be an extremely interesting video, it was purely informative and objective. I thoroughly appreciated this mention of how this mantra does not belong to one religion but to the universe. This statement is inclusive to all of humanity. What a beauty! We are constantly figuring out labels for this or that or groups or seclusion, but here we are together. We can all exist here, true and pure humanism.

    I was not aware that there is a science to sound. I mean yes, I understood the existence of sound waves but not how these sound waves can affect our physical body. Thinking about it, I realized that sounds have such a strong effect on our bodies. Really, really thinking about I can remember a few moments where sounds have affected my physical being. Being younger, if I heard this specific genre of music that related to anger, my stomach began to hurt. This had to be one of my energies being penetrated; affecting one of the glands associated to my gut. This is such an interesting perspective. Now I understand, why I enjoy these chants. Something much larger exists within these sounds. These energies, I know they are large, I can truly feel them in a room when chanting is present.

    The seven ohms is also seen through the Isha Kriya. I have always wondered about this number. It is such a symbolic and prevalent number, even historically. To be truthful, it is also my favorite number. I have been practicing my Isha Kriya every morning at 7am. The progress has not only been showing through the physical practice but also in my daily routine. I have been able to feel stronger energies around me, this sensibility has built my sympathy and apathy. I am grateful for this practice. May it continue to grow and show through other forms.

  25. Name: Tyler L.

    This video was very hard for me to relate to because I don’t feel that I am a very spiritual person. It definitely interested me but i just felt like I just couldn’t relate. This is something I wish to work on for sure. One part of the video discussed the 7 chakras and how they are used to create vibrations and energy to bring you to a higher spiritual level so that might be something I should start practicing to help me get that spiritual level that I feel that im lacking.

    I have practiced my IK all 4 times this week and the last time I decided to ask a friend to practice it with me. It was hard to concentrate at first because they never practiced IK before and felt little nervous but eventually we were both able to focus and complete the full practice. We both agreed to practice it together once a week and hopefully they will eventually be able to practice with me all 4 times that I do.

  26. This video is talking about the Gayathri Mantra, which translates as Universal Mantra. It is dedicated to the creator of the universe. The mantra also works physically on nerves to stimulate the senses. She also says “you get back what you put in the world”, which is basically saying “what goes around, comes around”. It means that what you give to the world, the world is going to give it back to you, so it is kind of like karma.

  27. Before beginning yoga classes i always was skeptical about how chanting and mattress could benefit someone. Now that i have been exposed to it and actually participated in doing these chants and mantras, I do find that it helps the mind to relax and only focus on the task at hand.

    I have done the Ik only 3 times this week. I usually aim for 4 but this week had been quite hectic. I still practice at night before bed and I do still find that it helps me to be more relaxed and fall asleep faster when it is time fee me to go to sleep.

  28. I found that when they were talking about the regard of the mantra. That it is not limited by anyone, it is truly universal. The importance of vibrations was something that was of personal interest. Understanding how they work so positively help me understand the practice well. Chanting while using these vibrations is a way of finding a balance for myself.

    For my own Isha Kriya, it has become a part of my daily routine. While doing it now I have come to notice that it helps me work through congestion in the humidity and the cold. Each day that I do the Isha Kriya I find myself to feel better. Usually, towards this time of the year, it comes with stress and sleep deprivation which leads to sickness. With doing the Isha Kriya it has helped balance myself and prevent such things.

  29. The video explained the benefits and meanings of chanting. It was really interesting to know that sound stretches off to different parts of the body, I didn’t know that it could carry within the body.I also didn’t know that there were 24 different glands that can benefit from yoga and chanting that activate when stimulated. It is very amazing to learn what the body can do as well as various ways your can create positive energies within it and it is nice to know that chanting is one of them. I for one always like to feel the vibrations within and around me when chanting OM, it makes me feel almost as if i am floating as well as reviving different parts inside of me.

    In regards to my IK practice, I like to elongate the chanting to fill my room with my vibrations, it really helps me feel refreshed when I am done with my practice. I will usually do it before I go to the library because it helps me feel level headed, focused and calm.

  30. The vibrational energy produced by chanting mantras, press upon certain glands in the body. Vibration of the sounds resound in the universe and attract similar atoms that then return to the chanter, generating beautiful energy. This is why chanting mantras are so powerful. There are spiritual and physical implications of chanting, awakening divinity.

    Gayathri mantra transcends religions, cultures, and artificially created divisions within humanity. Rather, it is all-encompassing, embracing all of humanity and the entire universe. This mantra is extremely empowering. In reciting this mantra, one is faced with the recognition of the boundless extent of the universe. This in itself is deeply purifying, because in recognizing the limitlessness of the universe, one can recognize the simplicity of their individual life in relation to the bigger picture.

    I practiced Isha kriya four times this week, it has become so intrinsic to my weekday habit that it is now no longer even necessary to make special accommodations to my schedule to do it.

  31. In my practice of the IK, I’ve noticed that I’ve become better suited to deal with stress and my days have started much better than before. I’ve recognized the benefits of the vocalization associated with my yoga practice. It felt strange at first, but now I can see how it’s important as it activates certain glands. For instance, I have grown to like the feeling in and around my body as I chant OM. It makes me more in tune with my body.

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