ReBlog from Isha Foundation: The path to success – 5 tips for success beyond a success mantra


The path to success – 5 tips for success beyond a success mantra.

Do click the link above to read these tips for success the thorough yogic way! Thanks Isha Foundation for publishing wonderful articles, videos and more to help us stay on the Path….NamasteIMG_0782


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  1. I really enjoyed this post as I felt it had a lot of good advice that people should generally know already, but may sometimes forget and need to be reminded. I especially liked the section about not fixating on failure and the quote “If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt.” I think a lot of people, including myself, have a hard time letting go of negativity towards themselves or their shortcomings, so it’s nice to have a reminder that your failures do not define you as a person. I also enjoyed the way in which the author described how some people do not aspire to be great, but become great simply because they don’t focus on just themselves.

  2. This was a motivating read. “If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt.” I have learned this slowly, especially this semester. I like when it was talking about the mind being organized, it is so true. If I let my room get messy for a few days, by the end of the week my head is a mess and I feel very anxious, but when my school work and room are together, so is my life.
    I don’t know how I feel about the part that says hang out with someone you don’t like… I can understand the logic behind it but usually I don’t like someone because of something they did to personally offend me or because I don’t like their personality… The last thing I would want to do is pretend to be friendly with someone I have a problem with.
    “If you look at certain people, greatness happened to them not because they were seeking to be great, but because their way of looking at life was way beyond “what about me?”” I like this observation.

    • Alena, do keep on with your assignments to catch up for #1,3,4,5,6,etc and invest depth into your comments worthy of a collegiate level to earn a satisfactory final grade, Namaste

  3. I really enjoyed this article about the five steps to success. I feel it is important for a college student such as myself to understand that living by intent and capability is helpful towards living a life that you are not in control of. I agree that this is living a stable life when you are noting to be fully in control of everything happening to you. Another tip i liked from this article happened to be the one that spoke about there being no such thing as failure. By believing that failure does not exist, does not make you ignorant, but makes you more susceptible to enjoying life.
    Also believing that failure isn’t necessarily a negative thing but something that one can look up to as a positive because such “failures becomes an experience. Another tip I enjoyed from the article pertained to the topic of a human being needing clarity and not confidence. I always believed that confidence was rather essential for someone, but after realizing that clarity is what makes your vision clear, you truly can walk through a crowd without having to touch someone, opposed to walking over someone with confidence. I also enjoyed the tip concerning the fact that it is better to spend time with those who you do not enjoy. I found this tip particularly enjoyable because spending time with some who has qualities you do not enjoy can allow you to find a positivity within them after some time, thus making ones personality more well-rounded.
    Lastly, I would like to speak about the benefits of the Isha Kriya upon my mind, body and soul. I truly have no complaints when it comes to the breathing exercises done during my isha kriya, because it has helped me to feel more centered. Also I am pleased to say that I have found the meditation experience as a whole quite helpful towards feeling a sense of clarity in my day to ay life. My body has felt much more flexible during my Isha Kriya process, as well as a comfort my throat from meditating with my “auhms”. I will continue to practice my Isha Kriya before I go to bed or when stressed in hopes that it keeps my mind and body aligned in the future.

  4. Moneace Smith

    I like that these five ways to success sort of give you this guideline to living your life without fear or anxiety but by not living in chance you have a more stable life and you are in control over your life. One quote I like in the first way of success was “When you live by chance, you also live in fear and anxiety.” This quote engraves great meaning in me because I have all theses fears and anxiety because I do not go out and get what I feel I deserve.

    I also enjoy how the second to last way to success is to embrace people and things you do not like I find that interesting because I know people try and avoid people and things they don’t like instead of learning how to deal with things like that in their life, it is like a balance in life.

    I have done the the Isha Kriya about 7 times today and I enjoying this daily because of how calm and free my mind is to do what is needed, in doing so it also provides me with clarity and being less stressed.

  5. I really enjoyed what Sadhguru had to say about the topics that people should already know. I believe that everyone knows that they should live this way, but tend not to. I especially like when he talks about embracing the people and things you dislike. I believe that many people focus more on the things in life that they do not like or have to deal with. Instead they should focus on liking those things and people because as we all go throughout life, we will come across these things which we will not particularly like but have to deal with.

  6. While I totally agree with all of these, I must say that ‘#3 Work with Clarity’ is my favorite. You don’t often read about the faults of confidence, but of course there is always the possibility of false confidence. I try not to assume too much, and ask many questions to gain understanding and clarity. At the same time, I usually have a sense of confidence. I guess it is hard to balance, by the act of trying will force me to further examine thoughts and might help me find more clarity!

    • I do hope that you may invest more time with your comments such that they are on the level of collegiate scholarship as this is a course for college credit, thanks

  7. Two interesting posts this week. I liked the 5 tips from Sadhguru and found them insightful. I found #1 Forget Luck, and live by intent particularly interesting. I agree that when you don’t feel like you have any control in your life you do tend to have more anxiety and fear and when you feel you are more in control these feelings lessen. However, I try to live life with a little of both luck and control and this helps me feel more secure. His #4 about embracing people and things you don’t like is a little more difficult for me. I get his point that by being able to meld yourself into different situations allows for growth and flexibility, however, sometimes I think life is too short to be around people you don’t like or situations that cause distress. I think you need to evaluate each situation differently to see if there is a possibility of growth or if there isn’t you should just cut your losses and move on.

    I also found your post on alcohol in mouthwash interesting. I’ve recently lost two important people in my life to pancreatic cancer. Cancer sucks and it has really made me evaluate the different foods and products I eat and use. Mouthwash is one product I don’t generally use but it makes me think about other products I do use that may also have chemicals that aren’t good for your body.

    I only did the Isha Kriya twice this week because I’ve had a bad cold and haven’t been able to breathe as well. I haven’t been sick all winter and this week and the previous couple of weeks I’ve had a cold and flu. I did lay on my side with my head angled up and this did help with my breathing.

  8. I found this post very interesting and useful. Throughout my life I have received the things I wanted through hard work. I always had that vision of thinking big and working hard to achieve my goals and it has worked quite well. However, I always asked myself “is this methodology going to be enough to be a successful person when I reach the outside world?” I still don’t have an answer but I find these kinds of articles very useful. It makes me think of my future prospects and my dreams. I liked the difference he makes between confidence and clarity. His opinion is very interesting and unique to what people usually say. I also liked how he talks about embracing the people and things you dislike. I think this is one of the hardest tasks in like but a very useful one. Overall I enjoyed Sadhguru advice on how to be successful in life.

  9. What wise advice Sadhguru gives! When I’m trying to succeed at something I keep these tips in mind. They are especially important for me to remember right now because I’m in the final stages of finishing my senior project, which is super stressful. On that note — I find tips #2 (stop fixating on failure) & #3 (work with clarity) to be particularly relevant. Sometimes I find myself getting too wrapped up in what I have to do, which only makes me stress out more and when that happens I get blocked up and can’t get anything done. I’m really thankful that I’m taking yoga this semester because its taught me to take the time to step back and order my thoughts instead of having them bombard my mind at the same time. The Isha Kriya has been super helpful in this aspect as well. It has helped my concentration and stress levels tremendously. Speaking of which– I have practiced the Isha Kriya twice since I’ve been home and plan to do it again each morning. I definitely prefer it in the mornings because it clears my head for the rest of the day. I have to say that I like doing the Isha Kriya at my home better than at school because I find it more relaxing. I am able to have complete silence here and be in my ultimate comfort zone. Since I don’t have to worry about disturbing my roommates, I can be more vocal with my “A-omsss”. All these factors help me concentrate and embody the motto “I am not this body, I am not this mind”.

    I hope you had a great meeting with Sadhguru this past Sunday. I’m looking forward to hearing how that went!

    Namaste — Lena

    • Thanks Lena for explaining how each of the tips factor into your life now and I am sure with such awareness you will be successful with your senior project than without your Yogic awareness. Perhaps do find another place on campus like at the Wellness Center of in the gym to practice your kriya and/or invite your roommates to learn and practice with you…they just might find it beneficial and be forever grateful to you for sharing it with them, it will also enhance the energy of your living space if you all practiced together. It was a wonderful Satsang with Sadhguru with the Tamil-US community and I have begun the conversation with the Isha volunteers to bring a format in the future to the campus…you may be far away but do stay with my blog for continued Isha posts and you will be most welcome to attend whenever it does manifest in the future. Thanks for making the effort to write a worthy post! I am sending you the audio for 8/1 and 8/5 to your email do listen, comment, print and bring to me for full credit, thanks

  10. This article was very grounding. I think all of these tips are advantageous for success, but the ones that held most weight for me, personally, were numbers 1, 2, and 5. Many people live by the common expression, “If it’s mean to be, it will happen.” As Sadhguru would argue, those who uphold to this saying are those who live by chance and not intent. We must take ownership of our lives; it is not until control is gained that determination can truly flourish.
    Another thing standing in the way of determination is fear of defeat. Sadhguru states that failure does not exist for those who are committed. This is incredibly true, and I must continue to remind myself to not get discouraged when I fall short of my own expectations. It is important to have lofty goals because they challenge us to reach for what’s beyond our grasp—but goals wouldn’t be lofty if they weren’t difficult, which means not always succeeding on the first attempt. So we must learn by our mistakes and try again.
    For me, the most beneficial piece of advice Sadhguru offers in this article is laying off the “what about me?” calculation. I think it’s all too easy to get caught up in oneself. Before you know it, all the other things that really matter are left out of the equation. From my experience, this usually results in a dead end. So I think learning to redirect my attention outwards would prove to be very beneficial.


  11. This article was great for me to read at this point in the semester. With my senior recital coming up, these tips will really help me get my head in a good place for having a successful recital. My favorite tips were to stop fixating on failure and work with clarity. In my trumpet playing I often focus on the negative more than the positive but this is usually what keeps me from feeling successful and visualizing a good outcome. I also liked how Sadhguru said it is not about confidence but about clarity. I often feel like I need to have more confidence in my playing but I think focusing on clarity which will allow me to think more about the music will be a great help to me.

    • Emma, this is a good quality post as you brought the information into your personal experiences…keep posting on this level and do complete assignment with weekly Isha kriya log and 7/27, thanks

  12. While in a whole, I think that the suggestions they gave were great, I think all together they seemed to contradict one another. Granted I could be reading into it too literally instead of just taking the bigger ideas, but I feel that confidence is necessary for success, especially in the art fields. I did take their advice to give someone who I’ve had problems with in the past a second chance, and I am feeling better, with a more clear mindset.

    • Kara, do invest more in your comments to inculde: prior and current experiences,reservations, and give personal experiences exploring the information further, plus your weekly Isha Kriya comments for full credit, thanks

  13. This post is EXACTLY where I am in my life right now! I used to have this resentment towards life because I never got to be on a professional level at the time I wanted. I had to learn as I got older, just to let it go, even though sometimes it will creep up to me. I used to feel as if I missed out on so much during my youth because I was raising a family, but this what was destined for me. Now I have more sense of clarity in what direction I want to take my professional life in. I remembered the more I pushed myself to go back to school in my 20’s, it just didn’t seem right or something ALWAYS came up to prevent me from doing so. The halt came when I was diagnosed with Thyroid disease. This was a flag for me, it wasn’t by chance but a sign that my body was being worn down with too much and I needed to regroup, slow down and enjoy my life and take care of my body.

    I get NOW to embrace people I dislike, I can’t say dislike though. I can say I embrace others whom I don’t understand. I can say I dislike cat litter under my feet, but not people. Sadhguru, hit the nail on the journey I am embarking on. Is it scary at my age going BACk to school and trying to redefine of who I am? Yes. Is it a BIG gamble financially, emotionally and mentally, yes. But, tomorrow is not guaranteed to no one, and I rise to this challenge and this new chapter in my life.

  14. This article that you reblogged is very important. I think that many people have huge problems with many of these thoughts, including thinking about failure, and yearning for success but waiting for luck to give it to them. I try to live by these principles as much as I can, although I obviously still slip into the ‘failure’ mindset sometimes. I think many people who are depressed, or feel that they don’t have a meaningful life are missing these very valuable steps.

    I don’t have a huge problem with my breath, I don’t really mind that it smells bad sometimes. I try to brush my teeth twice a day, and floss, which I have found is the most important part of the dental process. My grandma flosses every night and never gets a single cavity. My boyfriend has two huge jugs of mouthwash though– I will let him know that it isn’t healthy and make sure he doesn’t use it. I think that many mouthwashes these days don’t have alcohol anymore, at least I’ve noticed that many say ‘non alcoholic’. I think the problem has a lot to do with smoking, which is an incredibly unhealthy habit. I could imagine that smoking combined with having alcohol that kills healthy as well as unhealthy germs in your mouth would really affect you.

    I have done the Isha Kriya one time this week. I noticed that afterwards I felt very calm, more than I had felt in many days.

    • Angelina, thanks for your comments…do in the future include more about yourself and how the ideas fit into your realm, what you notice, reservations, questions, history, etc. Why not do the Isha Kriya more often don’t you deserve calm more than once a week?

  15. These ideals a a great way to concentrate on what is important and not to allow oneself to be come clouded by issues. The Isha Foundation is great advice and can be helpful in the everyday life as well as in the morals one cultivates. This post was very helpful and informative.
    Stress can overtake ones life and mind, causing a lack in clarity and sleepless nights. with these reminders one can bring oneself back down and remember the good and important aspects of life. Om!

    • Molly, it’s great you are in agreement with these ideas…do write more about how each would fit into your own experience, as a compliment, total reversal, any difficulties or impediments to including, etc…Bring it all into your personal experience, not a generalizaiton, also do complete assignment, print out and bring in for full credit…your weekly log of amount of kriya and writing about its effects upon you is required, thanks

  16. It is so nice to know that what i have been practicing before yoga is actually something real and has a deeper definition and tips on how to expand my practice. I always practice believing what i attract will come so i always keep a positive mind and know that what i want to achieve will indeed come. One step i havent gotten too close with is the one to embrace those people and things around me that i do not like. I understand why this is important because if you can still remain true to your self and keep your happiness growing even in the worse conditions or surroundings then that is a sign that you have achieved a greater level in your practice. I guess i have experienced this once or twice but i think its time i try to do this more often. I also need to practice clarity i understand it but i know my clarity isnt as strong, i often find my self all jumbled up in my mind with my goals and sometimes when i do sit down and really map them out in a much easier and clearer sense i see how much better i feel and how confident i get because of that.

    I will keep these steps in mind and actually even post them on my wall for a reminder. 😀

    -Ashley Otero

    • Ashley, now this is the quality of comment that is up to par for a college student, keep on this level, to get satisfactory grade…I haven’t seen any logs about your Isha Kriya to get full credit do bring in your Kriya logs for the entire semester and as you go foward do include this part for your comments, thanks

  17. These are good ideals to live by. However, he seems to contradict himself. Failure is indeed only a lesson, a bump in the path to ultimate success. However, we shouldn’t strive to succeed, because we are not worthy. Yet, if we put our mind in the field of intent, rather than fate, we will succeed. Also, i don’t believe in befriending those we wish to not be friends with. It’s a matter of forcing yourself to enjoy things that you don’t, in order to expand a capability of tolerance (which is good). But still, at an age where we have defined ourselves or are defining ourselves, we are aware of what we like/dislike. One should not compromise their interests just to be able to tell them selves they were capable of tolerance. Good ideas; will they apply to the majority of humans? No…simply.

    I doubt you will think this comment is worthy of credit. However, I did, indeed, read the article, and comment my thoughts. That is all the instructions are. Adherence.

    • Thanks for your viewpoint, of course these are acceptable as we each are an accumulation of our own experiences…making for the variety of experiences. Do complete the assignment with your comments on how often the Isha Kriya was completed in the week and write about your kriya experiences as well, post dated 7/27, when completed do print out and bring in to me for credit, please do lengthen your comments worthy of college credit, thanks.

  18. These things are soo importnat to keep in mind and we forget them or don’t remind ourselves to practice them daily. We get so hung up on failure and let our emotions get the best of us, we forget to see the lesson we needed to learn. When he explains that living with clarity, you see your goals and through the journey you are able to learn and reach them, confidence is something that allows you to see clarity but not something to live by always, and I agree, its something learned by living through clarity. I think the most important for me is to embrace what you dislike. This is something I have been working on and I still work on about myself because it used to affect me a lot personally. reading this, about accepting things that you dont agree with and being able to still enjoy and live lovingly is good to read. It assures me that by accepting a something different I will be ok because there are many different ways of doing or looking at something and by accepting difference is learning to share and love. I think doing the Isha Kriya, many of these tips are reinforced and I have found a chance in myself. Im ok with not being on a consistent schedule with some things, and I have become more open to things not being planned out always, and to enjoy the moments for what they are and learn from them. I have been doing the Isha kriya at night and it has helped me to sleep better and keeps me energized during the day.

  19. So many interesting things about this article. A brilliant thought that confidence is not as valuable as clarity. It is true that people often tell me that I am a confident person, despite this I have never felt so confident. Perhaps this is because my life lacks clarity. I think the part about embracing people and things that you do not like with love is very important in our world today. First off, people decide they don’t like each for very immature reasons, it is important to deeply investigate the things you “hate” and understand why so that you can move past those feelings. Although anger is understandable, there is absolutely no need to harbor it against people or things. Dropping calculations is also very important, as an American I often feel pressure to be the absolute best I can be, it was not until very recently that I realized this “best” comes from within, and has less to do with actual accomplishments.

  20. When I am thinking actively about luck and chance, I always think that neither matters since everything is predetermined and there are no accidents. I find that comforting and it explains things for me. (I know I use the word comforting often to describe how yoga practice has made me feel, but it is so true and I cannot think of a better word. Its also empowering!)
    I would love to organize my thoughts! I will take my failures as lessons from now on and not get easily discouraged by them. I’m always striving to balance myself.
    I am really alarmed at the thought of embracing the people I do not like. Mainly because, there are others who simply do not like me? How am I to spend time with those people if they have already made up their mind about me, even if their dislike towards me, was not properly justified?

    (I found myself coming back to this last part about embracing the people and things I dislike, this morning during Isha Kriya. I couldn’t tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing. I wanted to clear my mind, but I just kept coming back to this thought? )

    • Meghan, it seems that you will one day find a way to allow yourself to witness how it is when with others who you may not like and take away some lessons without the emotional roller coaster…don’t force it…the thought is now there as a seed…looking for the other parts of your assignment before full credit

  21. These five tips to success are such great rules for everyone to live by … all of these steps together will really help someone not fixate on the impossible, and not hope for the best. To forget the idea of luck and to reply solely on your ability and intentions, you find that you are really having more success in life. This applies a lot to my major and singing/performing. You could go out and cross your fingers for each performance, but if you really hone in on your intent to make a touching performance, and to acknowledge that it’s your CAPABLE responsibility to prepare a performance, there is nothing to “cross-your-fingers” for when it comes to the performance — you have practiced, and connected all the dots, and all you have to do then is deliver and understand/accept your intention with the performance which is to help the audience feel something. All of the 5 steps really apply to me significantly, actually — to be fully committed means to have full investment in what you are trying to do with your days. If you are fully focused and motivated and practical, then there is no failure .. you learn from anything that may go wrong (“If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt”), and you are able to create wonderful things because you are living in a zone of possibility, not hope for ability. The one tip that really got my attention was #4, to embrace what you don’t like. This sounds like a fabulous tip to work by, because it can educate you in so many ways. To learn the patience, and unconditional love, learn tolerance for thoughts and ideas other than your own, and always keep a full spectrum of ideas and personalities in you life. It makes you more sure of who you are to know who else and what else is out there. I always find myself learning more about myself by being with others who I don’t necessarily like, and also those who I really like. Different people bring out very different sides of my personality, and then I am given the opportunity to say “Hey, I like this part of me,” or “This is not a part that I want to hold on to, and don’t want to make it a bigger part of me.”

    • CJ, you have taken the time to validate the ideas with your own personal experiences and that is the only way we really can understand ideas and then choose to keep them or let them go. Keep to your practice to ensure greater amounts of successes in all your endeavors. Namaste

  22. This was a very interesting post, especially in this point of my life. A senior in college about to graduate in less than a month and looking around to see what the next step in her life will be. Looking for success and not exactly knowing where to start or how to. I believe in the power of ones’ energy and how that can affect the path they pave for themselves. Good energy is key. Send out good energy and you will get positivity in return. Think about the bigger picture, think of the world on a larger spectrum and then I think of what is my role? How can I contribute? Another thing I found interesting was the clarity is essential over confidence. Especially being an undergrad trying to look for a job, they always tell you, you’ve got to be confident. And I know my confidence is strong but its because I know where I want to go, I envision how I can/should maneuver myself to get to where I want to see. And according to this post, that is what exudes my confidence and I want to continue strengthening that.

    Today I did the isha kriya for 5 minutes. As well as putting my legs up against a wall to rejuvenate myself. Especially after a culture shock weekend. These to practices were both much needed!

    • Yahisha, glad you can put this info to use right away! I am sure you will be successful in all your endeavors, Namaste
      n.b. will look for comments for 7/27, if done already do print and bring in, thanks

  23. Reading this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. With graduation looming I’ve been so stressed out with entering the job market and going on interviews. I’ve been so overwhelmed trying to get everything done that I often find myself paralyzed. I focus so much on the things that I’m not able to finish that its hard to continue on and keep up with the work that still needs doing. If it takes me a day longer to answer an email, I have a hard time finding a reason to reply without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. All of the points in this post really hit close to home. Especially asking “what about me?” With all of the self pity this is great to remember. I may print this out for myself. Thank you.

    • Oh my Dear Kristin, I hope never again that you will overload yourself with a schedule like this college schedule…you deserve to take your time and apply, experience, grow, achieve at your own pace…do remember this as you CREATE your own Life Now, best wishes always, Namaste

  24. Sadhguru hit the nail on the head with his five tips for success. Each bit of advice he gives is said and explained in a way that makes total sense. Each tip is a fact we must remind ourselves of every day, like to stop fixating on failure and to embrace people and things we do not like. If we can manage to remind ourselves of these five tips every day, we will be able to succeed as people and be all-around more content with who we are. We must realize that we are in control of our own destiny, we just have to figure out how to master it.

  25. Sadhguru has proven to be very knowledgable ! He makes so much sense. I always dwell on what I think is failure. It is only a failure if I do not try again. Thankfully I am stubborn and motivated and always try again, but I always seem to dwell on the things that I could have done or what went wrong opposed to the small successes gained through just being determined and trying over again.

    I enjoyed this posting. I always feel like my yoga makes sense after Sadhguru explains something. It might be that I idolize his sayings, but for some reason his lessons are ironically always relevant in my practices and in my life.

    • Sadhguru is a Living Master…and he is able to share with those who care to listen and learn the lessons that will elevate our awareness. Great you have been captured, Namaste

  26. I found this to be a very interesting read, relating myself to these 10 statements. The first one is forget luck, live by intent. This resonated with me because I do believe in luck however, it is not something you should live by. The second one is stop fixating on failure. I tend to do this often and let it get the best of me; this is one to remind myself. The third one included work with clarity. If you have a set goal and way to reach it with all possible outcomes understood, you will succeed. The fourth one is embrace people and things you dislike. I believe if you let these negative thing dictate your life then you will never grow or be content with anything. The fifth one is drop your calculations. Again, know yourself and your plan and be confident in the opportunities life provides. The sixth one is yoga for success. Yoga balances mental and physical health along with many other benefits to aid you in growing as a person and experiencing life. The seventh one is being Equanimous and Exuberant. Not letting anyone in you way of success, happiness and peace. The eighth one is tune up your insight. Stating that you must find yourself and be aware of yourself to grow as a person and blossom. The ninth one is finding your inspiration. I feel this is extremely important because doing something you love brings an immense amount of joy, happiness, confidence, etc. Finding passion and inspiration pushes people beyond their limits and can only benefit. The final one is setting the gold standard in integrity. Meaning, have a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

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