“What foods are alkaline foods”


“What foods are alkaline foods”.

The link above has a great chart which displays acid and alkaline foods.  It is for a “green supplement product” but the chart is accurate.  For those living in dormitories or meal plans with little options choosing healthy foods, supplements can be a life saver.   An option is to make smoothies with a blender, (which are pretty inexpensive to purchase, ask for as a gift, find in thrift shops).   Almond, Soy, Hemp, Coconut Milks make a great base, supplement powders may be added (however not essential) along with 3-4 pitted dates, one half or whole banana (frozen or regular), berries, pineapple….fresh herbs like basil,  if you shy away from green veggies add  them here as they get nicely disguised into the yummy flavors..give it a whirl and voila!!!  Here’s to your good health…let your taste buds have an epiphany so that they may evolve to enjoy the tastes of foods that supercharge your immune system…then you will have a win-win regimen.  Namaste


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