Can You handle Your Own Technology as well as your smartphone?


252659_10151347105354146_1178155134_nThe End of Suffering – Sadhguru – YouTube.

The video posted here is from The Isha Foundation and is a short Darshan, talk, by Sadhguru.  A question was asked, “How do we end suffering?” Sadhguru responds with his useful comparisons to technology usage.  We know and are very interested in learning quickly how to get our new phones and tablets up and running with the latest applications, but are at a real loss when knowing how to take care of ourselves.  He notes that those with below average intellects suffer less, similar to animals who have much less suffering than humans.  Those who are in the Intellect Domain are existing at SUFFERING CAPITAL! When one knows how to rise above intellect they are Buddhas!  For shortcuts people have invented and continue to invent methods to dull the intellect: binge eating, drinking, physical pleasures, chemical substances, all to avoid the consequences of suffering. However, these inventions never remove the actual cause for suffering it is always there when the binge is over.  Of course, he brings us to Yoga, as Patanjali says, “…And now Yoga…” as after you’ve tried all these other things just see how Yoga will sustain Joy.  Once a Yoga practitioner chooses to stay on the Path and cultivates the science of the yogic tools they may experience Joy.  How one sustains Joy is when they stay on the Path with the Yoga Practices…cultivation for knowing how to live well with ongoing health, peace and joy, what an App! Just click the link below Sadhguru’s picture to view his talk – Darshan, and please share with others and stay well, Namaste!


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