Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga








Please click the text below to read what Sadhguru has to share with us about how to grow in our yoga practices.

Thanks again to Isha Foundation for educating those of us who are serious about your yoga.  Namaste.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga.


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  1. It is interesting to think about how any distraction through the practice of yoga can potentially hinder the state of being we are constantly trying to cultivate. I suppose the same way I try to stop my mind from wandering during Isha Kriya is the same kind of experience you try to avoid while doing yoga, which in this case can be using the bathroom or drinking water. It is important for the body to expel of liquids naturally. It also makes sense to me to not drink water because when I used to skateboard a lot I realized that when I over hydrated it made me feel worse – I sometimes felt bloated or simply more exhausted than I would have felt otherwise. Patience, time, and a control over our urges are all integral factors for me to consider moving forward in this class.

  2. “Why do we become envy? Because we compare”
    This statement spoke very much to me. When I heard this in the listening I paused it to repeat it to myself numerous times. I typically find a deep understanding to this because of the art I study in so I would like to use it as an example. It’s unfortunate to say but the world of dance can be so competitive and hurtful. You see it in all ages. I have seen so many relationships between people collapse because of being so envious. When dancers become jealous of each other it is because they see a quality in someone else that they feel they don’t have or they don’t have their body type or even if another dancer is getting more recognition than them. Now I know that experiencing jealousy is completely human because that’s in our nature. I admit to having these feelings before but it takes a strong to mind to accept who you are as a person. In dance, no one will ever be the same. Everyone has a unique quality to themselves and I feel that if people were more willing to accept that we wouldn’t create such hateful thoughts towards each other. This doesn’t just apply to dance, but in any situation. Then again, saying this is much easier said than done but I have been practicing this thought for a while now and I feel that I have been getting much stronger mentally and appreciating my own unique ways of living and moving. It is an easier way to live and it will cause less stress to the mind. People will give so much time and energy worrying about someone and they will not realize it is only hurting themselves at the end of day. In order to grow and live life to the fullest is when you can accept to love yourself and be proud of the person that you are because I believe that everyone has something positive to give to the world.

    -Melanie Ramos

  3. There are different climates in which ones practices yoga. I find it very interesting that water can create such a rift when working through regular yoga routines. All the sweat that accumulates on your head is important because you’re hydrating your body as you sweat and working on your frame as it goes. Any distraction can cause you to lose concentration. I personally have left the room during practice and it was a little difficult to get back into the groove of things. Everyone operates differently and it is really a personal thing for me.

    Talia (Rosie) Evans

  4. Wow, this is really good to know I have practiced yoga while drinking water many times before. I will try to limit that now, and to see how my body feels without. I don’t tend to sweat in hatha yoga though. I always feel rejuvenated after though, just this week I went to the food court on campus after class and one of my good friends told me that I seemed to be glowing, radiating light. That really puts a smile on my face because I hope to radiate light and inspire others to do the same.

    • My hope for students is that they do complete the assignments in a timely fashion so that they have ample time to understand about the bio-chemistry aspects and can apply them early on. I hope that you may now be advised and continue your personal yoga after this semester and can have time to fully experience with this new knowledge. OM

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