Yoga of Perfect Sight – Agarwal


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I listed below three references: (a YouTube video with an example of eye exercises, a link for Dr. Agarwal’s booklet, and the blog post that reminded me about taking care of my own eyes) for your review about natural ways to improve eyesight.  I know these work because I did practice most of the exercises a few years back and had a remarkable improvement with my vision.  How I came to find these exercises is an interesting story that I will share.   One time in Auroville, India about ten years ago, on a New Year’s Eve at my friend Tapas Bhatt’s home.  It was a very festival time as there are programs that go throughout the evening in many  locations and we visited many, met many friends and had a wonderful time.  Tapas’s extended family had gathered together at her home and we spent the time from after midnight into the new morning together sharing stories and games.  About 3 am a few of us were in a small sitting room chatting as Tapas was sitting at her computer.  There were no lights on in the room and it was dark except for the light emitting from the small computer screen. I was sitting on a bench with her brother-in-law, Indra, and he was reading from the computer screen with ease.  I remarked, “what are you reciting?”  Tapas responded that he was reading the text on the screen.  I was startled and said how is this possible? It was lucky for me that I could see the computer sitting on the table forget reading what was on the screen! I was in my early fifties then and I said I thought Indra was my age not any younger.  He then explained in f act he was a few years older than me.  I then wanted to know how he could read so well without eyeglasses or contacts.  He told me about a Doctor who was at the Ashram school when he was a teenager who gave eye exercise classes and he attended and practiced for many years.   Indra then informed me there were little booklets I could find in the Ashram bookstore.  So the next day I did go find and purchase the booklet and started to do the sun and palm exercises.  As I have astigmatism I knew I wouldn’t be able to correct my vision 100% but I did not have to wear my glasses all the time.  As I have gotten older and use the computer more so I have begun to rely on prescription glasses again but when I saw this blog I decided to see if I could find the booklet online to share here and I also add a YouTube for your viewing.   There was a time earlier in  my life when I had night blindness and it was almost impossible to drive at night.  Someone told me about bilberry tablets and I took them and within 3 weeks my condition of night blindness was completely reversed! I never again have had a reoccurrence.  I am writing this to reinforce for myself to take better care as my own vision as my late brother Ronnie had macular degeneration.  He told me that he had eye exams every six months and the total blindness came upon him so fast and could not be reversed.  Its time to begin again with the eye exercises, thanks to for this important reminder!  Thanks again to my Dear Brother Ronnie and the Bhatt and Arya families. I hope this may be useful information for you and that you share it with friends and families.  Just click on the links below to view all, there are two links under the video. Namaste

Yoga of Perfect Sight – Agarwal.


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