Reblog comment from a New Yogini


The following is a comment from a new Yoga Practitioner who really is growing with her Sadhana/Practice… I am so proud of her (will keep her anonymous for now)….Namaste

I am truly enjoying these excerpts. Not only do they confirm what I have been observing, they are also quite informative and stir up new ideas and thought processes for me. What I found most interesting about both of these readings is how we must learn how to not hinder the mind with disciplined thought but at the same time we must concentrate on our thoughts because it is important to understand through our own experiences why it is that we find any tensions in our minds at all. I never realized how these tensions are actually violent in themselves because they are destructing the truth that we know and constructing walls of lies. I think it is important for us to see how acts of love take their course naturally when they are not thought about but it is our negative spectrum of thoughts that propel us into uncertainty. Acceptance, compassion, and open-mindedness as well as violence are built into our nature. We can latch on to either and unknowingly repeat the patterns as we go about our lives. But if we pay attention we can see how the good outweighs the bad. And we do the bad to ourselves. The only way to end this cycle of negativity is to be the change within ourselves.

While doing the Kriya this week I noticed that on days where my mind was busy I could actually feel my mind holding on to the thought and constructing it. I noticed myself finding the words to explain my feelings. As I tried to find unconscious flowing thoughts and let go of the tension that I felt in my mind, I found it even harder to release because of my concentration on concentration. I realized that when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I would suddenly be able to create the flow of thoughts and bliss that comes with the emptiness. In relation to the audio clips from this week, I have realized that while it is important to focus on our good nature, the best way to live is to be open and loving while not disciplining the mind and holding onto our thoughts to maintain continuity as we always do.



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  1. What’s really beautiful about this is that it shows that the stock state for human thought tends toward love and kindness. Any hateful thoughts are created by all the stress and pressures of daily life, but when that veil is lifted through meditation these beautiful thoughts are allowed to shine through.

  2. When doing my Kriya this week, I have found that I am beginning to get past my struggling with the mantra. Not to say that I have begun to find where the words have specific meaning in my life because, in all honesty, I do not agree with the statement, mainly due to my own understanding and connection to my personal cultural and religious beliefs. However, the phrase has its purpose in terms of technique, or as a tool, to help me to focus while in my Kriya. The practice of the Kriya has become less of a means only clear my mind, and more of a practice which helps me to gain energy and strength. Though I do still experience and value its help in focusing my mind, I have found that the mantra alongside focusing my mind, serves as an access point to my own energy/power. I can’t exactly explain how it’s doing this, however, I do know that when speaking the mantra I have felt an urge to elongate the last word of each sentence. In doing so I feel the vibrations coming from my own voice, and I believe that is what is bringing about this sense of internal strength, power, or energy. Almost as if the way I am saying the mantra ignites a fire in my stomach.

    • What you feel is always a real thing and to be able to be in touch and own that is valuable. This was not the assignment, so please do go back and find the proper date and title to get full credit. The assignments are designed to give students notions to contemplate on their yogic development. Namaste

  3. Yoga = Stirring the Ingredients = Balance (October 29, 2012): After I finished reading the blog post on stirring the ingredients for balance (yoga), I felt a fuller understanding to the main theme and/or connection to the way we as humans should stabilize ourselves. As people, we all experience stressful circumstances or moments (even situations that could be mentally crippling to us) and with the other things (that of work) we have to face in everyday life, for many people it can be a struggle to find equilibrium within one’s self. Along with this, it should be further understood that this depression and anxiety we face should most definitely be handled with care and focused upon first (in-order for the betterment of one’s self and others), so that then we can center our attention to that of anything that needs or should be done; assist us in completing priorities in a much greater manner (to be much more flexible mentally). Jaggi Vasudev and/or known as well as Sadhguru, commented on the idea that “we are in general the type of being who lapse in our practices and fall ill or sick, time and time again. We can become like the little baby who cries when pinched… because we ignored the information at the mental, emotional, energetic screens” (Yoga = Stirring the Ingredients = Balance).

  4. During the pasts weeks due to a number of different things piling up doing the IK has become difficult. Difficult not in practice but I find myself hard to break away from my thoughts of day to day life. If I were to describe it using an example it feels more like a clogged up stream than a flowing one during my practice. I still find comfort in the mantra and it does help to bring my thoughts back but there remains a level of impatience. As a result I have been trying to practice my IK more often during the week to try and acclimate my mind to the state of warmth doing IK has brought in the past.

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