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Here is one of my favorite modern adaptations of The Ramayana – “Sita Sings the Blues” – YouTube


06.RamHanuSitaRainReflectSita Sings the Blues – YouTube.

This animation is by the artist and animator Nina Paley.  This is her interpretation mixed with a bit of a biography.  Paley has taken The Ramayana, one of the most famous and greatest Hindu epic poems and put a fresh spin along with lovely animation.  It’s over one hour…watch in your leisure and be grateful when it was first published back in 2009 we had to wait for each installment to be available in ten minute segments…please enjoy, Namaste!

(Just click the link below the image to watch the YouTube)


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  For those in the Westchester, New York area…do drop into the yoga classes at OMLINK: The Studio for Yoga Synthesis…where we practice Classical Hatha Yoga and we do include the Isha Kriya into the practice…   914-761-5413

Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM

Happy Buddha Poornima!!!


IMG_0740A Song for Buddha | The Isha Blog.

Do click this link to listen to a new song from Sounds of Isha penned on the occasion of Buddha Pournima. To know how to join the ranks of a buddha, first know the meaning…”bu means buddhi or the intellect….one who is above their intellect, one who is no longer a part of their mind is a Buddha.  Sadhguru tells us, “…right now, most people are just a bundle of thoughts, emotions, opinions, and of course, prejudices.  What we consider as “myself” is just a jumble of things that you have gathered from outside.  Whichever kind of situations you were exposed to, that is the kind of nonsense you have gathered in your mind.  Our mind is society’s garbage bin, because we have no choice about what to take and what not to take….There is another way to experience life and go beyond the process that we call the mind.  To do this, we need to shut the garbage bin and keep it aside.  The mind is a phenomenal thing, but if you get stuck to it, it will take you for a ride endlessly, ( a roller coaster of suffering between struggles, suffering, worries, fears), we can choose to end this torture by beginning with Yoga.  Isha Foundation has shared Sadhguru’s Special Teaching on The Isha Kriya, free online it is one of the best ways to lift ourselves up….please do look on this Blog for the Post on The Isha Kriya (September 16, 2012 /also I am re-posting it again in the next Post) or search:

Do click the link below the picture to hear the lovely song from Sounds of Isha...

Pranams to Gautauma for searching successfully for Enlightenment and for sharing it with humanity, Namaste

Turmeric: natural remedy for stopping bleeding from scrapes to reducing cholesterol and much more….


20121231-101155.jpgScience Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs | GreenMedInfo.

Please do click the link below the image to read medical data confirming the studies about turmeric’s benefits.  I take a tablespoon or two each morning with my ACV, (apple cider vinegar) for a multi-packed daily regimen…do search  my blog to find earlier posts about the benefits for apple cider vinegar regimen.  Here’s to your good health…and please share with others….Namaste

An Animated Guide to Understanding about our role in Stress Reduction….Reblogged…


Thanks to Jacinta-Yoga for this fact filled video that is easy to understand and relate to.  It explains much that we already know but puts it into perspective in a concise way.  The animation shows us how helpful it is to review our relationship to the Tripe Cs: Commitment, Control and Change.  Good options are presented and this is a great video to hold in “Feel Better Toolbox.”  Perhaps a good thing to share with students….Best Wishes….Namaste.

Take Darshan with Sadhguru…


428941_142921742514406_632122103_nSadhguru’s talk at Emory University | The Isha Blog.

Thanks to the Isha Blog for posting this wonderful talk (Darshan) given earlier this month in Georgia, USA by Sadhguru.  I heard parts of this talk last month at the Tamil USA Sangam program but am grateful that it has been recorded because the content is so valuable.  Sadhguru talks so freely with humor but the ideas need to be reinforced to fully settle inside.  Please do listen while doing chores and again while intent on the video and again and again.  Please do share with others and invite others to watch along with you and have discussions about the parts that were most significant to you.  Try the little experiment that Sadhguru shares.  Be…Breathe…Blossom…..Namaste

p.s. just click the link below the picture to see the video, thanks