AUM Chanting for the Thirsty


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AUM Chanting for the Thirsty.

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  1. I’ve always been taught to associate meditation with something with the capability to help you achieve controlling your hunger or helping those who eat too little heighten their self esteem, but it’s brilliant to think that it could help us understand when our body needs hydration. This study is really quite amazing to me because although these athletes within the study had previously been taught to manage their water intake, it was still meditation that gifted them with these realizations. There was even a test at the end of the class where most of them scored 100%. I feel as if spirituality and meditation would most likely be able to help us in other areas better than simply being told to do something and memorizing it.

    Yogic practices containing AUM have been recently reported to improve brain function. The article states, “This is one of the reasons why the researchers chose AUMkar meditation as a tool for bridging the gap between knowledge and behavior, in their body hydration study.” It really does astound me that certain meditative practices have aspects that benefit the person participating in a separate way then another particular type of meditation would. It’s something I obviously should look further into.

    This week after realizing my roommates and I were not doing Isha Kriya fully correct, we followed the chart and practiced about four times in total with the right steps. It feels much better to doing it the way it was intended to be. After we feel like we fully understand Isha Kriya, we decided we would try AUMkar meditation and see how it affects us. I would also like to focus on water intake because living on a campus means it is harder to access drinking water and I need to be aware of when I am not hydrated enough and if it’s affecting my school performance.

  2. Madeline Bodendorf

    I found it so fascinating how just by these athletes chanting they increased their bodies hydration levels and then some. It is interesting how just by increasing the body’s awareness, we are able to fix a problem we had before such as dehydration even when the athletes were doing everything they could. I also liked the idea of bridging the gap between knowledge and behavior because it is another way of saying we have to have the body and the mind as one. Its interesting how doing these AUM chants made the players both happier but also more athletically fit. They were described as having healthier heart rates and performing better at physical tests.

    My home Iska Kriya experiences have been unchanging, I still do the same routine every night when I can and I normally do it 4-5 times a week. I find still though that I wish there were music playing just because I hate white noise, I wonder what is the best music to use?

  3. I thought the connection between hydration and practicing the Isha meditations was very interesting. I would not have made the connection prior to reading this article. The connection between knowledge and action was also very fascinating. Knowing something or being knowledgeable on a subject differs to the actions revolving around that same topic. I think the subject of hydration in the human body is very important especially when practicing something dealing with your physical body such as yoga or working out. The inclusion of the scientific research/observational experiment was essential to learning more about this article about the AUMkar meditation.

  4. This article was really interesting and positive.I am curious what specifically about the AUM exercise helps maintain better hydration levels, because it is incredible the difference that this one exercise can make with these athletes. During class I very much enjoy this exercise, as it makes me feel more relaxed after completing it and the actual act of repeating these sounds are very soothing and feels really pleasant in the throat and mouth. I love when science can co-mingle with spiritualism and really shows the positive benefits that we gain from having this deeper connection with our own bodies as well as the universe. I was happy to see a similar effect with thees athletes.

    The Aum can be broken into three parts which makes it very easy to do. You begin with a deep inhalation and exhale throughout the chant.
    The first part of the Aum is the ‘Oooohhh’ sound and I can feel the vibrations deep in the belly and I have read that works with opening the lower chakras. The second part of Aum is the ‘Aahh’ sound which vibrates in the chest, and briefly before part three there is a very subtle transition which vibrates in the throat.The third part of Aum is the humming ‘Mmmmhh’ sound. I also read that the entire process can remove energetic blockages and also stimulate intuition and the ability to form new creative ideas. This is incredibly useful for me, especially with the workload and amount of projects I am always working on.

    This is one of my favorite parts of my yoga experience. I have put much thought or seriousness into yoga in the past but through reading all of these articles and experiencing a very well directed class i definitely feel as though I am getting great benefits from these practices.

  5. As a follow up to my previous comment, I have finally been able to practice my Isha Kriya more regularly again after struggling to find time or energy to do it the last two weeks. I have managed to only complete it 5 times this week and I feel like while I lost a bit of my energy that I had start to gain from it, I feel better now that I’ve started it again.

  6. Since the very beginning of my college career in the visual arts conservatory, stress has been and continues to be the theme. I have been dealing with anxiety for most of my life, but nothing like in my college years.

    My peers and professors would watch me stress about every little thing and would always tell me I needed to relax. Obviously, I was aware of that, but it’s easier said than done.

    One friend in particular who practices mediation would always advise that I meditate to de-stress. I always took it into consideration but would never actually do it until recently.

    In my experience meditating, I felt an immediate difference in my demeanor thought the day and also found myself more open minded and inspired.

    I have even experienced seeing waves of purple while mediating with my eyes closed. This, I think, is symbolic of the crown chakra which represents spiritual connection and creative thinking (if I remember correctly).

    So when reading this article, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that mediating can also help improve your physical health along with your mental health.

    It is important to be aware of what your body needs in order to survive. Mental and physical health go hand in hand for inner and outer harmony.

  7. How wonderful that the techniques we use to nurture our bodies and experience can be used in such different ways! I believe that AUM Chanting must assist the athletes not only in achieving greater water and hydration levels, but also balancing the other three elements they are made. As a dancer- hydration was extremely important- Especially when practicing for hours with no break or AC on a New York City summer day! I admit, my perspective on hydration has changed drastically since last weeks reading. I hope to have more focus on my hydration not necessarily through drinking more water, but increasing my awareness of my physical being.

    This week, I practiced this Isha Kriya every day. In a time of transition it proves to be an outlet for clarity. I practice for fifteen-twenty minutes and find my time of contemplation to last longer and longer, pleasantly seeping into my “auto pilot brain”.

    I want to share with you a reading from a book I inherited from my Grandmother. I referred back to the reading after discussing hydration, and was reminded of the beauty of the words.

    “If you were a pitcher filled with water,
    clear and beautiful,
    you would be happy to pour for others
    as they came through your life.
    But if you were an empty pitcher
    what could you give to others except a facsimile of giving,which is no giving at all?
    What you give then would have demanded attached
    because your own needs have not been met.

    When you are full
    you give and it it joy.
    It is love.”


    • What a beautiful poem, what is the name of the book your Grandmother gifted you? She must be a special lady and has a deep care and love for you, what a blessing! I hope you let her know about how you have shared from her book gift recently, OM

  8. When I think about the word Om I typically think of the of the “monosyllable”form. I have come across the “tri-syllable” form of Aum, but it wasn’t until our class that I learned it was pronounced differently. Chanting and saying Om has many benefits. By bringing and matching your vibration to that of God’s, you are able to tap into a higher realm of yourself. However, as evidenced here, Aum chanting has benefits outside of what I thought was originally possible. In chanting, studies have shown that participants experience calmness, relaxation, and groundedness, along with a decrease in depression and an increase in general well being. (“Chant and Be Happy: The Effects of Chanting on Respiratory Function and General Well Being in Individuals Diagnosed with Depression,” Molly Kenny, 2005)
    What is great about the article presented in the post is that it provides us with the physical class of results. We are shown the power that Aum can have on us as individuals, and how it can affect the things we participate in. While Aum is a very powerful chant, it is not the only one that can bring healing and power to us. In 2014, Inc. Magazine writer Billy Newlands published 20 chants that would help us throughout our day. Examples include chants for prosperity, tough times, and even seeking success.
    I am very familiar with chanting. In my home, there are chants playing constantly throughout the house, mostly by Dr. Joseph Levry. My favorite is “Lumine de Lumine,” or “Light of Light.” It is to summon light into wherever you may be, and helps to clear the space of any darkness. Another favorite of mine is “triple mantra.” This is a very important chant as it calls for protection. It should be typically done upon waking up in the morning, before you start your day. My schedule has been quite tight over the last week or so, but I have made time to practice the IK. I struggled a bit when reciting the parts for my midterm, so I have been trying to wean off of the instructional videos.

  9. After reading AUM Chanting I was shocked to learn about the dehydration issue that this group of hockey players were experiencing. When I was in high school, the athletes would carry around at least a gallon of water to each class. This article made me question the quality differences between the bottled water bought in a store to the plastic water bottles they fill up at home. The experiment intrigued me because the players who had practiced AUMkar meditation for 21 days had healthier water levels than those who did not meditate. Also, I found it remarkable how players were getting along with their peers, family etc more. Hockey has a lot of violence within the game itself which can translate into the players everyday life, by meditating they are able to separate the game and live. This study should be taught in all athletic sports and organization, not only to enhance the player’s performance but for the other healthy benefits that came out of the AUMkar practice.

    Monday October 24, 2016: 8am-8:30am
    Today’s meditations heightened my awareness and allowed me to participate in group work without becoming hostile. My group project seemed to go a lot smoother than I had anticipated because of the people I had been paired with.

    Tuesday October 25, 2016: 8pm-8:20pm
    Tonights meditation did not go as smooth as I would have liked. It’s becoming extremely hard for me to separate my anxiety from the day to day tasks I must complete. This showed me the importance of meditating in the morning rather than at night, in order to put the right foot forward prior to leaving the house.

    Wednesday October 26, 2016: 8am-8:30am
    This morning meditation has open my eyes to new information about the condition of my body. During my meditation I found my muscles to become extremely tense and my nasal passages seemed to be clogged. I realized how sick I had been through sitting in silence.

    Thursday October 27, 2016: 8am-8:30am
    My Isha Kriya practice this morning was not as successful as it has been in previous weeks. The sickness I felt in my body became the distraction from my mind once again. I’ve become frustrated with this and have to recognize that everything takes time.

  10. Matt Tuckerman
    Very interesting article. Practicing Aum meditation as frequently as possible, if not every day helps concentrate my thoughts and actually think consciously. It has calmed me down as well and helped me focus on my task at hand, not everything at once. Studies show that people practicing AUM meditation have a healthier level of water intake. When you have a clear mind and you can focus on better performance while feeling calmer and well hydrated you can achieve much more then if you weren’t practicing Aum. It’s very important to note that different water levels/intake can definitely change your performance. Since the weather has been glum lately, i’ve been doing the isha kriya inside, mostly 2-3 times a day in my room

  11. AUMkar

    Throughout the research of Dr. Lal explores the physiological and psychological benefits of AUM meditation. She did a study that lasted 21 days on 30 players that were divided into two groups: control group of water consumption and the other group who practiced AUMkar and drank less water. After the experiment, it showed how practicing AUMKar made the players calmer, focused, and content. The players who were control of their water consumption showed lack of performance, endurance and physical agility. There is a huge difference and change within their minds, and bodies.
    My experience with the meditation has been effective ever since I took this yoga class. It gave me a sense of myself and my environment. I have awareness of the cause and effect of the things I do. Reading the article shows there are tests on meditation that makes people feel happier and healthy. Personally, I think it is about our beliefs but also on mediation that makes people feel different about themselves.
    I practiced the Isha kyra 4 times. I have not been feeling well. Sometimes it has been hard breathing because of my sinus in the morning. I had to breathe through my mouth which was not enjoyable. Lately, I have been getting headaches and feeling a bit pressured about the future. Sometimes I feel the isha kyra is like a prayer. I usually do it in the morning about 10-15 minutes. It helps me focus and feel less tense about work and school. When I do the Isha Kyra, it is the first thing I do in the morning.

  12. Aliena Ali

    This article did not surprise me at all. There was a point in my life where I had to consume a significant amount of water daily, for medical reasons involving blood flow. I did this for about eight months until my medical treatment was over. I can honestly say that this was the absolute best time for my energy and skin. I definitely resonate with the notion that although we may know what is best for us and our bodies, we still may not put our best efforts forward to take care of ourselves. I do this however that it is difficult for many of us to commit to something that is outside of our lifestyles. Some of us dedicate a lot of time to taking care of our bodies while many don’t. Those that do actively care for their bodies have a tendency to be able to incorporate different means of self care.

    I completed the Isha Kriya four times this week. Since I was able to go home for a few days this week, I completed the meditations without interruption. I completed them early in the morning before running and coffee. My meditations this week went a bit better than they did last week because I was in a better head space. I was really comfortable during these meditations because I was sitting on my bed, which I normally don’t do. I have no complaints about my meditations except that I had been a bit tired since I had done them quite early in the morning as soon as I had woken up.

  13. This article talked about how athletes kept being dehydrated even though they already knew the body’s essential need for water. It also talked about how an experiment was conducted where both groups had already been educated on water consumption, but one group did the AUMkar meditation for a brief period of time and the other group didn’t do it. The group that did the meditating showed improved focus and they weren’t as dehydrated as the other players. So this article basically talked about why the AUMkar chanting is important for the body and what it does for the body.
    In my past I have never really done any yoga until my second year of college. So I never really knew about the benefits of the AUMkar meditation. Ever since I started doing yoga (presumably the AUMkar meditation) I feel like I have more control over my body. Some of the benefits I have noticed are that I’m more focused, and less tired throughout the day. The way I start to notice the difference is that there are times when I just don’t do the meditation and I feel it in my mind that I’m less productive.
    Ever since I started to do yoga I’ve asked my family(Aunt, cousin, brother) if they’ve ever done yoga and what kind of poses they’ve done. They have done at least half of the poses I have learned, but they don’t know most of the benefits. I asked them if they know about the AUMkar(OM) meditation they said yes but they don’t really know what it does. So I’ll probably share this article with them so that they can know of the benefits.

  14. AumKAR meditation is known to have transcendental qualities and relieve people from numerous physical and mental ailments when practice regularly. This article is about AumKAR and it’s correlation to body hydration as an ongoing research by Dr Lal. By using athletes Dr Lal collect results on their water level after each game. One group practice the AumKAR while the other did the basic hydration practice. And the end of the test, the group that practice the AumKAR, water level’s increased significantly. Not only did their water levels improved, they also appear more happier, calmer, and more focused.
    I enjoyed this reading because I’m someone who drinks water more than I should, because I always feel dehydrated. I personally would like to practice the AumKAR as it seems like a healthy way to keep the body hydrated, while still bringing protection, wellbeing and balance to the body.
    Another thing I like about the AumKAR is that according to the article “yogic practice such as this, can improve brain functions.

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