Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda – Free, Original 1946 Edition


autobiography-book-coverAutobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda – Free, Original 1946 Edition.

What a nice gift from this free digital version of one of the most amazing autobiographies written by an Awesome Master – Paramhansa Yogananda.  Links are available to send via almost all electronic methods.  This is an important read for those who embrace Yoga, all forms, it is a lengthy read but worth every bit.  Do place it upon all your devices and read in your leisure and send to others as gifts! Happy Reading,  (just click the link below the picture)                      Namaste

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    • Hiya Violette! Please do open here on the blog or download another way via email, when you open the link look to the left and see the ways you can share it, take good care, Namaskaram

  1. I read this one in 1984 and it is certainly one of the best autobiographies I have ever read. Among yogis’ autobiographies I wonder if anyone else has yet written such an interesting and fluent account in tune with the rational and scientific temparament of our times. I have long since been wanting to read it again and it is at last possible now. Thank you for sharing information on its availability online free of cost.

    • Thanks Jothi for posting your comments here…I read this first when I was 17 when I first started doing hatha yoga…and I thought it was too fantastic a tale to believe and over the years of going deeply into my own personal practice of hatha yoga I began to have my own experiences that were in this realm and decided to read it again. After meeting a friend in India who’s Dad was a Medical Doctor in the Indian Army and also practiced yoga, she shared that her Dad had known some of the people Yogananda refers to and some even visited her home when she was a child and she shared what she remembered about the mystique and influences of this Saints. So I have read it a few times and shall read it again as it always suprises me in different ways and shows how little I know the more I go, but always willing to re-learn again and again, Namaskaram

  2. The Isha Kriya remains to be the most soothing segments of my day. Every morning before classes and night before I sleep I practice the Isha Kriya. I feel deeply and personally connected and in-tune with my mind and body then before. Regardless of the closing of this class, I think I will continue to exercise the Isha Kriya more so every night before bed then in the morning.

  3. This was a delightful book about Paramhansa Yoganada who established the presence of Kryia Yoga and Indian spirituality in the West and founded a progressive school for boys. He refers to himself as Mukunda and described receiving a vision of himself in the future; a yogi in the Himalayan mountains, in the snow. The book goes on to describers several instances where Mukunda experienced what can only be described as paranormal: “In meditation I would often see his photographic image emerge from its small frame and, taking a living form, sit before me. When I attempted to touch the feet of his luminous body, it would change and again become the picture”. The book goes on to describe his spiritual growth and his transitions into an enlightened being. He spent years under the tutelage of Sri Yukteswa, master of yoga. He eventually became a monk of the Swami Order. He claimed to have had a vision of him bringing his teachings to the West and so he did. One of his biggest achievements was founding the Self-Realization Fellowship in Boston, a center aimed at preserving his teachings and the practices of Kriya Yoga and meditation. Yoganada’s work and devotion to enlightenment and God has gained a following that is still very present today. I think this book was great at showing the evolution of Kriya Yoga out in the West, and how it was further developed by Paramhansa Yoganada. I think it was good to get a better understanding of just how deep the practice goes, outside of our class space. It requires patience and devotion. To understand the origins and meaning of the practice because of the autobiography, has made me all the more eager to try to immerse myself even more deeply in the class room and keep it a part of my future.

    • This is a good beginning….the assignment for those who have done the Omlinkblog assignments is to take specific readings and draft your comments around them, indicate the page numbers you are making reference to, do ten separate segments, print them out and bring in for your grade, please print and include this as number one, OM

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