What is the significance of number 108? – YouTube



via What is the significance of number 108? – YouTube.

Just click the highlighted  title link above to view this short video from Sadhguru.  This is super important for all Yoginis and Yogis to know!!!


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    • Sorry for your not being able to view the videos but looks like you had a great vacation and that you love Bali! I am in the midst of end of term with my students so I haven’t been posting but shall do more upon the holiday break stay lovely

  1. Once again, Sadguru never fails to enlighten my soul and expand my knowledge on the world around me. I found what Sadguru mentioned about the diameter between the sun and the moon being “108 times” to be quite interesting, especially its relation to the human body. Aligning the cosmic with the human body is one concept that I have never thought of but find quite interesting at the moment. When thinking that the sun and Earth are also 108 diameters and its relation to the human body tells me that I can be perfectly aligned if I practice my chantings 108 times. I will also feel more aligned if I practice my Isha Kriya 108 times, although I believe that isn’t physically possible, but possibly if I do such in the span of a week or so.

    In addition to this, I found what Sadguru was saying about the 114 chackras also very interesting. I never knew this fact about oneself and would love to further my knowledge on it throughout my semester in Yoga: Tolls For Stress & Relaxation. I would also love to expand my knowledge on the 714 “nadies” found inside the body, I have never heard of this and would like to know more about it.What I find that I enjoyed most of this video is the referral of the sun and the Earth so much. I have a great interest in he galaxy and love how it is incorporated with the human body which is ever riddled with things that we ourselves sometimes cannot understand.

  2. I have no idea what this guy means by the diameter of the sun and diameter of the earth is 108 times…does he mean its 108 times greater than…something? It’s all very ambiguous.

  3. The reason the number 108 is so significant in the practice of yoga is because there are, according to Sadhguru there are 108 shakras the body has to work with. Quite an eye opening video and what an intelligent speaker Sadhguru is. The number almost completely rules the entire system, it helps to align you with the cosmos and an not only that, but an entire spectrum of various other ways in which the number comes into important and beneficial play for those who believe and follow.

  4. I am so glad I saw this video. I was at a festival for the Buddha’s birthday last year and the number 108 was everywhere. Even the parade floats had 108 on them. Nobody I was with new why, and there was a language barrier with other people there.

    Later I met someone with Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads, which had 108 beads; they used them for saying their mantra. I asked what the significance of 108 is, they said “you really only have to say the mantra 108 times, the 8 is extra to make up for any miscounting.”

    Now I know that is not the case, and 108 holds a lot more meaning.

  5. So that is the reason why?!! I found that very interesting that they connect the natural elements with the physical elements! I thought is was a well rounded number for luck or something. That’s pretty neat to make that connection.

  6. Jossalyn Collado

    I had a hard time understanding some of what he was saying, but I think I got the jist of everything. I do not completely agree with when he says that if you can do 21 positions and master one you will be aligned with the cosmos. I just do not believe in things of that nature. I feel like yoga is a personal journey and it does not have to be to the rhythm of some other nature.

    The significance of the number 108, in the east, was interesting. The number 108 is the distance of their sun and moon to them. The number is symbolic to how many live their lives religiously and in many other ways too. It’s interesting to me because it is a foreign idea for a number to hold so much importance in my culture and yet in another culture a number can dictate how their lives are lived.

  7. Lately, in the last five years or so, I have heard the word chakra in different situations many times. I only knew that they were different points in our body that were important for our well-being. However, Sadhguru gave me a better understanding of what they are and their relation to the universe. Moreover, he explains the importance of chakras in Yoga: we are trying to align our body with the cosmos by doing this practice. I thought this short video was very interesting and informative.

  8. I had no idea that the number 108 was so significant! To think that it is repeated with the diameter of the planets as well as the chakras is surprising. This blog has taught me so much about the human body versus yoga. Om!

    • Molly glad you have learned something new about the science of yoga. Remember that each weeks comments should include about the amount of times you have done the Isha Kriya and what it effects for you are. Your comments should much more lengthy when you have added about your Kriya last week do print it out for credit along with assignment 8/2 & 1/7

  9. I think it’s really cool that the effects of yoga can be backed up with math. I knew that there was science involved since there have been proven effects to how yoga can benefit body function. It’s a very interesting concept that yoga is connected to the universe through 108 and how this is another reason yoga connects us with the earth.

  10. ah haaa! I thought the number 108 was ambitious when we were trying to keep the ball up in class, I guess I would say that we all need to work on aligning our chakras together! It’s a very interesting connection between the worldly things and our internal things.

  11. As I’ve been practicing my yoga more and more, I’ve realized that there is a deep connection between ourselves in relation to our surroundings– even those which extend into the cosmos. Everything is relative to each other and I believe that this practice helps us become more aware of this fact. It was interesting to hear that the number 108 not only has significance within our own bodies but also holds value for the cosmos. This makes me think of the body as a microcosm in itself. Thanks for the enlightening post!

  12. The connection between the body and the cosmos is very interesting to me. If you think about it, everything can be simplistically reduced to energy. If we can somehow align our energies with the energies of the cosmos then there shouldn’t be any conflict. I understood that our 108 chakras mirror the cosmic ratios of the planets, however, Sadhguru mentioned the number 84 with respect to our chakras, and 21 as being the number of chakras we should work on, but he also said that of our 112 chakras we can work on 108 of them. I’m a little confused, we would only need to master 1 chakra to be aligned with the cosmic system?

  13. Watching the video I found myself very interested in the idea of chakras and the human body having 108 manipulatable chakras. This also in the context of the diameter and distance between the earth, sun, and moon was also very interesting and gives a certain weight towards properly mastering the positions that I had not completely understood before. Hearing that knowing the positions and mastering them aligns the natural cosmic energy sets up an interesting and exciting goal.

    This past week I did the Isha Kriya three times. Meditating is something that is generally quite difficult for me because my mind always seems to be active. Concentrating on chanting the oum did force my mind to focus on one specific thing. I really enjoy doing the Isha Kriya before I leave to go to work because although I am not good at it yet I do still feel a sort of balance and capability that makes an otherwise stressful environment a bit more manageable.

  14. I cannot believe how many measurements hold the same number 108! It’s a little eerie if you ask me. It makes me feel like the whole universe is interconnected. I know it’s not the only numerical pattern we have between planets and other things in nature. I would like to master one of the aspects mentioned and see what my body felt like. Already since the start of the semester, I’ve been feeling different. More calm, yes, but also more trusting that there is something watching over all of us. Some kind of spirit. I’ve been doing the Isha Kriya 3 times other than when we are in class and it certainly does play a part in making my days less hectic. If I start to get anxious, my body begins to breath slower automatically. It feels like things are becoming second nature.

  15. I don’t believe practice is to make perfect but I do believe in practice to become better- make oneself better. Which I believe is a huge part of yoga- to make the physical and mind stronger. Not perfect.

  16. I love that he knows so much. Ive heard about 6 or 7 chakra’s in the body but not 108 or even 114. It amazes me that the sum of the sun moon and earth were 108. It makes me really think of how deeply rooted we are when it comes to the earth. How exactly can we utlize them all?

    In the post from July you said ” Success is measured by practicing each step orderly and do know the Isha Kriya will allow you embody 4-8, when completing 108 mandalas.” is this the same exact thing?” How long does it take someone to master the practice of yoga? I think it would be amazing if we had Sadhguru come to Purchase.

    • Khadijah, yes the mandala becomes completed when done between 45-54 days when practiced twice a day or for 100-108 days when practiced once daily. I too hope that the students at Purchase begin to embrace Isha Kriya and share it with others and we can assemble a large gathering to practice and this might be encouraging for Sadhguru to know there is a serious group practicing at Purchase…let’s see what happens…have you shared it…do you plan to invite friends to class? OM

  17. Moneace Smith

    I could understand some of what he was saying but most of it I had to think about on a deeper level or for it to be fully explained to me a little better. I felt as he he was saying how each physical part in your body needed to be connected not only physically to ones self but also to the world around you because of this sense of finding oneness.

    I thought that he was sorta of loosing and bringing me back in when he talked about the significance of the handwriting but lost me with the numbers part but brought me back in when talking about the diameter of the sun and how one is so close but so close that it can be easily reached. He had an interesting way of explaining the correlation of the physical being to the connection of nature and being native with in that notion.

  18. It was interesting to learn about the science behind the number 108. I never knew that it had such connections with the sun, moon and even our own chakras! I will aspire to become more adept at the poses we do in class in order to help further my cosmic understanding, as Sadhguru explained. I did the Isha Kriya three times last week (monday and thursday night and wednesday morning) I think I prefer doing it at night, right before I sleep because I have mild insomnia and it has helped to put me in more relaxed state of being before I go to bed.

  19. I had known what chakras were but I did not realize the full extant of it. Sadhguru had given me a better understanding of what they were and how everything relates. I now understand what the number 108 means and how that also plays a large part in our lives. I have been practicing the Isha Kriya about 2-3 times per week and every week I have felt more relaxed and focused, especially on schoolwork. I have also noticed that the more I practice it the better I become at it and the easier it is to concentrate while doing it.

  20. The significance of 108 goes far beyond its face value, it symbolizes a great interconnectedness between humans and the cosmos. Each time I listen to Sadhguru, my perception of yoga evolves. The notion that our physiology mirrors the cosmic geometry is very interesting. It makes me realize how often I view myself as separate from everything else, rather than a part of a working system. I know that this mindset is doing more harm than good. Sadhguru has given me a new appreciation for yoga as a means of understanding myself in relation to everything else. As I continue my practice I will consider what wonders may be unleashed as I work towards aligning my system with the cosmic geometry.


  21. I’ve heard before about specific number ratios that are common in nature and how they are aesthetically pleasing. I think that the number 108 falls under that category but, as Sadhguru says, as a connection between the body and the cosmos. This is interesting because its easy to forget, especially this day in age, how connected humans are to nature and as I further practice yoga I get a fuller sense of this idea and what Sadhguru explains. I’m not quite sure what he meant with the rest of the numbers and 21 but it’s certainly interesting to know that there is a belief of connection between numbers, humans, and nature.

  22. I found this video interesting because it gave some background on the meaning of 108. I liked that he explained how one example of how 108 is significant. He said the diameter of the sun; the distant of the sun from the earth, and the earth from the moon all have 108 in them. I liked when he talked about how the universe is shown to be apart of each of us individuals and that by aligning ourselves we are not only helping ourselves but also aligning with the cosmos – it helps to remind me that we are all connected.

    In regards to the other post on Yama and Niyama I also really enjoyed this posting. It reminded me of the 10 Commandants that are featured in a lot of religions. In regards to Satya, it is interesting that it talks about not telling lies but also seeing the inherent good in people. Lately, I’ve been getting burned out by all the texting, internet, television, phone and emails and I plan on taking next week’s spring break to go off the grid. I hope this time away will give me time to regroup and think about what is really important in life.

    I practiced the Isha Kriya three times during this week and decided to move to a smaller room in my house, one that seems more intimate. I found myself getting too distracted in other rooms in my house. I feel like I’m getting the hang of it now but still don’t feel like I’m getting the full benefits yet.

  23. Moneace Smith

    Doing the Isha Kriya this week has been very enjoyable for me I find my self doing it when i have free time, during event with friends and when I have like breaks during class. This week I have done the Isha Kriya about ten times feeling that my energy levels are increasing and my understanding of self has been more intuitive with my mind.

  24. Im so excited to know about the significance of 108. I know of the popular chakras but to know that there are more and that i can align myself with the cosmos. OM im so excited. I love the stars and space and i think i would be at such a higher level if i can align myself. I would love to understand more of this!!

    -Ashley Otero

    • Ashlely, glad you are catching up on assignments…please do spend more time writing your comments to include:comparisons, evaluations, questions, etc. such that they are worthy of a college level writing paragraph, also remember each entry has three parts, to record the amount of Isha Kriya completed each week and writing about your kriya experiences and second post to review, please do print the other parts our when completed and bring in to me for full credit, thanks.

  25. I have to admit, I was very confused in class when we were instructed to keep the ball in the air for 108 volleys. It seemed like a very random number. As soon as he began discussing the cosmic significance of 108, I have to say that I was quite blown away. Even though it was a short video, it was enough to serve as a glimpse into the deeper, complex elements that make up an ancient practice which is so avidly focused on simplicity. I knew that many if not all meditative practices centered around a notion of the universal connection of all things, but never knew that that belief could be translated into the language of human arithmetic. Again, this illustrates how yoga is a far more intricate subject than it might appear on the surface.

    I also did and did not know that yoga was meant to involve aligning oneself with the cosmos. Again, I knew that a central idea of unity serves as a foundation for many if not all practices, though I did not know about the role of chakras in this unity. In fact, I’ve never known very much about the chakras at all. For her birthday one year, I bought my mother a silver necklace with several different colored stone insets. It was meant to aid with chakra alignment. I believe there are only six or seven stones on the pendant. Similarly, whenever I have seen diagrams of where the chakras are present in the human body, there have only ever been six or seven points illustrated. “One hundred and fourteen chakras?? Really?? Where do they all fit???” Was my initial reaction to this video. And the thought that said chakras are meant to be aligned with some sort of cosmic energy was a sort of unbelievably grand concept I had never fully been aware of before. Ultimately, I find myself quite blown away with sentiments of unity and oneness and the overarching connectedness of all things in the universe. Overall, this video successfully exposed me to yet another layer of yoga/meditation that my eyes had yet to be opened to, thereby providing me with more alleyways to explore on my journey through the process of awareness and clarity. 🙂 Very exciting.

    – Jasmine T.

    • Yes Yasmine, we only have a small amount of information in the west about the yogic sciences…do take a look at my latest post on this blog to get a sense of how vast the lineage actually is. I have spent many weeks in Yoga Libraries in India truly amazed at the amount of information and scientific studies done back hundreds of years ago that just now some western scientific groups are just scraping the surface. I always say if I lived 20 more lifetimes studying the Yogic sciences it wouldn’t be enough…but so grateful to have this path to lift up my energies positively every time. Thanks for relating the ideas with your own personal experiences. OM
      n.b will be looking for your other parts of this assignment to give full credit

  26. Its amazing how Sadhguru uses such simple words to explain concepts that seem so abstract to me. This break down of numbers made me feel a lot closer to this practice. It makes me feel like there is a tangible, rational reason for everything we do in yoga. Its always easier for me to understand things when I can visualize them. I was wondering why we were striving towards such a high number that day we were tossing the ball around. That exercise increased our awareness and ability to work together as bodies. So my only question is, why 21 OMs? And now 108?

    • Meghan, 21 because of time…the Isha Kriya has 3 parts and when aiming for sitting for 15 minutes 21 AUMs comes close to the five minutes for this part and is a way to measure without having a timepiece. 21 is 7 times 3, 7 relating to the 7 charkas of our spines, hope this answers some of the mystery. OM

  27. I’ve seen the number 108 in a lot of different places and always assumed that it had some sort of mythical significance, I never imagined that it was actually founded in the starts and our own bodies. I’ve really enjoyed the Sadhguru videos that we have watched throughout the semester. Aside from the things that he is saying, I feel the way he carries himself is also very telling of how to conduct yourself as a yogi or a yogini. He is an excellent speaker.
    I’ve been practicing the isha kriya whenever I have time, which is at least every other day, and I’ve found it to be helpful in grounding myself when I become overwhelmed. Sometimes I will find a quiet room while I am at work and practice my breathing for a few minutes when I’m start feeling burnt out. Its been a very positive experience.

  28. I never knew the significance the number 108 had in so many different aspects, including that there are 108 necessary charkas in our bodies and that the diameter of the earth and the diameter of the sun are both 108 times. My mind is completely blown at how so many things could be connected by this one number. Sadhguru never ceases to enlighten me on the meaning secrets of the world.

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