Guru Pournami on July 22nd…..OM

OM window at Omlink Yoga Studio, West Harrison, New York, USA

OM Window at Omlink Yoga Studio, New York

The full moon day in the Ashadha month of July/August (Indian Yogic calendar) is known as Guru Pournami.  This sacred day honors the ancient lineage of Enlightened Beings who have graced the world with their presence, imparting the knowledge of the Self to those who seek inner transformation.  The word Guru in Sanskrit is translated as  “dispeller of darkness.”  The Guru dispels darkness of ignorance and leads seekers on their Path of Enlightenment.  The day of Guru Pournami is traditionally the time when seekers offer the Guru their gratitude and receive blessings.  Guru Pournami is also considered an especially beneficial day to practice yogic sadhana.  This year Guru Pournami is celebrated on July 22nd.  If you would like to watch how it is celebrated at Isha Foundation, check the website for live webcast, and if possible donate something in gratitude for all Isha does to share with us globally.  Some temples have extended celebrations for more than one to five days, and some are on Sunday only, as Monday is a workday for most.  However, we can take the prasad offerings, the vibrations of the chants, the smoke of the havan in our hair and clothing, the tilak on our foreheads forward into the next hours and days as ongoing blessings for this period.

This auspicious day offers the energy set by the Adiyogi, Shiva, thousands of years ago, offering the possibility that a human being may evolve beyond all limitations set by their physical nature, if willing to strive.  (I want to acknowledge Yoginis: Maureen, Jane, Luann, Mayra & Peta,  who have been practicing regularly these super hot days seeking to weave the yogic vibrations deeper, thanks for your courage, discipline, joyfulness! OM)

This first full moon day after the solstice is a time when the planet and all life upon it are most receptive to the cosmic energies and possibilities.  The next six months till the winter solstice is the best time to strive for evolving and experiencing the divine possibility that is innate in a person.  For those who choose to honor this day it is recommended to attend a yoga class and a great time to invite a friend or family member to share yoga for the first time.  Listen to Sanskrit chants and/or bhajans.  Other recommended practices are: Practice Silence, Aum Chanting ( rounds of 21) and Practicing the Isha Kriya. [This post is a compilation from the Isha Foundation website, thanks so very much, Namaskaram!]


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