What’s the deal with Coconut Water?



I mentioned in last week’s post about staying cool during hot weather to take coconut water. We see it in all the health food stores and even supermarket chains nowadays. Why are folks buying this stuff up? Well it has quite a few benefits: it has a mega dose of potassium which is great for our hearts and blood pressure. It is low in calories and no fat or cholesterol. We see it packaged in our stores nowadays and it is a good way to keep the interior organs able to adjust to heat, so usually perspiration is lowered which is an aid in summertime. Do know the packaged products are lower in benefits than the actual tender coconuts. Most Asian produce markets and some good health food stores will carry the actual green tender/young coconut or open them to their white inner shell. If you are living in a part of the world where these tender coconuts are shipped in do try to have some as the benefits are higher. Tender coconut water is a diuretic. The palm tree root’s absorb nutrients from the soil; metabolizes and stores the nutrients in the coconut. The coconut water contains: sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, sulphur, silica, magnesium and B complex vitamins. The live tender coconut water when ingested regularly will have a noticeable clearing effect on the complexion. Do know that the vitality diminishes with transport and the longer it sits it becomes less vital. When able to find tender coconuts locally harvested do know its benefits are such that a sickly person may be fully replenished with the peak amount of electrolytes aiding their recovery to renewed health. In the USA, PepsiCo owns O.N.E. and Coca-Cola owns Zico from what I could find today online Vita Coco remains independent. That’s the Coconut Water Deal….whether you choose this, other natural products or water do stay hydrated and well, OM.



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