Recognizing the Adiyogi | The Isha Blog


Recognizing the Adiyogi | The Isha Blog

I wish to give Pranams, Gratittude to my Teachers for all they have shared with me, helping me find the best aspects in myself as a teacher, for fine tuning my skills as a teacher, and having the patience and  compassion to share their knowledge with me.  Each teacher has imparted a measure of shakitpat upon me and given me immense capacity to teach with knowledge graced with love and compassion.  Thanks and Blessings always to: Dr. Tripathi (first picture to the right), The Late Sri Radha Kant Jha (last picture on the right), Mani Chaitanya (third picture on the right)  and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (second picture on the right).

I feel confident in my teaching due to the Blessings of my Teachers, all from different perspectives, different ages, but all true to Indian Classical Hatha Yoga traditions.  As a Seeker I have found endless wealth at the Feet of these Great Teachers and I shall always do my best to uphold their lessons as I go forward.

Jai Shree Gurudev, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva Gurudev Tripathi, Gurudev Radha Kant, Gurudev Mani, Gurudev Sadhguru, Jai Shree Gurudev, Om Shanti OM.

I wish to thank my Friend, Nandini for being my Temple Buddy and always making the time to travel together to attend and receive the Blessings, Big Thanks to Nandini!  Its not so easy in suburbs of New York to get to the temple, we have a congested long drive and it’s always nicer to share the travel time with a like-minded person and to have a companion to be with at the Temple.  It’s quite different from walking down the lane to the Lakshmi Temple in Pondy, or jumping in a rick to stop by as in India.  I also want to acknowledge Nandini for the contributions she makes to the Temple to do whatever she can to help, she sets an important example for me to remember to make offerings and not just to take blessings because contributions help maintain services.

Please do click the link above to read an important short article written by Sadhguru about what Blessings the Adiyogi, Shiva, has made for all Seekers.  Please do take the time to acknowledge your teachers, even in a small way such as placing flowers and candles before their pictures.  Do make references of Gratitude whenever possible.  Many in the West just practice asanas at yoga studios, many just buy discount coupons or go to free classes always jumping around to any cheap class they can find and completely miss the biggest boon having the Blessings of an Enlightened Teacher, my wish for these lost practitioners is that they one day become Seekers, and find themselves at the Feet of a True Master one day soon.  My recommendation for anyone thinking about taking their Yoga to the next level of becoming a Seeker is to embark upon the Inner Engineering Program from Isha Foundation, two options are available to complete the course online or in many centers worldwide, it’s a great beginning!

Thanks for  reading this Blog and do continue to share with others, Jai Shree Gurudev OM


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