This is Mani Raman Chaitanya


Mani Raman Chaitanya is a very gifted and powerful but gentle Yogi.  He is a Master Teacher for Sivananda Worldwide. I met him in Kerala a few years back at Sivananda, Neyyar Dam ashram.  I have stayed in touch with him over the years as he travels worldwide giving Yoga Programs, often visiting the USA.  Once when he was in New York he gave a Yoga Darshan for a few of my students!!  He is a very rare jewel as he has listened to his spirit and heart and stayed on the Path of Yoga as a Monk.  The trend in India is very much like everywhere in the world nowadays for young people and it is not easy choosing to be a monk in India.  From his family and contemporaries no one understood except his mother why he chose this path.  I am so grateful and proud that he has the courage, insight, direction and more to know how he can best serve humanity.  He is extremely dynamic in his own yoga, very loving and gentle with his students, as well very eager to learn new things from everyone, all elements for a great teacher.  I feel so gifted to have met him during these early years of his mastery as I will be able to watch with Joy as he matures in his mastery.  I think it has been four years or more that he has dedicated a gift of property from a devotee to be an orphanage in Tamil Nadu!!! I cannot imagine what things are in the pipeline for and from Mani.  There are miracles happening all the time and Mani is one living breathing Yogi Miracle!!!! Long Healthy Joyful Life to Mani for all of us to keep being inspired and blessed.  Om Shanti OM


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