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via What is the significance of number 108? – YouTube.

Just click the highlighted  title link above to view this short video from Sadhguru.  This is super important for all Yoginis and Yogis to know!!!

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  1. In this short video, Sadhguru explains a very interesting concept behind the yogic culture. He says, “the yogic culture has created methods to align our systems with the cosmos. If we can properly align ourselves with this vastness, we will have access to cosmic knowledge.” I think this is very interesting and I was not aware at all about the 108 chakras that you can work with in your body. As Sadhguru explains, the number 108 is significant and is used as a count for many things in the East because the diameter of the sun and the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times. Also, the diameter of the moon and the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times. Sadhguru is completely correct in his numbers and I think that it is phenomenal that we can essentially align our body with the cosmic geometric. I am curious to find out wether or not this has long term effects for the body or if you can obtain wonderful sensations from working with the 108 chakras in your body. Sadhguru was a little bit difficult to understand in this video but I would love to look more into the significance of the number 108 in relation to yoga.


    Caitlin McCarthy

  2. 108 is the number of chakras in our body. It starts with 114 chakras, but 2 of them are outside of the body. Then there are 4 more chakras inside the body that don’t do anything. They will follow suit of what the other chakras are doing. So that leaves 108 chakras in our system to focus on. Also the diameter of the sun is (roughly) 108 times the diameter of the earth, the earth to sun distance is 108 times the diameter of the sun, and the earth to moon distance is 108 times the diameter of the moon. Namaste – Michael Nicolo

  3. I had no idea the significance of the number 108 until watching Sadhguru talk about it. The difference between the sun and the Earth is 108 times, and the difference between the Earth and the moon is 108 times. This number must have significance in our creation. I have Buddha beads for meditation and I know there are 108 beads on it for counting in the back of one’s mind while meditating… This must be why.

  4. The yogic system sees the body at 114 chakras. Out of those 114, there are 108 chakras in which you can work. That is why if you say a mantra, it should be said 108 times, if you wear beads, there should be 108 of them. 108 is significant because in nature, “everything is 108. The diameter of the sun and the distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times. The diameter of the moon and distance between the moon and the earth is 108 times. The diameter of the earth and the diameter of the sun is 108 times.” If you align yourself with the cosmic system, everything you need to know about the cosmos will be right accessible.

  5. First of all, I’d like to mention that I use the number 108 for many of my passwords and emails so the fact that it happened to be a significant number weirded me out. What the video did not explain was how to work on these shakras and what each of them were. I am very interested and intrigued by the universe and the cosmos and I want to know more about these shakras and how they relate in an alignment to that.

    • Chakras are a very complex metaphysical reality. It takes a person who has spent time dedicated to their practice to be able to access this sheath of their existence. This is why I am urging students to do their Isha Kriya daily to keep their yogic vibrations tuned properly. There are lots of books to read but if you do choose to learn about it on a book level do look for a yogic text from India vs. a western source. The best way is to keep on the path and let all these things be revealed dynamically. Namaste

  6. Interesting. I had always the body contained only 7 chakras according to yogic teaching. According to what I read trying to figure this out, most yoga masters teach only 7 chakras, which are considered the ‘main’ chakras, but there are 101 more to work with! I am curious which are the two chakras that lie outside the body. Also I looked up that chakra translates to mean “wheel.” I guess because it is a center of energy, or a meeting of the “nadis” in a junction, as Sadghuru worded it. There is still much for me to learn. This was very eye-opening!


  7. In this video, Sadhguru discusses yoga as aligning your system with the cosmic geometry. This an interesting topic because we generally would not think of relating mathematics to yoga. Sadhguru talks about Chakras and how we have a total of 108 throughout the body. He goes on to discuss cosmic knowledge and that in order for a person to achieve such knowledge their system must be aligned with the cosmos. The number 108 has significance here because the 108 Chakras of the individual human body is aligned with cosmic geometry. Sadhguru says that 108 is the diameter of the sun as well as the distance between the sun and the earth. It is also represented in the diameter of the moon and the distance between the moon and the earth. Lastly, 108 is seen in relation to the earth’s diameter and the diameter of the sun. So we see the 108 Chakras of the individual body aligning with the number 108 in the cosmos which results in experiencing cosmic knowledge.
    The first time I watched this video I was a bit confused as I couldn’t see a relevant link from numbers and the universe to yoga. After watching it a few times I started to grasp the idea more and more. It makes sense that a practice that is focused on the mind and body should align with the universe because we exist within it, we are a part of it. The number 108 is almost a pathway for alignment as the Chakras fall into place with the cosmic geometry and even though it seems strange because its math and yoga, it’s pretty logical!
    For my Isha Kriya I’ve been able to practice 5 nights in the past week. 4 out of the 5 times it was at night and I found it far more relaxing and it’s getting easier to focus my attention on it. Sometimes it is hard to get a quiet and empty room but as far as making time to practice before going to bed I’ve gotten much better at scheduling time to do so about 15 or 20 minutes before sleeping. I have found that practicing during the day is not the best for me but I would like to start waking up earlier in the morning to practice Isha Kriya and see if it can help me wake up and ease into the day since I’m not a morning person at the moment.
    -Emily Gregorek

    • Excellent honest and fresh comments! True classical Indian Hatha Yoga is a Science for living well…Sadhguru explains what scientists in India have known for thousands of years and now you can find western scientists have concurred. Wonderful you are reaping the benefits of the Isha Kriya…it gets better…stay on your path…OM

  8. The video was very interesting to see the theory of 108 explained. It seems as though a constant theme in yoga is the connectivity of everything, 108 being eerily relatable to many things, including the distance of the sun to earth, and the diameter of the sun are both 108. The chakras also becomes a factor as that is at 108 as well. I think the fact that focusing on just one exercise in a dedicated manner will lead you to be aligned with the cosmic universe is a little overwhelming yet interesting. The fact that everything seems to be connected is overall refreshing, as it seems that if people could focus on this sole of existence there would be far less problems and issues with each other.

  9. Watching this video feels a little intimidating, hearing all the numbers and not being aware of any of them before now, but it makes the idea of chakras more understandable in a tangible way. Especially in relating it to the solar system and the world around me, which it’s a pretty undeniable coincidence that the 108 chakras is the same as the measurements between the sun, moon, earth, and their orbits. Making it apparent how my cells and being are in place with the beings around me, and the universe I occupy, is big to wrap my head around but also an interesting new notion, and one that after Googling, I see has a rich amount of information readily available to read about further.

  10. This video was short, but still provided interesting information that I had never known. The connections between us and the sun/moon/earth are amazing, and this video added yet another thing to tie us together further. I would be interested to read further about these 108 chakras he says we can work with.

  11. I had never heard of the significance of the number 108 before this and I find it fascinating. In the body there are 108 chakras to work with. Sadhguru says that yoga is understanding the lining of your system with cosmic geography. 108 is so important not only because of the chakras, but geometrically because the diameter of the sun and the distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times and the same formula with the moon and the earth. 108 is important to the east because it comes up often in the studies of the body and geometry, but most important where the two intersect and how that can help allign your chakras.

  12. Yoga is aligning your system with the cosmic dimension. In yoga the body is made up of 140 shakras. 114 junctions and 2 of these lay outside your body and 4 of these you do not have to do anything and this leaves us with 108 to work with. For this reason the number 108 has become significant. This number also pops in, in other areas of life, the distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times. If you master only one of the 84 Asanas you can become aligned cosmically with the universe. This video was so interesting because it showed how interconnected we all are. Human beings are aligned with the world around us and the numbers show this pattern. I have never thought of cosmic paralleling components of our own bodies but this shows how similar we are.

  13. I did not know that the cosmic alignment was involved in the number of asanas one can practice. I think that involving the diameters of the Earth, Moon, and Sun into yogic practice is very appealing. I believe that because the human body is so closely tied to the planet we live on and the Sun and the Moon which surrounds us, it is important to involve these things in our Yoga practice.

  14. Sadhguru describes yoga as the act of aligning the body with the comic system. 108 is significant because the diameter of the sun 108, and the distance between the earth and the sun is a distance of 108 times. Sadhguru states this relates to the body because it is made up of 114 shakras. Two of the shakers are outside the body and 112 which are in the body. There are 4 shakras that work by themselves automatically. Therefore 108 shakras can be tap into and harnessed by us.
    I find the interconnectedness between the cosmos and our bodies fascinating because humans mostly view themselves separate from the cosmos. But in actuality we are not separate, we are connected. And that by aligning and channeling our energies through the shakers, we can become one with the cosmos. This video was inspiring because yet it again it proves that all the answers we seek can be found inside ourselves.

    -Christopher Sharrett

  15. Chakras are something that i have never really understood before this class because I never knew exactly what each chakra was or how we do things to change the chakras that we possess. I know that we have a chakra for each of life processes. The significance of the number 108 within the east is something i find really interesting because it is a number which people revolve around in order to come to an understanding with themselves and the world around them. Although i find myself curious about this number and where it lies in the belief system of India. Due to some Art History classes I have taken in college, I also know that the number 8 has great significance within various catholic churches around Europe, which I find really interesting within the context of this video.

  16. I loved this video because it justifies a saying I use very frequently when appropriate which is “the universe is with you” meaning that sometimes it just feels like the universe is on your side and working with you towards a goal or aspiration. It gave me knowledge to back up this feeling and facts that may be useful to the nonbelievers. To feel that the universe is within you is such an indescribable emotion/feeling and to have these universal facts in my subconscious will really transform my meditation/yoga practice.

    • You are a part of Divinity and what tends to separate you from this reality is the mind chatter…you can use your yogic practices to keep your mind and all energies tuned up to their inherent Divine quality any time you choose….OM

  17. Data From Google: Diameter of the Earth = 12,742 Km Diameter of the Sun = 1,391,000 Km (109.1 times diameter of the Earth) Diameter of the Moon = 3 474.8 Km Earth-Sun Distance = 149,600,000 Km (107.6 times diameter of the Sun) Earth-Moon Distance = 384,400 Km (110.6 times diameter of the Moon) Amazingly close to what the Yogis say.

    It’s truly fascinating how interlinked our bodies/chakras and the world are and how unaware of it many of us are. Definitely something worth looking into more. The connection we share with the world is beautiful and born into us and shows our ability to innately connect.

    -Lucia Meneses

  18. In this video, Sadhguru explains the significance of the number 108. The diameters of the sun, moon and earth are 108 and well the distance of the sun and moon to the earth, which is 108 times. This is significant to the number of chakras we have in our bodies that need to be worked on and practiced in order for our bodies to be aligned with the cosmic system. I love that Sadhguru uses a factual and methodological approach to explain the importance of 108 and its role to in order to become one with the cosmos, for greater health and peace. Very cool.

  19. watching this video wasn’t that explanatory to me to what I really needed to know I think. I guess I got that we have 108 chakras in our body that we can connect to. I also see all the ways that we connect to the universe through the number 108 because of the sun and the moon. what I sadly don’t have an understanding for is chakras, I really never got it but always hear it. I think maybe an explanation of what it actually is would have been great. but working with what Sadhguru says the number 108n is very reoccurring and its significant because of the different things in the world that holds that number.

    • Chakras are vortexes in our body like wheels that can be revved up to give proper health and vibrations or depleted…its a very esoteric notion and I think beginners need not concern themselves with it…learning how to breathe, to make time to do daily practices like Isha kriya are firstly necessary because an understanding and experience of chakras only comes after one has devoted themselves seriously for a significant amount of time…by the way haven’t read any of your weekly reports about your Isha Kriya practice yet…OM

  20. As Sadhguru explains, the number 108 is significant and is used to count for many things in the East because the diameter of the sun and the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108. I didn’t know that there was 108 chakras that could be worked on. I have a book on the chakras in the body and it did not even mention anything about the number 108. The interconnectedness of it all is really interesting because everything in the universe and on earth is interconnected and dependent on each other.

  21. It’s comforting to know that the the number 108 is the diameter of the sun, the distance between the earth and the sun and the diameter of the moon and the distance between the earth and the moon. Looking up in the sky the sun and the moon always seemed the same size and it’s humbling to know in some aspect they are. It makes the fact that we have 108 internal shakras even more powerful. We are aligned with the universe. Finding significance in these numbers always comes with skepticism but this is welcomed knowledge.

  22. Sadhguru said in the video that yoga is the understanding of aligning your system with cosmic energy. He also says that the body has 108 chakras. I had never heard of chakras before and I am interested in finding out more about them.108 is an important number because it’s the distance between the sun and the earth and the distance between the moon and the earth is 108 as well.

  23. I have a book on Chakra’s so I was very interested in reading this. I think that opening up your chakras can completely help with certain parts of your demeanor. For example, I started doing chakra’s to open up my heart. Hopefully soon I will notice some positive changes.

  24. Ok now this video I found kind of interesting, but being the sceptic I am, I’ll have to check the facts on the 108 times sun diameter and distances. But this is something that I could see myself looking into. Again, at this point I’m not quite ready or willing to believe in the inner balance but all of the information I’m reading, seeing and hearing about in the study of Yoga may well come in handy for me in the future. I’m trying but like I said, it’s baby steps right now.

  25. This was so cool! I knew about the idea of chakras, but I thought that we only had 6 – I was very surprised to learn that there were so many more, and some outside the body. I find it incredible that the number 108 is recurring in so many different aspects of nature. I am a big believer in divine geometry, and this seems to me to be related to that.

  26. Well, that was a fairly loaded minute of video. I am somewhat confused as to the intention of the video besides just providing me with some general information about basic cosmology, and the measurements of earth, sun, and moon. Then stating numerical comparisons/coincidences to the body. There are scientific reasons that these numbers are recurrent, although I am knowledgeable as to why they occur/ have been chosen to be practiced in yoga.

    • I won’t lie, I’ve now done a bit of research on this now, and this video seems a little in the conspiracy realm. I read: “It is a cosmic stroke of luck that the solar and lunar distances happen to match the number 108” and if you were to look far enough into the past/future, those numbers would not stand true any longer. The distance of the earth to the sun and the moon was not always the way it is now, but it is important to note that it is at its current distances where human life can be supported on earth. 108 happens to be a very important number in Hindu/Buddhist culture, but I find it a little odd to try and find fun places to find your special number in earth, somewhat like paranoid people looking for signs of the devil (like seeing 666) in odd places.

  27. It was a little different from when I first learned about the Isha Kriya, but now learning about what the significance of number 108 is. The idea he brings up that the yogic culture has created methods to align our systems with the cosmos. And if we can properly align ourselves with this vastness, we will have access to cosmic knowledge. I found that very interesting and never thought that it could really happen. Also to be honest, I can sometimes have problems in math and a little in science, but it was hard to believe that the distance between the Earth and the Sun is 108 times, along with the distance from the earth to the moon. I should really try to see if I can alien my body up to 108. I may not believe in certain things, but if Sadhguru is completely correct in his numbers and I think that it is phenomenal that we can essentially align our body with the cosmic geometric, I am willing to give anything a try. I have learned different stuff in the past, but this is new to me. Jimmy Harrington

  28. Yoga connects our body to the energies of the universe, and this is explained by Sadhguru and the significance of the number 108. We have many important chakras (114 total) to work on and to develop, which interest me to learn more about when connecting ourselves to the power of the universe. Of these 114 chakras, 2 are outside the body, resulting in 112 of which are not as useful, leaving the important number of 108.
    This number is related to the diameter and distance of the sun, the diameter of the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the earth. And the distance from earth to the sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter. It is also related to moon’s distance from earth, which is 108 times the moon’s diameter. This is an interesting geometric connection of yoga, the body, and the universe. I like how Sadhguru touched briefly on the significance of the number 108, leaving out the complex background of the chakras and the actual math/ distance of the sun and moon. It is also interesting how math is also related to the yoga practices, which I would never expect. I have also seen the connection with science/ anatomy and physiology, as well as psychology, which are subjects that truly interests me.

    Isha Kriya- this past week I practiced 6 times, 4 of which I did at night before going to sleep. The other two, I tried something different. I sat outside with the YouTube instructions on my headphones and enjoyed the weather, while practicing my breaths. I was focused on deepening the breaths and enjoying every single one. I had a great outdoor experience, right after sunset, which was also calming and soothing. I felt relaxed for the rest of the evening and was able to get some of my senior project done. The other 4 days I kept it as the usual, right before bed for about 20 minutes. This is when I see the most benefit because I feel well rested the next morning and worried free. As the days get longer, and the weather gets nicer, I am looking forward to practice it very early in the morning (6 AM) to have a head start on a beautiful day. I am also looking forward to practice the Isha Kriya twice a day, as I am starting to notice the positive changes on my behavior and attitude.

  29. When I first began the video, I disregarded the reasoning Sadhguru was giving on the number 108, thinking it was just apophenia (seeing patterns from random data). To any person not involved in yoga or in yogic teachings, the diameter of the sun and the distance between the sun and the earth is not at all connected to the chakras (of which said person may not even believe in). But after thinking about this video more thoroughly, I do see where Sadhguru’s thought is coming from. The universality and connectedness of all things is a major aspect of yogic teachings. Thus I am not surprised to find that this connectedness involves the cosmos. To believe that your physical body, your spirit, and the unending universe that you live in is all deeply interconnected is exhilarating and at the same time slightly unsettling.

    I have practiced Isha Kriya everyday during the week except for the weekends. I find the best time for me to practice is either in the morning before I start my day or at night right before I go to bed. This allows me to start my morning calm and refreshed or go to sleep after ridding my body of the stress of my busy schedule. I notice I am recharged after practicing Isha Kriya and that I can approach tasks with energy.
    Kristen Breitmaier

    • Thanks for your honest and refreshing comments about how you reflected upon the information, this is quite valuable for me and I hope also for you to maybe come back over time to these concepts and see how you sit with them, and just maybe you will find one fine day when you can both start and end your day with IK and get double benefits! Namaste

  30. I really enjoy watching Sadhguru talk. I have heard the word “Chakras” before but never actually really new what was meant when it was said. SO amazing that there are so many within our own bodies. And learning to master one is a great step in the right direction, so amazing to be reminded of everything in nature and how it is all connected.

    My Isha Kriya has gotten much bettie within the last two weeks alone. After being overwhelmed with stress and school things I really have focused my angry that much more when practicing my Isha Kriya. I am finally able to really and peaceful relax and be calm when meditating. I am practicing 3-4 times a week. I do it when i can but also when i really feel like i can devote my angry in that moment to the practice and give it and myself the respect while doing so.

    -Shannon Reilly

  31. This video was quite interesting. The relationship of the cosmos and yoga is strong and relies heavily on the number 108. It is explained that there are 114 chakras: 2 outside the body; 112 inside the body. From the 112 internal chakras, 4 exist that you don’t have to work to do anything towards and will be fulfilled over time with proper practice. The remaining, then, is 108 with which to work with. The man in the video also gives examples of how 108 relates cosmically. He states that the relation between the diameter of the sun and the distance from the Earth to the Sun is 108. Likewise for the moon.
    I was never explained why yoga had such strong cosmic power/energy associated with it. Learning about these relationships was nice in developing a better understanding of yoga and its practice as a whole.

    -Max Pollio

  32. The significance of the number 108 is that the proportional difference between the Sun and the Earth is 108 times, as is the difference between the Moon and the Earth, as well as the diameters in both cases. We also have 108 chakras in our body that we have control over. Evidently, this repeating presence of the number 108 is not a coincidence. I found this video extremely fascinating. Although it may sound silly, I do have somewhat of an attachment to numbers. I have a special memory with numbers and find particular times, dates, and numerical symbols to hold great meanings to events, thoughts, and deeper meanings. Hearing that the number 108 means something so special was refreshing. It is a number that can easily be divided and factored mathematically, so I visualize 108 as being wholesome, rounded, and complete, which parallels the thoughts expressed in the video.


    • Wonderful, now I know a little something behind your lovely smiles that occur during class I can see you are experiencing the sadhana on purely deeper levels, excellent! OM

  33. In this very brief video, Sadhguru explains that out of the 114 chakras in the body, there are 108 you can work with-2 are outside the body and 4 will take care of themselves if we concentrate on the other 108. Likewise the diameter of the sun and moon are both 108 and the distance between the earth and the sun and the earth and the moon are 108 times. This is why we see 108 beads on prayer necklaces and the number 108 in Eastern architecture. I was sure there was some significance in the number of beads on the prayer necklaces and am glad that I now know what it is!

  34. It’s interesting to me, the importance that we place on numbers in the metaphysical realm. This short video encompasses a wide range of ways that the number 108 has importance in The Universe. I got a little lost about the whole diameter of the sun and moon notion, but was curious about all 108 of those chakras we all have – I’m aware of 7 main ones, and so I’ve really been thinking about the other 101 – and, knowing that each of those 7 main chakras can get out of balance, and require cleansing and healing from time to time, what’s going on with all the others? How doe we cleanse those? What colors are they, and what bearing/connection do they have to our physical, mental, emotional, and Light bodies? All of this energy is very fascinating to think about, and who discovered that there were 108? How did they count them? Are they wheels, like the top 7? Just wondering about many things.

    • It is quite an abstract notion chakras, they can’t be seen and one only gets a sense of them when doing intense yogic work over time, sometimes we can experience them vibrationally with color, sound, they have been referred to as wheels that spin outwards and connect to different organs and functions….science has begun to understand the human form as vibration and use this information with instruments such as the sonogram. We balance, cleanse and orient our chakras when we do yoga, pranayama, the main central has an easy access to the vibrations have you felt them in class? Do continue to wonder and explore, it’s not really an intellectual process bur experiential….if you ever find a Nada yoga class, with chanting it may help to elevate your experiences and understanding…when you also find the still point in our classes you may start to access these realms….OM

  35. The concept of the number 108 being of such importance to practitioners of yoga – those communicating with the universe – is really quite intriguing when broken down. Drawing from forms of science and belief, the idea of 108 mantras as well as the diametric relations between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, the concept of it’s weight is quickly understood. It’s relationship, however, to the universe at large is what’s truly fascinating. Rather than being revealed by an ancient instruction, it is merely an observational gesture as one could potentially better themselves to align with the universe. As art history has taught us, the idea of 8 within Christian teachings draws upon similar concepts, but is much more instructional; basing it’s premise around the teaching that ‘God’ created the universe in seven days, leaving eight as the day of judgment and an outline for the other – as such, the number eight holds relevance when building Cathedrals, communicating certain practices, and when speaking on Christian teaching. To contrast this, the observation of 108 as a number of importance strips necessity to be built around such a claim and allows one to not revere a larger being but, instead, connect themselves with something that is inherently, scientifically larger than themselves but spiritually able to be manifested. The difference draws on spirituality and religious paths and really involves a certain context for thought when relating oneself to those things that are outside of the self and those things that are primarily taught to be above the self – a really inspiring way to look at the universe.

  36. The number 108 is everywhere – and it is a positive number. I feel that so often negative meanings are attached to mundane numbers, words, etc., such as in the show Lost, or in the Catholic religion. But Sahguru speaks about 108 as this encompassing number that bonds the human body with the sun and the planets and there is something comforting in this. Using real number – the real 108 chakras of the body, and the real 108 times distance between the sun and the Earth and the suns diamater is 108 – the body can connect with positive energies through a mathematical understanding.

    It is really easy to forget that people, like animals and plants, are natural to the planet, with all of the industrial and unnatural architectures and ideals we have placed upon ourselves. However, finding ways that reconnect myself to the Earth, and to the Sun and to Space, is important for well-being as it is a reminder that you are an important aspect of this world. Somehow, 108 becomes this connection. That to me is important and uplifting as we all scramble and search for our larger purposes.

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