▶ The content of your mind is not your choice. Sadhguru – YouTube


IMG_0609▶ The content of your mind is not your choice. Sadhguru – YouTube.


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  1. The response I would expect from the first question to Sadhguru would not be along the lines of “you do not choose your mind’s contents.” However, his answer is interesting because he validates the man’s question addressing pain within his thoughts. Sadhguru says that the contents of our mind, because the majority is unconscious, is due to our surroundings and what we happen to absorb. These unconscious thoughts are gathered in thoughts and sleep. In this way, the Isha Kriya is significant because when one is separated from the pain of their body and mind in meditation, it is escapable and there is more sense of control and stability in that place of silence.

  2. From all of the readings and videos from Sadghuru I find him to be a very inspirational individual. The way he explains things makes complete sense and they all make you look deeper into yourself and your beliefs. In this video Sadghuru explains how the content of your mind is not your choice. It is very difficult to control. He says instead, the content of your mind is decided by where you are. Everything around you gathers into your mind. It gathers in both wakefulness and sleep and involved everything that comes in contact with any of your five senses. This is not always conscious content either. Much of the time it is unconscious and we are not always aware of what is going in our mind. After he said this I began to think if I am able to ever control my mind. I feel as if I can to an extent but there is always another thought that can potentially override what I would like to be thinking about. Thus, it is very difficult to be able to concentrate your mind on one thing when there are so many other things going on around you in your environment. Sadhgurus example of the garbage bin was very intriguing to me. It made me think about my mind in a very intellectual way. Ultimately, all thoughts are essential to your mind wether you would like them to be there or not. By having these in your mind you are able to live a more conscious life because all of your thoughts are important to your decisions in life. All the content in your mind has an effect on your life wether you are conscious of it or not. Knowing everything about life but remaining untouched by it is purity. Even knowing all the bad things about life, you do not pay attention to it, and then you are able to live a fuller, happier life. You can not rid of all the bad things in life, but you are able to not pay as much attention to them. Sadghuru makes an excellent point in this video and makes me feel better about how the content of my mind may not always be what I would like to be thinking about but ultimately helps me in the end.

    This past week I have been able to practice the Isha Kriya 5 times. I have been waking up earlier in order to be able to practice before I start my day. I think this is the most effective for me and after practicing I feel revitalized and more alert. My focus is improved and I feel better prepared for my day. I plan to practice the Isha Kriya past this semester because I really enjoy the energy and feelings I gain from it.

    Caitlin McCarthy

  3. I constantly find my mind uncontrollable especially when I need to focus on one thing and everything else barrels in and distracts me. I guess I never realized how annoying and unruly it could be trying to control my thoughts. The metaphor of my mind being a useful but barring tool like a garbage can is very helpful in understanding my mind’s purpose. When the guru states that it’s not what in your mind that matters but that you’re in it I found that was an easier way to understand how to escape the bad thoughts for they will be gone if you escape all thought. For a long time I assumed that happier people were those who were more ignorant but I guess I never thought far enough along to wonder what happens when reality intrudes and the ignorant have to deal with what they have ignored. I know he’s correct when he says the way to peace is knowing and understanding all the filth in life but being untouched by it, for you are not being ignorant and rather you are being enlightened.

  4. You can not hide from the realities of the world. There is no denying certain things from entering your mind, everything you come across has immediate access to your mental awareness. However it is up to you to filter these things and remain uninfluenced by the things you do not wish to allow influence over you. That is the only way to live in peace because it is impossible to control what enters your thoughts.

    The Isha Kriya is a wonderful practice and I am glad to have used it during this semester. It has helped me in many ways and I hope to continue practicing it and other similar forms of meditation.

  5. The content of your mind is not your choice. It is decided by where you are and you have no choice as to what you gather. Everything the 5 senses perceive they gather but most information gathered is not a conscious thing. There is no point in trying to control your mind. The content of your mind is not the problem, being trapped within it is. Knowing everything about life but being untouched by it is beautiful. This message especially resounds within me, because in my own personal life I value knowledge above all else. People like to live in ignorance but I never want to. I want to know because knowledge is power. It is hard to remain untouched by the knowledge you have and the information you gather but it is possible. Once you become comfortable with yourself outside negativity cannot effect you. Once you have peace of mind you nedd not worry of being touched by negativity.

    This week has been hard keeping up with the isha kriya. I notice the busier I become the harder it is to find time. I still managed to complete it a few times and those times were nice. Centering yourself and relaxing is hard when you first start but once your body calms down the process can begin. The more I find time to complete the isha kriya the better I feel as the day goes on.

  6. One expression I’ve always found to be very true is, “Wherever you go, there you are,” and Sadhguru expands upon that. When I feel unhappy about whatever garbage my mind is collecting and echoing, I always take a day trip or go somewhere new because changing locations somehow changes a mindset. For a moment, it does feel like a different “you” in a different place. But when that wears off, the same worries and fears and anxieties come creeping back in because even in a different location, it is the same brain. And the same brain will harbor those same troubles. His metaphor for the mind being a garbage can is accurate in my opinion, since it can become overfilled and start tumbling into other parts of life. To go through existence untouched by what our mind gathers is definitely an idealistic notion, and one I wish was more easily achieved since I don’t feel in control of my own thoughts or worries. I will contemplate Sadhguru’s answer further, which I gathered is that what our mind thinks is not our choice, but it is our choice to dwell on it further or to find ways to deplete ourselves of those thoughts (through meditation, vacation, etc).

    This week I have gone the Isha Kriya the past 5 days, and will do it one more day in order to complete my goal of 6 days a week (which has definitely become easier to incorporate into my routine). Reading others’ comments and seeing that doing it in the morning better helps them with their day, I may try that tomorrow and see the different effect that it has (as I usually do mine at night, to relieve whatever worries I’ve accumulated).

  7. “The content of your mind is not your choice” is a realization that I think we all must have. Everything around us is constantly affecting us, and our minds are constantly moving. I think the only thing we can control in this area (with great practice) is the slowing down of thoughts thats are constantly running through our minds.

  8. Controlling your thoughts and deciding what thoughts really feel like “your own” is a challenge I’m sure everyone faces. I have personally found meditation to be a great tool for this. Sadhguru mentions in the video about being able to know the bad but not take part in it, and that is precisely what I’ve found through meditation, even if only lasts a moment. The Isha Kriya has been very helpful for this. Every action begins with a thought, if we are going to change ourselves and find a more contented place in our lives we must begin with the way we understand our minds. Since the beginning of the semester I have found my mind has become a much easier place to be, and I hope that continued meditation and yoga practice can help me trust my mind in whatever circumstance I find myself in.

  9. “The contents of your mind is not your choice”, I think this a great statement. People really are a product of their immediate surroundings. The society has its standards which is imposed on people which is then passed on. The negativity that surrounds us, the exhaustion of trying to live up to social standards, can cause one to constantly think negatively. I think that Sadhguru tries to say that recognizing that our thoughts are not our choice, consciously acknowledging it, we can actively try to eliminate harsh thoughts and feelings. I think surrounding yourself with interests, desires, and passions can lead to a better inner peace and path for happiness.

  10. wow this was very interesting to think of your mind in that way. I think this is true up to a certain point and that’s crazy because I seem to understand that im never really focused on what I want to be all the time. I think through things like yoga you can channeling some of the things you want your mind to think of. I also think that you can train your mind to think in a certain way and about certain things. he is right that your mind can wonder to various places and that you are left out sometimes I do believe that because I can attest to it. for this posting my thoughts are really divided on the choice being yours but your mind’s.

  11. I agree with Sadhguru that what’s on your mind is not really your choice. I agree that your environment can affect what you are thinking about and what information you gather since we all gather information from our surroundings unconsciously and without control over it. I love his analogy of a garbage bin; I find it to be very true to everyone.

  12. Ignorance is not bliss! I have always said this and what a beautiful analogy he makes about free falling from the sky. You can ignore the issues of the world, the issues of your life all you want but they will inevitably come to an end where you are forced to face them. It is not the ignorance that hurts you, it’s having to deal with what you have been ignoring all that time that creates a problem. A teacher of mine once said “Let it come, let it be, let it go” and I think this is perfect because it is true that we cannot control what influences our mind but we can let it come without restrain and accept our thoughts for what they are and let them blossom into something beautiful. It’s a very unnerving thought that we are not fully in control of our thoughts and we are so susceptible to outside influences but if we look at this as a positive thing, and how all the positive things we encounter are staying in our subconscious, there is room for something amazing to unfold.

  13. I found this video to be a very beautiful explanation to the thought of perseverance. I think that everybody struggles with bouts of negativity and pessimism, but here Sadhguru explains that these things are normal and even necessary in some situations. He mentions that the garbage bin is the most important thing in somebody’s house and I resonate with that greatly. I feel that it is important to be patient in times of negativity and not to dwell for too long, or else I would be not participate in the third option of life which is perseverance according to Sadhguru.

  14. Even before watching this video I had a general idea of his theory of what the content of your mind entails. I could not agree with him more in that the content of your mind is what is done to you, your experiences, and as he says, it is just the same thing that is hurting you. It is a difficult situation to be in as if we never went out for experiences we would be able to control our own minds, yet nothing we would have to offer would be of value to anyone including ourselves. I enjoy the humor and irony he uses as he speaks, suggesting things that we shouldn’t think about. Such a statement only makes people more apt to think about it. I really enjoy listening to his reasonings for things as he has a great mindset on life and approaches it through humor, which is a universal language.

  15. The content of your mind is not your choice. We are in fact the sum total of our experiences. I see that what he says is that we need to be able to step away from the content of our minds. It will always be a part of us, but we should not as he says “live in it” . I guess in a way to paraphrase would be for us to control our minds, not let our minds control us. Obviously easier said than done. And very difficult for me and I would guess for most others to do. Intellectually I realize that that is why we should meditate, but as I’ve previously mentioned I’m not sure I’m ready at this stage to fully actualize this concept. I’ll keep taking my baby steps and perhaps that will lead me to a time when I can live one place while my mind is in another.

  16. The content of your mind is not your choice, but a result what circumstance you are in. Sadhguru’s words were, as always, deeply penetrating. The time he takes to speak seems to increase the potency of the words he chooses.
    As Sadhguru pointed out, the mind continues to accumulate information both in wakefulness, and in sleep. Everything that the ego comes into contact with through the five senses is turned into thought, as the ego nature is thought (carried through the past into the future). Many people express frustration with ego. Since identification with the ego is so common, these individuals feel as though it is themselves that they are discontent with. Under this impression, some invest time into attempting to discipline their minds, and gain control. This is futile because it is the ego that seeks to control, not the true Self. Following this line of thinking, any attempts made by the ego to control it self actually ensure its continuation.
    Sadhguru explains in this video that the mind is useful, and likens it to a garbage bin in that it is most essential for daily activity. However, he explains that the issue comes in at the point where we decide to live inside of the garbage bin (ego). Ideally, one would open the garbage been when its needed, and close it when it is not.

    – Conrad –

  17. I do agree that the content of our minds is not our choices. We see, hear and go through things that sometimes isn’t in our hands to control. We observe and absorb information everyday without even noticing. Sometimes some of that information is bad and sometimes its good, we can’t control that. I understand that he says that we need to able to step away from the content of our minds. It will always be apart of us. And its hard unless you’re pretty good at life. It’s obviously easier said than done. Everything we stress about is all in our heads. We make situations bigger than they really are because of our minds and experiences. By listening to this you’ve video, i started to realize even more why practicing yoga is a life essential. This was a great video choice. Very informing and funny.
    Lumi Huseinovic

  18. I think a lot of what Sadhguru is saying, is that in order to be our best selves, we must also have an awareness of things that are negative, and things that are bad. We cannot simply turn a blind eye to suffering, to ignore the worlds evils and claim they do not touch us. That is almost as bad as actively participating in evil and negativity yourself. You must have an awareness of the things that are wrong with the world, but not allow them to taint you. The height of accomplishment is to remain good despite the bad things that happen, not to hide from them and pretend as though they do not exist.

  19. The content of our mind is not our choice. It is decided by where we are and what we experience. In other words, whatever is exposed is also absorbed. Our mind is like a scanner that feeds everything inside of it. We try to think of God and spirituality, but there are dirty thoughts that just don’t seem to leave us. While we try to get rid of the dirty things, it is actually better to keep them inside our minds. If we let dirty things leave our mind, they will come back and exposure will happen again. Instead, we should leave them alone inside the mind.
    I really enjoyed listening to Sadhguru because he is humble and extremely knowledgeable. He used a good example to show comparisons for our mind. He said that we can actually live without a TV or telephone but not the garbage bin. Meaning, the same example about not getting rid of dirty thoughts, instead just not giving them any importance. The way Sadhguru grabs our attention is by the nature of his demeanor. His calm and peaceful way to answer questions is quite remarkable. Every single word said by him is an essential part of Yoga. I really will try to adhere to everything taught this semester.

  20. Sadhguru explains a concept that has become increasingly important in the modern world, in which the constant bombardment of the problems of this world is nearly inescapable. Still, as Sadhguru said, the problem of our minds is not merely a problem of the times, and is not a function of where or when one lives, since the mind is ourselves and its problems follow us everywhere. Yoga teaches us to build up a separation between ourselves and the content of our minds, over which we do not exert control. The first time I attempted to empty my mind and experience the present during yoga, the task seemed impossible. While this is still the case, I find the moments where I achieve presence have increased in duration, though even my recognition of them afterwards is as an expression of ego living in a past moment as well. I loved his story refuting the notion that ignorance is blissful. While I have never agreed when people say this, I do often feel pain because of the knowledge possessed by my conscious and subconscious mind. However temporary it remains so far, the emptiness of yoga has helped to alleviate this pain through presence, putting me in a place distant from the problems of the mind.

  21. I found Sadhguru’s garbage bin metaphor hilarious. I really do love his charisma and sense of humor. The metaphors he uses are beautiful as well as humorous. Turn your filth into a beautiful flower, this is the only viable option.
    I do not have too much of a response to this video, as I simply think it rings true. We cannot control the things our brain does, but we can control how we react to them. We can live in the bad things and suffer without solution. We can run away for moments and find ourselves back in the filth after a short amount of time. Or, we can work on ourselves and our reactions and turn our filth into a beautiful flower. These are the only paths.

  22. In this video, Sadhguru talks about how the pain and suffering we experience in our minds is because we live within it, and do not distance ourselves from it. Because we do not control the content of our mind, Sadhguru says, we absorb everything we are exposed to, which leads us to have unwanted thoughts and feelings. He compares the mind to a garbage bin, and says that while a garbage bin is an extremely useful and necessary tool, your life would be terrible if you slept in it. While we must use our minds and cannot change what we goes into or comes out of it, we can distance ourselves from it, and simply practice awareness of it, instead of living by the whim of our thoughts. Sadhguru’s discussion in this video reminded me of the last chapter from “The Secret of the Yamas” regarding the ego, and how awareness of the ego and and it’s domination of our experiences will help it to vanish momentarily. Suddenly, I have a better understanding of our Isha Kriya, and what it means when we say we are “not even this mind.”

  23. I like to believe that I am falling through the sky everyday, that my journey and experiences have not hit that stopping point just yet. I was just listening to a podcast this past week on an 18 hour road trip to Minneapolis about how humans who tend to retire early see a decrease in their mental cognitive abilities. But in MY world, the world created by my ego everywhere I go, running or not, I am falling and never stopping. The examples presented in this video were honestly perfect. The idea of humans running away from their problems only to find that their problems are inside them is very true. During my time here at Purchase in 2012 when I was a Freshman I had a hard time adjusting. Family issues were boiling and my self confidence was declining. I thought well “if i’m not in a healthy place, let me change that” and so I decided to pick up and move to Madrid. To be quite honest it wasn’t as easy as writing that sentence. But with a few loops to jump through and a visa to acquire I thought “I did it!”. I was running away from my fears, problems, insecurities, everything that I blamed for my well being. To some extent, yes I may have thrown out some of that negative energy, but during my time in Madrid I realised I was the root of my problems. That if I wanted change, I would need to seek that from within INSIDE.

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