ReBlog: Balance you life and yoga practice with Sthira and Sukha « Jacinta-Yoga


Balance you life and yoga practice with Sthira and Sukha « Jacinta-Yoga.

This is an important read for all Yoginis and Yogis who practice Hatha Yoga. Thanks to Blogger Jacinta Yoga for writing such an important article. This is about the subtle and most crucial elements of the hatha yoga practice that differentiate the practice from exercise and that many who are new to the practice often miss. Often those who practice the “new American yoga’ tend to morph the practice into a “workout” because these essential awarenesses are not woven into the practice. I really do appreciate Jacinta Yoga for staying within the graces of authentic Indian Hatha Yoga…for somethings ring true in their core form. Indian classical hatha yoga is not a product that is in need of modernization, it is an exact amazing scientific gift for human transformation. If I had seven hundred years more to explore all I could learn from this authentic science it would not be enough.  Sadhguru reminds us that there are over 84,000 asanas not because we should do all but for all the different personalities that exist…we are then guided by our teachers who design the particular yoga mix that is best for us.    However, the simple basics as reminded to us in this Post are most helpful. Rock steady Yoginis and Yogis – Namaste

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  1. The blog talks about how when sthira and sukha are found in anyone’s yoga practice the have taken their practice to another level. It also talks about how when there’s a balance between the muscles and mind, a person’s entire body will be at peace. So when a person’s body is a peace breathing while doing their yoga practice becomes easier.
    It talks about the effects of too much of one side(sthira and sukha).Too much sthira is when too much effort is given. The best way to balance this out is by getting incorporating more sukha in your life. To do so you can take nature walks, read books, meditate, etc.
    I hope to reach the level I can find sthira sukha. I’m already always incorporating sukha in my life on a daily basis. All I need to do now is give a certain amount of effort to the point where I can find the balancing point between sukha and sthira.

    Joseph Then

  2. This article shows the importance of the word sthira and sukha. There is a balance and harmony when practicing these kind of breathing meditation. Finding a balance can contradicting in some ways. To me, it is like Taoism. There’s good in bad and bad in good-it goes both ways.
    It feels nice to breathe, especially breathing deeply. I enjoy the breathing practice we do in class.

    Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I would just meditate. The silence and staring at something eases my mind-that’s usually the start of my day. Usually, drawing helps too but I prefer hearing my own breathing and silence. The background noise of my room impacts my meditation in a positive way. This article illustrates peace within the mind and soul that be effective in our daily lives.

  3. This past week in class, I noticed it was easier to focus on breathing and to be aware of the energy in my body during the poses. Since this class is the only exposure I’ve ever had to yoga, all of this is quite new to me. In the beginning, a lot of my attention went to keeping up with the teacher and gaining muscle memory of the poses. But this week, I found less of my attention directed towards the poses and more of my attention focused towards the grace and strength behind each action. Being aware of balance and having insight to whether I am personally balanced both physically and mentally is a benefit I am looking forward to achieve with yoga.

    Using breathing to bring the sthira and sukha helps to make these concept more physical and less ambiguous. So far, the act of breathing has made a difference in my ability to carry out the yoga poses successfully. I think it’s interesting that yoga embodies both seemingly opposite concepts of strength and peace. Achieving this balance is certainly important living in today’s society. As a student, this asset is even more valuable to me.

  4. Aliena Ali

    I found the “Too much sthira” section of the article most interesting because it details many simple things we can do to create the illusion relaxation in our very hectic lives. The reason I use the word illusion is because I feel as though there is no simple or easy way to slow our lives all the while accomplishing all of the things that we need to. We absolutely can have moments or even days of relaxation. We can definitely change our outlook on our hectic lives but I am not sure we can change our lifestyles without compromising many of our daily responsibilities.

    I do appreciate the suggestions of going on a nature walk, reading a book, or slow cooking for instance. I find those things very relaxing and agree that they can sometimes make me feel as though I have more time to myself than I normally would.

    I also appreciate the point about being more attentive to the actions that we’re doing while we’re doing them. I feel as though we tend to focus on getting things done as opposed to enjoying what we’re doing. Even if there is not much to enjoy in what we’re doing, I think it’s important to find some kind of pleasure in everyday activity or else we’ll live lackluster lives. This is what I believe many of us are doing. Personally, I am someone that tends to plan things out a lot. Then, when I’m getting things done, it becomes more about checking things off of a list as opposed to being in the moment. This is something I have been told I should work on and definitely something I want to work on for my personal wellbeing.

  5. One of my biggest struggles, especially in college, is balance. Balancing my classwork, hygiene, mental health, physical health, seems utterly impossible. A lot of times, that’s why I find myself in situations of losing track, falling behind, getting sick and so on.

    Part of the reason I took this class was to learn about myself and my health through the yoga practice. By taking the time once a week to do yoga, meditate and even just reflect is doing me a world of difference in the short time I’ve been there.

    Looking at this passage, I see that yoga has a lot of different elements, each one benefiting you both physically and mentally. All the parts work together to balance you out. The yin and yang effect of both the Sukha and the Sthira is interesting, how the opposing forces of both joy and comfort, along with sturdiness work together. Also, as I’ve already come to notice, how important the breathing is it really makes a difference in your practice.

    One thing that I know I will most certainly struggle with is incorporating it into my daily life. Outside of school, this may be easier, in school has been a bit of a challenge. But I know that overall it will benefit me.

    • You may want to create a schedule with a planner to chart out your tasks, times and when you check it daily you will have more focus on getting things done in an orderly fashion and even find extra time as you get better at using your time consciously….OM

  6. The techniques in this reading to me are quite fascinating and I’m looking foward to giving them a try during my next practice. I find that Sthira and Sukha is so relateable to me because I am constantly trying to find balance in my life mentally, physically, and emotionally. Between work and school, family and friends, the methods in this reading seemed almost perfectly beneficial for me. Although I usually would prefer the Sukha poses, I think that if I can relax my mind more my body will find the Sthira poses more accessable. Also, one of my best friends from high schools mother was a yoga teacher. I actually remember her once speaking to us and demonstrating a pose that looked almost identical to the warrior II pose! I remember thinking “Wow that seems impossible, I could never do that. And how does she master this so well and effortlessly?” But now that it has been explained better to me that it is truly all about relaxing the body and mind as well as well as calm breathing, I feel more confisdent I can be capable of these excersises similar to my friends mom. I’m hoping to keep this advice in mind to improve in my next class.

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