Danny Curran shares this – Kandisa – Indian Ocean (Full song) – YouTube


20120617-102628.jpgKandisa – Indian Ocean (Full song) – YouTube.

On the occasion of Daniel Curran’s Recital this evening, sharing here one of his Fav Picks!  Thanks Yogi Danny for sharing Yoga and Positive vibrations at Purchase College this Academic Year!

Sending Danny Rays of Light, Peace and Joy for his Performance! OM Shanti OM



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  1. Thank you for sharing my favorite song on your blog Anjali!
    Shanti, Shanti!

    It’s a fantastically calming yet rejuvenating prayer/song. Listening to the rhythm and sounds help my worries subside and motivates me in the mornings to seize my day with confidence and peace! And sometimes at night it reminds me that everything always happens for us the way it should. No matter what!

    I sing it to myself in meditation for good feelings and revitalizing energy! I think it’s very beautiful and empowering that I am forming words and sounds in my own mouth that has helped people thousands of years before me. I then believe that this praise, for which I may not understand entirely, has certain underlying good intentions of love and compassion. If anyone would like to meditate or talk together sometime out of class, I believe we are all here to help and learn from each other!

    I recited the first 4 lines before my recital out of love and in praise for something much greater then myself which encompasses all things. I am over joyed to report my recital performance went very successfully and beautifully! I am very fortunate to feel the love and support of those around me! And I hope my path stays healthy and well for a very long time.

    OM – Namaste

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