Yogini Commencement…Meet Adriana



The text below is from one student who has truly evolved this semester practicing Classical Hatha Yoga.  Her name is Adriana and she has fully allowed herself to be guided safely from her yogic expressions on the Mat and her intellectual contemplations of the meanings of the Yamas from her electronic studies and melded the experiences into mastering her inner development.  I cannot state there is an end-product as I am certain that she has truly embraced the Yogic path as she has realized the benefits on multi layers, this is now embedded into her cells.  This is how a Yogini…Awakens…Births Herself Consciously…Becomes a Beacon of Light and Refuge for her own self and others.  This happens rarely, unfortunately, but I understand why there is so much for people to shift through to get to this experience and it is not valued and rated hourly like the stock market.  For me  as a teacher who teaches with the hopes that this will happen and blossom in each I feel the Reward on so many levels because I know how difficult and rare an occurrence this is…but nontheless so grateful. As a side note last week some of my students took part in a Live African Drumming and Dancing Class at the college and Adriana was one who participated and she is also a student in this class and her Instructor commented when she noticed that Adriana also is a Yoga student she said, “Adriana is taking Yoga…MMM…she is a very Bright Young Woman!” I always tell students…our energy can be read by others who know what: composure, confidence, balance look like as it moves in and around our bodies. I say this is not the end but the beginning of many positive successes Adriana will have as she graces the planet.  Please read Adriana’s reflections below and marvel….at America’s Next Top Yogini…(broadcast on Channel Real Life! ) Smiles filled with Pride….Thanks for reading and do feel free to share….Namaste

The vlogs this week made me contemplate about time. How we divide it into past, present and future and how we attach ourselves to certain memories and things we experience and see or hear. We hold ourselves to certain standards of beauty and sexuality that we forget to live in the moment. When we expect to repeat a moment of pleasure, we imagine it as it happened before and hold standards for the times to follow and close ourselves to spontaneity. Each moment has it place and time, and what I thought about is the uniqueness of that moment that made me remember those moments that happened and taught me and helped me to experiences different things. But it is unfair of myself to expect them to happen the same way every time, because it the beauty of mystery and trust in life itself that makes life worth so much. What I really enjoyed about the reading Bramacharia was that it compared sexual pleasure to the beauty of nature, such as the sunset. It really made me understand how desire to repeat pleasure limits our ability to perceive what surrounds us and how it affects our senses. In nature things constantly change, there can be no attachment because there is no continuity and we obtain pleasure from watching the differences in species and plants that grow, or the way the sun rises and set each day, it is always different. The media set up scenarios around us telling us that we will arrive at pleasure by repeating what we see by buying, or wearing or doing things, and that way we will be accepted and indulge in the ever-present sexual pleasure. It always sells us security and promises of “needing” things to be greater. I have many long distance relationships, one with my boyfriend and other ones with my family in south america, and I have learned that there is a difference between trust and commitment and dependence. We you commit to a relationship you bring care and love and respect, and its mutual. It hinders both when you begin to depend on the other because you lose yourself and there is no longer a way for the people involved to grow, learn from each other and help each other. The attachment I had at first prevented me to see the opportunities to grow individually I had in front of me, I thought I need to be with them always but that only created pain and sadness. But slowly I finally understood that being physically away form the people I cherish has taught me and helped me grow to understand it is healthy to embrace each moment, that way enjoy the time I have to spend with those I love. These readings really spoke about issues in our media and society, and for me on a very personal level that brought a lot of thoughts and I hope to keep working on them, to accomplish living in the moment and live fruitful life I can share.
I have practiced the Isha Kryia a couple of time this week, it has helped me deal with the stress of the end of the semester I feel coming and helped me to sleep better. When Im stressed I can’t sleep, and then I can’t concentrate, so this really has been a great thing to do to help me stay on track with the things I have to do.


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