The Benefits of Neem for Health and Vitality – A Yogic Perspective


IshaNeemInfographicThe Benefits of Neem for Health and Vitality – A Yogic Perspective.

Neem is a wonderful herb that has many applications and is available in health food stores and online in most places nowadays.  Do click the link below the image to read more about the benefits posted by The Isha Foundation.  Here’s to your good health! OM


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  1. I didn’t know that neem had cancer fighting qualities and so many other uses. Neem having anti-bacterial qualities makes it a great for soap. The food we eat and everything that makes its way into our system effects us on many levels. Certain foods aid in health and neem and yoga seem to go well together.

    • Neem is a magic plant with many benefits….did you just review this post for your own information as it wasn’t required, if not double check the assignment from the PC email I sent, and yes please do look around from time to time, it all there for inquisitive Yoginis and Yogis like you, OM

  2. I’ve never heard of neem but it sounds fascinating! In today’s society we’re so quick to jump to pharmaceutical creations, which certainly serve many purposes, but often times we forget the talents of mother nature. Something a lot of people could use it for is for their skin, like he said in the reading, everyone has some kind of skin problem and in a lot of cases the best things to use on your skin are products closest to nature. I would definitely try this!

    And I’m not sure if we needed to post about this weeks Isha Kriya since I covered the two weeks prior but this is for Sunday April 12 – Saturday April 19
    5 nights of Isha Kriya before bed this week. My cold is finally gone but I’m incredibly stressed so having that little relaxation time before bed is helping to calm those stressful thoughts that try to linger into my full nights sleep. I do feel like over all it’s helping to keep me somewhat relaxed and focused during a stressful time so it feels good to see that I’m putting the energy to good use.

    I’m going to Google neem products and see what I can find. I’m curious now!

    -Emily Gregorek.

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