Ten Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy on a Vegan Diet | The Vegan RD


Ten Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy on a Vegan Diet | The Vegan RD.

Here is a great resource about Veganism.  Click the link below the picture and get loads of information about the Vegan Diet.  For those curious try just to have one day per week for a vegan diet.  Then if your experience is neutral or positive then you may want to try to have a VEGAN WEEKEND!!! A great way to lighten up your system and to boost your immune system.  For those already Vegan my favorite website is: http://www.sharan.org.in     there are recipes and a wealth of information.  It is organized and run by my favorite Dr. Nandita Shah from Auroville, India and hope when she comes to USA next time to host a cooking jam session with her!!! Stay healthy, Namaste


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  1. It’s interesting to learn about the effects a vegan diet has on our body and state of mind. Some people tend to become vegans because they feel it will help them build strong immune systems and others because of animal cruelty issues. Nonetheless, i found it very helpful that there are some nutrients that we can’t obtain on a regular basis and have to rely on daily supplements that will keep our immune system intact. It gives understanding and encouraging options because it talks about how we tend to go back to meat after we start this diet, it gives us the other options we can do to satisfy our taste but at the same time keeping ourselves in good shape and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for us to take care of our entire being by making good healthy decisions on what we put in our bodies.

    • Sherjan, glad you reviewed this post and are open to new ideas…but the assignment was for “Staying Healthy…9/11/2012” please review and leave your comments, thanks

      • I apologize for posting in the wrong assignment before. After reading this information i was thinking about my lifestyle as i was hearing things that seemed very familiar. I noticed that after i exercise i tend to feel more hungry and crave sugary and salty things. This information definitely helped explain why that is , because of our acidity. So in order to make our immune system better and live healthier we need to eliminate illnesses that will have detrimental effects to our bodies. Making sure we consume things that are safe for us. Nowadays people buy organic foods because they guarantee the best and fresh products. This was very helpful and i will try to incorporate this into my lifestyle thanks!

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