Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube


Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube.

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Sadhguru urges us to Transform ourselves and the collective society to curtail harmful violations

In this video Sadhguru talks about what things we have allowed to corrupt our society.  It is not that those Rapists/Murderers of the young medical student in New Delhi, India were alien monsters…unfortunatley there are many others who lurk around who either have committed these and other crimes or will do so at some point when they feel the opportunity is ripe.  This kind of mindset is rampant across the globe not just in one country or city…disrespect for self and others… and people viewing others as commodities allows them to escape the moral/ethics equation.  In this video Sadhguru explains how important self-transformation is to evolve our whole global society.  Punishment is necessary for crimes but it should not be the major way in which we mold behavior.  We invest a great deal of energy and capital towards external fixes and are so fearful of exploring the interior realms of life-force.  When we understand and have the courage to explore and succeed in our own and collective transformation much will change.

The reality is that most have little understanding for the value of making time for their own transformation as a daily ritual.  He shares that for most people they can always find excuses for not making time for their own daily meditation…something else is always more important.  Therefore, in reality for most their yoga and meditation is just another form of entertainment that they add to their lives…like movie going, dining out, partying.  When we decide to make a true commitment to our own transformation and send a ripple throughout our own communities sharing these practices and validating them until these practices are fully embraced and cherished…then we will see a shift towards…humans evolving into Divine Beings.  Namaste


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