Once again Sadhguru shares his Mastery as A Living Master & Teacher….


imagesSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Kashi – YouTube.

I have been blessed to be able to study in Varanasi, the Science of Hatha Yoga, Classical Indian Hatha Yoga at Benares Hindu University, BHU.  From long before I arrived in Benares I had longed to go there.  I never questioned where this longing originated or why.  When events began to fall into place I could sense the blessing coming together as droplets.  Once en route it was a journey filled with mystery from the first encounters on the airplane to leaving the night train at Varanasi station at 2 AM.  Constantly bombarded with life as I never could imagine but with full acceptance and an absolute understanding that was immediate all at once.  For many years I continued my studies in Varanasi for six-week durations with my Beloved Teacher Dr. K. M. Tripathi, his Family, his BHU, and I felt at ease with being captured in this manner.  But I could never explain anything in my language,  or any other manner of communication about the magical aspect of my  experiences.  Yes, I could transmit from my studies, the Classical Yoga I was being trained to teach, but not much beyond that it was a more valuable, enriching yogic study far different from my USA training.  This training in Indian Classical Hatha Yoga is what has made me very confident of my teaching not with any arrogance but with respect for receiving a tremendous Blessing that I am obligated to share.

For many who I tried to convince to visit some were able to find their own enchantment others were sickened with overwhelment.  I once was able to see one of my favorite authors, Rohinton Mistry,  arrive on the same plane to the small airport outside the city and the car I was in actually was on the road behind his car.  At once I knew it was his  first time arriving in the City of Lights as I recognized the signals with his head turning in every direction with amazement, this he confirmed at a Book Reading that a colleague/friend of mine arranged at a Haveli on the Ganga banks.  I have written here about Kashi before, mentioned some of the Great Thinkers and Writers who also had difficulty explaining about its Magic and Significance.  Finally now, Sadhguru and Isha Foundation has created the first comprehensive short take-away video explaining the Science behind the City of Light, Varanasi, Benares, India! This is very significant and extremely valuable for all of us who are on the Path of Conscious Living.  Do not be dismayed if the names are difficult, that there are deities, gods and goddesses, there is a whole complete science about this as a launchpad towards becoming the Best We Can Reach, take-away what you can and let a seed be set for future watering and growth.  Some are mentioning about the cosmos going retrograde, know there are a zillion other things happening that are amazing and you are a part of everything, it’s a matter of where you choose to set your focus, I choose Gratefulness to All my Teachers from my Mommy & my family, Dr. Tripathi, Sri Radha Kant Jha & others, onwards to Sadhguru and the entire Isha Foundation, Namaste

n.b. Just click the link below the pix to see the video, thanks

P.S. Important mentions to Dr. Alakananda Mukerji and her Late Father, Dr. Rajendra Nath Mukerji for helping to arrange for the introductions for my studies at Benares Hindu University, Varanasi, India.


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