Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube


Sraddhulu Ranade – The Star of Auroville & Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Pondy)

This is a short video with Sraddhulu Ranade from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India discussing the life long questions about what is our purpose here?  I first heard Sraddhulu at Savitri Bhavan in Auroville in 2001 and instantly knew he is a living genius on many levels: spiritual, science, philosophy, history, math, etc.  He is a figure to follow as now the energy that cultivated him at the ashram has fallen from grace and set him outside the box…this is indeed sad but also creates a chasm for him to weld…a new possibility and with this will come some fresh and enlightening possibilities.  Of course he cannot do it alone…and I share here a glimpse of his genius…do check out more of his talks via Youtube (channel Wisdom Splendor and others).  There are many possibilities with our technologies to see we are not alone, unique and the more we share our potential for knowledge and growth the future seems brighter and brighter!

Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube.


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  1. The main point from this video is that consciousness is essential reality and the only reality in our lives. Consciousness lives inside us and is connected to self fulfillment. With consciousness we get an urge inside of ourselves that holds our desires, happiness, love etc. and when we come to terms with it we become awaken by it realize our reality. I do agree with this stated in the video that when we don’t realize our consciousness inside of ourselves we are “dead” because we have not yet lived or found the core things to awaken us. I think this is an important factor when realizing who w are as people and what we want in life. When realizing this consciousness we are able to know exactly what we want go after it. This is a process that everyone has to go through to figure out who they are. This video put a different analogy on consciousness, which is amazing because I never looked at it like this before. This is very enlightening because it makes you think about yourself and your self fulfillment inside. Thank you for sharing this video with me.

    • This video is very important for everyone. I agree with the idea that cociousness is key to helping man kind and the planet. I find that so many things are done today without the use of conciousness and it has caused so much pain and anxiety. I feel that is people began to understand the importance of conciousness that peop;les reaction to one another and the planet would change drastically. One of the greatest problems is that many people do not believe is this type of conciousness and do not belive it is vital to aquire this deep conciousness. I have become very interested in the concept of cociousness and have begun to look into a practice called access conciousness which focuses on opening up the energy wave to improve conciousness.

  2. I learned a lot about myself, and also the world around me from watching this video. Our consciousness is not only connected to us, but it also has a great effect on those around us. A statement that stuck out to me most was “to not focus on what we think our ego needs, but instead to focus on what others need.”

  3. This video really got me thinking. Consciousness is when you become self-aware, and many things go along with that. I feel like most people spend their lives wandering around looking for self-fulfillment but never finding it. Instead, we look towards material things to find that sort of self-fulfillment. The reason Sraddhulu Ranade is someone who is so enlightened and beyond the need for those types of things is because he is someone who is self-aware. True self-awareness means looking inside yourself and seeing what is truly necessary to you. Like he said, it is only when we achieve this self-awareness that we see reality for what it really is.

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