Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga








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Thanks again to Isha Foundation for educating those of us who are serious about your yoga.  Namaste.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga.


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  1. It is interesting to think about how any distraction through the practice of yoga can potentially hinder the state of being we are constantly trying to cultivate. I suppose the same way I try to stop my mind from wandering during Isha Kriya is the same kind of experience you try to avoid while doing yoga, which in this case can be using the bathroom or drinking water. It is important for the body to expel of liquids naturally. It also makes sense to me to not drink water because when I used to skateboard a lot I realized that when I over hydrated it made me feel worse – I sometimes felt bloated or simply more exhausted than I would have felt otherwise. Patience, time, and a control over our urges are all integral factors for me to consider moving forward in this class.

  2. “Why do we become envy? Because we compare”
    This statement spoke very much to me. When I heard this in the listening I paused it to repeat it to myself numerous times. I typically find a deep understanding to this because of the art I study in so I would like to use it as an example. It’s unfortunate to say but the world of dance can be so competitive and hurtful. You see it in all ages. I have seen so many relationships between people collapse because of being so envious. When dancers become jealous of each other it is because they see a quality in someone else that they feel they don’t have or they don’t have their body type or even if another dancer is getting more recognition than them. Now I know that experiencing jealousy is completely human because that’s in our nature. I admit to having these feelings before but it takes a strong to mind to accept who you are as a person. In dance, no one will ever be the same. Everyone has a unique quality to themselves and I feel that if people were more willing to accept that we wouldn’t create such hateful thoughts towards each other. This doesn’t just apply to dance, but in any situation. Then again, saying this is much easier said than done but I have been practicing this thought for a while now and I feel that I have been getting much stronger mentally and appreciating my own unique ways of living and moving. It is an easier way to live and it will cause less stress to the mind. People will give so much time and energy worrying about someone and they will not realize it is only hurting themselves at the end of day. In order to grow and live life to the fullest is when you can accept to love yourself and be proud of the person that you are because I believe that everyone has something positive to give to the world.

    -Melanie Ramos

  3. There are different climates in which ones practices yoga. I find it very interesting that water can create such a rift when working through regular yoga routines. All the sweat that accumulates on your head is important because you’re hydrating your body as you sweat and working on your frame as it goes. Any distraction can cause you to lose concentration. I personally have left the room during practice and it was a little difficult to get back into the groove of things. Everyone operates differently and it is really a personal thing for me.

    Talia (Rosie) Evans

  4. Wow, this is really good to know I have practiced yoga while drinking water many times before. I will try to limit that now, and to see how my body feels without. I don’t tend to sweat in hatha yoga though. I always feel rejuvenated after though, just this week I went to the food court on campus after class and one of my good friends told me that I seemed to be glowing, radiating light. That really puts a smile on my face because I hope to radiate light and inspire others to do the same.

    • My hope for students is that they do complete the assignments in a timely fashion so that they have ample time to understand about the bio-chemistry aspects and can apply them early on. I hope that you may now be advised and continue your personal yoga after this semester and can have time to fully experience with this new knowledge. OM

  5. Tyler Schrader

    Ive both done my yoga practice while being hydrated and without water. Out of both those experiences Id have to say i really do notice a difference in energy and concentration while fasting. Last week i tried using the grapefruit juice to ease the the hunger which helped a lot. Its interesting when Sadhguru talks about rising the ushna in the body and when you introduce cold water the ushna will rapidly fall, causing various other reactions. Such as becoming more susceptible to allergic conditions, excess mucus and other things. I see this as if you were to take a hot glass out of the dishwasher, then put cold water directly into it. The glass is likely to crack and brake. So i thought what if you were drinking warm or room temp water? This will not break the glass. Although this could still potentially interrupt by filling the Blatter resulting you using the bathroom. Aside from that i feel as if drinking room temp water will despise the sidefects and not affect your ushna in the body. I also found the info helpful when he spoke about containing our sweat and rubbing it back into our bodies to create a certain aura and strengthen the body – a “cocoon of your own energy” This is intriguing, I’ve never thought of sweat to be a protective agent to the body and was unaware of all the benefits it can be used for. I will keep this in mind during our next practice.

  6. I think this post is an interesting read because I have always replenished in a yoga class by hydrating with water throughout class. But after this read, I gained a lot of knowledge on the overall goal of “Yoga,” and systematically raising the ushna in the body. By drinking water, or using the bathroom, one is disrupting the water levels and purification in the body. By pushing beyond physical compulsions, you embody your yoga practice by becoming united with your practice. I learned that by directing asana from the head, you are able to send energy like a fountain from the top of the body. This is where sweat should be produced. Additionally, not using the bathroom during your practice will enhance your system and transform your water buildup into sweat! I enjoyed this post because it opens your mind to higher dimensions and possibilities that you can reach within your body!

    (I practice the Isha Kriya every other day. I have found it very relaxing and therapeutic. My body seems to crave this practice now that it knows its pattern and flow. This practice helps me clear my mind before I embark on another portion of my day.)

  7. I never understood the request to limit water intake during my yoga practice even when I would practice in my hometown. This is very interesting information, and, quite honestly, makes perfect sense when put into context like this. I assume any water is not as beneficial, cold or not, but I’ve definitely noticed after practices catching that seemingly unexpected “cold”. Biologically it makes sense, too; if you’re warming your body up, that shock of cold would most certainly affect it.
    This was a wonderful little article with such useful and clarifying information 🙂

  8. Sadhguru says one should not consume water during yoga because it extinguishes the body’s energy. It is important to use the body to its full potential and maximum efficiency during the process. This entails that the body expels fluids through the form of sweat as opposed to urine. As someone who personally sweats a lot in any circumstance, I know it is important to drink a lot of water before and after physical exercise, but to let my body natural expel as much sweat as it needs to cool down my body.

    I have been able to keep up with the Isha Kriya practice four times a week, usually at night. When my day is over it is nice to relax with deep breaths. I can recollect myself and destress from long days of work and obligations.

  9. More and more with these journals, it has become clear to me that one huge goal in yoga is to gain a better understanding of your physical compulsions to escape them. In this talk, it is explained that giving into what the body wants in a short-term moment takes away the ushna created in the practice. These short-term needs include thirst, hunger, and having to use the bathroom. We may even count needing to change our seating or position as a type of short-term physical need. By engaging in anything outside of the practice, we are essentially wasting the practice itself. This is something Sadhguru touches on when talking about a non-wasteful way of sweating. Taking a break to urinate during the practice definitely decreases the ushna that has been built. If we combat this urge by sweating instead, we are still allowing the expulsion except the energy built can be redirected to the top of the head, where we should be sweating during the asanas. This way of sweating is “slowly grow[ing] beyond your physical compulsions”. Basically, we maneuver our physical compulsions by directing the appropriate energy built to our crowns. We do not let these compulsions take us away from the practice, but rather integrate them into it.

    Regarding this week’s Isha Kriya I hope with time I am able to practice without the video because I feel it is somewhat distracting for me to a certain degree. At the very least the video somewhat breaks my focus and I feel the need to skip ahead or am tempted with looking at how far along I am in the practice. This practice should be a fully immersive experience and not a daunting one. I want to remove the feeling of obligation when doing the Isha Kriya and make it a part of a normal routine I do after work. I was a little better this week in terms of going to bed at a decent hour so practicing did not feel as “obligatory” as it did in weeks past. I think with each week and each day I go to bed a little earlier I will find myself being able to find a more focused practice. As for doing the Kriya without the video, what are some ways to keep track of the time? Does anyone care to share? Also, does anyone practice with some soothing music in the background?

    • Another good essay….about marking time perhaps a timer on your device? Music is okay but if possible its better to practice without music as we may become captured by the soundtrack and miss our own stillness and kriya’s effect. OM

  10. Engaged throughout the passage, these findings about yoga were very interesting. I feel through most practices, people talk about the importance of hydrating especially while working out. This practice of yoga is contrasting to other bodily movements. The way fluids travel in the body can be released through different energies and paths. I never thought of these paths as something spiritual. I remember being young, going to practice and remembering of having this sensation to use the bathroom. Suddenly as practice continued and I began to sweat, that sensation had gone away. I used to laugh with my friends and make jokes about this. I was quiet young, so it was silly. We did not necessarily think it was true; that we were sweating it out. But now, putting it into perspective, after reading this article, we were not far from that truth. Although it was not through the practice of yoga or spiritual terminology, we can direct our fluids through different paths. I do believe this.

    Throughout my practice of the Isha Kriya, I have gained a strengthening and focus in my breathing. I no longer have trouble continuing these breathing patterns. My thoughts seem to remain in the meditation not where I will be in 2 hours or where I was. When I start feeling my feet and becoming aware of my body, I do not think about these movement. I simply readjust, and I am okay with this. I do not feel my mind drifting any longer. My practice continues at 7 am every morning along with the video. I still have not developed a way to practice without the video.

  11. This was an interesting read. I normally find myself leaving Yoga class to either drink water or use the bathroom. I thought that since my body was thirsty, I would go and drink water. But, now I know it’s about discipline. I have to discipline myself in order to maintain the right body conditions during yoga. It is actually interesting that this is mentioned because I usually am told that it isn’t good to drink water while working out as well. Not only is it bad because its disrupting the moment where you are raising the ushna in your body, but it also turning your energy into the wrong direction. That is why we should put forth our energy into becoming more disciplined in order to keep our ushna energy up and going into the right direction.

    In my personal experience, usually when I drink water during yoga, I do feel like I am disrupting the energy I built up in that moment during yoga. But, now I am aware of how I am actually lowering the ushna in my body. This has taught me that self discipline is vital. Also, it is well needed to help grow beyond our physical compulsions. This is also another part that piqued my interest. It is true, we are so busy trying to do yoga that we don’t become yoga. We are so in tune with the practice, that we forget what we are actually doing this for which is for us to become yoga itself.

    I remember practicing one time on Wednesday, and more this weekend than I did this week. I felt like doing it during the weekend helped a lot because I actually had time to sit down and make time to learn it again. I was wondering if it was possible if I could do it more during the weekends rather than the week to fully devote myself. But, then I thought to myself that the Isha Kriya is vital to do everyday if I want to be yoga like the article stated. I did notice that sometimes I can be a little distracted by other things and that is why I have not fully committed myself into remembering the Isha Kriya. But, I did practice and study the Isha Kriya more during this weekend in order to make sure I was doing it correctly this time. I did notice that watching the video, made it much clearer than the paper. I am still working on learning the three vital steps by heart in order to successfully do the Isha Kriya.

  12. I found it interesting to read about why you shouldn’t drink water during yoga. I did not realize that it has so many bad effects, such as catching a cold immediately. I am used to doing bikram yoga, when I am home and during bikram you are allowed to drink water during the practice because the room is often so hot and the yoga is often intense so if you do not drink water you may pass out.

    During all of my yoga practices my instructors do tell me to not leave during the class but it is often because it if bad for your practice. You should stay in the room and do what you can in order to get better at yoga, if you leave halfway through a class it is often hard to start back up again once you return. I read in this article that going to the bathroom during practice is also bad because you should be exerting the water from your bad through sweat.

    In my Isha Kriya practice I have been finding that is going very well especially lately because I have been stressed about midterms, but through the Isha Kriya I can calm myself down, and before bed I can clear my mind in order to start fresh the next day.

    • Please do give yourself permission to leave the room for the bathroom if you need and to drink water. Perhaps this information may help you to better prepare yourself for class by fasting and drinking water all week long but not in class unless you really need to, OM

  13. Sadhguru says you should not consume water during yoga because it extinguishes the body’s energy. During yoga, the warm energy generated by the yoga can be doused by drinking cold water. It is important to Capture and save the energy produced by the body. “waste energy” should be expelled by the body through sweat rather than urine, as urinating may release some of the bodies essential energy that has been generated during the yoga practice.

    I don’t find it difficult to abstain from drinking water during practice as I don’t consume or expel much fluid in my daily life. This is something I feel i should improve, as I know that drinking plenty of water is a necessary and healthy practice. I don’t find myself feeling thirst often if ever, and I believe this may be related to not eating too many salty or sweet foods. This week I am setting five alarms on my phone in order to remember to drink water. I realize that the recommended amount is eight full glasses a day, but as I can often go through out the day drinking less than three, i will see if this increase makes a positive difference in my life.

    I have Practiced the Isha Kriya four times this week. I have been generally having a more positive and relaxed attitude, even as I am faced with continually more challenges and responsibilities. I am so happy that my yoga and Isha Kriya practices are having an impact on my daily outlook. I have been keeping a gratitude journal, which has also been really changing my outlook. If I think about my days interactions and accomplishments in a conscious way then my attitude changes from feeling under appreciated to grateful for everything that I and others have done for me.

  14. This was an interesting read, I always thought it would be best to keep hydrated during exercise. I know that the practice of yoga is about strengthen your energy above anything, so the fact that water somehow goes against the building of energy during yoga was a surprise. During my practice I like to remove all distractions so I can focus on the energy. I don’t usually drink water when doing yoga but now I won’t. I want to be able to control my hunger and thirst and most importantly how I react to the weather. I will take this article and run with it so, I can continue to build up my energy during my practice.

  15. Name: Tyler L.

    Drinking water while practicing yoga wastes energy. I am glad to know this information now because when I practice yoga outside of class I find myself drinking a ton of water hoping that I will regain some lost energy but now I know that is not the case. It will not be difficult for me to eliminate drinking water while practicing because I know that it will just waste my energy. I will hydrate before and after practicing yoga instead.

    I have practiced my isha kriya 4 times this week, 2 times at home and now 2 times in my dorm, and i feel a lot more comfortable practicing it during the day now as opposed to practicing it at night. I still have an alarm on my phone to remind me to practice

  16. Normally, hydrating and maintaining a well balanced meal before any form of exercises is advised. So, while doing our yoga practices, I was always genuinely confused on why we were so strongly advised to refrain from consuming any form of liquids and or food. In the beginning of our classes, before the mentioning of fasting, I would most definitely find myself chugging down water and eating before our class, because that is what’s considered normal in almost any form of practice, but not Hatha Yoga. After taking the recommendation of fasting before class, and just reading the given article, It’s become more clear to me know the reasons i which why fasting is so important. As stated in the article, “When you practice yoga, you are systematically raising the ushna in the body. If you drink cold water, the ushna will rapidly fall, and this will cause various other reactions.” IN addition, Sadhguru states, “The idea is to reduce the compulsions gradually so that one day, if you sit, you become yoga – you are not just practicing yoga. To become yoga means that your level of perception is such that there is no distinction between you and the universe.” This quote is essential because it brings up the influence on the power of the body and the mind. And the concentration of adapting ourselves to control our bodies and water excretion and intake. For the idea of consuming water, and excreting water in Hatha Yoga through the form of sweat is essential to our success as young yoga practitioners.

  17. I’m not sure if this is meant to be taken literally, but some of Sadhguru’s reasoning/explanations were not exactly scientific. I’d like to see if there was real evidence to support his claims. He says that you should not drink cold water or go to the bathroom. The idea of going to the bathroom seems logical, because you are sweating out toxins. However, I think water should be ok. I attended a higher intensity yoga class last Wednesday and I needed my water, due to the heat and physical strain. I have been doing the Isha Kriya 4 times a week, but I’ve also been more motivated to eat better and get active. I also purchased some crystals with specific healing benefits. Overall, I think this yoga and meditation are having a very positive effect on my life.

  18. It’s interesting that one shouldn’t drink water during yoga, considering how often we are told we need to drink water constantly- that we should be drinking 104 oz of it each day, 8 whole glasses, and absolutely must hydrate while exercising. However, it does make sense, as said in the article, that drinking cold water while doing yoga would disturb and dispel the body’s energy supply, and one should not go to the bathroom during for the same reason- instead, water should be worked out through sweating.
    Personally, I’ve never been a person who sweats a lot- outside of hot climates, I really don’t sweat too much at all, even when working out. I’ve always wondered whether or not this was something to be concerned about- but I’m curious if through the process of learning yoga, I could actually sweat from the top of the head, as the article says one should during yoga. (Perhaps drinking water more consistently throughout the day before yoga could help accomplish this.) I’m also curious if I could actually feel energy being replenished if this sweat was rubbed back into the body. It’s an interesting concept I’ve never really thought through before.
    Through the Isha Kriya I’ve been able to calm down a bit more, allowing myself to be in the moment more often, rather than letting my rapid thoughts from stress surround and encompass my brain, as I usually let them do. I’m still learning how to let the practice be a part of my everyday life, but I recognize the importance to do so, and am making time in my schedule to allow myself the freedom to practice it and escape my stress. Each time I practice, I leave feeling a little bit more centered, allowing myself to sort through and navigate those rapid thoughts a lot clearer. I’m looking forward to continuing making this practice a part of my everyday life.

  19. When we practice yoga, we create an environment that’s most beneficial for our bodies. Distractions are an awful hinderance to the practice of hata yoga, and water is yet another one, and even has health implications. We think cold water to be the best for us after repeated exertion, yet it can produce excess mucus and allergic reactions, and in severe cases, one can even catch cold. Also drinking water after much exercise can cause one to feel bloated, instead of providing the suspected relief. Our bodies’ natural reaction during such exercises is to sweat, and the best possible option is to sweat everything out in order to cool down, as opposed to wrongly drinking water.

  20. “When you practice yoga, you are systematically raising the ushna in the body.” According to Sadhguru, if you drink cold water while practicing yoga there will be a sharp decline in the ushna level. This rapid fall in ushna can open to up and make you susceptible to many conditions. Drinking cold water while you are doing intense asanas may cause you to catch colds. You would also be less likely to use the bathroom if you avoid drinking a lot of water before or during yoga. You need the least amount of distractions possible because they take away from the overall experience. Sadhguru said that if you can grow past physical compulsions you can become yoga instead of just practicing yoga. So the focus should be to limit your physical compulsions, whether it be food/drink or anything else that may hinder you during yoga. Sadhguru said that if you can conquer this you may have a level of perception like no other and there would be “no distinction between you and the universe.”

    My isha kriya have remained consistent, though i don’t follow the rules to a tee. I prefer not to vocalize the chants and only make mental note of them. Though i practice 4 times a week, i focus mainly on the breathing and relaxation portion of the exercise. I still am receiving the expected benefits from the practices. I prefer the silence to ponder over things and focus on the movements of my breath rather than reciting a chant. I’m sure i’m “limiting myself from achieving the full benefits” but i shall try the full practice in due time. OM

    • When we take part in a practice such as IK it is important to follow properly to get the full benefits, choosing to limit yourself by not chanting will not allow you to fully experience the process.

  21. The article states that we should not drink water while practicing yoga; I found that especially interesting because I was going to bring water to our class today, but decided against it because I figured I wouldn’t need it. I do not typically get thirsty during practice, which I am happy to see is beneficial; I want to really focus and make myself better at the practice of yoga so I understand how drinking water or taking a bathroom break interrupts this practice. Throughout the past few years I have made it a habit to drink eight glasses of water a day; whenever I have a chance I try to drink. I found it particularly interesting the mention of cold water, and how that can give you a cold or even make you lose your mind, according to the sadhguru.
    I don’t think it’s difficult to not drink water during the practice; I make sure I am pretty hydrated beforehand and that way I can put all my attention and energy into the practice.
    This week I practiced my Isha Kriya four times. I will admit, two of these times were kind of rushed in the morning and I felt a little disappointed because I had been doing six days of meditation in the last two weeks. I watched the video again tonight after class and it worked as a good reminder and incentive to not only try and practice everyday, but to devote my full attention and enough time to the practice.

  22. I have to admit that this is rather interesting. You usually drink water to keep yourself hydrated but now I learn that you shouldn’t drink water when doing yoga. And on top of that, if you drink water while doing yoga you actually do harm to your body. This is pretty messed up to learn. Now I am wondering if I should still drink water after learning about this.

  23. I found this article rather profound. Because yes, it is interesting that one shouldn’t drink water or use the bathroom during their practice. As it imbalances the energies and benefits that we are trying to harness and build up in ourselves. I think it is also a matter of building up an endurance inside of you to be able to go without these things during the practice of yoga and later in every day life. In that we only eat, drink, etc. when we have to.

    I also found the quotes “To become yoga means that your level of perception is such that there is no distinction between you and the universe.” and “It is very important that you build your system in such a way that the higher ways of living and doing things will naturally come to you. For that to happen, you have to climb high enough. Do not sit here and ask for higher dimensions to come down to you. If they come down, it will not be good for you. You have to climb to a place where higher dimensions are with you.” to be very profound. It is true, how can we expect our lives to improve in different ways if we don’t change anything ourselves? And rather, expect the Universe to deliver us blessings when we have done nothing to deserve such things?

    These quotes really resonated with me.

  24. This has honestly been the most interesting read I’ve done for this class. I haven’t consumed any water while practicing yoga so I personally cannot say I’ve experienced what’s detailed in this article. Saying that I would’ve never thought that something as simple as water could do such harm. The part that really got me was the fact that you could possibly instantly get a cold, is pretty mind-blowing. Especially since in most other exercises, it’s encouraged to keep yourself hydrated. But I guess that’s the point in itself. Yoga is a way a life and shouldn’t just be looked at as an exercise. I’m starting to get it. Very interesting article.

    My IK has been pretty consistent even though it seems I have to switch my process since last night you let me know I wasn’t doing it fully correct. I’m looking forward to doing it correctly from here on out because my breathing has already started to improve.

  25. I was not aware that drinking water was not appropriate during the practice. I find it extremely interesting all the bad effects like being more susceptible to allergic conditions, excess mucus and low functioning immune system. Additionally, I do not find it hard to abstain from water, bathroom or food before practicing yoga. Another thing I find interesting is that sweating from the head means energy’s flowing in the right direction opposed to sweating from the entire body. That rubbing sweat back into the skin gives strength and a kind of aura.

    My Isha Kryia remains constant however, I had to move my practicing inside since it is becoming increasingly cold. I practice alone about 4 times a week, stating the phrases out loud to receive the full benefits. I have recently been able to calm my thoughts and focus my attention more and more on my breathing. Becoming increasingly aware of my inner thoughts and body. OM

  26. Interesting. I’m still a bit skeptical about this, however it’s definitely an intriguing point of view. Basically, if one experiences discomfort or sweating while practicing yoga, they should rely on their body to remedy the situation, not outside elements like water. It makes sense, because by depending on your body to solve an internal problems, you are morally building up resistance to such things. It’s a way of totally surrendering to the yoga way, which is certainly a difficult step to take, but one that I imagine would be worth it.

    As the article puts it, forgoing one’s “physical compulsions” is paramount in being one with the totality of yoga. Drinking water would, I imagine, also really mess up the flow of energy in a particular situation and distract the body and mind from the pose it’s currently doing. So not only is drinking water a means of staying connected to the material world, but also a way of disengaging with yoga as a whole. Interesting stuff indeed.

  27. The topic raised here can be applied to pretty much everything we do which requires our full attention. Not drinking water or abstaining from bathroom breaks during yoga is not unlike how we would refrain from using a cellphone during a college class (obviously), or try to read a book while driving (I really, really hope not). Yoga, of course, is mental as well as physical and therefore the self-control we exhibit must encompass all areas of the body and psychology when giving our full selves to the practice itself. There were some moments in the text that kind of stuck with me so I chose to point them out and analyze them.
    “You should sweat it out rather than going to the bathroom because the level of purification is much higher when the wastewater comes out as sweat.” I will say this is the one part I truly disagree with. While I understand the point of control being addressed in this piece, it’s never a wise idea to force oneself to avoid using the restroom if the urge is strong. Pain and sometimes urinary/excretory problems can actually result if this is done too often. Also, the mention of “rubbing sweat back into the system” also confused me because just before this is brought up, the article discusses that “sweating it out” is better than going to the bathroom; so, why rub the sweat back into the body if it is the natural way of cooling down and releasing toxins? This seems counterproductive if yoga is supposed to use the body to its full benefit; I assume this benefit is supposed to be positive. Why would we consider a waste product beneficial in any way? Also, why would we want to feel any more sweaty than we already are?
    But let’s move away from that for a bit. To continue, this quote was interesting to me in particular: “Many people who have done whacky yoga through books or whatever else have lost their minds.” I am a little intrigued by what this “whacky” yoga is. If this is in reference to the more bastardized, Westernized forms of yoga (chicken nugget and beer yoga are real things, if you can believe it), then I completely understand the use of this term. At first, I wondered why no particular names were mentioned but I suppose that is mainly for legal reasons.
    On Saturday I had a massive headache again; it was a super stressful day. I experimented with sitting on the hard floor instead of the couch to see if it made a difference in how I practiced. Mainly, it didn’t feel too different other than the bones of my feet scraping against the wood. But otherwise, it was fine. On Sunday, I felt the Kriya practice improved. I felt more energized, had tea before bed, went to bed earlier than usual. (For some reason, though, I didn’t sleep well. Life is cruel, I guess). It was loud in my apartment on Monday so I did the Kriya outside. Unsurprisingly, the natural environment acted as kind of a “reset” button despite it being a bit chilly today. I find it super strange that the weather is going up and down so rapidly; is this a man-made phenomenon because of global warming, or is it a natural Earth cycle?

  28. The motto for this reading could simply be “keep the heat and the sweat”. When Sadhguru first explained his reasoning for keeping the heat in your body and not drinking water, it was in the context of avoiding a cold. This was disheartening to hear for me because yet i know it is theoretically true, I have never personal experienced a cold in a tradition sense of being exposed to cold. Points like that due to experiences in my life made Sadhguru sound like every grandmother I’ve ever met in new jersey. But thankfully enough Sadhguru quickly followed it up with a more functional reasoning of for keeping the heat, and that was to assure proper form. If yoga is done properly it seems as if universally people will experience sweat being generated from the heat leaving the same point on the body I.E.(the head).

    It is good to hear a fictional version for not drinking water during yoga, but it is clearer why it should be withheld while during yoga. As the articular states you are trying to become yoga. To be beyond the body and mind and to completely leave your compulsions behind. To place yourself out side these sensory feelings during yoga keeps all the energy contained withing your increasing ones prana.

  29. This is interesting because very similar theories are put into place with other sports. When I use to play volleyball my coach would always say to calm it with the water and not drink too much because the cold water was bad for my body. Even though with sports drinking water wouldn’t cause illness quick exposure to a temperature drop such as a warm body then immediately outdoor chill can cause illness and it’s a similar concept.

    I am however confused by the idea that you could sweat out water instead of peeing. If i have the urge to pee will it go away as I practice? However what I prefer with yoga over sports is that sports are driven by competition and aggression, but yoga is about peace and redirection of energy to benefit yourself mentally and physically. Sports is a short term solution for ones problems while yoga proposes a long term goal and solution.

    This week for my isha kriya I was unable to practice. I over exerted myself physically and put myself in a lot of pain physically in a way I have never experienced before. Idle moments only allowed me to concentrate on my pain and no position was comfortable. I will however resume next week.

  30. I have never found it an issue to remain hydrated while avoiding the use of water while practicing yoga. I have always been told that is usually the best approach. However, I’ve never heard any reasoning behind it, therefore, it has been interesting to read sadhguru’s explanation behind it. It was interesting to read on how the sweat you pour from yoga can be a helpful component to you. I was unaware how something as simple as drinking water could tamper with the ushna in you body. I’m unsure, however, how comfortable I would be with rubbing my sweat back into my body.
    – Samantha Diaz

  31. Hello,
    I strive each day to drink as much water as possible for my own health. When hearing at the beginning of this course that you need to fast and not drinking water, it seemed tough. For someone who drinks water as often as I do, even more during physical exercise, it seemed confusing at first.

    Now I have currently come to the understanding that it has several benefits. Just like having a good sleep schedule, it helps with your mind in your practice. It helps your mind and your body while you are performing your practice. The link uses an example of water making yourself sweat and use the bathroom while doing yoga. When this occurs you are disturbing your practice and not getting full results.

  32. This was an interesting read. I didn’t expect that drinking water would have such negative consequences on practicing yoga. I also didn’t know there was an element of prana in sweat that is valuable. I should admit that I do have to drink a bit of water in the morning for a medical reason but i try to drink the bare minimum required. I also try to stick with the Ayurvedic belief and ensure that it is room temperature water and not iced. I also ensure that I will never use the restroom during class because I remember you speaking of it’s importance.
    Interestingly, I always thought of sweat as a positive thing and body’s own natural cooling system. With that being said however, I do have one question. if we are supposed to body’s mineral loss through sweat, why do some people participate in hot yoga which encourages you to sweat profusely?
    As for my Isha Kriya, my habits have remained the same (in my darkened room when roommate is absent, 3-4 times a week). I have not noticed any drastic changes in the past week but continue to feel positive afterwards. I will keep you posted!

    • Bikram yoga, or hot yoga as you called it, is not typically classical hatha yoga. Mr Choudhary, developed his practice for the culture of Hollywood stars. It is a very aerobic practice adding heat as if one is in Calcutta at the height of monsoon season helps to purge the body of toxins.

  33. Typically while practicing Yoga in class I do not tend to get thirsty and I’m glad to read that it is beneficial to me to not get thirsty. Earlier on in the year i didn’t understand why we shouldn’t drink water during class but to read everything you can become susceptible to it makes so much more sense. Also I believed that we shouldn’t be going to the bathroom during class only because it would disrupt the energy we had created, now to hear that one shouldn’t go to the bathroom during class is to help keep your level of purification higher makes much more sense.
    As for my IK I have practiced 3 times instead of my usual 4 times this week. Over the weekend I went home and told my mother about taking yoga and having to do the IK she said she was also interested in starting yoga so I had her join in on my IK with me. I used the video solely to help her along with the practice.

  34. I found this article very intriguing, I had no idea that drinking water during yoga had those effects on the body and the practice. I assumed that drinking water during any workout is good because water is good to keep the body going. I personally have a problem drinking enough water throughout the day, the need to drink water during yoga is not really a problem for me. I have never heard about the sweat having a higher level of purification than going to the bathroom. But now it makes sense and I understand why you encourage us to not eat before class and to limit the times we leave the room.

    This past week doing the Isha Kriya was a bit tricky. I had midterms going on and I was more focused on studying but I was able to do it in the morning before one of my exams and it definitely helped me relax. This time I spent more time during the reflection step and it was nice to focus on one thing at a time. I now see the importance of making time to do some form of meditation, during stressful situations.

  35. While reading the article it was interesting to discover that drinking cold water while doing yoga can result in catching a cold. I did not know that those two things could correlate, it is really powerful to know the different ways your body can react to water. I for one like to drink a lot of water but can understand how it can be a distraction to your flow as well as using the bathroom. I t was interesting to learn that water waste can turn into sweat and should come out the top of your head, how does one allow for this to happen?

    When it comes to my IK practice, it has helped me put things into perspective and to not automatically stress or get anxious as my default emotions to school and life events. Repeating that I am more than just my body and mind has been reassuring to me and I feel i’m starting to internalize that.

  36. I was at first so confused by this at first. Growing up I was extremely athletic and had to train vigorously and was constantly told how important it was to remain hydrated and to stay warm equally. I had no idea that it can actually have bad benefits for you. I especially have been sensitive to my mental state. I have been so overwhelmed by work, school work and trying to balance my responsibilities that I have been also trying to remind myself to take care of my body and that even small things like drinking water is important and really can change my emotional perspective and outlook on my day, to know that I can power through. However knowing this now I think is just a reminder that you should take everything into account. For instancing exercising is obviously a good thing but too much exercise can cause a strain or injury which is why rest days are always recommended. Knowing this about not over doing it is obvious to me now. Feeling bloated, sweaty or even wanting to use the bathroom completely disrupts the process of the practice as youre focused on something completely different, on the physical requests from your body and not fully committed to doing the IK. The IK has been helpful for me. When I can do it 3 times a week I find it especially that I feel more settled and less overwhelmed and hopefully this will continue and allow me to positively compartmentalise my responsibilities, work load and school.

  37. I found this article really interesting. I’ve noticed many times before coming to class how hungry I am but at a certain point in class that goes a way perhaps that is because like Sadhguru says through yoga I am rising above Physical compulsion. The emphasis on sweet is also interesting. In your day today life sweet is often considered gross and dirty but it actually has positive and purifying effects. When I sweet through exercise I often do feel better I physically and feel more confident.

    According to fitness magazine Sweat can actually reduce colds similar to how Sadhguru mentioned drinking water might lead to allergies and mucus. Sweating can also help reduce Kidney Stone Risk. I would have never connected the two things but it is very interesting.

    I think limiting your water during yoga will have its benefits and I understand the yoga is supposed to raise you beyond your base needs but it is also important to listen to your body. A point I feel could have been made more clear in the article. It is mentioned that you have to slowly raise your self step by step but if some one is thinking I want to be a good yogi and to be a good yogi I have to stop drinking water during yoga despite needing it it can be dangerous. I feel reminding people to listen to their body could have been clearer.

  38. I personally do not ingest any water less than an hour before beginning to practice yoga. I feel it’s most important to hydrate consistently during the early hours of the day, and then taper off that consumption as the day goes on. Drinking too much water before or during yoga can increase metabolic function of the excretory system, thus causing the body to produce more uric acid. Normally someone would be able to expel that urine, however for the athlete or yogi/yogini we do not have ample opportunities to do so. Not expelling that urine frequently will cause the body to feel the effects of the unnatural build up of uric acid. This will cause feelings of malaise that will ultimately detriment from harnessing the flow of energy as it enters and leaves the body.

    I do enjoy sweating during yoga, and I feel that allowing the body to heat up while harnessing your energy is essential for allowing your body to cleanse itself of all impurities both mental and physical. Allowing yourself to sweat freely will certainly help reduce the urge to use the bathroom, and in fact will expel more urea and uric acid than simply just urinating.

  39. I think for a yoga beginner it is important to know your body and properly prepare for an intense workout including hydrating properly enough so that you’re not dehydrating or passing out during the session. However, I feel like once you’re fully immersed in yoga any small distraction can disturb the process and take you away from your concentrations and mindset. I know personally during yoga class any small sound or interruption can throw me off especially during the cool down portion of yoga I find myself more sensitive to stimuli happening outside of the classroom that disrupts my practice.

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