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Bodhidharma | The Isha Blog.

Click the link to read the about the history of the connection between Yoga/Meditation in India and how it spread to the rest of Asia.  For many students who are studying Asian Philosophy and want some clarity as to the origins and spread of these practices.  Whichever path you choose for conscious development it will be right for you for that time and just keep your feet on the path….Namaste


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  1. I thought that this perhaps tall tell was quite interesting. The very end when it mentions how chai tea was discovered was interesting too. I am an avid tea drinker and it is one of those things where I always want to learn more. Walking into various tea stores I always like to read the labels and descriptions as to where the tea is from and if there is a story behind it. Now that I am taking yoga I think it would be interesting to learn more about how or if it is possible for different teas to help throughout a meditation. I think it could be interesting to for one of our classes(maybe nearing winter) to incorporate a tea drinking session to see how or if it can improve our skills that we have learned. Thanks for this story though it was very interesting.

    • Hiya Maria, this is an interesting idea you make here, but we are fully taxed with keeping the Juice Bar open for students to boost their immune system with nutrient dense juice that goes straight to the blood supply with little energy via digestion. Do follow the emails to your PC account so that you log-in to the proper Posts this one was not required, but glad you reviewed it!! Shanti OM

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