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582716_455134171198617_1391280848_n▶ Shambhavi Mahamudra, A True Miracle – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Isha Foundation offers an online 7 part course “Inner Engineering.”  The Shambavi Mahamudra is the SuperKriya that one is initiated into after completing the online course.  This initiation program happens at the ashram in Tennessee, USA and India.  Do click the link here to listen to Sadhguru explain about the powers of Shambavi.  Then go to the Isha Foundation website and check out the links for Inner Engineering for more information.  This is a wonderful yogic tool to tune up your energetic powers and to bring an amazing ongoing wave of peace and much more.  Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog and thanks to Isha Foundation for sharing these classical hatha yogic tools with all of us….Namaste

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  1. I really found this interesting, this talk had a lot of truth in it. He talks about how it’s important to be one with the self and the world. When he talks about, “Everything is sacred”, “Everything is nonsense”, he basically says, it’s not good to create divisions in life but let your heart decide what you feel because that is a miracle and the true beauty of life.

  2. The most powerful part of this video for me was the end, where the idea of miracles and what is sacred was discussed. I like how he admits the traps to the two worlds of yoga.. I think that as human beings, we have the capacity to fall into this whole where what we like is sacred and what we don’t is nonsense. I think that avoiding this will help most people open their eyes and live life in a more positive manner

  3. This video truly reinforced the idea that we are in control of ourselves and our bodies. That we are our own creations and have a balance to maintain within ourselves. If our reality is subjective, then we truly are masters of our own space and at the same time not at all. Everything is a balance and the video reinforced that idea. If everything is a certain way, then it must not be at all. Whatever happens to us is all through how we perceive it, and if we can learn to perceive in such a balanced way, we become one with ourselves. This video taught me that I should not fear things I don’t understand, and that everything just happens as it should.

  4. “The source of creation within you finds expression.”
    So many of our days, we get trapped in our sorrows, guilt, or anger. We tense up and forget to breathe, forget to nurture ourselves. I think Sadhguru has so much insight when he speaks simple truths such as learning to take care of the body and bring all the parts of oneself (physical, mental, spiritual) together can be the biggest factor in fixing all of these other problems. I found it to be such a straight-forward, yet profound comment when he went on to say that would we really be worried about the heart, the liver, etc. if the source of what created us finds expression. “Everything is nonsense.” Only when we learn to take the time to fully sit back and appreciate that all we have to do is live harmoniously in our own bodies, in our own selves, can we begin to see the power within ourselves. I think Sadhguru has a lot of insight to share.

  5. This goes back to one of my earlier comments about yoga not being bound by religion. This way of taking care of our body which is really very simple is universal. There are no religious implications of it, which is why it’s so great and makes so much sense.

  6. It is very interesting and amazing the results people can achieve from practicing yoga. How by aligning the inner functions of your body you can allow the core to function and how if this is done you can become much healthier. It seems unreal to think that by doing this for yourself you can receive so much benefit and live a healthier and happier life. I think I am someone who views things as miracles. I sometimes think of things differently than being a miracle and then I try to find a definitive reason for why and I can not. I guess thinking of everything as a miracle creates less tension in my mind. It doesn’t conflict with my other views and creates a oneness in my mind. The 4 day program he is having seems like a great opportunity to practice isha kriya and learn new benefits to practice. To me it seems like a miracle that by uniting the body you can miraculously recover from a disease or health problem. This must bring out the most positive functions in the body that drive out the negative.

    Alexa D

  7. Sudhguru speaks about your inner most core being the “bliss body” and the importance of finding expression within the “bliss body,” which i found to be remarkable because through achieving inner peace, or bliss if you will, one is able to achieve inner expression. Throughout doing yoga, I personally feel like I can achieve this blissfulness. And I truly feel more blissful, since I’ve started yoga this semester, and my overall mood has greatly improved. Through practicing yoga and doing the Isha Kriya as a daily ritual, it is my goal to achieve a blissful inner core.

  8. I feel by doing yoga I have been able to control my anxiety and I am able to become one with myself. I am grateful for my yoga class. I feel at peace with myself. We have to be open minded to other ideas and things we don’t understand. Everything is cause and effect. Life is a miracle because we are alive and able to do things and make decisions. We are able to see things. Everything is sacred because we are all things and people.

  9. After several views of this video Shambhavi Mahamudura, A True Miracle, I finally realized the meaning behind his words. Rather then people contradict themselves on what’s sacred and what’s insignificant, they should just chose one thought over the other. If one believes in certain incidents as miracles they should find every incident or situation that occurs in life to be a miracle. To just pick and chose what you believe to be as nonsense or miracle life is contradicting your thought process, causing you to be thoughtless and selfish. I say selfish because individuals who view both decide whether what they envision as miracles or not, disregarding what others may see as important.

  10. Kollie

    This video is very much trying to express the idea that one can be in complete control of their body and their mind (thinking). When one can achieve a harmonious and blissful connection between their body and their mind, the need for always going to doctors to get pills that’ll supposedly solve all your illnesses becomes unnecessary. The same thing goes for the thought process of separating your fellow man, woman and world into groups of likes (good) and dislikes (bad) thus proving that you’re not fully in control of you instrument because there is a anger or negative attribute associated with disliking to the point of categorizing. If one does choose to live one or the other way as Sadhguru puts it then it can be very beautiful because that shows that one is completely comfortable with their choice and is ok with what they don’t have or need and thus, doesn’t need to dwell on disliking it and that shows the beginning of being in a bliss connection with your mind and body. There can be other instances of this as within in suggestion of Sadhguru that most people will consider something a miracle if they don’t know about it, which can also show that desire for approval or something to like and that is also evident of the lack of oneness and understanding of one’s body and mind.

  11. Our growth and creation comes from within us and everything is a miracle. There are 2 ways to live the yogic life: thinking everything is sacred, or believing that everything is utter nonsense. The trick is to not combine the two. I agree with the former. No matter how “bad” something is, or how much pain it causes, it is sacred because it is a miracle for it to simply exist. And even bad things can affect us positively in the long run, and help shape who we are and further inform our journey through life. I definitely do no think anything in this world should be consigned to “utter nonsense”, the whole of creation is a miracle within itself.

  12. I like this idea that either everything has to be nonsense or everything is sacred. So many times people seem to be making rules for everyone except themselves. They themselves are the exception to every rule, and things shouldn’t work that way. Either everything is nonsense, or everything is sacred. It is incredible that the Sadhguru has been able to find all of this balance through yoga. It truly is inspiring to hear his take on things. Although I often feel he is oversimplifying.

  13. The body has its own mechanisms to function, I believe the body is able to heal on its own and when necessarily additives such as change in diet, behavior, mood changes outside substances or resources are utilized. Some think it is a “miracle” but really it is the body doing its own mechanical work, Shambhavi Mahamudra suggests we let the body the mechanic, function on its own. The body should be aligned with all forms of creation which will help “fix” things so to speak. However, as a specie we get skeptical and situations we encounter we feel like there is not solution but when things turn around we find miracles, why is it hard to believe such forms of life are capable of being fixed for the better good?
    He suggest we change what we see, or else we will be destroyed by such outside influences. There is a trap within the practices of yoga, what we see as sacred can be nonsense and vice versa. Nonsense if avoidable and can help with gaining a positive position of life as well as eye opening experiences.

  14. I liked it when Sadhguru said that everything was sacred, and everything was nonsense, and that the trouble began with separating those two things. Things just are before we label them either as sacred or nonsense, and what I see as sacred you may see as nonsense. This division may be the source of many a conflict. He put it so simply and with humor, but wouldn’t it be great if everybody kept it in her mind?
    As to the miraculous healing of serious health problems, I am skeptical. Yet, the body has a tremendous healing power that we forgot about and daily reach to often unnecessary medications. Also, science, medical science as well as other sciences, are based in limited knowledge. It is nice to think miracle.

    • Well stated….I have seen some medical miracles…but they occur when one has a deep connection and evokes the practice daily with fervor…and I have seen loved ones who are connected transmit their blessings and prayers onto their loved ones who are too feeble or blind or non-practicing…I have seen a wife who was a non-believer of yoga watch her husband manage his last years with grace practicing yoga for courage and strength and as she witnessed his transformation during hospice it was so amazing that after he passed away she has taken his mat and follows the practice and commune regularly with him while in her sadhana…I have seen this and many more things…Namaste

  15. I love that Yogi Sadhguru does not overtly position himself within his teachings. He allows different viewpoints to enter into his discussion and intelligently uncovers each of them. He does not state that one system is better than other but shows how each one functions. This kind of fairness makes me more comfortable in receive his teachings. He is in effect participating in the kind of logic he is arguing, one idea does not trump another. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between seeing everything as miracle and seeing everything as nonsense because both still result in an embrace of the world. I am the type of person that wants to see the world as a miracle. It is hard to say miracle in the face of a largely suffering world but I do not believe that tragedy and horror has the power to disrupt the sanctity of our bodies growing on this planet. This planet that is like no known other.

    • I love what you write here…this is awesome, copy it and save it for yourself to read over and over, from year to year…if you choose to stay on this path…you will continue to grow in magnificient ways…isn’t this a miracle in itself! Namaste

  16. I am honestly a bit doubtful about the success and benefits of Inner Engineering. On the Isha Foundation’s website, individuals involved in the practice discuss the positive changes they have seen. In Sadhguru’s video, he also discusses the miraculous changes that can occur within the body – such as cures of physical illness. I am aware of the many psychological benefits of yoga but to be honest, I am less convinced of the physical benefits, specifically, the ability to cure diseases.

    I was very affected by Sadhguru’s statement about how we should see everything as sacred. He says this is a “beautiful way to live,” and I agree. We should always strive to appreciate even the smallest things in life. This reminds me of the other youtube video we watched in which Sadhguru speaks about the importance of the breath and how fragile it is. Things that seem simple, like breath, should not be disregarded. If we live as if everything is sacred, we will have such an appreciation for everything around us in the present. Additionally, I would assume one must show excellent self-awareness in following this philosophy. I admire this way of living and it is something I strive towards.

  17. I enjoy listening to Sadhguru, I will definitely check out his online course. I found it interesting that he pointed out that we consider what we like to be miracles and the parts of life that we do not like to be nonsense. I will really have to think about this. The differences between living where everything is a miracle compared to everything being nonsense is something I have never thought about before.

    I am beginning to see a pattern with my Isha Kriya, I start out my week after finishing these assignments, feeling inspired and I practice everyday for the first few days of the week- and then throughout the week I stop practicing daily. I find that I become much less aware at the end of the week and feel as though I have lost control of my life. I really need to consistently devote time to meditating daily. That is my goal moving forward.

    • Wonderful you have taken on this new goal of daily practice. Do let me know if you want to be a part of the group receiving scholarship for Inner Engineering this week, the application deadline is soon, it would be great to have you on board…Namaste

  18. interesting! I think in this video Sadhguru reinforces the idea of detaching from the mind and body along with its preferences and rudimentary bias- in order to truly submit ones self to a belief. He said that it does won’t matter which belief is chosen as long as your ‘personal’ judgment does not interfere with its foundation.


  19. I liked this video, its realization on how to have your body just running at its best. Fixing the manufacturer or the source you can fix anything in the body. Which is why I’ve come to realize why yoga is so important. You can get in better touch with your “source” and be able to fix inner problems with yourself without breaking a sweat. And that is a true miracle. “If you have eyes to see everything is a miracle.”

  20. This man is truly amazing with the way we can put life into context. Indeed, it is troubling to perform acts without thinking the negative and positives, whether it is yoga or anything else. By separating these “sacred” and “nonsense” we have stronger love yet stronger resentment. If we stick to thinking the entire act as one thing, we are true to that act, and that is the best we can do for ourselves.

  21. That which is the source of creation is functioning from within me. The manufacturer is inside and if I allow it to function then fixing small flaws in the body becomes easy! This is really powerful to me because two days ago I sustained a deep cut on my thumb while washing a weak and cracked glass. Blood was every where and I needed seven sutures to close it up. Almost a year ago exactly I fell from my bike and cut my head open of a metal railing post, I needed seven stitches and three staples then. These two occurrences have been my only experience with stitches and to be honest its really scary to see my body get cut open and sewn back up. At these times I get afraid that things may not heal or may get worse and although I know that they will heal, it has been important to meditate on the fact that my body inherently knows how to fix itself. I still am puzzled by the lesson I am to learn from these accidents but they have indeed fortified my trust in my body and made me give greater respect to its astounding resilience.

  22. I think his message is very interesting because he is basically saying that if we align our body with our inner functions and our core functions then we will be better off. The way I see it is if we learn to do that then we will be better off in our everyday lives as well, be more healthy, and positive. Also about the miracle and how anything we do not know anything of, we believe is a miracle, seems to make sense. However, what he means to say is, it all depends on our perception of things, of life, I agree with that, because as we have learned from previous posts, our perception influences the way we see and feel about things. If we have negative perceptions then it can bring stress into our lives and so on. So our perception of things will definitely influence the way we go about our lives.

  23. The term of there being a creator within all of us paired with the statement that everything is sacred to me states that we too have a sacred power within us. Through yoga and practicing isha we can help align our inner selves so that the creator within can heal our flaws. It’s awesome to think that we can create our own a miracles in daily simple practices. We don’t have to be extremely smart or spiritual to create and notice the miracles around us.
    I didn’t make my goal of doing the isha four times, but I was proud of myself for doing it three days in a row. As it is getting colder and my joints are more stiff, I am starting to practice my isha while in the sauna and it feels amazing afterwards. My joints feel better and my mind is at ease and it is a great way to start or end the day.

  24. I find that the decisions he is talking of in sorting out the sacred from the nonsensical are generated from my mind which I know to be inaccurate. Just as in the post on fear, living from the mind is imaginary, which would mean that the system I devise to sort out the sacred rom the nonsensical is inaccurate as well. I choose to believe that all is sacred. When I am able to live according to this I find that I feel a greater connectivity to the world around me. If i dont agree with someone or find something to be pleasing or accurate I can see that there is something I am missing for it all is sacred and has purpose beyond my comprehension. When I am am not able to do this it is because my mind begins to close and I feel as though my mind is the greatest power, that it must not be true if it does not follow the logic of my mind. I know this must be inaccurate however because I observe forces greater than I cn comprehend all around me on a daily basis

  25. The two ways to live life are either see everything as sacred or see everything as nonsense, both are beautiful ways to live according to Sadhguru. The truth behind these words basically states that we need to not worry so much about why but instead if we just live in that moment and appreciate it for what it is we will benefit the most out of the situations at hand. Just like yoga if we take it for what it is instead of trying to understand it as a religion and if we just see it as a miracle we will be able to truly experience the spiritual benefits even without religion as a factor.

  26. There is a very good message to be found in this short YouTube clip. It is absurd if one finds certain things sacred, yet at the same time believes everything else not so. I agree with him that everything is sacred/absurd/etc.
    For my Isha Kriya practice, I have been trying to do it every Tuesday/Thursday and on weekends. Other than the usual benefits of a calm and clear mind, I’ve noticed that I am able to take longer, fuller breaths. I find it easier to control my breath, and i can distribute it to different areas of my body. This breath control is extremely helpful when I am going into a deep stretch.

  27. Another amazing video. I guess I tend toward the camp of everything being sacred. It seems like the difference between Buddhism and Daoism to me, everything is sacred or everything is nonsense. Like he said both are beautiful ways to live and you can’t validate one or the other, so I wonder how it is you come to choose one or the other? I also wonder which “schools” of yoga he was referring to, which ones believe in nonsense and which believe in total sacredness?

  28. My wish for students in the course is that they do these assignments along with their progress on the mat to be able to better integrate the possibilities for understanding the process more deeply. I wish you could have had the opportunity to know the teachings of Sadhguru and the Isha Kriya throughout the semester to allow a full measure of the yoga to wash upon you. I hope the next time you embark upon an opportunity to have a full yogic experience that you may allow for the process as prescribed. Namaste

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