The Science behind the Stories of Shiva as told by Sadhguru

Shiva as Nataraj

Listen to Sadhguru’s story about the Adiyogi read by Anjali Yogini

I know its been a long time since posting…been doing a lot of internal work to prepare for Mahashivarathri, this past Sunday’s amazing 24 hour Yogic upliftment for Yoginis & Yogis.  When one is prepared by doing intense sadhana for an established period of time prior to the time when the planet shifts.  This shift allows the energy to move up in the body in such a way to uplift our energies and allow us to move forward with this new power.  It is quite different from being blessed as I was last year at Isha in Coimbatore, India…so much personal work was needed to keep the cultivation primed to be ready to receive the vibrations as best as possible.  I was fortunate that a good friend did bring from Allahabad, India the sacred raksha, thread for the wrist, (extra blessings as it was acquired during the Maha Kumbh Mela!) Just below the picture in this post is a link to my audio, with the information that Sadhguru shared during the Sunday event.  Just click the orange arrow when you open the link to hear the story.  A new bonus that WordPress gives are two of the audio music tracks from the Sounds of Isha, quite lovely!

I think it is very important for those of us who take our yoga seriously to make an effort to understand the power behind the practice…to understand it as a scientific practice or as Sadhguru says Technologies for Wellbeing.  

Many practicing today find it too overwhelming to investigate the origins and the authentic texts for this ancient practice for the Art of Living, but that is why it is important to invest time, effort, support and respect for  living Masters such as Sadhguru to help us translate, decipher, this vital information.  For many the practice is limited to only the physical body, but that is really only the beginning place.  Many quote yoga is All One…but how does that really manifest?  The more we allow ourselves to be exposed to this information it helps us to surrender to where we fit into the Cosmos and this perspective is a needed remedy for ego.

My wish for all Yoginis and Yogis is that your practice keeps you receptive to continually uplifting your energies, Namaste

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