▶ The True Purpose of Yoga – Exploring the True Potential of Being Human – YouTube


378367_142581702548410_1515403467_n▶ The True Purpose of Yoga – Exploring the True Potential of Being Human – YouTube.

Do click the link below the picture to view this important video by Sadhguru, thanks to him and the Isha Foundation Volunteers for all the work they do to bring true Classical Indian Hatha Yoga to the forefront! In Gratitude on the Eve of Mahashivrathri, ready to receive the Blessings! OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM


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  1. Finally you have made progress and reported on your Isha Kriya practice….this comment is a good beginning but a college level response should be longer with: comparisons to your own experiences, reflection, review, etc…OM

  2. A good start for the comment of a college student….you haven’t invested enough time to fully write about your own experiences and your weekly Isha Kriya practices…

  3. Do follow the Isha Foundation website as Sadhguru is now in the USA and if you are willing to travel you could have a wonderful experience of sitting at the feet of a living master and become fully blessed. Did you see the email I sent out a few weeks ago when he was in Manhattan? Best wishes…OM

  4. I guess there is a lot more to Yoga that meets the eye and after watching the true purpose of yoga, I must say I am very impressed. I was very surprised to learn that health, peace and joy are only the side benefits, and that it is not the true goal of yoga. One of the things that interest me the most was when he said our whole perception of life is limited to the physical nature of existence. Physical has no purpose of its own and our body is important to us. Such as cleaning it, clothing our bodies and making sure it stays healthy. Yoga means everything has become one such as your idea of existence, your scents and your ideas of who you are. He also elaborated on the immense capabilities that lie untapped in every human being, which can be uncovered if we explore the inner dimensions of the human being, in other words, “If you can experience everything around you, then you can say you’re in yoga.” That really touch me, if I don’t know everything that is around me or so I would be confused and wouldn’t know how yoga would work. Jimmy Harrington

  5. The True Purpose of Yoga-
    Sadhguru has an interesting way to present all his wisdom. He is funny when explaining the origins of yoga and how he has met people who thought it started in California. Yoga has a very long history, which is losing its main purpose. Nowadays, it is mainly used in the Western world for its physical benefits, such as healthy living and to liberate stress. Yoga was originally practiced for the positive energies, spiritual fulfillment, and the transfer of energy between the system and its surroundings, all being one energy.
    Yoga is not about standing on your hands or holding your breath, not about postures. The practice of yoga in the US has lost its basics and people are not experiencing this energy between them and their surrounding, as one existence. I originally had thought that yoga was only about the weird postures and who could hold it for longer. I have learned that this is just a side benefit to our health and these lectures have clarified the underline purpose of yoga.
    This past week, I have practiced the Isha Kriya 5 times, for 20 minutes each night. I wanted to take the practice outdoors but it was too cold. I also tried it this morning, before work, which made my day smoother, even sitting in traffic was not as frustrating. I am enjoying the benefits of Isha Kriya, whether is a night and be fully rested, or in the mornings to start my day with a great attitude. Also, from indoors to outdoors, I have experienced great deep and conscious breaths, that allow me to stay on the right path to all my goals with a good mood at all times, despite my tough school and work schedule. Looking forward to do the Isha Kriya one more time today, to get a great sleep. I have set out a couple candles in my room near the wall on which I accommodate for the practice each night, and this aids my state to stay more focused on the purpose of the Isha Kriya.

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