Simple Green Smoothies – Drink your veggies and feel incredible!


Simple Green Smoothies – Drink your veggies and feel incredible!.


Thanks to Student Yogini Ashley Sabino for sharing her favorite Blog for Smoothie Recipes, just click the link above to see the Site.  It is a good idea especially for busy on the go folks like college students to quickly make a drink they can ingest and take along to drink later in the day.  It takes a simple blender that is not so expensive along with shopping ahead to stock up with ingredients.  Chain stores like Bed Bath & Beyond sell blenders at inexpensive prices (there is also a $5 coupon on the website).  Some yard sales and Good will stores also sell blenders which can be cleaned with baking soda and boiling water a few times before safe home use.  One can stock up on the paper cartons of almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, soy milk, coconut water or milk, aloe vera, juice or other liquid choice for the base.  Then make regular stops at your favorite green market for veggies and fruits.  I keep basil , mint, tulsi, lemongrass and other herbs growing to add herb benefits.  I use dates and agave for sweeteners.  I add flax and chia seeds, these can be stored and last a while inexpensively thanks to shops like Trader Joes.  For college students that make a collective they may share veggies and fruits so that they don’t spoil easily.   The picture below shows a mason jar to hold the smoothie and that is a good idea for carrying along for later and inexpensive and come in different sizes, it is glass and not harmful plastic.  Thanks for stopping by here and please do share with others….Here’s to your good health! Namaste




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  1. The idea of eating something green let alone drinking something green would have frightened me probably about 2 years ago, but as of today I am open to anything! My mom as actually inspired me to start what people refer to as juicing, in order to have a better handle on my mind, body, and soul.

  2. I’ve been juicing lately but now that I have all these recipes I plan on trying them all out. The mango Cilantro Detox sounds like it would taste really good so I’m excited to become healthier while enjoying these smoothies.

  3. This post gives some great ideas about how to enjoy healthy smoothies while living on campus! I read a few health related blogs, and lately I have been seeing a lot about the benefits of chia seeds…I have been wanting to incorporate this into my diet. Perhaps by making drinks I will begin to do this. The idea of students forming a collective is wonderful; it is a great way to prevent wasting food and would likely reduce the cost for each student if they split the expenses of ingredients. As a commuter, this isn’t something that would benefit me, but I am definitely looking to get a blender and start enjoying some drinks that will improve my nutrition.

  4. I thought that website was wonderful! I remember when I was a little kid my mother used to always make us green smoothies as an afternoon snack or green juices as a pick me up before a hike in the woods or a game out in the backyard. One of my favorites was the carrot, ginger, wheatgrass one she used to make. (I know it had other ingredients in it but those are what I remember years later.) These drinks can be such a pick-me-up and help me feel energized and refreshed throughout he day. Ever since I’ve come to college the ability to just throw fruits, vegetables, or roots into a juicer/blender has been one of the things I’ve missed the most! Thanks for sharing the website!

    -Jasmine Fay

  5. I think smoothies are a great idea. It is a practice that has been around for a long time with great results. The recipes on the site seem interesting and quite simple. Everyone I know who has done cleanses has had great results. My friend had a terrible egsima that would not clear up with any medication that doctors gave him. He got a juice recipe and surely it cleared up right away. Quite powerful

  6. Kollie

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this because I am extremely busy and I never get down to making myself a really healthy smoothie and I have a blender but after checking out, I can see that it doesn’t have to be that hard to stay healthy by making smoothies because the ingredients are so easy to find and the flavors put together seems like it can enhance the taste of the green smoothie, like the the Cilantro Limeade with cilantro, lime, bananas, ginger etc. All these flavors together sounds very appealing and I think that’s the point, keeping healthy with flavor. That can also be found in the Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry smoothie with spinach. I also find those assortment of flavors with go very well together and are still going to be very healthy for you. This post has inspire me to be more diligent in practicing healthy habits through juicing.

  7. Thank you for sharing this post! The lesson that is revisited throughout every single class is that it is crucial to maintain a healthy mind and heart. While meditation and Isha Kriya will relinquish any possible stress we may be holding onto, it is not enough to stretch and relax our bodies and souls; nourishing ourselves with the proper substances is also an essential part of healthful living. If we can consume natural ingredients and foods that come from the earth, we can spoil ourselves with the vitamins and nutrient our bodies crave. I have learned so much about taking care of every aspect of my body in this course, and look forward to trying this recipe.

    -Annley Nirschel

  8. I love juices. Thanks for sharing these recipes. I will definitely look into trying to incorporate these homemade concoctions into my diet. I think it is definitely advantageous to make your own juices as opposed to buying store-bought, organic, raw vegan juices (which are really expensive). I like the idea of using almond milk or soy milk as a base.

  9. yes!!
    Smoothies are great, especially the summer time. However, lately , I have been getting cold pressed juices and wheat grass shots from Lilly Pilly Berry. In love, and definitely my new obsession! I get cold very easily, so now that the weather is cooling down, i try to stay away from “icy” foods..However, I need to try these recipes out! I I am a believer in raw foods- the more foods you consume that are in their natural state, the better. Sadly, cold press machines are quite expensive, however feel as though it may be a great investment in the long run- I would be able to create my very own almond /cashew/soy milk!

  10. thank you for sharing the website! i love to make smoothies, especially at college. Whenever I start to feel run down or sick, i whip up a green smoothie full of apples, spinach, watermelon, celery, cucumber, and anything else i can get my hands on. The downside is having little fridge space – being that i share it with three other people. I found that instead of buying ice-ceam or sweets, i like to freeze very ripe bananas ad blend them up with a little peanut butter!

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