B M Hegde – The New Science of Man – TEDxCharminar – YouTube


Shiva as NatarajB M Hegde – The New Science of Man – TEDxCharminar – YouTube.

Thanks to Friends Priya & Uday in Paris, France for sharing this video with Professor Dr. B. M. Hedge.  Quite captivating and informative video made by TEDx in Hyderbad, India.  When Hedge says, “…listen to my every word, if you miss one you will miss the bus…” I put on my super-listening ears and was not disappointed.  Listening to his talk which he seems to give right off the cuff, something he knows with every fiber, I wondered about his background. I ‘Googled” his name to find he holds at least 10 medical degrees from institutions in: London, Dublin, USA and India.  The list of Awards is endless.  Why I find this of value is because with all of his medical knowledge and experiences he credits health to be best when attended to on the conscious, spiritual, holistic and natural ways.  Please do give a listen and if you might have a little trouble with his accent, try listening a few times, this is quite valuable information. He says it’s about a holistic understanding of our own being and taking care of it  with this knowledge.  Much information is around about holistic lifestyle but it just hits home when a learned, experienced, medical professor speaks with such passion about health and well-being as rooted to: living a humble life, harnessing consciousness, eating healthy, living simply and to do something good for others as the basic  tenets for overall health.  What an endorsement for yogic lifestyle! Please share this with others, just click the link below the picture of Nataraj to view the video, and stay in the Dance of Life, Namaste.


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