Staying healthy during the seasonal changes


As the seasons change we need to put in place aids to maintain good health.  For our diets if we can keep our systems free of acidity which means really to have an alkaline balance we may stay free of colds and other illnesses.  Do you find yourself catching colds easily and/or frequently?  Do you notice that your tongue has a grayish coating? Do you notice that you have to urinate frequently? Oftentimes when we do not have the right mineral balance we cannot hold water in our system and we might easily change that by taking Himalayan salts once in the morning and once in the evening.  Himalayan salt crystals have about 108 minerals and the table salt only has 3.  One can take a half teaspoon in warm water and drink a glassful or my preferred way is to use the Himalayan salt crystals that come in a chunk size.  I keep the chunks in a glass jar with water and keep refilling.  I use it to cook with so that I am getting it throughout the day.  This ensures that the water that I drink goes fully into hydrating my cells instead of filling the toilet.  I see many who are athletic who are walking or jogging always carrying water bottles and visiting the bathroom regularly and I wonder why they invest so much for the toilet!   Next do you notice that you are craving sugary, salty and fatty foods regularly…these are telltale signs that our systems are acidic.  Also those who have a high meat/flesh diet often promote acidosis.  There is a cycle when sugar is craved next salt is craved, notice this cycle and know you may put a stop to it easily to prevent your immune system from being depleted and unable to fight off colds, flu and viruses.  When we are ready to break the cycle we can take alkaline foods and juices such as green juices.  Green juices and foods for example are:  kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, that we may add carrot and a little apple.  Also wheatgrass juice is so packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and most importantly chlorophyll  that builds our cells to its strongest.  For those who are not vegan, meaning they take dairy and meats, try during this time to limit both dairy and meats and stay with more green vegetables and fruits.  Grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, kiwis are some of the best choices for boosting the immune system and staying balanced.  Do look for my earlier posts about Apple cider vinegar (ACV) (look for September 1st post) and I recommend Bragg products only as they are organic and the highest quality made for this kind of health regimen.  I take 3 tablespoons in warm water along with a half teaspoon of turmeric powder every morning.  This ACV regimen is one of the best ways to make sure we can stay healthy and balanced.  For those new to this I recommend that you take one teaspoon at first to get use to the taste, in 8 ounces of warm water and you could choose to cut that with grapefruit juice to help get used to the taste.  Also some may choose to add agave for a sweetener that doesn’t have the calories of honey.  Honey does have excellent healing properties if it is truly organic and raw, which means you probably won’t find it in the supermarket chains but in a health food store or farmer’s market.  As I am staying with the vegan routine I am only keeping the raw organic expensive honey for emergencies like sore throat.  Being considerate of the bees is another gentler way to co-exist, as the bee population has been plagued by human ingestion.  We have so many other natural plant-based sweeteners like agave and stevia and also moving away from the sweet craving is what the whole post is about to prevent acidity.  When we decide to face our health and make decisions to eat for our health then we can make choices that are flavorful without damaging our systems.  The ACV regimen keeps our kidneys working to optimal levels flushing out toxins so they don’t fester into illness.  Do review the earlier posts about ACV and try to use only the Bragg product.  They have a great website that is packed with volumes of information about health, recipes, inspirational articles.  I often order my products from their website as they have sales regularly.  Do know that ACV is a very inexpensive item in most  stores and one of the best values for a healthy item for your home and body.  Stay well and share this with your friends and family….if we all are healthy there will be less germs spreading!!!! Namaste


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  1. ACV is wonderful. Growing up my mom always made us drink some if we had sinus problems. It does wonders for the body. I also try and stay away from salt and sugar as much as possible. I recently bought a juicer and have been using kale, ginger, wheatgrass, lemon and a few other fruits and veggies. I love it and it has helped me so much. I feel more energized, my skin is clearer, and I feel like my body is stronger. I think this combination with practicing the Isha Kriya five times a week is wonderful. I feel clearer in every way – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Lauren Burroughs

  2. While eating healthy is essential to everyone, it’s especially important to college students. Lack of sleep, bad diets, and stress leave students vulnerable to illness and fatigue. By simple eating healthier foods, your energy can skyrocket.
    I found this blog to be very interesting as I myself am a bit of a “health nut.” Himalayan salt sounds extremely interesting and you sold me on it’s health benefits; I’ll definitely try some out soon! Juicing is one of my favorite things, although it’s too messy to keep in my college apartment. I recently started using the Nutri Bullet, which breaks down the fruits and vegetables for easier metabolic absorption, keeping the fiber within the drink (which is a downside to juicing- no fiber!). I throw in leafy greens, frozen fruit, chia seeds, banana for texture and also Vega One protein powder. It’s gluten and dairy free, as well as soy free. I recently began to avoid dairy because my skin breaks out when eating things like cheese. It’s been hard to get enough protein without my usual standbys- cheese, milk, greek yogurt. Vega-One protein is all vegetable derived protein and gives me the nutrients I need.

    Isha Kriya:
    I practiced the Isha Kriya on Thursday morning, Saturday afternoon, twice on Monday, and once on Tuesday. The best practice I had so far was on Monday night. Lying awake and unable to sleep, I thought of the Isha Kriya and thought perhaps it would help me relax. I turned off the lights and sat on my floor and practiced the mantra. I felt so relaxed afterwards and the anxieties that were keeping awake disappeared into the back of my mind. I fell asleep so quickly after that! I found that it’s become easier to concentrate while practicing, and my back is slowly becoming used to sitting up straight!

    Kathryn McCurdy, Junior

    • A well written journal entry! Do check out for info regarding the amounts of protein found when injesting veggies! It’s a vegan website with loads of medical and scientific data and recipes and more. Stay with your Isha Kriya practice at least five times weekly and you will find the benefits building!

  3. I was interested of how ACV is healthy for you and make your body stay stronger and healthier in so many ways. Yes, sugar and salt can be unhealthy for you, but it is a natural ingredient to have for your body instead of having low fat and sugar free products. I know for myself when i go through having cravings for sweets, I was go for chocolate or coffee which shouldn’t be the case of having. I am trying to go for natural sweets like fruits and honey for tea. I am also trying to eat more vegetables and salads for the nutrients i need and staying healthy for my body.

    As for the Isha Kriya, the practice i had so far was Monday in class because I feel more relaxed at nights and knowing that I am menatating with others besides myself. I need to practice more of being myself and having close time to my body and mind without thinking.

    • Great that you are consciously eating for health! Do make the effort for the 5 times weekly Isha Kriya….you will lose the energetic pattern that is necessary for the full yogic development this semester which is the whole reason you are enrolled and it will affect your progress and grade…aren’t you worth taking care of? OM

  4. I am such a fan of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I try to drink it (diluted in some water) about 3-4 times a week, when the weather is changing. I grew up in a town that was fortunate enough to place a lot of emphasis on organic, from the earth, eating and staying well. I never really took a whole lot of medicine when I was little, and only rarely do I now. (My family were big fans of garlic pills- natures tylenol of sorts.) So much like Lauren I would take ACV for sinus infections and illnesses of that nature.

    As Kathryn pointed out, it’s much harder for college students to eat well. I include myself in that category. It’s such a large expense having to find the purest, produce when you’re at school. At home I’m part of a Co-Op and it was so nice to have fresh produce, that I helped to harvest available to me. When I do eat what’s being offered at school, I try to avoid anything processed, or any sorts of meat. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, I’m just very particular about the meats I eat. I like knowing where they came from, how they were raised, if the animals were exposed to antibiotics, things of that nature. However, as I said before I try to keep up with ACV while i’m at school, eating well, drinking lots of tea, sleeping a good amount, and practicing Isha Kriya!

    The Isha Kriya, so far has been a delight. I have been able to close my eyes for much longer, it’s also become a way for me to have a moment of self reflection. I know you’re not suppose to think about anything else beside your breathing. But, it gives me a nice moment to myself. Something that I think is very hard being a college student. I continue to sit against a wall, but hopefully as time goes on, I can ween myself away.

    Wendy Faiola

  5. I find this blog to be pretty helpful. I normally look to eat junk and snack a lot which I know isn’t the best thing to do. I actually never heard of Himalayan salt crystals and find it amazing on how much of a difference it has in minerals compared to regular salt. I think it is extremely important to watch what is eaten because it clearly has an impact on the body. Although it is very important, it is also very hard as a college student. There doesn’t seem too much of a healthy choice when it comes to food options on campus which is why it’s best to make food yourself if possible. Eating healthy is very ideal for keeping away from illnesses and I may very possibly look into this salt to cook with considering it is a great way to incorporate it into your system.

    I practiced the Isha Kriya on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,and Saturday. Each of those times were before I went to sleep except for Saturday in which i did it in the morning. I found the best times were at the end of the day so I can distress from everything else that was encountered during the day. I have also noticed better night sleeps after the Isha Kriya because my mind and body already has had a head start to relax.

  6. Being one who doesn’t get sick often nor catches many colds, I do love reading up on ways to keep my immune system continuously healthy. As I am not a vegan, it is hard for me to narrow down dairy and meat products, however; being away at school enables me to control what I eat more. I am not having my moms home cooked dinners all the time which usually include some type of meat. Allowing myself to eat a lot more vegetables and fruit this semester has enables me to feel healthier, especially since starting this yoga practice, I feel that I am in a healthier and more relaxed mind set. It is my first time doing yoga and I am looking forward to taking in consideration some of these new healthy choices. I am also not one who usually likes excess salt on any of my foods but I do find myself using the bathroom more than normal so I am worried that the water is not actually hydrating my body and is just moving straight towards the toilet. With saying that, I am excited to try putting some Himalayan salt crystals in water to try it out. Also, I have heard a lot about wheatgrass lately and how beneficial it is for the body. Wheatgrass juice seems to be a great option for keeping up with staying healthy during the winter especially. I am very much looking forward to these new ways!
    -Cheryl Fetky

  7. Also, I have practiced Isha Kriya once on Monday morning before I went to work, Monday night before I went to bed and after yoga, and this morning. Still not feeling very connected to the spiritual aspect I think I should be gaining from the Isha Kriya, I am going to continue practicing to see if any changes will eventually occur. In the morning it is bright in my room and at night I turn the lights off when practicing. The changing of the light does seem to help a little and I feel more relaxed when it is almost complete darkness. I think that maybe lighting a candle and stimulating some sort of sense will help me concentrate better and keep me more relaxed during the full practice.

    • Cheryl, certainly when you start to embellish your space and ready it for your meditation lots gets involved…do know the amount of time we have spent living without the practices and their benefits have to be met in time with equal practice and more to begin to resettle and create new energetic patterns…so do be patient and you will find the changes and benefits developing…that is one reason for the journals to document the process…OM

  8. I believe that a healthy diet is essential to boost the immune system and avoid sickness. I often experience bad allergies and cold during the changing of the seasons (usually summer to fall and during spring), and would love to know nutrition based ways to fight that. I didn’t know that Himalayan salt had so many great health benefits and minerals and I am very interested in incorporating it into my diet! I began to change my eating habits over a year ago by becoming vegetarian, but I still often eat many sweets and junk food like pizza. I truly believe the best diet to have is a very green based diet, and I am aiming to get there. I’m sure that If I avoided certain foods for a while I would notice a big difference in my energy levels.

    I continued to incorporate the isha kriya into my meditation practice this week. I noticed that energy moves around my third eye and after a few minutes into the meditation I feel my heart more and am more sensitive to kundalini energy and begin to feel a rotating effect. In some meditations my mind was more restless than others, but that is all part of the process. Overall a good practice!

  9. Apple cider vinegar is wonderful for the metabolism and cleaning out the body. I used to drink it diluted in water 5 days a week. It helped keep me fit and energized. I think it would be healthy for me to get back into the habit of drinking it with some meals. As a vegetarian I make a great effort to have a balanced diet with many sources of iron and protein. Many people say that vegetarians do not get enough of these substances, but I find anyone who is conscious of diet can find a balance of all the necessary vitamins. I would be fully vegan if it weren’t for my gluten intolerance. I’m curious about the acidity of my body and if it is significantly lower than most people’s because I leave meat off my plate. I do crave really sugary foods often, however, and I would like to try eating more greens this winter. As many of my classmates have pointed out, it is sometimes difficult to eat well in a college environment. But I haven’t tried the kale salad at the dining hall yet!

    As for the Isha Kriya I have found it truly rewarding. When I meditate I have a clearer mind and my focus is much better. Lately I’ve found I have better control of my emotions than usual. Finding time for myself and leaving my body for a moment is terribly therapeutic. I find that many people would have their spirits lifted if they practiced some sort of meditation. After I meditate I find myself more grateful for what I have and more accepting of what I don’t. It is a beautiful practice. My mentality has always been if I take care of myself, I will take care of everything else. I find the Isha Kriya to prove my mentality further.

    – Lucia Murphy

  10. Mary Dennis

    I found this post to be very educational and interesting to my health well-being. I did not know about ACV at all until I read this post. I find it interesting that ACV can prevent you from getting sick.I need the body did not hold water for long I was told to drink more Gatorade,because it stays in your system longer.I really do not get sick and then a few colds throughout the seasons.I tried to eat Five meals a day with in those five meals,trying to eat fruit and is hard for me to eat five Meals a I need a schedule which I’m going to try and add ACV in to.

    I haven’t started the Isha Kriya Yat. I was having troubles into my daily schedule and finding space to do it where no one’s going to do weird things why I have my eyes close.

    • You can use our classrooms for your privacy for IK, don’t delay as it takes regular steady practice to gain the benefits and you have lost time….you deserve the complete benefits. OM

  11. Keeping healthy is really something that becomes harder for me once I return to college from over the summer. The college meal plan is a world of acidity and non-organic products, and needless to say indulgent foods full of fat and salt.

    But following a better and healthier diet has its own rewards despite the potential expense (unless of course you find the right places that are around you). I cut out soda from my diet when I was around 12 years old, and instead only drank water; the effect was so much more energy and general stamina. It’s incredible what it can do.

    Lately I’ve promised myself to make an attempt to remain in a better healthy space; I’ve been trying to consume more greens (kale, broccoli…) and have been practicing Isha Kriya more often. Unfortunately I’ve been going through a bout of depression so it makes Isha Kriya both easier and more difficult. I’ve done it so far about three times this week when I feel generally ‘out of alignment.’ It tends to help, afterwards making me feel more centered and grounded.

    • Try making a regular commitment to carve out times that you may adhere to because our emotions fluctuate like the weather and the IK practice needs steady and regular usage to get the benefits….don’t you deserve to be your best? OM

  12. This post brought up some bad memories for me because I have often found myself getting sick during certain seasons and seasonal changes. Part of this is due to my seasonal allergies, but I can probably attribute the other part to not having the most ideal diet. As an athlete, I have to stay in shape so at the end of a long day, I admit, I can be a little as to what I eat because I don’t have the time to try to prepare a healthy meal. I definitely think I could start eating more of the fruits and perhaps getting a juicer. Also, I would like to try the ACV because that would help too. I think that if I improved my dietary habits, along with the continued practice of the isha kriya, I would feel a lot more energized.

  13. This post was particularly interesting to me, as I have read several books on vegan nutrition and the benefits of veganism, such as The China Study and The Engine 2 Diet. There are certainly many reasons to begin a vegan diet, for ethics, the environment, and personal health. While I still eat dairy on occasion, I have been vegetarian for almost 2 years, and it has definitely improved my overall health. I lost a significant amount of weight, my blood pressure went down to normal, and my energy improved. I have heard about body acidity before, and I could definitely believe it. I have gotten sick much less often since I stopped eating meat. I have never tried the Himalayan salt or apple cider vinegar, but they are not on my list of things to try very soon!

    As far as the isha kriya goes, I did it once per day every day last week except one, so six total. I find it easier to relax each time, and it becomes easier to not get distracted. When one first starts the isha kriya, even an itch on the face could break the trance of the meditation. But as one continues to do the exercise, he or she is able to separate the being from the mind/body. Once this is accomplished, there is a better focus.

    -Joseph Mineo

  14. This post was great. It actually make me realize that i really need to go back to my healthy ways because our body is like a temple. we must take of it no matter what. Im going to invest in some apple cider vinegar as well, And most defiantly pay my visit to farmers market. And this week i have practice the isha krya, my body is more at ease..

  15. I choose to live by a mostly vegan diet. I do not eat meat or fish and I try to stay away from dairy as much as I can. I am a manager at an Organic Health Food store back where I am from and juicing is a large part of our menu. I have a juicer up at school that I try to utilize more often then not. I love to juice and tend to stay with a much more green variety of juices. I use kale, spinach, broccoli, and am a huge fan of ginger in juices and teas when the weather is changing. I also try to use as many grains as possible during the winter like lentils and quinoa so I can pair them with leafy greens. There is a product that I use called Fire Cider, which is apple cinder vinegar with turmeric, garlic, jalapeños, onions, honey etc. I try to take a shot of this everyday regardless of the season. As far as the Isha Kriya practices, I found myself using it a lot more. I am able to relax more and take time out so that I can complete the practice in a way that it helps my weekly schedule. I find that I am much more balanced with my moods and that I am happier around the people I care about. It has been very beneficial to me so far and I am long forward to continuing it.

  16. I truly enjoyed reading this post. I’ve noticed more than ever that my eating regiment is not the best. Whenever I receive the chance I try to add fruits into the eating regiment as well as vegetables but I don’t do it as much as I should and I definitely want to change that. However one good thing that I stick too is drinking water frequently, however as you stated in the post it can be a bit of an inconvenience when you find yourself having to go to the bathroom, but it does work for me regardless. My next plan in regards to water was something that I saw on another blog which advised whoever was interested to cut up pieces of their favorite fruits, placing them in a glass jar of water. and then letting it sit there for about an hour and then enjoying your drink while getting the best of both worlds from both the fruit and water. I noticed that due to me drinking water, I usually don’t crave sugary drinks as much as I use to but at the same time drinking too much water seems to have a downside because at rare times I will crave a sugary drink, so I am learning how to balance myself out in that sense. I am glad that this post was referred because it helped to remind me to start my healthy process. It is often hard due to me living with family members who don’t eat healthy either, but I hope to prove to them that as a family we can try to have better eating habits.

    In regards to the Isha Kriya for this following week I have been practicing once each day. What I’ve come to realize is the sense of peace that I receive whenever I am in that state of mind. Again I experience that any other thoughts that run throughout my mind comes to a halt as the only thing to say in my mind is the given chant that goes with the practice. For each time that I am done with this practice I feel much more relaxed and focused.

    • What an excellent journal post…and I too love to put fresh fruit in a large mason jar with mint leaves with water let it sit overnight and drink as a morning flush…of course after my apple cider vinegar regimen! Thanks for posting this and good wishes for influencing your family to become healthier….if you set a good example they will see a difference in you and after some time you may inspire them to change! Good success with your IK practice…stay on the path it only keeps getting better….OM

  17. I am grateful that I have a strong immune system, I may only get sick three times in a year max. I suppose I am doing something right. A balanced diet is very important to me, and I am lucky to not have a sweet tooth, although I do crave salty foods from time to time. Cutting out most snacking from my diet helps me out as well. I used to live in the dormitories on campus, and my digestion was all out of whack from eating the food they provide here. Since living in an apartment on campus my digestion has been much more efficient since I am able to do my own cooking and keep a lot of fresh produce on hand. I do tend to drink a lot of water, but mostly because I like to drink it, not always because I feel dehydrated. I will definitely try the Himalayan pink salt.

    Isha Kryia: 4 times so far this week. Starting to relax more, but still having trouble getting comfortable since my back gets sore from working in the sculpture shops. I am becoming more successful with letting go of distracting sensations in my body, like hands, feet, and face, but the back is still an issue.

  18. Eating healthy could be hard especially when living on a college campus. The food choices are limiting and you can’t really be sure of how much fat or salt is in something your eating. I love cooking and try to cook healthy as much as possible. Vegetables are really yummy especially broccoli and spinach. I enjoy making different types of salads to eat regularly. Even when you are craving some pasta you can throw some broccoli in it and it tastes amazing. Also for a nice healthy snack throw some pieces of kale in the oven and bake some kale chips.

    This is the first week starting of the Isha Kriya. It has been hard to incorporate it into my daily routine while already being on such a tight schedule with work homework and class. It has been hard to focus on separating my mind and my body since I have a million thoughts running through my head everyday. Hopefully while continuing this practice everyday by the end of the semester I will be able to separate my mind and body easily and help myself relax once a day and focus on myself.

    • Samantha, can you carve out dedicated time like: rise 20 mins early, before a meal or prior to bed time at night? Remember 5 days is required and just skims the surface for the benefits…don’t you deserve to get these benefits? OM

  19. As a non-vegan eater, I am always looking for little snacks through out the day that will give me energy and good nutrition. I am usually good about staying balanced with all food groups, but i need to work more on eating fruits and vegetables. Many of my friends are vegan and they have nothing but positive remarks about their outlook on life since changing their diet. I understand that my life experiences will become that much more positive, but at this point in my life, filled with school and work and errands, i try to go for the quickest option. Raw eating takes much more prep time and space then i have available to me. After reading this post i may in fact invest in a juicer, since that is the quickest way to insure the intake of essential vitamins and minerals. I also found it extremely interesting that the salt you mentioned helped to hydrate you. I always thought salt dehydrated you. But it makes perfect sense that instead of letting all that pure water rush into the toilet at every bathroom use, more water will be used to nourish my cells.

  20. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is important for people to stay healthy, even for college students like me. People who do not get enough sleep, doesn’t eat the right foods and continues to be stressful can leave students an easy target to get illness and fatique. It is important, because if you eat healthy foods and do the other things, you will be full of energy like no tomorrow.
    This blog really got my attention, because as much as I try my best to stay healthy I could follow some of these ideas, especially the Himalayan salt sounds extremely interesting and maybe I will definitely give some of it a try. I will even do my best to eat more fruits and vegetables. Tea sounds like a good idea, however I am not much of a coffee drink and I don’t drink tea at all. But sometimes trying new things is not a bad idea.

    Isha Kriya:
    I practiced Isha Kriya on Saturday evening, Sunday evening, and I believe did some on Monday during late in for afternoon along with the meditation we did in class Monday evening. On Wednesday night, I practiced for half an hour. On Thursday evening I practiced for 15 minutes. I am aware is not the amount needed for each day, however I am still getting used to it and I will continue to find the time to do it all. I feel even more happy and cheerful this week after this meditation. I even feel like a teenager again. I was getting stress over a paper that would be due soon, but after doing the Isha Kriya, I don’t feel like my nerves are going up my head. So I guess the whole week has been good with the mediatation.

  21. If I am completely honest, sweet food is something I love. Thank god I am living home right now where my mom is cooking and buying a lot of the food. Anyway, I found this post interesting because of the natural ways of preventing sickness. In the past I have taken zero measures to prevent colds or the illnesses. Then when I would get sick I would try to flush my system with a bunch of NYQuil (DOES NOT WORK!). Anyways, now I make sure to get as much rest as possible. I guess, for me, I was used to doing so much damage to my body, that now that I am being good to myself I feel a lot better, duh.

    The past two days I practiced the Isha Kriya twice, once in the morning and once at night. Today I have only done it once in the morning, mainly because of how exhausted I am right now. I am finding it to be an effective meditation, although I find that the affirmation can get a little frustrating. Something about the repetition bugs me.

    • Thanks for your honest comments…do stay on the path with your Isha Kriya its a science that works for us all to help us change our patterns, no matter how different we are in general…bringing our system into alignment needs regular practice, try not to think but just to follow to gain the benefits….OM

  22. I really like this post and the informative information it provided on not just ACV but ways to implement gradual dietary changes. I actually try to keep on top of my health and the products that I feed my body but I don’t have the dedicated consistency, especially when I become stressed and my body craves the unhealthy food. I’ve been saying for a while that I would like to start juicing again because I honestly noticed a vast difference in my body and how vibrant I would feel. The juice was actually like a cleanser and detoxifier that I consistently forced myself to take. I actually used to add flax seeds when I juiced as another healthy supplement. I have been trying to get myself to fully commit to a vegetarian lifestyle as I have completely eliminated all meat products except for chicken. The vegan is something that I would have to work towards as I think its a very big commitment to fully engorge myself but I am interested in trying a vegan diet one day.

    As for the Isha Kriya I practiced it once a day this week. Once again my body feels at rest, very tranquil and peaceful. Its very calming and I like the changes, though very few that I noticed.

  23. I most certainly do not eat healthy and that is a thing that I struggle with. I find myself always around people who constantly eat out and order whatever they want and do not consider the health consequences. It is very easy for me to get caught up in this lifestyle. I very much do want to eat healthier and be more conscious about what I put into my body, I just find it very difficult to stick with this type of eating. I do suppose that if I really try my best to do this it will eventually become a habit and a daily life choice.
    The Isha Kriya has been fitting so perfectly into my schedule and I find it so useful and helpful to me. I feel like I have a better outlook on things and situations happening in my life, and this so quickly happening after only practicing for such a short time. I cannot wait to feel the positive outcomes as I continue to practice this and incorporate it continuously in my life.

  24. I have not used either Himalayan salt or apple cider vinegar before, but I have heard great things about their health benefits. I am a vegetarian and I try to be conscious about what I put in my body by eating well and limiting the amount of carbs and dairy that I consume. I have been cooking a lot of grains, beans, and vegetables this winter, however it is so hard to break the habit of reaching for carbs and sugar when I am tired, sad, or stressed.I recently have started cooking for myself as I just moved to an apartment with a kitchen, and I have really loved the process of cooking dinner for myself. I think it’s a nice way to end a busy day and to have moments of peace. I feel like I am taking care of myself and nourishing my body with delicious and healthy foods, and I have been finding the process of cooking very meditative.

    I have completed the Isha Kriya 4 times this week and plan on completing another tonight. I have been doing the mediation before I go to bed and it has been such a nice thing to sit quietly with myself. I’ve found that it’s been falling asleep quicker and that my thoughts after the mediation have been more serene, optimistic, and grateful. I’ve never tried meditating before and I am having a lot of trouble ignoring the thoughts that I have while mediating, but I suppose that this will get easier as time goes on.

    • A good entry you’ve posted here and yes as you surmised the more you practice the thoughts will move in alignment with how your yoga is shifting your energy and the more you read the homework assignments, process the information mentally you will begin to see a shift happen with your thought processes….do stay patient, keep your IK practice daily and soon you will see more and more benefits….OM

  25. Eating a balanced and healthy diet has definitely become harder at college due to the meal plan provided. Going out of my way to purchase health foods, especially organic options, is a difficulty on my college student budget. However, I still do my best to eat a very balanced diet with many fruits, vegetables, and white meats such as chicken and fish. I feel that I gain all of my necessary nutrients from my current diet, and I rarely get sick. In some ways I disagree with the idea of eliminating dairy and meat from the diet. Our bodies are designed for the diet of an omnivore, and it feels strange to deny my body of that diet. You wouldn’t deprive a lion of meat just as you wouldn’t provide meat for a gazelle, so why would I deprive my body of healthy portions of the things it is built to digest? The passage advised a vegan diet, but it didn’t list options to replace proteins and iron. I know that various beans and other vegan options act as substitutes, but doctors often advise that these options be consumed with dietary supplements to avoid malnutrition. I don’t believe in taking supplements or vitamins because those things, no matter what the bottle says about the health benefits, do not legally need to be approved by the FDA and many people become sick from taking them without understanding the proper way to do so. That being said, I’m happy that this article lists natural options to improve health instead of suggesting supplements like some of the other products sold by Bragg and others that exist in that market.

    This week I did the Isha Kriya six times, having done it once in class on Wednesday as well as daily throughout the week. It’s very calming to have that fifteen minute period to myself now that I have finally found a good time when I can be alone while practicing it. I go to the gym regularly, and doing this practice helps alleviate a lot of the tension from my trapezius muscles and mid back. I consistently breathe deeper throughout the day and this has really been good for my sinuses in this harsh winter.

    Emma Rhoads

  26. Having a healthy diet always shows off, either through our skin, mood, or even physically. Keeping a balanced mineral level is very important in order for us to function properly and allows us to do our best in any activity. There are thousands of benefits of regulating our diets, eating plenty of green vegetables. Personally, I used to get heavy seasonal allergies, to the point where I couldn’t be out for too long. I started drinking green juices last winter, containing kale and spinach and/or celery, and half an apple or fruit. The following spring I was already feeling better and less reactive to the allergens. I also feel more energetic, specially over the hot summer days where we lose a lot of our salts through sweat. I will like to try the Himalayan salt crystals to keep a better balance and to see if I see any progress physically, and reduce my cravings for sweet things. A combination of healthy diet, regular exercise, and a happy spiritual life, is the best way to live a happy life.
    -Laura Sanchez

  27. I’ve always wanted to eat more healthily but I always found it a task. To me there feels to be a lack of taste in meals that contain more nutrition. I can only assume it’s from the lifestyle I’ve had that’s high in sodium and sugar. It could even be a sort of dependence. However with this regimen it seems like it would be a lot easier to try and substitute these ingredients with different foods that provide the same taste but a better feeling. The ACV regimen seems very easy to follow and has its many benefits. I think this would be an excellent diet to make more students aware of so they can provide themselves a better lifestyle, especially while on a campus that lacks healthier choices.

  28. Yes! I love apple cider vinegar even if drinking it feels like a slap in the face. As to the health benefits, my parents are health freaks so I’ve been familiarized with a lot of this before. I have to admit though, I haven’t been so vigilant in eating healthy here at school. The on-campus food options really do not cater to any of this (besides the Naked smoothies, which are like $5 a pop) so I often find myself eating pretty poorly every winter. This week, though I’ve been redoubling my effort to eat fresh fruits. Mostly in smoothie form, since I have limited access to the grocery store.

    But I didn’t know the fact about the water thing. I drink a lot of water, but I feel like I pee so often. I just bought some Himalayan salt, so I’ll have to try taking it every day and see if that makes any difference.

  29. Brianne Malloy
    Yoga Tools for Relaxation and Peace

    Avoiding acid to maintain an alkaline diet as the seasons change can help us avoid getting ill. Taking  Himalayan salt crystals can help you gain the minerals you need to stay healthy. You can use it to cook or let it dissolve into water that you drink throughout the day. The reasoning is that it will make sure that the water you consume is absorbed by the body rather than just going in and right back out. Those who have high acidic diets are prone to craving salt and sugar frequently. Foods that help break this cycle of craving are green juices and foods, wheat grass, carrots and apples, all having essential minerals and amino acids. Eating a more vegan diet while the seasons change is also a great way to avoid sickness. A good brand to look for is Bragg to ensure that everything is organic. Apple cider vinegar or AVC can also do amazing things for your health including aiding the function of kidneys and ability to flush out toxins in the body. True organic Honey can help heal soar throats and colds if you are already sick. Agave and stevia are also sweeteners to consider as they do not interfere with the bees and how important they are to our eco system. Becoming healthy and avoiding illness at times when we are more prone to it doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice enjoying our meals and flavors. Not only does your health help you but on a larger scale the healthier we all are the less germs we will spread to one another, so being healthy is also a way to be considerate to others.

  30. This article was clear and gave many helpful hints for staying healthy and keeping your immune system strong. Many of them are impossible for students including myself that have essentially no budget for food outside of the constraining meal plan. I did appreciate the instructions on cleansing with apple cider vinegar as it is simple and affordable way to fortify your immune system. However, I would have appreciated a link to other sources or some explanation of what it means when your body is too acidic or alkaline and what that can mean for your health.
    I did some of my own research to understand this concept more. I constantly crave salts and general add salt to most of my meals. I always used Himalayan salt at home but not on this campus – it feels like an unnecessary splurge at a supermarket but now I understand the importance of its nutrients. As I found out, we are meant to be slightly alkaline, and judging by my rash enjoyment of salt I would assume I am not at the proper pH balance.
    Eating less table salt is something I will pay more mind to heading into the colder months, as well as upping my consumption of green leafy vegetables, despite the fact that they are always bland and extraordinarily unappealing in every food hall on this campus. I just wish they could fry kale with garlic for once! Especially as garlic is another food that prevents the start of colds and fights other bacteria that creep into the system. It is all about balance and we all need to seek that on a campus filled with a constant deluge of white carbs, sugar and salt.

    • HOw about getting a blender and taking your bland veggies back to your room to make a smoothie! Blenders can be bought inexpensively or gotten on free cylce website often or joining in with others on campus to share the costs and use. Glad you took the initiative to learn on your own about alkaline vs. acidity in the body! Trader Joes’ sells himalyan salt very inexpensively and will last a good while! Here’s to your health!

  31. One might ponder why many people become ill when the weather changes. We all know it is because the season is changing, but we never think to take precautions in order to avoid our health from plummeting. This post discusses the many different ways that can be used to keep our bodies functioning properly. We can do this by simply controlling what we put into our bodies. Eating healthy is very important not only to avoid catching illnesses, but also in everyday life. I found it very interesting to learn that we can retain the water in our bodies by incorporating Himalayan salt crystals in our diet. The 108 to 3 mineral ratio astounded me. One would assume table salt would have enough salt minerals to retain water in the body. I want to try and purchase these Himalayan salts so that I can add it to my diet. I always thought that by just drinking many glasses of water would do the trick, but now I know that it takes way more than that. The post also mentions that certain fruits are good at boosting the immune system. If I am not mistaken, this could be due to their high concentrations of Vitamin C. Also, honey is mentioned as a healer. Based on my experiences, honey is a miracle worker for me. Every time I have a sore throat, I take a spoonful of honey, and without even realizing it, I feel better in a short amount of time! I intend to follow these guidelines closely in order to keep healthy in this upcoming harsh weather.

  32. I worked in a health food store for two years when I was in high school, and one of the things I remember often thinking was “Why does this store carry so many different kinds of salt? What on earth makes one salt different from another?” And now I know that there IS a difference, a very healthy difference between the Morton salt and the fancy expensive pink Himalayan salt!
    I have always been interested in how to supplement my diet in natural ways. When I’m at home, I often try to make fancy home cooked vegan meals and they often turn out very good and refreshing. When I’m at school though, it is much harder to maintain a*tasty* and balanced diet when a kitchen is not easily available. I’m happy to learn that there are simpler ways to add to my daily diet-such as eating certain greens and fruits and Himalayan salt and apple cider vinegar (I have often read article on the benefits of ACV, but have yet to try it.) I will buy a bottle this weekend to try and see it I notice the health benefits.
    -Katherine Gilmartin

  33. I began my journey into health and wellness consciousness about three years ago, and throughout those years, my views on health and wellness and my routines in maintaining a healthy lifestyle have changed many times. I’ve been using Himalayan salt consistently in my meals for years now, and I’m glad to hear that it has a much higher mineral content that traditional table salt. I’ve also used Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar for years now as well, not only in my cooking, but also in my skin care routine. I find that it helps to improve complexion, helping to tone the skin when applied before using a moisturizer. I’ve also attempted to combine it, in the way that you explained, with turmeric powder and honey for a health drink – unfortunately, I’ve always found it difficult to palate. I will try your suggestion of reducing the amount of the ACV in the drink in order to develop a taste for it.

    You discuss the vegan diet, and I’ve often yearned to follow this diet/lifestyle. I followed a pescetarian diet a few years ago, and found that to be unchallenging in terms of meal substitutions, though I felt like my health began to suffer a bit, as I may not have been accounting for nutrients I was lacking with substitutes. I (briefly) attempted a vegan diet as well, but often found myself nauseous and suffering severe headaches. This could be attributed to a variety of factors, and I’m very much willing to give it another try. In the meantime, when I do eat animal products, I try to focus on organic and cruelty-free options whenever possible. I try to also maintain this focus on organic and non-GMO products in purchasing my other groceries as well, and love taking the trip to my local farmer’s market. As Fall moves into full swing, I will definitely put more emphasis on my health and try to maintain and even strengthen my health routines!

    – Alexandra S.

    • Wonderful that you are already a healthy shopper! Check out my favorite vegan blogs: Oh She Glows, Sweet Potato Soul, Vegan Richa for ideas to get your full nutritional intake, OM

  34. This was very informative, especially for students like myself who are often rushing and eating the wrong thing due to the haste. I always try to be as healthy as possible, and for the same reason I eat the wrong thing, I don’t eat enough – “I just don’t have enough time”. It is advice like this, simple and concise with the information of where to find it, expected price (etc.) that allows one like myself to feel it’s completely possible and not wasteful in any sense to eat and drink mindfully. For example: the Himalayan salt crystal; for one salt water solution one could be saving the use of multiple bottles of water, which can help save money and prevent the use of plastic. Mindful nourishment is dynamically beneficial.

  35. We so often forget how important it is to carefully choose what we put in our bodies. Especially for college students, who so often forget to take care of themselves in favor of fulfilling academic obligations. Much of the theory of yoga relates to the idea of a creation of balance, and so must we create balance within our bodies in order maintain optimal health. The food we consume literally becomes us as it is processed within our cells, and eating food that not only fuels the body but maintains its homeostasis is essential for good health. I myself was just sick with the flu, after a very busy week where i did not get much food or sleep. Had i taken better care of myself in the week previous, my body would have been more equipped to fight the illness.

  36. This post came at the perfect time. Today was the first day I could feel the cold within my body. The seasons shift is much more evident now than it has been throughout most of September. Thus, aspects of myself must shift as well. Maintaining health during these changes is of upmost importance to me, and I would like to preserve the energy I gained during the summer months.
    While reading, I started to think about how certain material objects and substances in the world resonate with an individual more than others. For example, healthy food makes people feel more in balance within themselves when compared to unhealthy foods, which make a person sick. There is also an enjoyment specific to eating foods that are healthy for you. This feeling is the opposite of a “guilty pleasure”.
    As a young adult my taste for food, as well my lifestyle in general, is developing into something I would consider more mature and responsible. Interestingly enough, in many situations I can follow my intuition in the sense of picking things that make me feel good. Apple cider vinegar is such a substance; one that I have frequently employed for this reason. Honey has also become my substitute for other sweeteners I used when I was younger.
    People like to say, “mind over matter”, which I see as true in many instances. However, it is also true that what you put into your body affects your consciousness. I believe that eating foods that emit low, or negative, vibrations will produce adverse effects. Therefore it is best for one to eat foods that carry a positive vibration or energy. These tend to be organic foods with minimal interference on the part of the human being, hence the raw food craze that is just now sweeping the nation. This is not news, but instead a rediscovery of the optimal choices in human life.

    – Conrad Hamonet –

  37. I have been interested in organic foods and maintaining a healthy diet for many years, which has helped me build up a strong immune system, I rarely get sick. I became a vegetarian 10 years ago after learning about the factory farm industry and because I love animals. I have been interested in eating foods that are beneficial to my health since high school and when I was 16 I got my first job at Mrs. Green’s Natural Market, a small local chain of natural and organic grocery stores. During my time at Mrs. Green’s I learned a lot about eating healthy and about the benefits of specific products that were recommended by both the managers and customers. Some of the most purchased and recommended products were: coconut oil, fish oil, Bragg ACV, kale, raw honey, Essentia water, acai, wheatgrass, and avocados, among other thing. I have used all of the items you have suggested, except Himalayan salt, which I am interested in trying because the most unhealthy aspect of my diet is probably that I do not drink enough water. I eat a lot of fruit every day and drink grapefruit juice almost every morning. My mom and brother like to eat healthy as well and they make a smoothie for dinner every other night that contains kale, strawberries, ginger, apples, and cherry juice, among other ingredients. Another way to help create an alkaline balance in your body, aside from green juices, is Essentia water, a popular bottled water sold at Mrs. Green’s that has a pH of 9.5. In regards to honey, my cousin lives on a farm and recently began beekeeping and if the colony survives she will be producing organic honey. I am looking forward to that because as you mentioned above, raw organic honey is delicious but very expensive. I have been told of all of the amazing benefits ACV provides many times before and have friends who swear by it and follow a daily Bragg ACV regimen. However, I really hate the taste of it and haven’t been able to overcome that yet, despite all of the health benefits.
    – Julia Baker

    • I have heard there are ACV capsules that vitamin companies sell, not the same affect but somethings better than nothing, did you try grapefruit juice with acv? So happy that you have had all these experiences with vital foods! Do preach to the choir your classmates!

  38. Reading this as a student in college was very interesting and helpful to me. While working at a vegan cafe for a summer helped me take my first steps in eating more healthy, there have been many instances where I catch myself falling into unhealthy habits. During the summer I worked at the cafe I was at my healthiest, because I was eating a variety of green juices and foods by drinking a “green smoothie” almost everyday containing kale, spinach, dates, nuts, carrots and ginger. Because I am lactose intolerant and have a gluten sensitivity, I do have to avoid many foods. Because of this, I do have to be more mindful of replacing what I’m missing out from in terms of protein and vitamins. One thing that I have noticed ever since attending college is my craving for salty and sweet foods, and still do to this day. This reading has opened my eyes and has encouraged me to change my eating habits to stay balanced and healthy. The apple cider vinegar regimen is something that I have just become familiar with, after my mom asked me to pick some up for her from the supermarket to balance her body. After researching more on the ACV regimen, I have also discovered that the acids in ACV can increase the body’s absorption of important minerals from consumed foods, slow down the body’s absorption of sugars, improve digestion if ingested before a meal, lower blood pressure, and can even relieve sore throats and respiratory infections. Because I now know that my salty and sweet cravings are due to my body’s high acidity levels, I plan on trying this regimen out with my daily diet.

  39. As season change I notice my weight changes as well. Trying to stay healthy and hydrated is not easy for me in the fall and winter. I do tend to drink a lot of tea in the winter though. Brand of tea I drink is yogi. I especially like the ginger tea. Ginger is so good for your digestive system and for just general discomfort. This is the first year I am living in an apartment and it is very hard for me to balance my diet. I find my self mostly eating grains and fatty foods. I feel like this is mostly because I’m to nervous to buy perishable foods because I’m worried about them going bad before I can eat them. This has happened multiple times already. I also eat a lot of microwavable food because I’m not good at cooking and have very little time to do so. I wish I are better food.

    • Try following some blogs that have videos, I like: Sweet Potato Soul, Oh She Glows, The Isha Foundation has some good food/cooking/recipes information, Vegan Richa….just take a few minutes and look them over and you’ll find more on Pinterest too! Take some time to set up your kitchen, make menus and shopping lists….you can get miso soup packets and add dried mushrooms, and any fresh veggies you have. If you want more ideas, let me know. Best wishes, OM

  40. I had some bad sick days over this past winter, and never once did I think to eat fruits and vegetables to balance out my immune system. It is interesting that you mention the grayish tongue, I have noticed this about myself in the mornings. I always just assumed it was nothing a good brushing of the teeth couldn’t fix but to know that it has more to do with my immune system is quite enlightening. I plan on being very consistent form now on in regards to the vegetables and fruits that I consume throughout the day. The results brought about to my immune system will especially help due to my allergies being turned up to eleven since spring has started nearing.

  41. I absolutely love making green juices. I bought a magic bullet and it’s one of my favorite investments! Whole Foods’ website has a nutrition calculator which you can use to calculate the nutrition in your smoothies. I often use it when I’m trying to come up with new smoothie recipes. I often use more greens than fruits, but I love the combination. I’m going purchase the Himalayan salts and infuse them in my diet. I consider myself to be pretty healthy (except for when I crave sweet things) so I always try to find healthier alternatives for my favorite food. I was a vegetarian for many years, and even though I know eat chicken and fish, I always purchase organic chicken and fish. I care a lot about what I put into my body!

    • So glad that you have chosen to honor your body as a temple taking care for what you nourish it with, not sure that this was part of the assignments but glad you did read it, Namaste

  42. I’ve been practicing my isha kriya pretty consistently even though the class is coming to an end but, I believe I’ll keep it up though. I try to eat healthily but, here it’s tough. The options aren’t that healthy here on campus and money is tight. But I do try to eat lots of greens. I want to eat healthier in the future without a doubt. You have to be very careful about what you put in your body. Your body is a temple and you must be mindful of what you put in it.

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