Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM


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  1. I found this video very interesting and let me know even more about the isha kriya, i also learned what the words themselves meant, im always curious to know about different histoires and philosophies of our world. i especially liked that he talked about how breathing is more than just taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. 🙂

    • Arielle, glad you got to see the video, do catch up on the assignments and also include the amount of times you are doing the kriya outside of class and comment on your experiences. Please do write your first and last name as I have also another student in the other class with same first name and want to give you both proper credit, thanks, Namaste

  2. This week I practiced the single sided nostril breathing techniques we do in class and kept in mind how you stated that the more we do that during the day the more we can regulate our vibrations and energies. It is amazing what a difference it makes in how the rest of your day goes! If I am ever feeling tense and unbalanced, I will just stop and breathe and suddenly everything seems much more stable.

  3. Wow! This video was amazing. I tried to do the meditation as shown in the video and for the first time in a long time I felt very relaxed and at peace. I had no worries or negative feelings about anything. It was just my body, my breath, and I. It showed me how important it is to breathe and relax and be thankful to be on this earth experiencing what I’m experiencing. The science of Isha Kriya: there are conscious patterns of breath which can leave you in a constant state of bliss and healthfulness – Sadhguru. After the meditation, I felt extremely content with myself because I actually took the time out to take time to myself and just come to terms with me. It allowed me to put things into perspective and just live each moment at a time. This was an amazing experience for me to go through and it actually encouraged me to meditate more often and to take care of myself, like in the last post. This is very spiritual and it was something that I needed. Thank you for this experience.

    Latisha Long

  4. This was very interesting. The concept of our breath being intertwine with our body and soul is important to know, and how we are connected with ourselves with our breathe. We breathe automatically, yet we do not value the breathe or practice breathing well. This video would be a good introduction video to yoga because breathing is the most important part in yoga.

    I also interpreted how yoga and our breathe, functioning as a string, connects us with oursleves as well as others. This string we exhast our energy to is also the tool that is shared with the world. In a way we are all tied together.

    Dennis Xie

    • Okay Dennis, glad you were able to view and comment on the Isha Kriya….this is a very powerful and simple regimen that builds when practiced regularly. I would mention about yoga that the breathing is what makes it different from exercise but it is equally as important as the asana/posture…they both go together to create benefits. OM

  5. I have done guided meditations before, to varying measures of success, and I went into this the wrong way the first time I tried it (about a month ago.) I tried it again this morning before I even got out of bed, and I have been pleasantly surprised all day. First off, it opened my apetite. I have never, ever had an appetite in the early morning hours for some reason. Today I ate a great egg/bacon/pancake breakfast (not the healthiest, I know, but its better than not eating.) After that, the rest of my day was somehow easier to manage and I was very productive. I don’t know if it was the Kriya or a placebo, but I will be sure to do this every morning before getting out of bed. Good stuff!

    • what’s cool? My dear do take this seriously and write out your thoughts to get full credit…New YOrk State offers 2 college credits for this physical education course because you invest some time documenting your experience…I will let you have a do-over to get proper credit for this post, Namaste

  6. I feel very confused when he discusses breathing. When he says “You think you are watching the breath but you are not?” How do I know when I am truly watching my breath? I feel almost tricked by that statement. Perhaps I’m trying too hard to see and feel?

    • Yes Meghan,I think you are trying to hard…but next time notice how long you can watch your breath…and how soon some other thoughts come and there you go…that is why making a committment to doing a conscious practice like the Isha Kriya it commands our time, attention, body, mind, emotions to be dedicated to being present..OM

  7. This video was so informative and helpful with introducing what exactly Isha Kryia is and how it can be helpful. I have done guided meditations before and have always had pretty good results but I look forward to practicing the Isha Kryia more often as I have achieved the highest meditative state with this practice. After meditation, I felt incredibly calm and ready to face the day, so I plan on trying to practice the Isha Kryia in the mornings especially. I really enjoyed the concept of how our breath is intertwined with our body and soul, as I felt it allowed me to focus more on my breathing by linking it with two other important aspects of yoga practice.

  8. This video was challenging for me. In a portion of my senior project, I’m discussing Walt Whitman’s materialistic mysticism. As he writes in “I Sing the Body Electric,” “O my body! I dare not desert the likes of you… I believe the likes of you are to stand or fall with the likes of the soul, (and that they are the soul,” It’s very hard for me, like Walt, to separate the two, as Sadhguru suggests is possible. However, this does not mean that I didn’t learn anything from this video. As I meditated and checked my breathing along to his calming voice, I felt especially thankful for my breath when he discussed how “fragile yet sturdy” the breath is. It’s true that when I usually watch my breath in meditation, I only focus on “the sensations generated in [my] body.” When he discussed how “fragile yet sturdy” life and breath are, I felt what Whitman himself would call “an exquisite realization of health”– how masterful our respiratory system as well as all of our biological make up is. More so than watching a breath, then, I was watching a finely tuned mechanism at the work it does best.

  9. I have noticed many changes with my meditation. I don’t have the anxieties of before such as piling myself with to-do list and finding it impossible to do. I sleep better at night, I don’t wake up groggy or have back pain as I used to. I feel that I have more energy to play with my kids and see myself being more out going with them. As before, I used to just focus on getting the ENTIRE house clean in ONE day!! That drove me nuts! I give myself time and tasks but I give myself TIME!! And that is something that since becoming a mom, I have never done before. I have taken notice to the consumption of food in our house as well and I am making healthier choices when grocery shopping. I have noticed that my kids are more energized in the morning and are not dreading the day ahead. This is to the change in our diet. No more soda, no more red meats and such. Little by little these changes are making a big and positive impact in my home.

    • Raaisha, you have truly blessed yourself and your family with your Yoga…as only a Parent can do when enlightened…Do share the Isha Kriya with them the more the merrier but more benefits is really great! Do check out Sadhguru’s Youtube on Parenting…I am so proud of you these are all monumental changes that will fortify your family especially the children to be healthy and successful and blossom into confident, peaceful, loving, successful persons and our planet needs these kinds of folks more than ever…thank you for spreading the seeds in your home…I walk the earth reassured when I read about you and others who consciously choose to put the efforts forward to making Life wonderful. Namaste

  10. Moneace Smith

    While doing the Isha Krya and looking at this video I lost a lot of stress from my work load in class, in my personal life and in sports. I felt as though I was more than capable to change my direction with the exam that I had today and I felt that I could freely organize my thoughts about how my day would play out.

    I found it interesting how he talks about the psychological changes within ones self that the teacher has to be prepared for to help guide the student in the teachings of the Isha Kriya. I have had a bad teaching of yoga by one of my teachers who had good intentions but she didn’t not have the proper training and so it was painful for most of the kids in my class to do yoga and they had no proper understanding.

    • Great Moneace, that you are using your practice and reaping benefits in your studies and even better that you are able to manifest your positive and successful future…this is so what true yoga is all about! Looking foward to seeing you soar higher! OM

  11. I really enjoyed these two posts (10/4 “Aum chanting” & 9/16 “Introduction to Isha Kriya”). They both taught more about the spiritual benefits of Yoga. Lately, I have had discussions with different people on whether Yoga, Homeopathy and all these kinds of alternative practices and medicine work to keep the body healthy. Some of the people I talked to say that they do not believe in any of these practices and instead believe in western medicine while others were certain of their positive effects. I am one of those who is certain that these practices along with the understanding of ourselves can keep a healthy mind and body. Since I started these different practices I have definitely seen a change in my body. I also believe that it is the healthiest and most efficient way to take care of ourselves.

    I really liked the “AUM Chanting for the Thirsty” since it scientifically proves AUM meditation works to keep a healthy body. As Dr. Lal explains, “apart from their game performance, [players] were also experiencing other benefits” by simply practicing the AUM meditation. I also enjoyed the “Introduction to Isha Kriya” video since it taught me more about this practice. One of the things he said that I found very interesting was that our breath is not only an exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Breathing is Yoga is one of the key things to obtain all its benefits. When I first started doing it, it was really hard for me to be conscious of my breathing since it was something I always did instinctively. However, in every practice I have learned to be more aware of it. Every time I notice a positive difference in my body. I enjoyed these posts since it taught more on how to take care of myself (instead of just taking pills).

  12. When he spoke about how breath is so important. it is a string that holds us together…It really made me realize how unaware of what we have we can be. It made me realize and be thankful for every breath I take and what it does for my body. He explained what the scinetific concept of breathing is and then explained what it is to our soul, body and mind, how it is something more that just a process but a delicate thing that keeps us alive.
    I have ben doing the isha kriya in the morning or sometimes at night if Im running late in the morning, and it has made the start of my days so much nicer. I feel energetic and focused and I have become aware of my breathing pace throughout the day, which is helpful because then I realize and slow myself down and remember that i don’t always need to rush about doing things and helps me to relax. At night I have been getting better sleep too, it lets unwind and relax and allows me to sleep a full night.

    • Oooooh Adriana, I am so happy that you have reaped the benefits of the Isha Kriya so wonderfully…know it builds the more you practice…here’s to peaceful days..and restful nights! OM

  13. “If you become conscious, it’s a damn fragile life at the same time how sturdy we are.”- Sadhguru
    This indeed is a beauty of creation. I thought this quote offered great insight to what we tend to take for granted. Life is so tenderly balanced, just by experiencing the sensations of my breath I realized that most of what is occurring around me is out of my control, it is important to control what I can.
    I enjoyed how Sadhguru emphasized the importance of breath and if it is pulled out I can fall apart. Then, he told of the three ingredients breath, thought and awareness and when it is used properly in a right combination it will create separateness from the body. Although, Sadhguru said how to create separation from the body he told us two paths to do it, peacefully detach which aware or fall apart through ignorance.
    I would like to practice the terminology learned, kurmanati because it does not just define breathing but expands by how it ties our body together.
    Listening to his voice had a calming effect on me, I can tell he carries wisdom because Sadhguru is at peace with himself.

    • Liz, so glad you have been positively affected with Sadhguru…you may want to spend time viewing the Youtube channel from Isha Foundation and there are hundreds of videos to view, learn, keep the vibrations going and to motivate us to go further…I share a few in this course via the blog…I am glad you are so taken by the practice and look foward to witnessing your re-birthing into something more wonderful than you already are…here’s to well-being and peace for all…do share this with friends, foes and more…OM

  14. This article was very interesting and informative. Breathing is the most important thing to do in life and yet not many people stop and focus on just breathing. I have been practicing Isha Kirya at least once a day and i have found myself to be more focused, happy and awake. If i am ever feeling stressed or unbalanced the first thing i will do is stop and start breathing and i will become less stressed.

    • So great that you now have tool in your pocket for instant happiness and stress busting…who’s better than you? I know the one who shares this with families and friends so they too can take this practice into action for peace of mind and well being…what a place this campus, town, state, nation, planet would be if we could all share these good technologies for being the greatest species in the galaxy…nope I’m not a Trekkie…a Yogini, smiles and hugs

  15. I was drawn in by Sadhguru discussing how fragile humans are that something as simple as breath is what ties you to your body. He also mentions though how capable humans are of doing anything in this world, that it may seem superhuman but in fact being human is super. The video seemed to be focusing on not taking your breath for granted and how important it is in unifying your thoughts and body, which he describes by describing breath as a string that ties you to your body. I am trying to understand why he says that with the right combination of breath, thought, and awareness, a bit of distance arrives from you and your body, I thought that focus was on being one within your body. He says that this is going from truth to untruth which I’m still not quite sure of but am interested in trying to fully understand.

    • Wow John, so honest…yes this is a difficult process to understand…in yoga we use the physical body as we know it to get to deeper sensation and when we incorporate the breath we can move the energy between the sensations in the body to unite the emotional, mental, energetic bodies and this is first base…when we start applying techniques like the Isha Kriya on a daily basis and we cultivate the practice and keep mindful of our energy and actions we then rise beyond the confines of the physical body…have you heard that we are all ONE? When we leave the body we recognize and feel apart of all things, so that if you are in this experience you easily recognize that any harm done to anyone affects you the same as another…so you will then choose to cause no harm as you know the impact ricochet’s off of you first and with more impact…if this still is a foreign language to you…do speak to me in class next time, especially before class and I will try to weave some of this into the practice so you can feel it, what we feel we know to be real…thanks for writing this…its important for me to know, Namaste

  16. Beginning to incorporate the Isha Kriya into my day on a regular basis I think is going to be extremely helpful to me. I often have a lot of trouble letting go of my thoughts since I have so many things to think about for school all the time. I know it is important though to be able to take a moment to not think about these things during the day and the Isha Kriya will definitely teach me to do that. I liked the way that Sadguru described watching the breath and how it is not that we know the breath but the sensation that we get from breathing.

    I was only able to do the Isha Kriya on my own a couple of times this week outside of class. I had hoped to start doing it every day but found I ended up getting very busy until the end of the day and would forget to do it, something that often happens to me when incorporating a new routine. The first time I did it I had a very difficult time sitting for so long and just letting go of my thoughts. My goal for this week is to do the Isha Kriya at least once every day, I am going to try to do it first thing in the morning so that I don’t let the day get away from me and forget to do it. I’m hoping this will also help me to concentrate on it more since my mind will be fresh and won’t have the thoughts I’ll accumulate from the day filling my mind.

    • Yes Emma, I was going to mention to try to start the morning with the Isha Kriya while reading your comment and I see you answered your own question!! You will find once practiced on a daily basis that you will be more productive each day with less stress, you will be able to create peace and keep it for as long as you choose to be conscious of the gift/present to yourself…here’s to your being awesome! OM

  17. I have a hard time practicing in my own home due to limited space and privacy, but as the class goes on and I’m seeing the effects of the practices we do in class throughout the day, I’m getting more serious about making the space. I’m hoping to get a mat dedicated to home use which will be used as a place to meditate. So far my attempts at guided meditation have been less successful at home because I am much more likely to become distracted by the different things that I need to do that day. On the days that we have class I notice myself making better choices and having an easier time focusing on my work. I have tried to bring that into my life in small ways outside of class so far, such as stretching and focusing on my breathing when I need to get away from my desk at work, and this has helped me good deal. But, now I think its time to get more serious about bringing this into my home. I’m really interested to see how a more consistent/daily meditation will help calm my mind and increase my awareness.

    • Kristin, glad that you are now on-board to make an effort to receive the benefits of the Isha Kriya practice on a regular basis…some ideas may be to ask to use our classroom when it is not assigned for other classes and/or the mat room in the basement or the sauna…if you find a private space it might make you more comfortable…when you get more attached you may ask your living mates to allow you the time and space for privacy if that is an option…you could choose to do the chanting part silently in your head, when you can do the chant the vibrations are like magic sparkle dust that protect over you. I wish you the best going foward…OM

  18. Sadhguru (along with the single sided breathing exercises in class) really draw my attention to my breathing. Like he says I do find myself just taking it for granted, it’s very rare in my day to day comings & goings that I notice how I’m breathing/ how little I’m breathing. I most definitely need to make time in my day to just stop thinking about all the stresses and focus purely on breathing. During my isha kryia’s this week I couldn’t quite clear my mind fully, I hope to improve as the weeks go on.

    • Kara, this is common for most just have faith and keep up your practice and I promise it will get easier and better, how often are you practicing per week and what time of day?

  19. It is almost a surreal feeling when mediating. Focusing on my breathing helps me enormously to slow down my thoughts and enter a state of relaxation. Typically it is difficult for me to stop thinking. To do yoga and mediation with out physical tension or short breaths. This is a very different semester for me than the last semester I took yoga, I realize the reflect yoga and mediation can be on one’s physical and mental place. I always wondered after yoga how can I get myself back to that place, where I was my 1st semester of yoga. And now that I am raising my awareness on these tools for relaxation, I feel better equipped to get there.

    Today’s mediations was beautiful, the surreal feeling kicked in just when I could feel this abundance of calmness. Almost like the detachment Sadhguru mentioned: the separation between the soul and the body. This deep focus on the breath and how the body moves with each breath. Mediation is rejuvenating and even therapeutic.

    • Beautiful Yahisha! You deserve this all the time…now you have the magic recipe…the soup gets better the more you practice…so hold on its just the beginning…(also do catch up with 8/2 &1/7) OM

  20. I have been practicing my meditation and have found this video to not only be infomational but also helpful. It has given me a better understanding of kriya and I have been able to focus better. My sleeping is better and I have been calm through my stressful day with work and school! Om!

    • Isn’t this awesome Molly? It only will get better the more you continue to practice…do list next time how often you are doing the practice outside of class and I noticed that you missed posting for: 8/2, 1/7, if its a electronic glitch just print it and bring to class, thanks, JB

  21. Thank you for the thought-provoking post! After a couple 15 sessions of practicing Isha Kriya I have found that I get this feeling of weightlessness — almost as if I were separating from my own body. I find that I experience this effect even more when I devote a lot of concentration on my breathing. I’m trying to get better at just starting off with good breathing instead of having to think about it too much but I do realize that it is important to know the difference between plain breath and proper breathing patterns. When I get in tune with the proper breathing patterns during Isha Kriya I notice that my body is developing a deeper connection with my breath. After I experience this I feel more at ease throughout the day and I also notice that I’m more conscious of my mind and body and their interaction with my SELF.

    • Lena, so wonderful that you are having such rewarding experiences so early in your Isha Kriya practices…it only gets better…are you ready for this continual gift that keeps giving? OM

  22. This “Introduction to Isha Kriya” was quite an informing and almost like an experience in itself. I too like most other who have watched this video, have practiced the Isha Kriya and find it most enjoyable. While practicing my Isha Kriya during “Yoga: Tools For Stress and Relaxation” class I feel relaxed from beginning to end, and almost as if the stress and tension that circulates in my muscles momentarily leaves my body. Being able to experience the outcomes of practicing Isha Kriya in my home is even better, because I am truly on my own and within my own space where I can freely meditate. In addition to this, I am able to also clear the contents of my mind that are negative and clearly focus on what I can do to make such things positive, as well as watch my breathing go in and out peacefully.

    With the help of this video, I feel more and more people will be able to understand that there is in fact a separation between ones mind and their body, and just how easy it is to understand such. The fact that on can put a space involuntarily between their mind and body with ease and being still is simply amazing. This makes me think of one who may be resting in a peaceful sleep and just how relative it is for one to be separated from their mind and body, while allowing their thoughts to simply flow, as their breathing eases in and out. This practice of sleep deeply relates to the practice of Isha Kriya, because one is just allowing them self to have their soul rest peacefully as well, it is almost like a form of an involuntary meditation. This truly teaches me to take the time to let my body relax and let my soul “sail” freely while keeping my mind separated, but relaxed just the same.

    • Wonderful Aurora! Do now keep a count of how often you do the Isha Kriya outside of our class and write about its affects for you along with the other parts of your weekly assignments…and share the Isha Kriya video with your friends and loved ones…spread Peace and Love!

  23. Wonderful post. I love listening to the Sadhguru speak, and this was very informative and helpful. As a beginner to the Isha Kriya, I feel very steady after my meditations, I have started to experience a lightheadedness, the “detachment” the Sadhguru was referring to, but I know that I can take it one step further. The thing that I find myself caught in most often is the mentally chatter running in my head, and I’ve been finding it difficult to calm this and put it aside outside of yoga class. I try to remember to assign my mind the job of watching my breath, while still being aware, and try to acknowledge the other thoughts, but put them elsewhere. I hope I can improve my mental focus as the weeks go on.

  24. While I do meditate almost every day and have had great benefits from it, I have to admit that I do not practice Isha Kriya at home. I have attempted it, but I have difficulty watching my breath without then trying to regulate it. Breathing is a very interesting action in the body, it can be automatic or regulated. I am not sure if there is any other bodily action like this. I guess some people with a very good connection to their bodies’ can regulate their heartbeat. I certainly have not been able to hold my heartbeat like I can hold my breath, and I don’t think it is something I would want to do anyway.
    Is it beneficial to continue to attempt Isha Kriya even when my mind gets in the way? Is it simply something that comes with practice if it doesn’t come in the beginning?

    • Yes practice brings more success it builds slowly for some the breath work is more simple than what we do in class and it is the basis for almost all meditation techniques practiced world wide so is integral for first base to be reached

  25. Sorry for the late post, I thought I had already posted. It was interesting when Sadhguru was taking about how life is so fragile yet so sturdy. I think sometimes I focus so much on how fragile life is and forget about how sturdy our bodies really are. I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to be in the moment and focus on my breathing. Unfortunately, I only practiced the Isha Kriya once this week since I was struck with the stomach flu over the previous weekend. I hope to incorporate the Kriya more into the coming weeks.

  26. Watching this video was very calming in itself. Sadhguru has a way of explaining things that opens your mind. Even something as little as a breath of air, something people don’t generally think about on a regular basis, has extreme importance. It is breathe that keeps you living, which is why something like the Isha Kriya can be a crucial element within your life. It not only gives you the time to become connected to your body’s voice, it reminds you not to take your breath for granted. This can also resonate into other aspects of your life and make you become more aware of your blessings. I’ve been practicing the Isha Kriya at least once a day, generally when I am feeling stressed or anxious, I stop and become aware of my breathing patterns. So far this has seemed to stunt my anxious thoughts and refocus my attention.

  27. I was pulled in immediately what he spoke of the difference between Isha Kriya and Karma. Isha Kriya is something that is beneficial when in moments of stress. I noticed that performing inward actions have helped me lately in times of stress.

    If you were to set Sadhguru next to any one outside of his seemingly effort state of relaxation, it would be 100% evident that the rest of the world has much to achieve. Having prative Isha Kriya in class I understand what he means when he talks about not completely the breathe and ending up elsewhere. I also understand what he means as he talks about the benefits of watching one’s breathe as he explains that it isnt just the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

  28. When Sadhguru reminds the audience to check their breath and says “don’t take it for granted” I was struck by how often I do just that. In class when we are asked to check our breathing it is often difficult for me to focus on my breath in the middle of poses. By practicing the Isha Kriya outside of class (two weeks ago I practiced monday and thursday night before I went to bed) I have found that “checking my breath” comes easier.

  29. Moneace Smith

    I have done the Isha Kriya about four or five times this week and I feel this sense of connection to my mind of being more free and intuition of what I need to give my body in order to be healthy and strong. Doing the Isha Kriya is growing on me.

  30. I absolutely love the Isha Kriya I have been doing it everyday almost since we have learned about it . When i Practice the Isha Kriya I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my body. I enjoy the way i feel during and after i practice.It takes me to a place only i can see in my mind and were everything is going at the pace i need and the energy feels the way i would like to be surrounded and i love what it does to me. I usually do the Isha Kriya in the middle of the day and it gives me that extra boost i need. But sometimes i do it at night to really relax me and help me sleep. I do believe we take our breath and lives for granted and we dont really SEE the things that are vital to us. We live in a world where we need to be quick and waste no time but in all honestly i believe if we took the time to SEE these things the world would be a better place. Once you learn to appreciate the body your in , you can reach wonders. The Isha Kriya has helped be in my beliefs and i love to have my boyfriend join me every time i practice.

    -Ashley Otero

  31. The parts of this video that jumped out at me most were definitely the discussion of perception/awareness and the discussion of the soul/body dichotomy.
    “When you breathe, you don’t really know the breath, only the sensations that the breath causes within you.”
    “When someone touches you, you don’t know the touch, only the sensations that the touch causes within you.”
    That sentiment seems to make more sense in the second example, at least to me. But then, it raises the question of what IS touch? I would think that the perceptions of both individuals are equally important in manifesting what is the reality of contact. However, I would understand the notion that one can only know HALF the touch, perhaps. In that they only know of it what they feel themselves.
    The soul/body dichotomy is a fascinating subject, one which has tantalized philosophers for centuries and was touched on in the discussions of my philosophy class last semester. I’m not sure, but I think it was Aristotle who believed that the soul was an entity inseparable from the body. Whether or not he believed that “inseparable” means “one and the same,” I’m not certain. I know that Plato and Socrates both accepted the soul as an immortal entity, distinct from the physical form. It seems to be an ancient belief that the soul and body are distinct from one another. I wonder where the notion originated? Especially considering how much value has been placed upon the physical body, both historically and now. Even if the body and soul are distinct from one another… Well, it makes me wonder what worth there is in combining the two in the first place. The questions that a discussion of this depth are enormous and without answers, it seems. Though I suppose that’s the beauty of yogic practices: to help one find the way to a truth which transcends the boundaries of constructed language. Which is comforting to think about. (:

    • Jasmine, we have at least 7 pranic bodies/sheaths and when we come to learn/experience/know these different dimensions we can choose to cultivate tools like conscious breathing, different Kriyas, and other Yogic tools to explore, unite and cultivate our higher levels of existence. Wishing you much insight as you continue your journeys. OM

  32. In this video, Sadhguru puts the idea of the breath into a whole new perspective for me. As much as I know that I am always breathing because I am alive, I have become aware that breathing can do and be so much more than that, and that the simple act of breathing is taken for granted every day. As Sadhguru put it, you inhale, then the exhale doesn’t happen and you’re gone; or you inhale, exhale and then the next inhale doesn’t happen and poof – you’re gone. He made me realize just how significant each breath is not only to being alive, but to actually letting go of fears and worries and truly living life.

    When we first started to practice the Isha Kriya, it wouldn’t be too long after trying to let my eyes roll further back that my ADD would kick in and I would lose focus and my mind would start to wander. I feel like the more I practice it, the more I am able to let my soul sink into the earth and completely free my mind.

  33. I very much enjoyed this video and greatly appreciated what the yogi Sadhguru had to say. He spoke a great deal about the power of our breath in terms of the fragility of life. I believe he was trying to express that in order to fully live and be aware (throughout the yoga practice and everyday) we must pay attention to the wonderful things our body can do (and in that way, our body is not only fragile, but strong, too). These things are as simple and basic as breathing, but once we are gone, the body can no longer do this. Thus, it is crucial not to take life for granted. Life is fragile, Sadhguru reminds his audience. All too often, I forget about this, and find myself too focused on academic demands and material items that are not as important as I allow them to be. It is more important to appreciate each day that we are alive and cherish these moments. Focusing on the breath allows us to become self-aware and present. These statements definitely resinated with me. I was reminded of how in class, we are told to keep ourselves healthy – physically, through daily lifestyle habits, and mentally, through the yoga practice. I was inspired to make a bigger commitment to my own yoga practice, and I look forward to watching more of Sadhguru’s YouTube videos. I think he offers a very refreshing perspective on what is important in order to maintain self-awareness.

    Jessica Passman

    • Jessica, I am so very glad that you received the full message and intent from Sadhguru, and your Journal work will include more videos from Sadhguru this semester so you wish has already been realized! Namaste

  34. Now after practicing the Isha Kriya almost daily for about a month, I can easily say that I have more awareness about my own emotional state. However, I will continue to practice more following this Isha Kriya. I have found that over time the practice has become a perfect meditation which can help me to find peace, enhance my abilities to deal with my sudden mood changes as well as help to build increase my emotional quotient. Every week that I go further into practicing Isha Kriya seems to enhance the expirience for me. My perspective of life has changed completely and I have gained more insight to my inner self and my body, mind, emotions and energy are in total control. Outside unpleasant situations and events do not disturb me as much as they used to, as I am in complete control of my inner self and with clarity of perception. Discovering this practice at the beggining of my fall semester at college also couldn’t have been more perfect time because it allows me release and calmness from my studies and duties of being a student, which is well needed.

  35. Watching this video reminded me a lot about how much you, as a busy person, take for granted such important things, like breathing and how it is very much as Sadhguru said, a string that holds everything together, your body and your mind. Also, how fragile your life is, and how it can be taken away so quickly after your last breath. He also mentions how although we are fragile as humans we are also very sturdy and can do a lot for others and ourselves in our day to day lives.

    What was also interesting to me is that, going back to the idea of breathing, how we are only aware of the sensation it brings, but not the act of breathing itself. We aren’t aware of it happening, like we are not aware of how another person, when they touch you, how they feel, only what your body allows you to feel. He stresses how important it is to be self aware and how it will benefit you.With the act of Isha Kriya, this helps allow you to become more self aware, so you can soon feel the separation between the mind and the body.

    Since the last time I was in yoga class, I have tried my best to incorporate isha kriya once a day. I have only been so successful. I practiced twice inside and once outside. The experience of being outside and doing the meditation really made me feel close to the earth and nature. It in the time I practiced during the week, I felt a sense of calm throughout the days I practiced, noticing little things, like clearer thinking and better posture and so on. As the days progressed, and I began to lose touch with it, I noticed old habits returning almost immediately. I want to do my best to get back to it. I want to experience the separation of mind and body that Sadhguru talks about in this video, I know that it can only benefit me in the long run.

  36. I very much enjoyed what the yogi Sadhguru had to say. I was very inspired by his words about the power of our breath in terms of the “fragility of life.” What he is reminding us is that in order for us to be fulfilled we must be aware of the duality of the human body and spirit. We are both strong and fragile in so many ways, and we must learn to appreciate all of the wonderful things that our bodies do and we take for granted. These things are as simple and basic as breathing and touching, but once we are gone, the body can no longer do this. When Sadhguru reminds the audience to check their breath and says “don’t take it for granted” I was struck by how often I do. Only until we are focusing on it in class do I become aware of how real and powerful my breath is often times.

    I was also very motivated by the idea of appreciating each day that we are alive and refusing to take it for granted. Focusing on the breath allows us to become self-aware and present. As Sadhguru said, a string that holds everything together, your body and your mind and how it can all be taken away so quickly. It is important to focus on what he mentions about how although we are fragile as humans we are also very sturdy and can do a lot for others and ourselves in our day to day lives. We must be vigilant in our ability to take care of ourselves mentally and physically as well as others.
    This is a late post. I had already done this assignment but I do not see my post so I have re written it and I am unsure as to what I had originally posted about my Isha Kriya but at this point in time (October 28th) I have done the practice several times this week. I have been dealing with things that have disrupted my spiritual path, but I am slowly regaining my energy and finding the benefits from the practice again.

  37. Matt Tuckerman

    It’s been fascinating learning about the isha krya and actually practicing it. I’ve never practiced any yoga daily, so it’s quite refreshing.I also learned what the words themselves meant, I’ve always been curious to how these words related to our current world. I especially liked that he talked about how breathing is more than just taking in oxygen, it’s about your mind and focus. The isha kyra has really helped me get my focus together and make my mind stronger.
    I try to do the Isha kyra atleast twice every day, since my class schedule is at varied times of the day. But after doing the IK after a long class, I definitely feel released of all previous stress from the class. The IK has helped me also just become more conscious of my well being and just how stress affects me. I’ve also become more aware of my physical & mental health state and have improved it all. It’s good to see how much like the IK can do for someone.

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